Friday Favorites!

It’s like we ALMOST got to run with Emilee:).   At the end of our run, Emilee drove by and we got to chat with her for a few minutes.  She is thinking she will be back running again soon!

7 miles @ 8:45 average + 20-minute strength for runners class on the Peloton app!

Normal morning for us with 25% less tantrums so I’ll take it.

IMG 1838

My neighbor tried out a new recipe.  She loves candy just as much as I do and she is determined to find the perfect mix.  Luckily, she is letting me help her in this journey.

IMG 1850

Beck is ALLLLLLL about Andrew these days.

IMG 1847

He is even into the same things that Andrew is into…

IMG 1854

So ready for a weekend with everyone at home!

IMG 1858


A few favorite things lately!

*I have two new dresses that I am in love with… one for winter and one for spring:)

I got this one from Gap and it is so incredibly soft and comfortable.  It is warm and looks so good with a pair of boots.  It’s really great to layer with too.  PS I got it for $20 because of my Gap credit card (<— you get so many rewards on that thing and it makes everything very cheap).  Oh, and it hits just below the knees!

IMG 1589

And this one is from Madewell.  It is light, has pockets, so comfortable and also hits a bit below the knee.

IMG 1602

*My whole family is loving the recipes from the Pioneer Woman’s Super Easy Cookbookand they truly are so easy.  A lot of the things I have made over the last few weeks are from here. Everything we have tried is a 10/10 and has gotten me excited about cooking again because I can make a delicious meal in about 30 minutes with simple ingredients.

IMG 1610

*I switched over to Runkeeper to keep track of my mileage and I am really happy about it.  I feel like it is super user-friendly and it gives you so many options on the free version.  I also just love the way everything on the app looks, the charts, the goalsetting, the training plans it includes, the guided workouts, the maps and how it is all organized.  PS I am working with them on IG but just love them so much I wanted to share it on my blog too because it has been such a great find for me.

IMG 1608Screenshot 2022 01 15 at 5 08 53 PM

*I know that when both my mom and dad send me an email with a link to something it is going to be good… I LOVED showing this to my girls.


Where do you go for dresses?

Have any fun weekend plans?

Candy people—> what do you believe to be the perfect mix?

Have a favorite credit card that you get a lot of benefits with?

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Those dresses are so cute!! I don’t have any good winter ones so I might check out that gap one. I love it!

My favorite credit card is my travel one- it has so many benefits (one of them was that it paid my Peloton monthly fee because they did a special partnership with them for a year) and you get into any airport lounge for free! Free food and drinks before a flight- yes please. You would approve of me filling up a little bag with gummy bears before leaving most times ;)

Have a great weekend! Most of my plans are cancelled because there’s a chance of snow in the forecast. That’s North Carolina for ya ;) Hoping for some snowy miles for my long run!


Hey Gretchen! It really is so soft, I hope you love it too. Ummm that credit card sounds amazing! I might have to sign up for that one and I HIGHLY approve the gummy bear idea. Thank you so much Gretchen and bummer about your plans. Enjoy the snowy miles and some hot chocolate after!


8 mile run on my Runkeeper plan tomorrow! Longest run since the marathon in December. Love, love, love Runkeeper!!! It got me through that marathon feeling informed abs prepared.
Rest of the weekend will be spent studying. I started my Masters program for Rehabilitation Counseling and we are in week 2 already.
Love the Gap dress – so cute!
Have an amazing weekend with those cuties!


I LOVE reading about how much you love Runkeeper… It’s one of those things I just want every runner to know about. YAY for 8 tomorrow and you were so smart with your recovery and now you are back at it! Congrats on your Masters program. Please keep me updated on it all, that is so incredible. Thanks friend and happy weekend to you!


Love those dresses! I shop at Tuckernuck and Ralph Lauren (their polo dresses are my summer work staple!). And I also buy dresses for work on Poshmark. Have a good weekend!


Off to go check out all three of those places. Thanks so much Sarah and I hope your day is a great one!


Good morning! I’m all over the place for dresses. Loft, Gap, Old Navy, small boutiques are great, too.
My daughter is recovering from covid(mild case thank goodness!) and with all of the changes we are waiting to see if she can play in her tennis group this weekend. If she is able we are looking forward to watching!

Hmmm….candy mix: for chocolate anything sweet and salty(m&m’s and pretzels) ….for nonchocolate candy—I just discovered Nerds gummy clusters. I don’t even like Nerds but those things are good! So I’m gonna say those with some Swedish Fish and Haribo watermelon because those things are amazing. I still think I would pick them out and eat them separate, though lol.

We like our Disney credit card. I use the points for our Disney trips. Getting ready to cash in for our theme park tickets for our next trip and I’ve almost got enough to cover us!

Have a great day!


Hey Jen! I totally agree with you about small boutiques, you can find some amazing things at them! I am so glad your daughter’s case was mild and I really hope she can play this weekend! NERDS GUMMY CLUSTERS ARE SO GOOD… I am going to have to try your recipe! We should absolutely get a Disney credit card, what a great idea. Excited for your Disney trip! Thanks friend, you too:)


Hi Janae! I really like those gummy bears that have 12 flavors! We went on a girls trip to Texas once and discovered them there at HEB and we literally ate 2 lbs of them in a weekend.
That runkeeper app looks a lot more organized than the default Garmin one! I love my Garmin but their app could be so much better. Sometimes I think about contacting Garmin and just volunteering to improve it for free.
Have a great day!


Hahaha I would have fit in well with you and your friends:). 2 lbs in a weekend sounds perfect. I fully agree with you about the Garmin app, it is not super user-friendly! Thanks Amy, you too!


I’ve been getting all my dresses from Amazon. I love being able to send them back if I don’t like them or they don’t fit correctly. I’ve also learned that US and Asian sizing are quite different! US size 6 = Asia size L and sometimes XL. Gotta read the size charts very carefully.

I’ll be spending about 7 hours in my car tomorrow – driving to/from Fresno for a baby shower. My niece is having her first baby and this will be my sister’s first grandchild. I went a little overboard with my shopping!

We use the Hawaiian Airlines card for everything. Les’ employer pays for his flights and I have flown to Hawaii dozens of times for free.


Good call on getting your dresses from Amazon! I didn’t even think about how the sizing could be so different. Good luck on the drive and congrats to your niece (and sister)! That is so exciting and I bet it will be so fun to spoil this little one. Ummmm I need that Hawaiian Airlines card, I need a Hawaii trip in my life. Have a beautiful day, Kathy!


Gosh those dresses are cute. I literally only ever wear pants except for weddings and funerals haha although I love seeing them on other people I may have to reconsider.
I am obsessed with all things gummy and got the x and o gummies from TJs on your recommendation also no hate but I love licorice and esp the allsorts kind.
Weather beautiful here in the Bay Area so long run outside this weekend, hoping for 15 and I may well fuel with gummies.
Have a great weekend!


Thank you Kate! Ahhh and thank you for reminding me of those, I’ll go get them today! Enjoy those temperatures and rock those 15 miles (best idea for your fuel)! I hope you do too!


I absolutely love those dresses!! I always look forward to your Friday favourites! I don’t buy dresses too often but “Love olive co” and “shop Henley” has some nice dresses (more like Madewell style). I noticed your hoop earrings, they look beaded. Are they a recent purchase?
I am working 12 hr shifts all weekend. Monday will be my weekend and I already can’t wait!


Oh thank you Ashlea… it gives me a good excuse to shop ha;). THANK YOU for the recommendations, I cannot wait to check them out! Here are the earings, I adore them!

Good luck with work and I hope Monday comes very fast for you!


I love Gap, Banana Republic, and J. Crew dresses! I have the Amazon Prime credit card – we shop at Whole Foods for groceries and get 5% back in Amazon points, so the Christmas presents I bought on Amazon were essentially free! ha, nothing is free;)

Question about Runkeeper – I don’t run with my phone, can you upload a run to Runkeeper post run? I have an Apple Watch and I know you run with Garmin so maybe someone with an Apple Watch knows?


Hey Rachel! Oh my goodness, that is an awesome deal to get free Christmas presents. The Apple Watch does pair with it! You won’t need to bring your phone, just connect it to the app and boom… it will show up there. Have a wonderful day!


How does that work, using Runkeeper and your Garmin watch? Do you have to manually input your numbers into Runkeeper?
I love my Gap card, and I also love my Sam’s Club credit card. Their cashback program is awesome, it pays for our membership and more every year.


Hey Amanda! Nope, you just connect them and it automatically goes on over:). Time to check out the Sam’s Club credit card, that sounds awesome. Have a great day!


My daughter who is a month or two younger than Beck is all about daddy. I love it as I get to eat or drink my coffee with zero interruptions. No little shadow following me around. ?
I like loft, Ann Taylor and J crew for dresses but haven’t really bought anything since covid.

Not sure I like the idea of mixing candy but if I had to, I would try sour patch and swedish fish.
I have the United mileage card. You get 2 points on dining, hotel….and 1 mile for every dollar you spend, 2 lounge passes and free checked bag when you use the card to purchase your flight and priority boarding. I have heard good things about Chase Sapphire but don’t want to add another card to the pile I already have.


Hahah I am with you… it is really nice to get the break whenever Andrew is around. I have tried that combo before and it is amazing. Ummm that sounds like an awesome card! Hope your weekend is a wonderful one!


I LOVE Runkeeper!! I’ve used it for the past 8 years (started running 9 years ago). I will check my paces for past races when I’m running the same race. Especially helpful if i want to try and PR on the course. I do the same thing for different training runs.

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