What my mileage will be the next few weeks & a date!

(shorts, shirt, shoes)

It felt like my lucky day because I texted my sister last minute in the morning to run and she was able to go.

A portion of my 8 miles (@ 8:57 average) was with Brooke.  I’m hoping running with Brooke’s weighted backpack will help me get stronger for Boston;)

IMG 5277

My friend (who sent me the chart I posted yesterday) also helped me figure out my mileage leading up to the race.  The Monday marathon thing throws me off, so I’m happy he put in my last double-digit run the Monday before Boston!   PS he sent this to me after I had already run on Monday but other than that, I am going to follow this if my body continues to cooperate!

IMG 9471

I skipped the strength yesterday and attempted yoga instead.

IMG 9903

Andrew had a very happy thing happen yesterday…

IMG 4669

We were able to get my niece to come over so that we could go out on a date for dinner.

IMG 5316

We will absolutely be getting ski passes again next winter.  We missed it so much this year, but it is probably for the best because I swear our kids were sick for two months straight this winter.

IMG 5315

I get this burger every time we go to Sundance.

IMG 5328

Andrew had the nachos, which are another must if you are ever up there.

IMG 5330

We finished off by splitting a cookie.

IMG 5332

When in marathon training—> Any travel (even if 15 minutes ha) = bringing my recovery tools with me.

IMG 5302

I’m off for some 1k repeats!  These will be done going uphill and downhill.  The pace will vary greatly depending on whether I am running up or down the mountain;)

IMG 5300


How long of a taper do you prefer for your races?

Tell me what your workout is today!?

Who went skiing or snowboarding this winter?

Who has a sibling that runs? Do you ever get to go together?

-My sister is the one that got me into this sport!

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Wow Janae, that burger looked amazing! Today’s workout for me is just 2 miles followed by some yoga (I am officially becoming an old lady because I do things like “sleep weird” and end up with terrible shoulder pain for three days straight, ugh). I hope some Yoga with Adriene will loosen me up a bit. I have one older brother who runs but he lives across the world (literally) doing missionary work in Nepal, so we never get to run together; he’d for sure leave me in the dust though! ;) Happy Wednesday, Janae!


Thank you Emily and great workout! Hahah I am becoming that old lady too, I recently did that too. I hope that yoga gets your shoulder feeling better! Your brother is doing missionary work in Nepal, that is AMAZING! Wow. Happy Wednesday to you too!


Sundance would be amazing to visit. I’m not a burger person, but that burger looks so yummy!
I usually have a week or so of a taper, just depends on the race distance and what I am wanting to do during it. My best/fastest half marathon was during a marathon training block, so really no taper at all. But my body was used to lots of miles at that point.
Today will be an easy run, probably 5 or so miles, then some strength and core work. My hip flexor is still not 100% so I am definitely paying attention to it.
I can’t wait to hear how your 1K repeats go today. I’m sure you’ll do great!
Have a great day Janae ?


I’m not a runner – more here for the kid stuff and the workout motivation! ;) I don’t know how you find time to fit everything in. I am curious though what brand of bike helmets you guys prefer for your kids. I need to upgrade my 4 year olds but there are so many options and I thought you and Andrew would have some well researched options. Thanks!


HEY STEPHANIE! I am so happy you are here. I slack off in a lot of things that most people do hahah. Yay for a new helmet, Andrew is very into researching this type of info so I had him send me the link, I hope you guys love it too. Have a great day!



Thank you!!! Andrew saved me what probably would have been hours of trying to find a good one!


I am so so glad!!!!


Hey Wendy! I hope someday you do come visit Sundance and we can go grab some hot chocolate together. Okay, that is so cool about your fastest half being within your marathon training! Wow! You are being so smart about your hip flexor and I just hope it is 100% asap. Thanks friend, you too!


Well now I need a burger. You are such a good influence.
Good luck with the K repeats. I would rather do mile repeats which I did yesterday. Today I will enjoy an easy run followed by Pilates class.


Hahah I hope you get a huge burger soon, it was amazing. Ummm I am so with you on mile repeats > 1k repeats, I just could not get moving today. Have a great run and way to get in the Pilates too! Thanks Molly!


Sundance looks amazing! Did Beck the bike as much as Andrew? ;-).

I am horrible at tapering–between that and fueling it is a wonder I even finish a race, haha. For a marathon, I usually taper about 2 weeks. Anything less, I taper about 5-6 days…but I take those 5-6 days, very seriously.

I ran a ‘faster’ 3.5 miles on the treadmill, lifted and did a couple short spin classes for 40 minutes total (10 minute tabata–so hard, 10 minutes of a fusion class (live class that kept disconnecting, so I ditched it), 20 minute tabata). There was another live riding starting just as I was finishing so I hoped onto that class for about 3 minutes but then I realized I could be riding all day if I kept that up.

My sister runs and is the one that got me into running . We rarely run together since she lives 2 hours away. We do a lot of the same races, but we don’t run together–she is competitive, I am not. It is more fun for both of us if we race separately:-)

Have a fabulous Wednesday Janae!


Haha Beck was a bit confused by the whole situation but he didn’t cry so I guess that means he liked it?! Tapering really is so hard, I’m already getting nervous about it. Taking those 5-6 days seriously probably makes all of the difference for you! You rocked it today on your workout! I love that your sis got you into running too and you guys have figured out the perfect solution for happy racing. Thanks Becky, you too!


Hi Janae! My husband loves skiing and he spent a good ou t of time this winter in Utah! He had the iKon pass so he got to go to solitude, Brighton, deer valley, alta, and snowbird. I don’t ski but I went to visit him for parts of it and we went to Sundance for cross country skiing! All of it was so beautiful he really wants to move there. I seriously can’t believe how there are so many resorts so close to each other and each of them has a different character and feel.
Enjoy the speed!!


I am so happy that your husband loved skiing out here! You were so close to us when you were at Sundance, next time I am meeting you there for hot chocolate and I would love it if you guys moved here! We feel super spoiled here! Thanks Amy, have a great day!


I thought you were a brooks ambassador. I don’t see any more brooks shoes on you


Hey Susie! Sadly, I cannot wear their shoes anymore with my plantar fasciitis so I am no longer an ambassador for them! I have only been able to wear hokas and the novablast pain free! I miss them a lot. Have a great day!

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