11 things I need to discuss with you…

(Long-sleeve, shorts, shoes, bra, sunglasses)

It is always a good morning when Brooke asks if we can run to school together.

I can barely keep up with her these days…

IMG 6355

These two were with us too, and then we went with my sister on a walk.

IMG 6359

Rewind to the beginning of the day—> The day started with a 20-minute upper body strength workout.  The strength workout was all unilateral work which made me realize how much stronger my left side is compared to my right side.

Some miles with Jo and Emilee after that… 5 miles total for the day!

IMG 6350

Skye joined me to get my eyebrows tinted and waxed later on, and then we went to Target together.

IMG 6367

Steak fajitas made an appearance for dinner, and they hit the spot.

IMG 6374

Brooke and I both decided to do some baking.  She made sugar cookies all by herself.

IMG 6378

And I made Tara Teaspoon’s blueberry muffins.

IMG 6375


I have 11 very important matters to discuss with you today:

*Does anyone else that both bikes and runs feel like their hip flexors get extra tight on their runs from biking?  Maybe my body is adjusting more to this change in my training, but time to get in some more yoga!

*Has anyone watched Lucy Bartholomew’s documentary?  I need to watch this asap.

*I’m nervous about going above 6 miles because that is when the plantar pain came back with a vengeance during my race… I might do 5.99 miles for a few months on the days I run;)

*A few months ago, when I wrote about a bad run that I had, Stephanie said in the comments that she tells herself, “RUN DONE” whenever that happens.  It helps her to check the run off and move on with her day without dwelling over it.  It happens to all of us, so it’s a nice way to just be done with it and move forward.

*Andrew told me he hates being held captive to sleep.  He wants his body not to require it so that he never has to do it.  Opposites attract, and this quality about him makes having kids easier because he is usually awake anytime a kid wakes up in the middle of the night… and then I get to continue doing what I love (sleep).

*The other night, Skye came into our room to tell us that she does not want any snow leopards to be in heaven, but if they have to be, I need to make sure we have a lot of bandaids with us.

*Do we have a problem, or do we have the right idea?

IMG 6277

*I CANNOT eat a meal without a big glass of water or my water bottle.  Andrew can eat an entire meal without a drink, and I will never be able to understand this.

*People that have done laser hair removal, I would love to hear your thoughts… I want to try it.

*I love Target’s activewear for kids.  I got the girl’s jackets there, and they have thumbholes… Skye’s life was made.  She also got a new leotard for a tumbling class that she starts soon.

IMG 6369

*With each year of life, it takes longer and longer for me to start exercising after I wake up.  When I was in my early 20s, I would sleep in my workout gear with a ponytail and would be out running within 2 minutes of waking up.  Now I need a solid 40 minutes to get out the door!


Any thoughts to add to these above 11 things?

Do you notice that one side of your body is stronger than the other?

Mild, medium, or hot salsa?

-Mild.  Always mild.  I enjoy my mouth not feeling like it is on fire and Andrew cannot understand this about me.

If you lift and run on the same day, which do you do first?

-Lately, I have been lifting before I run but lifting after I cycle.

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Aw I just love how Brooke loves running with you guys! And definitely my right side seems stronger than the other. Trying to incorporate unilateral strengthening workouts lately. Oh also! I had asked a few years ago if you’ve ever heard of Usborne Books (best kids books ever!) & you had wanted some recommendations! Would you like to order some books for the kiddos this year for Christmas? Let me know girl! ✨❄️


Thank you Sarah, I hope we do it forever. Unilateral strength workouts are the best and so so hard. So I already bought all of their Christmas books this year at the school’s book fair (I went alone to it one day ha) but I will totally let you know for the future. I hope you are having the best day so far!


I got laser hair removal 10+ years ago and am so so glad I did! It’s a long commitment for the treatments (every month for 8ish total) but totally worth it. The pain is a wee bit intense but the treatment is way faster than waxing.


I run in the morning and then lift at noon or later in the day. Hot salsa is the best. However, the older I get, the less my body can handle it. The problem that you have with hot chocolate, we have with sauces/condiments. We rarely cook the same things for dinner that that results in an absurd amount of special ingredients!


Oh I like how you do your running/lifting schedule. I’m going to have to try that! Ummmm can we come over for dinner every night to your house. That is AWESOME that you are always trying new meals/recipes. That sounds like heaven to me. Hope your Tuesday is off to a great start!


I love sleep too, I do not understand not loving sleep. And with it getting darker earlier I feel ready for bed at 7 haha!

You are doing it right with all the hot chocolate! Gotta be prepared for winter.

Medium salsa, except at Chipotle where I get the hot one but balance with sour cream.

Usually run or bike, then lift. I’ve never really thought about why I do in that order though.


Zero sense. It just feels so good. I kind of like the time switch for that reason ha… early to bed and early to rise:). Come over to our hot chocolate bar! Andrew loves the hot one at Chipotle too… it makes me sweat. As long as we are getting in the lifting then it is all good… that’s what I tell myself now! Hope your Tuesday is a fabulous one!


Good morning Janae! I love that running and exercise are such an integral part of your family. What a support network you are for each other! I understand Andrew’s view on sleep- there are only so many hours in a day and we all have stuff we want to do. But I am totally with you on this. I absolutely love to sleep. At this phase of life, a good night’s sleep is getting harder to come by, so I relish it when it happens and try to harness all the energy from restorative sleep. On days I lift and run, I always lift first or it won’t happen. I don’t like lifting when I’m drained from a run and I feel like my form suffers, so I use the run as a reward for doing the lifting :) Happy Tuesday and have a great day!


Hey Jen! Thank you, I hope they are always going to want to be active with us. He just has major FOMO he is missing out on things when he sleeps ha haha, you are right! I hope that you get a good night of sleep asap though. That is rough when you can’t get a good night of sleep. THAT IS WHAT I AM FINDING with running/lifting… it isn’t going to happen as easily if I do it after a run. You explained it all perfectly. Thanks, you too!


I had my laser hair removal done on my armpits years ago and loved the results. This past year, I’ve been doing some other areas (I am hairy!), and I’ve been really pleased with the results. It’s not that painful and SO MUCH BETTER THAN WAXING. Would highly recommend. Also, pricing differs drastically at different places. I go to a very reputable salon, and it is much cheaper than the plastic surgeon’s office I first went to for a consultation. The consultation alone was $150. Still can’t believe I paid that. So, shop around and asks friends where they go.


This is so so so good to know. I didn’t even think about how much the price could vary between places. I’ll ask around! OHHHHH that consultation price was cruel! Thank you, I am so excited to do it and I am so happy you’ve had such a positive experience! Have a beautiful day, Heather!


Ha ha… All of the hot chocolate! But which is your favorite?
Such a great question about whether you lift before your run or after. I always lift after, but my friend always lifts before. She just ran the LA marathon, on very little training, and did amazing AND has barely any soreness. So, I think I may try lifting before running (at least a few times) to see how it feels.
Ooo… I did laser hair removal years ago (armpits and bikini area) and it worked so well! I have light skin and blonde hair , which people used to say would never work for laser hair removal, but it did! I’m at the point where I should go back for a touch up, it’s been over 10 years I think. It’s less painful than waxing too. I definitely recommend it.
I love that long sleeve top you’re wearing. May need to put that on my Christmas list ?
Have a great day Janae!


My current #1 is the mint chocolate. You have to try it. That is so so interesting about your friend… I think she is onto something! SO SO good to hear about how well it worked with you, I think I’m going to put it on my Christmas list:). And yes, you need that top on yours! Thanks Wendy, you too!


My husband is the same that he will eat an entire meal without needing a drink. I don’t get it. Also my hips get pretty tight from running and biking but I’ve started doing some of the 10 min focus flows for hips on the peloton app and they feel amazing!


HOW DO THEY DO IT?! It makes zero sense to me. I’m going to copy you with the focus flows for hips, thanks for sharing. Have a great day, Lindsey!


I feel you! I did a half marathon recently where I had to stop and walk a few times, stretch off to the side of the road (nagging injury), and walked through water stops. I just do not care as much as I did in my 20s—I respect my body more and accept its limitations. My finish time was better than I had expected, but if I were in my 20s and got that time, I would be devastated. As I get older, I am less competitive with myself and I am more about getting it done than being perfect. It’s OK to just do your best, you won’t be graded on your performance :)


I love this so much. “I respect my body more and accept its limitations.” I fully relate to you! Isn’t getting older the best?! I hope your day is a beautiful one and thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts. Congrats on your half marathon!


I am trying to get back on the morning workout train but it’s rough! I agree, now that I’m in my 30s, it always takes me longer to get up and moving. But I think it’s also that I’m listening to my body more than I did in my 20s, so that’s a good thing. I love hot chocolate, so a big YES to that picture. And finally, I am team spicy salsa! My husband doesn’t get it, but I love Chipotle’s spicy salsa and wish I could buy it by the truckload. Happy Tuesday!


You figured it out… that is why! We are listening to our bodies more now. I love it. Whenever people complain about aging I think about how much more I love life with each year. Andrew loves their spicy salsa too! I hope you get a lot of it soon. Thanks Emily, you too!


Getting my underarms lasered- I’ve gotten about half my sessions done- and it’s been life changing, no exaggeration. I was one who needed to shave their pits every other day or it was bad, and now I don’t shave them AT ALL. And when it comes back it is super light and few and far between. For reference (since it works different depending on skin tone and hair type I believe) I have dark course hair. I think it works best that way. Anyhow, I don’t know why I waited this long.

Lift before/after cardio… so when I did Orangetheory (loooooved) I preferred to start on the treadmill, and end in the wait room. So lifting post run. As I start running again (end of the month! Finally!) I plan to incorporate strength training but haven’t quite settled on the before/after or perhaps on my off-running days yet. Going to test out a couple ways and see!


Hey Molly! Life changing… that’s what I want! I shave them every day so I really need to do this. So glad to hear it has been the best experience for you! So so happy you get to start running again soon, that is awesome! You’ll have to let me know what you end up loving with your running/lifting schedule. Have a beautiful day!


I have had laser hair removal as well, it was pricey! One thing they didn’t tell me was that you have to maintain it…they recommend going in 1-2x a year afterward for a touch-up. Mine lasted about 8 years and then started to grow back because I didn’t do the touch-ups.


Oh I didn’t know that you had to go in for touch-ups, thanks for telling me that. Amazing it lasted 8 years though… I really want this!


I usually run first and then lift weights.


I love that you get to build in extra bonding time with Brooke on your morning runs to school for her!!! It’s SO good!

Spinning in general does a number on hip flexors. Mine have always been tight, but they’ve gotten VERY BAD with all of the time I spend on the bike. Back when I was teaching 4-6 classes/week, I was also really bad about strength training, yoga, and stretching (as in: I sort of sucked and didn’t really do much of anything OTHER than hopping on a bike, to teach, so I could get paid…). I was in pain more nights than I would like to put into words, and sleep was hard. (Sometimes impossible…stupid hip pain). Since I cut back to about 2 classes/week AND in the last 8-10 months have layered in an emphasis on yoga and strength training…and then starting with when I lost my job in the summer I started to prioritize taking walks (not for pace or ‘exercise,’ just for movement), I have felt like even with chronically tight hips, I have a lot more ease. And I am able to move easier.

SO: yay for spinning, especially hitting the bike a few times a week. Please learn from my season of pain-that-kept-me-from-sleeping and DO NOT skimp on yoga and strength training! Balance is all out, and keep on moving on. :)

YAY FOR RUN DONE. Even a stupid rhyme to give you the chance to log the miles, acknowledge the effort, and release the crud of it all–and then move the heck ON–is a simple verbal strategy to give yourself. And I love it. SO MUCH. I don’t have a snappy rhyme for the days when one of my spin classes feels like a sub-par or otherwise imperfect teach, but I’ve given myself other ways to kind of do the same thing–acknowledge the effort, log the workout, shrug off the crud, and move on. So necessary!

I love that Brooke is already making Christmas cookies!

Those fajitas look SO GOOD–now I want fajitas! (whch means it’s time to send this note off to you and go make my lunch, which–sadly–is not fajitas…womp womp…)

Have an AMAZING day out there!!! :)


You’re so doing it right with the hot chocolate!! Now we just need a post with them ranked in order of deliciousness :)


I started laser a couple months ago! I’ve only had one treatment so far and have my next one this weekend. And already it’s life changing. Like that sounds so dramatic but I am usually so hairy that my armpits get 5:00 shadow and my leg hair keeps is so coarse and prickly that it would keep me awake at night if I didn’t shave every other day haha! Not only does it take way longer for hair to grow back it’s thinner and I get a better shave when I do need to shave. Can’t wait for my next appointment! It does hurt a little, like being snapped with a rubber band over and over. Definitely bearable and so far very worth it!!

And mild salsa always!!


Mild salsa for sure! I also like it thicker/chunky rather than thin/soupy.
I’m with Andrew – I eat my meals without anything to drink. I try to drink enough between meals but some days that’s hard.
My daughter, 5, started tumbling a couple of months ago and she loves it. The leotards are so cute. My daughter calls them singlets because they look like what her brother wears for wrestling :)


Salsa… at a Mexican restaurant I mix their mild and their hot for middle of the ground. Their mild seems too mild for some reason. at home I would use medium in a recipe that’s cooked with it but I would use mild for just dipping chops into. I have figured out all the various ways I like it!


I usually spin and then do strength, and I like that I’m always warmed up and ready to go for lifting. I also think I burn more calories when I do it that way around…or at least my Garmin thinks so. But lately I’ve been doing strength before running because I think it helps me activate my glutes and then my hip flexors don’t get so mad at me. I only run 1x per week, and I haven’t been doing it consistently for that long, so I still need to build up those running muscles.

Definitely second the rec for the hip focus flows on Peloton…Kristen and Aditi do some really amazing ones. They don’t always feel good while I’m doing them, but I really feel a difference after.

Medium salsa for me, and a big yes to sleep. My college roommate felt the same way and we used to sleep in absurdly late on weekends (e.g. 2PM).


I did laser removal in my 40’s and SOOOO wish I’d done it earlier (although I do hear you should wait until you’re done having kids as the hormones can cause re-growth). I think they had recommended 10 sessions in total, but I only did 5 or 6 on my legs before the salon had to shut down for COVID. I didn’t end up doing any more though because I have very little hair left and just shave my legs about once a month. I did just 2 or 3 sessions on my armpits and bikini and stopped there because I’m a big weenie and those areas hurt more for me (but waxing hurt just about as much). But just those few sessions made such a big difference and I rarely shave. I do have dark course hair so it’s a game changer. It was a chunk of money, but I’m no longer paying for waxing every 6-8 weeks so it balances out.


Hi Janae!
I don’t think y’all have a hot cocoa problem, and wanted to let you know that Stephen’s is on sale at Smith’s this week. :)
And I agree with your choice of mild salsa – spicy salsa and salty chips do not go well together!
Have a great weekend!


The majority of the time, I’ll go for a run before hitting the gym.

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