Weekending Highlights + Making it WORTH it…

(Tank, shorts, socks, shoes)

Just laying on my garage floor for 20 minutes on a Saturday morning… pretty much what everyone does on a weekend morning;). My ride/lift was rough.

Andrew and I were a bit worried before we got the Peloton if we would use it enough to justify the $40 a month subscription… It turns out we are making it worth it.  Each class is like .20 cents at this point for us;). Our previous gym/rec center was also $40 a month, and we MAYBE (on a good week) used it twice a week.  We are both using the bike/strength/stretching classes 5-6 days a week.

Andrew and I like to take the classes that the other person has recently done.  He told me he hit a PR with a 30-minute hip-hop class from Kendall, so I took the same one and hit a new PR too!

IMG 6181

The weather could not have been more perfect the last few days.

IMG 6194

This was a highlight from the weekend.  These chocolate chips were on sale (2 for $5!), so I stocked up.

IMG 6196

Grocery shopping without Andrew has hit a new level of challenging because Beck can almost get out of any strap in the cart.  The stroller makes it so that he cannot wiggle out, and I use the other seat to store items.  But most of the time I just order groceries online because of the below sweet smile;)

IMG 6190

Did you know that during your child’s birthday month they can get a build-a-bear the price of their age?  ONE dollar for Beck’s bear!

IMG 6241

Brooke is very into soccer right now and my brother-in-law got us tickets to a BYU women’s soccer game.

IMG 6252

I have never seen her SO into spectating a game in her life.

IMG 6257

Skye paid attention to approximately 4 minutes of the entire game.

IMG 6270

We watched the NYC Marathon and we were all inspired.  Of course, I had to dig up my photo from when I did this race in 2011.  PS while watching I heard that the first NYCM was only $1 to register!  Can all races go back to having $1 registration fees?

IMG 6285


IMG 6303

We went to church and I maybe heard two words the entire time.  And we thought Skye was busy as a baby…

IMG 6297

Brookester made my dad’s favorite cookies and my parents came over!  Brooke asked if she could make dinner once a week over here and so I am thrilled about that.

IMG 6318

Was anybody else ready for bed at 6 pm yesterday?  I know we only switched our clocks by an hour but it felt like we changed them by three hours.

IMG 6322

My niece ran her first half-marathon over the weekend!  The next generation is taking over, she did incredible.

I took a screenshot from a movie:

IMG 6201


In your expert opinion, which brand offers the best chocolate chip?  

How much are gym memberships in your area?  

-I’ve paid anywhere between $10-$40 a month here.

Which race that you have done has been the priciest?  

Sales at a grocery store—> Stock up on as much as possible or just grab a few?

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Hey! Love the cross training you’re doing! Just wanted to let you know that I completed the NYC marathon yesterday. Omg what an awesome experience! I thought about you and how fast you ran it…kept me motivated!

Couldn’t figure out how to attach a picture or I would of LOL


Ahhhhh Damarys!!!!! Congratulations! I am so so thrilled for you. It looked like the perfect day! My comment should email you back… could you reply to email with pic? I would love to see! So happy for you!


I also do not understand how Shalane did that… she could have raced with the elites! Also I am so happy Elyse Kopecky reached her goal of finishing within an hour of Shalane for her first marathon! Great race, the women’s race was so close.

Congratulations to your niece for doing her first half!!

Gyms in my area are pricey- the ones with good class schedules can be $100+. I guess that’s the problem with living in a city and wanting a variety of classes haha.


Oh I didn’t know that was Elyse’s goal… that is awesome! $100 PLUS… that is a lot more than our gyms! I hope your Monday has been great so far!


Re: chocolate you know I am the expert here. Guittard (which you have here) is solid. TCHO is the best American-made chocolate for baking (LMK if you want me to ping you with their sale code for Black Friday when it comes out). Valrhona is the gold standard for baking internationally, but is a bit pricier than TCHO. I used to like Scharffen Berger for baking but I’ve noticed a decline in the texture quality, plus their prices went up. Of course there are many other chocolates that are good for baking but those are the tops.

Actually the best would be the chocolate we use to make amazing chocolate chunk cookies and hot chocolate together.

Gym memberships here in DC can vary quite a bit. The gym in my neighborhood, I joined as a single person for $50/month 11 years ago. I now pay $90/month for me and my husband to belong. We also had to join a super fancy gym during the pandemic so we could get access to a pool without time limits and that was $240/month for the two of us. Yeesh. The things we do.


I was about to send you an email about the topic! Ummmmm I would love that code to get TCHO. I have never even heard of any of the brands that you listed. I am WAY behind on this and I’m grateful for your help on these important matter. I need those cookies and hot chocolate. I think we need to take a family trip out to DC. TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY DOLLARS A MONTH! I get it though… Will pay anything for movement! Hope your Monday is a beautiful one, Victoria.


Chocolate chips matter!! I tend to go with Ghiradelli chocolate chips. I like a mix of the dark chocolate discs and semi sweet chips.
But chocolate chunks that are chopped from the block of chocolate is another level! Missing out on the crunch factor of a chip or disc. But still!
Have you made Alison Roman’s chocolate chunk shortbread cookies?? Quick google search if you haven’t!
Have I exceeded my text limit yet in the comment section..?


Hey Molly! I must try your mixture of chocolate chips, that sounds amazing. I sure haven’t made those but the pictures made me DROOL. You could never exceed the text limit. I love reading everything you have to say. Thanks Molly and I hope your day has been a great one!


Yes, Shalane is incredible!!! We had lots of US runners in the top ten (yay Jared!) I wish the TV coverage showed them a bit more. And yay for Molly of course- I was just reading she had a couple broken ribs recently and couldn’t train the way she wanted- and she still finished fourth. We have a lot of incredible athletes!


I totally agree, I always get a bit frustrated when I don’t get to see all of my favorite runners! BROKEN RIBS?! Ummmmm what? How did she do that and hit a new American record? WOW. Hope your day is a great one, thanks Jenny!


Shalane is just amazing and so inspiring!! The LA marathon happened yesterday too, so I was watching both. What a fun morning. It got me super inspired!
Beck does not look like a baby at all anymore!
Ghirardelli chocolate chips are definitely the best, and if my grocery store ever has them on sale, I will stock up!
Congratulations to your niece! And I love that Brooke wants to make dinner once a week. You will definitely need to capture that for all of us ?
I am lucky with my gym. I pay $250 for the year, which I think is perfect for me. Other gyms in our area are a lot more. I’m so glad you and Andrew are loving the Peleton and getting your monies worth!
Have a great Monday!


Brooke and her soccer. I love it, and am even more convinced we should be neighbors. Ha.
I cannot stop thinking about Molly Seidle’s quote, ” let it be, let it go, and freakin let it rock.”
Happy Monday, no shame in staring at a dot on the wall for a minutes today.


Hi Janae! That’s so awesome that you and Andrew can do the same workout! And I’m a big believer in stocking up during sales. I always stock up on canned tomatoes since those get used so fast.
I can’t believe Brooke is growing up so fast! And congrats to your niece!


Those chocolate chips are amazing and what a deal!!!

The most expensive race I’ve done is Ironman. I suppose it’s like a 3:1 event though but still, they’re pricey.

I did NYC marathon in 2019 and it was amazing. I’m so happy for everyone who participated this year. It’s seriously the best and I am NOT an event person and loved it!


The $40/mo membership was what made me hesitate to get the Peloton, but after I used an off-brand bike (with the app) for a year, I had proven myself that I was going to use it and now that my husband also gets on the bike, it’s really a no-brainer. I paid almost $40 for my previous gym membership and went 3-4 times per week, now I am using the Peloton (+ app) daily!

I always stock up a little when things are on sale, but only enough for a few weeks.


I have a gym membership for my husband and myself and it’s 45. I have to keep it because of the pool and I swim for cross training. Wish it wasn’t 20 min away or I’d use it more.


Woah $1 build a bear? Awesome! I just signed up my daughter. Thanks! Her birthday is in January ?

I’m running my second RunDisney MARATHON in January and my second marathon ever. That one is definitely the most expensive I’ve spent on registration. Wish it was $1! Hahaha.

Have you tried Carol’s cookies? THE BEST. I get them from Whole Foods by the register. They are huge too.



2 for $5 Guitars??? I need to find that grocery store in my area. They are hands. down. the best.

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