Why I think accomplishments are so important for US and our little ones with Milk Life!!

Today’s post is sponsored by Milk Life!  Today I am talking all about how milk helps to fuel our little ones so they can achieve their goals.  I love using milk, a nutrient powerhouse (9 essential nutrients including 8 grams of natural protein in an 8 oz. serving), to help fuel these four year old champions that we’ve got over here:)  As you’ve probably been able to see over the years on the blog, I’m a huge advocate for exercise.   I think it is so important that as a family we stay active together.  Milk will always play an important role in fueling us.  Andrew drinks milk all of the time!  I am all about putting milk in my morning smoothies and as a recovery tool after some hard runs, races and boot camp sessions. Thanks for following along on our journey.  We sure appreciate you guys!

PS the marathon is in just two more days.  I think I am more excited for this marathon than I have ever been before.  Of course a big reason is because I’ve got Andrew and the kids there to cheer me on.  But some of my excitement is  because it is my favorite course,  because I get to run it with Josse and maybe a healthy combination of lots of things.


Let’s rewind to many moons ago when I used to teach high school health classes.  I felt a lot of responsibility teaching this course because I was in charge of teaching these teenagers all about their mental, physical and social health.  I loved teaching health because it was the one subject that I believe really applied in so many different ways to each and every student in the classroom.  These teenagers were all in a place in their lives where they had big choices to make in regards to their relationships, the way they thought about themselves and the things they did each day to take care of their bodies and minds.


I taught at a charter school so things were done just a little bit differently than at a regular public school.  The kids   had a dress code, business casual, which I loved as a teacher.  Our school’s overall theme was based on the book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven R. Covey.  All of the teachers received outside training (I think it was a 40 hour workshop that we did to get certified) to help us to include these habits in our curriculum.  In my health class I used, in addition to a classic health textbook, the book The 6  Most Important Decisions You’ll Ever Make (by Steven R. Covey’s son, Sean Covey) as a tool to cover everything from addictions to friends to dating to stress and self worth.


This special curriculum was a great help to my students.  The section in this book about self-worth is something I continually think about and remember even years later.  Self-worth is something so incredibly important for each and every single person out there.  Helping my children learn about their self-worth is so beyond important to me.   Having a healthy sense of our own self-worth helps us with our perception of the world.   A good self esteem helps us to make the best decisions possible.


This book talks about the archway of self worth and how the following 7 things play a huge role in shaping the way we feel about ourselves—>  Integrity, Service, Faith/Hope, Smart Decisions, Physical Health, Talents and Skills and Accomplishments.

If I look back on my life I can clearly see that these different factors really molded my self worth, especially the smart decisions during my college years.  These are all areas that I hope to work on individually with our kiddos.

I think that accomplishments play an important part in our archway of self-worth and is a big reason why we all run.  Running gives us that daily, or a few times a week, feeling of accomplishment.  Whether it is a hard run we finished, a race, getting faster, finishing the run when we wanted to quit or simply just getting out in fresh air and doing something good for our bodies, we feel accomplished afterwards.  That feeling is what keeps us doing something ‘hard’ like running.


Today I want to focus on accomplishments for little ones.  I absolutely love seeing Knox and Brooke grow and learn.  I love seeing them feel proud over their little accomplishments and the big ones too.  I remember when Brooke first put together potty training and the huge smile she got on her face for figuring out this new skill.   The first time she wrote her name all on her own gave me goosebumps.  Gymnastics class each week was a little boost for her.  I can’t wait for soccer to start soon.  After pre-school Knox and Brooke are always so excited to show me what they did in school that day.  Those art projects of their’s always make them feel on top of the world.

His little face when riding a bike without training wheels is everything.  He felt like the bomb.com after this.

IMG 8062

Whether it is at school, at home, at church, at grandma’s house… wherever it may be, I want my kids to experience the principle of working hard towards something, whether big or small.   Then they can enjoy that wonderful feeling of accomplishment that always accompanies hard work.

I think as a mom I show them this with my running.  They are able to see that no matter what your age is, never let go of the things in your life that bring you that good feeling or sense of accomplishment.


These accomplishments that we seek no matter what area they are in, sure help us feel like champions.  I can’t wait to support Knox and Brooke (and the kids we have in the future) to feel like champions in whatever way they choose!

My parents were so good at helping me in whatever way they could to accomplish things.  Whether it was my dad buying every piece of art that I displayed in my Art Store, the hallway, at the age of 4 or my mom being there at EVERY tennis match I ever played in during high school,  I felt their love and support.  I knew that they cared deeply about what I cared about.

I want to be that way for our kids.

IMG 7631

This is still one of my favorite pictures of Brooke ever.  Her face is pure pride in her hard work at the gymnastics gym:)  I think one of the biggest lessons that these kids teach me is to celebrate the smallest victories.  Learning to celebrate the little stuff and feeling good for the steps along the way in reaching our goals is so important.

Screen Shot 2016 09 22 at 4 01 50 PM

Another one from last year that I love.  She felt like a million bucks after accomplishing her first race of .2 miles.  I can’t wait to have both Knox and Brooke run a race together this year.


Andrew is working with both of them to teach them how to ride a bike without training wheels.  They felt like big shots during this lesson.


I am really happy to see this day come… Brooke with her step-dad that loves her to pieces and works with her on so many different things.


Oh and this was after they both sang at church the other day in front of the whole congregation (with all of the other kids there too… but they sure recognized their accomplishment as a big deal!!).

IMG 8073

One of the many things that I can do to help these two reach their goals is to properly fuel them each day.  Saturday mornings Andrew goes above and beyond and makes all of us a special breakfast like this one.  He made turkey bacon, french toast and had plenty of fresh fruit to go along with their glasses of milk.

I think starting their day off with high-quality protein (8 grams of natural protein along with 8 other essential nutrients per every 8-ounce serving) which is found in milk, helps them to power up for the day because they sure have a lot to do!


Check out Milk Life for yourself.  I LOVE all the recipes they have right now for different flavors of milk such as chocolate banana flavored milk, vanilla cinnamon flavored milk and lavender honey flavored milk.  Andrew is going to LOVE these.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  I usually have something small before my run and then my real breakfast afterwards.

Simple.  Refreshing.  Full of nutrients.  Perfect for these two very busy and active FOUR year olds (Knox just turned four this week.  They are so happy that they are the same age again:)



What are your thoughts on self-worth and what things can we do to strengthen our self worth?

Breakfast… have you always been a big breakfast person?  What does your normal breakfast include?

Parents reading—>  what are some of your kid’s achievements these days?

Morning runners… when do you eat breakfast?

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I think self worth is so important. Achieving and recognizing little victories, no matter how small, each day can help reinforce that idea and keep us on the path to happiness. I think you hit the nail on the head with talking about running playing into that. I know that after a particularly difficult workout or run, I always feel better about myself.

I don’t remember a day when I haven’t eaten breakfast haha. It’s by far my favorite meal and I would eat it and only it for the rest of time if possible. Because I workout so early, I like to eat my breakfast after I get home but have a light snack before I go to the gym. Basically double breakfast, which is a huge thumbs up for me.


I have always been a breakfast person. I make oatmeal every morning. Not the instant kind, although I do use that when I’m camping/backpacking. I mix oatmeal with cinnamon, half a chopped apple, and water (I don’t like milk in oatmeal because it tastes too sweet) and half a teaspoon of brown sugar and cook it all together. So good, and it makes the house smell like fall.


Love this. I think recognizing your self-worth is so important, even though it can be difficult at times. I like how you mentioned how kids celebrate the small victories, because I think that’s something adults need to do more of in life. Sometimes we truly need those small celebrations to motivate and push us to do even greater things.

By the way, that picture of Brooke running with both feet off the ground is awesome! :)


Cutest pics EVER! x


My little man just turned five months and has mastered rolling over both ways. He is very excited about this.

I usually run or workout before work and eat about an hour later.


What a great, thoughtful post, Janae. It’s the “small victories” that make my day and you hit the nail on the head with this post. A feeling of self-worth is so very important and instilling that at a young age is so important.

As for morning running, I usually have something very small (a homemade energy bite) before I head out and then have a smoothie when I get back.


I’m a dietitian so I love that you are promoting cow’s milk! It has gotten such a bad rep lately but it is higher in protein for those of us who need it (ESP in the morning!)

I completed my first triathlon recently and I completely relate to the feeling of accomplishment. It wasn’t just about crossing the finish line, which was amazing; sticking to a training plan and following through with something I committed to felt so good! I think it’s great to instill those types of feelings into our kids!

Good luck on your marathon!!


Yep, we are all for milk over here!!! HUGE HUGE HUGE congrats on your first triathlon. That is seriously amazing. LOVE IT… way to go Sam:)


I love running in the morning, if I don’t get it done in the am it is a lot harder to run in the afternoon. I usually eat breakfast after my run.
My typical breakfast consists of a smoothie, eggs, or oatmeal. :)


How does your 4 year old have better hair and style than my 31 year old self?! ;) She is such a gorgeous little girl!

And they both look so genuinely happy and proud of themselves, ya’ll are definitely doing something right!!


Hope counting 1-6. A happy math teacher mom.


WAY TO GO HOPE!!! Oh that is so exciting:) Hope you guys are all having a fabulous Thursday!!


I love breakfast. Most likely I’ll wake up being very hungry and a normal weekday breakfast will be egg sandwich or cereal with almond milk. During weekends will be PB toast/bagel.


Hey Girl! It looks like your Nume coupon code isn’t working anymore. Your post says it’s supposed to work until 9/30, did it expire early or just having a glitch? Thanks!


Oh no!!! Let me email them right now! Sorry!!!


How many miles do you put on your shoes before you switch to new ones? I know it differs person to person but what’s ideal for you?


Hi Porter!! So for me and the Launch 3s I put on roughly about 450 before I get a new pair. When I used the PureFlows I maxed out at about 400 at most. It kind of just depends on the shoe a lot for me and my body starts to really feel when I need a new pair of shoes! My joints and feet start feeling not so great! Hope you are having a great day!


Gosh, I want to be a mom like you someday when I have kids. You are just the sweetest. Is it weird that some of your posts make me tear up?? Maybe I’m just emotional:) Keep it up and have an amazing marathon!!! (I have my very first marathon coming up Oct 9th, eek!)


AHHHH GOOD LUCK ALYSSA on your first marathon. PLEASE let me know how it goes afterwards? Oh don’t worry about tearing up… I do that every single day of my life over things. Commercials on TV even get me sometimes!


It seems you have done an amazing job blending your family and have really taken it seriously. That is so important and I applaud everything you have done. Is Knox’s mother also on the same page as you and Andrew? It seems your ex is, which I think it amazing. Just wondering how you handled the situation with Andrew’s ex. (for personal reasons)


HEY MEGAN!! Thank you so much, that means the world to me. Figuring this out has been my top priority. When I came into Andrew’s world, he had already had things figured out really well with his ex. Pick-ups/drop-offs/communication were all pretty much set by the time I came in the picture. Her and I always chat for a bit when I see her and are on great terms. I was very open with her since the beginning that I’m not taking over in the slightest and SHE IS THE MOM… I’m just here to love him to pieces and help support him in life. I think making sure we all understand each other’s roles and communicating has been key for us. Now it isn’t all perfect by any means but we all understand that the more kind and friendly we all are to each other = the best thing for the kids. It all just takes time too to iron out any of the problems but we are all wanting to work hard and trying to figure out the best way to coparent. Let me know if you have any other questions please. GOOD LUCK!


My oldest just learned how to ride a two wheeler! She was so excited. My Almost 3 year old just potty trained and my baby just started rolling over. Big steps all over here


OH WOW!! You guys are busy over there. SO many fun accomplishments, I love it!


I love breakfast and have since even before I was born — Apparently, my mom would crave omelets when she was pregnant for me. She couldn’t take the smell of the eggs cooking, so she’d ask my dad to make her one – then run and lock herself in her bedroom until it was ready to eat. Sometimes she’d have her omelet in bed and I’d kick so fiercely (supposedly impatiently waiting for my breakfast) that I’d tip over the breakfast in bed tray!

I’m a morning runner so I eat after my runs – for long runs, I’ll eat a pre-run snack before I go but still have my “real” breakfast afterwards.


Brooke looks adorable in her little running outfit! I am absolutely a breakfast person. I am a crank monster if I don’t start my day with a lot of food. Other meals, I can give or take but never breakfast!


Brooke looks so cut win her fitness outfit!!!!
I switch off between a warm bagel with pb and strw jam on top or a smoothie for breakfast! I try to eat a half a bagel or toast before a run. Definitely before a long run.
I listen to conference talks abut mothers to remind myself of how important my job
is and it helps remind me of my self worth!


Loved this statement “I think that accomplishments play an important part in our archway of self-worth and is a big reason why we all run. Running gives us that daily, or a few times a week, feeling of accomplishment. Whether it is a hard run we finished, a race, getting faster, finishing the run when we wanted to quit or simply just getting out in fresh air and doing something good for our bodies, we feel accomplished afterwards. That feeling is what keeps us doing something ‘hard’ like running.”

I always eat breakfast after exercise unless it’s race day when I have something to get my system going (bathroom stuff).

Good luck on that race.


I really liked today blog..full of deep thoughts on different subjects.. excellent insights..
Thank you for accepting us in your daily life


Thank you so much Rana for your comment, it means a lot to me!!! I hope you are having an amazing day! Keep me updated with how you are doing:)


I’m definitely a breakfast eater. I usually make something easy during the week – toast or cereal with yogurt and some sort of fruit because I’m still half asleep. Eating helps me wake up.


I alllllways eat breakfast – usually cereal on weekdays, and english muffins and eggs in some version on the weekends!


My son is almost 9 months old and I love cheering over every little accomplishment! He’s getting so close to knowing how to crawl. I love seeing him growing and developing so much!


Brooke’s red dress with jewelry accents = the cutest!


Super cute pics!

My kid just started school and in his school it is 50% English and 50% French. He has been into practising his French and the other day as he was leaving for swimming he said “Au Revior Mama!”


I do eat breakfast and if I skip it or eat a muffin or doughnut I’m cranky. So I start off with something nutritious: oatmeal with nuts and fruit (I am not a milk fan and it wrecks my skin) or 100% whole grain toast with nut or sunflower seed butter and fruit (rather than jelly). If I’m not running I might have a smoothie (with spinach and some berries) or eggs with veggies.

When I have time I’ll make french toast or pancakes but after a run. I really love breakfast foods and enjoy them any time of day.


Brooke is seriously the cutest. And I second Meghan… how is it possible he hair is so perfect :)

I am a huge breakfast person and I also love milk!! Plain, in my coffee, as chocolate milk, milkshakes, etc. :)


Hi! Kind of off topic from the post but a song came up on my long run this morning, The Greatest by Sia & Kendrick Lamar and it immediately pumped me up. Not sure if it’s been on your lists before but I totally thought of you and the songs that give you that pick me up during the tough parts of runs! Definitely worked for me, maybe will for you too :)

Good luck in 2 days!!


THANK YOU KELSEY!!! I will add it right this second:) Wahoo!! Thank you for the new song and thanks for the good luck:)


Breakfast is the best meal! And between my stepdaughter and me, we can’t keep milk in stock at our house!
I don’t eat meat, so breakfast foods like eggs & cereal with milk are great proteins for me.


I love how this post Janae.Sometimes in the day-to-day of parenting we (I?) sometimes forget to celebrate the big and the small victories(no training wheels is huge!!)…mine are six years apart but I am so proud of both of them.My oldest is really into debate team and holds office on her local high school chapter,plus she plays two team sports . I think she is awesome!!And my younger one overcame a major fear of water a couple years ago,and now he’s one of the faster swimmers on his team.So yeah,I try to get to as many meets/games/etc as I can…it goes by fast and you can’t get the time back.So major props to you for doing such a great job with your kids.
I don’t love the taste of milk on its own but I do drink one pretty big latte a day with whole milk and I like it like that!
Hope you have a fantastic race on Saturday!!


Great post!!! I grew up on a farm so I’m excited you’re promoting REAL milk! Not sure how almond milk got popular…it tastes like water…

I love breakfast, but I kind of have the same schedule as you. So I usually eat half a bagel before I run, then eat the other half and a yogurt when I get back. Chocolate milk is also my favorite recovery food/drink after a long run or workout!

Breakfast foods are my favorite foods!


I’m a big breakfast person! But for the most part I like carbs…sweet ones…at breakfast! Cereal, pancakes, muffins, ect. It’s the only thing I want in the morning. If I’m at a restaurant at breakfast I actually do love a good cheesy omlette! But I don’t like them at home. Or really anything savory for breakfast at home. I’m weird and like to keep it cozy in my house. LOL.

I’m usually a morning runner because of our heat here in Florida. I eat my first real meal, that is still in breakfast time frame, when I’m done running. Because I need to refuel and I’m sweaty and thirsty I usually do a high protein and veggie meal. 99% of the time it’s eggs with peppers, tomatoes, cheese, and MILK to drink. Specifically strawberry milk (yum). Then I’ll do a really light lunch in late afternoon before I get the kids at school. I’m a huge advocate of fueling before a run (maybe because I get low blood sugar really easily!) and I have two go-to pre-run “breakfasts”. I do either Belvita crackers with honey and white raisins or a Van’s wheat waffle with honey, almonds or cashews (for healthy fats to sustain me), and a small serving of fruit (applesauce, banana, or orange). At least 16 ounces of water and my allergy meds (WHY do we have to deal with 10 months of allergens?!).

My kids are both in elementary school and amaze me daily with how smart they are! They’ve recently started helping Daddy with some of the big chores around here (mowing the lawn and such) and I’m so proud of them!

You’re a great mom, Janae! You really are doing a wonderful job with them and it’s a joy to watch your journey!


I just saw you and Andrew in the 2016 Utah Valley Marathon video on YouTube. Fun!


What a fantastic post! I personally do not have children, yet (but we ARE trying!…one day our fertility treatments will work!)…
I think it is very important to teach children the difference between self worth and self entitlement. I know your post wasn’t about the latter, but I believe they go hand in hand. But that’s all I will say about that, as your post isn’t about that. :)

As for self WORTH – it’s extremely important. For me, my parents were the same as yours, they were always there for me and taught me that no matter what I did, as long as I did it, it was great!

Something I see all too often, in the running communities on facebook, are adults who don’t think they are “good enough” or “fast enough”…and constantly put down themselves and their successes because they “only” ran 2 miles in 35 minutes…

For me – even if you have a “run” and your miles are 17 minutes each, THAT is a success to celebrate because you got out there TO run! You got out there to do what you want to do and want to get better at!

And that’s the thing – when we teach children their self worth, they will grow into adults who know their self worth.

I ran my very first Duathlon (which I have on my blog!) in August. I came in #33 out of #37 women. And you know what?! I felt like a million bucks as I crossed that finish line! It’s not about comparing ourselves to others. It’s about being able to do the things we set our minds to!

It is so very important to celebrate the small things because without those small things, we can’t work our way up to the bigger things!

BTW, your kids are adorable!


Thank you for this post on self worth. It took me 28 years to learn the lessons you are teaching these precious children!


I only became a breakfast person in the last few years, but it is by far my favourite meal of the day now! I generally have eggs + spinach or a huge bowl of cheerios (it’s my pregnancy favourite)!


No cow’s milk here- hemp milk is currently my favorite. Oatmeal with chia seeds, nuts and hemp milk is my favorite breakfast (eating it right now!)


Man….self-worth sure is something that I struggle with DAILY! I’m really good about encouraging others to be positive about their self-worth but I’m really bad about the negative talk to myself. (I’m not fast enough, thin enough, pretty enough, make enough money, etc.) But I’m trying to work on it. So do as I say not as I do!!!!! :)

I always eat the same breakfast EVERY morning (unless its a race morning or we are traveling/on vacation). I have oatmeal with cinnamon, bananas and unsweetened vanilla almond milk and a piece of turkey bacon.


OMG Brooke in that red dress! So adorable!!!


Just a quick comment to say how much I loved this post! I was about to skip it because I don’t have kids and saw that it was sponsored but am so happy I didn’t! I hope I’ll remember all of this for when I do have kids and it is also a great reminder to be kind to yourself and celebrate our little (and big) achievements along the way! It is so easy to just jump from one goal to the next without recognizing the work you’ve just put in, but you’re right, we should feel accomplished after every run, no matter how short/slow! Thanks Janae!

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