Sentence per day!

(Tank, shorts (navy), koala clip ((code hrg10 gets you 10% off)) and shoes)

Ten miles @ 8:36 average and a backyard running picture thanks to Brooke.

Found Andrew’s dream yard while on my run… They had their own bike park.

IMG 9761

FEELS SO GOOD to have Knox again and he keeps us laughing all day.

IMG 9789

Birthday request—> to ride the motorized animals that they have at the mall.

IMG 9792

And then to go to the movies.

IMG 9797

That popcorn speaks to my soul.

IMG 9798

Back to school night!

IMG 9804

She wants to be at their same school so so bad.

IMG 9806

I think I get more steps chasing him each day then I do on my runs;)

IMG 9815

Two new FAVORITES from TJ’s that we had for Brooke’s bday dinner… this garlic spread on french bread.

IMG 9812

AND THIS CAKE IS EVERYTHING (I’m making a birthday cake for Brooke’s bday party with my family but now I’m tempted to just buy a bunch of these instead:)

IMG 9811

Soaked up every second of this because it never happens anymore.

IMG 9734

Time to go trick my brain into thinking an uncomfortable pace is comfortable.

Screen Shot 2021 03 02 at 1 10 18 PM


Give me your sentence of the day!

Tell me about your dream backyard—>. What are some things you would love to have in a backyard (we are hoping to redo ours in the next year or two so I would love to hear your thoughts on this)!

Tell me what your run is today?!

Last ‘new to you’ food you tried and was it good?

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My dream backyard would have a really cool fire pit, outdoor kitchen/bar set up with a tv, room for a swing set (ya know for future kiddos), plus a lot of extra empty yard so kids and my dog can run around. Basically the opposite of the small patio I have in the city ha!

The last new to me food that I tried was a bite of lobster ravioli that the guy I’ve been seeing had on Saturday night. It was good but I wouldn’t order it for myself if that makes sense. Also the restaurant was delicious so whenever you come to Philly I will volunteer as tribute and take you there!


Ummm your dream backyard sounds absolutely perfect. I love those backyard plans:). Lobster ravioli with the guy… that makes me so happy and you better take me. Double date?!?! Hope your Tuesday is off to a great start!


That TJs cake looks amazing! Have you had their banana bread or pancake bread? So good.

Ran 3.5 miles this morning and felt much better than my morning runs last week! Love seeing the small improvements.


You need to try this cake, it was beyond good. And I forgot about their pancake bread, I’m grabbing that next time. Thank you SO much. That is so good to hear that your run today felt so much better than last week. I think we are all a bit addicted to the small improvements! Have the best day, Mariah!


I would like to have a nice vegetable garden and an in-ground pool in my backyard. I’ll let you guess which one of these is more likely to happen for me lol.
No run for me today, I did the rower, but I had an awesome 5 miler on Saturday!
This is random, but when I pulled up your blog this morning, I noticed for the first time that in the family pic of all of you running, you and Brooke are almost mirror images of each other – very cute!
Last new to me food I tried and liked was some couscous salad from a local grocer’s deli – which I was told they are discontinuing it because it doesn’t sell well – go figure!


Hahaha I hope BOTH happen for you:). Way to get in the rower, that thing is SO hard and you inspired me to get on mine again soon. Okay, you just made me look at that pic again and you are so right… we are going to have a lot of fun running together over the years. Bummer they aren’t going to be selling that salad for much longer. I’m glad you tried it before it was gone. I hope you are having a beautiful day so far, Amanda.


Happy Tuesday! I didn’t get to run today yet… I can’t seem to motivate to run before work because that means I would have to wake up at 4:30am :( Hoping to have enough energy when I get off. I love reading your blog to hear how your gorgeous Utah runs.

Dream backyard: saltwater pool, pool house with a bathroom/shower, and a family dog running around!


4:30 is so so early… I can see why you have a hard time in the mornings! I hope you feel like a million bucks after work today and you are able to have a great run. That sounds like a really amazing backyard… I want to copy you! Hope you are having a really great morning so far, thanks Charlotte!


My dream backyard would have a lake or a stream that I can paddleboard or kayak in…a hammock area for relaxing with a nearby outdoor kitchen for snacks and drinks…access to running paths…and be completely fenced in so my dog can run around. That doesn’t seem like too much to ask for :)


GRETCHEN… that all sounds SO dreamy! I think you deserve that! I need those things too;). Happy Tuesday friend.


Today’s run was Tina Muir’s Together Run #18, and I was out the door early… Still dark! I haven’t done that in a while and loves it! I am also loving the together runs Tina does each week. They are so fun.
When we re-did our backyard earlier this summer, we added a big hammock. We absolutely love it! We lounge in it a lot in the evenings when the sun is setting. We put it in the back corner, so we can see the rest of the yard, and it just makes me so happy. Plus, we added string lights and landscape lighting around the yard. It’s a peaceful place!
So good to see Knox!!! And I love Beck’s crawling style ?
Have a great Tuesday!


I just think it is so cool that Tina is doing that! Way to get out there and get it done! I need a big hammock too, that sounds dreamy. I love that you guys got one and you are enjoying it all. I’ve LOVED seeing pictures, it is gorgeous. Thanks friend, you too!


I haven’t ran yet… had a rough night last night. My 3 yr old woke up at 2 and didn’t go back to sleep until after 3. We are also having to do mouth stretches on my 2 month old at 2am (every 6 hrs ugh) bc she had a lip, cheek, and tongue tie release (the whole shebang!) but she want to sleep right away… of course we are struggling with sleep bc of the 3 yr old… not 2 month old! But I ran 3 mi for the first time on Sunday and it felt so good to be out again!
My dream backyard would include a fire pit with Adirondack chairs, a hammock, patio couch and outdoor kitchen with outdoor dinning and a TV. A swing set and enough green space for kids to run around and play soccer or other yard games!
The last new to me food I had was probably lentils maybe? I don’t like traditional beans like black or kidney, but I did enjoy the lentils in a curry dish!


I am sure Andrew would agree – my ideal backyard would be sports themed – without getting too crazy (like a BMX course) I would LOVE a covered 30′ x 30′ basketball court (or ideally a full size court). It could, of course, double as a multi-purpose area. It also gives kids a place to play outside when it’s raining (run a breezeway from the house to the court). My DREAM would be to have a 40′ x 30′ indoor gym of my own attached to the house.

I also really like the Spanish Colonial courtyard type yards since they give so much privacy.


Janae! I’ve never commented before but am a longtime reader – I love your blog and your optimism about life. I had to leave a comment to suggest you and Andrew look at shade sails in your yard: you’ve probably seen them at parks around your house. We are actually redoing our yard right now and are putting some in after a friend suggested them – we’ll put them up in the summer to cool the playground/sandbox and leave them down when the temperatures are cool so the kids can get some warmth while they’re outside. Just something to consider as you plan! Thanks for all you put out each day – it’s a delight to read your blog!


Rachel!!! Ahhh I just looked them up and they are amazing! We have to get these too. Please send any other ideas and things you guys do. Have a great night!


I love that garlic spread! I saw a recommendation a while back about getting their gyro slices and ciabatta bread and making sandwiches with those, the garlic spread and veggies and it’s a great easy meal!

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