Silentish Saturday!

You know ultra training has messed up your brain when a 6 miler sounds like a short run (ps post ultra my mileage will lower again)… 8:50 average pace.

It was rainy but the air felt fresh and clean.

Saying goodbye for 5 days.

IMG 6956

Beretta took them to school with Andrew.

IMG 6957

Burn Bootcamp with my sis for biceps/back/core workout and I tried to use a 20 lb dumbbell but that didn’t last long…

IMG 6966


IMG 6967

IMG 6969

Getting in his run while catching up on Good Doctor.  He is going so fast you can’t even see his ankle:

IMG 6972

Some friends took me out to lunch for my birthday!

IMG 6977

I think they know I have a close relationship with sugar.

IMG 6978

Warm enough for a walk… Skye was thrilled.

IMG 6980

Lots of time in the backyard with Brooke’s bff.

IMG 6987

IMG 6983

My good friend ordered dinner for us last night for my bday.  This was the Chickie Chow (corn chowder mixed with bacon and diced chicken) from Crust Club and it was amazing.

IMG 6990

She sent the Red Velvet cookies too.

IMG 6993

So much excitement over the Frozen 2 trailer.

IMG 6996

Last run of the week for me this morning… time to make it a great one.


Tell me three things that you are doing today!!

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Looking for my son’s phone (no SIM card, just an old iPhone). The battery is long since dead, and I know it is in the house, Injust have no idea where. We searched the living room, guest room, bathroom, and his bedroom last night. Wish us luck!

Basketball. Next week is the last week, then it’s in to soccer season!!!

Grocery store – my hubby has to work this weekend so I thought I would save a normal weekday activity for the weekend to get some input from my son (he usually has me buy too much broccoli and orange peppers- we will see what the future holds).


Oh no Tonya! I hope you guys find it asap! I am so excited for our soccer season too:) . Have fun at the store with your son!


Happy Belated B-day, Janae!! I’m taking a slow morning at my favorite coffee shop right now, then meeting my best friend for a long run along our favorite trail, and then going bowling with my brother. The perfect Saturday if you ask me :) Have a great one!!!


Oh thank you Maria! Okay, that sounds like the best day… enjoy every minute!


I have been thinking about chicken pot pie for some reason and I think your post is a sign; I have to get one! Also very excited about Frozen 2. :-)

1. Going for a run–going to try to hit 4 miles again!
2. Cleaning/laundry–how can such a small living space get so cluttered so fast??
3. Making scones–my friend is coming over and we are going to attempt this feat. I’m very excited and hoping they are DELICIOUS.


You need to get one today… this post was a sign. I hope your run was great, good luck with your cleaning and enjoy those scones (I’m drooling). Thanks Kristin!


Hello Janae! Happy weekend to yall! Your dinner at three resturants from the last blog post sounded awesome. Might have to copy you at some point, or maybe do that idea with dessert. My three things:

1. About to crush an 18 miler, currently sitting down and planning that route. It’s 55 degrees and climbing here, so I will be glad to be in shorts.

2. Will probably take a nap of epic proportions post run, because I think this is the only way I will survive till dinner time. It’s amazing to me how the first time you do a training cycle it seems to just level you…. props to you for this ultra. Then, after the nap, I will drink a fat cup of coffee on my porch with a book. I know you avoid coffee for religious reasons, not sure how you do it though :) Props to you.

3. Have you heard of the barklay marathons? It’s worth your time to read about it I think. I want to watch this documentary today. Talk about a crazy ultra ;)


AHHH I bet your 18 miler was amazing! You’ll have to let me know how it went… and SHORTS:) . Enjoy that nap and the coffee with your book!! I just drink a lot of hot chocolate;) . YES… I can’t even imagine doing that race, it is UNREAL. This documentary is awesome about it too:

Have a wonderful day!


Apparently I need to move to Utah because you gave the best food.

Not sure what I’m doing today. I really want to run since I’ve been down all week with a chest cold but I don’t know yet.

Have a great weekend!


I think that would be a wise idea and I’ll take you to all of my favorite places.. beware though, it snows a lot. I hope you are feeling 100% after your chest cold this week. Thanks, you too Angie!


Running (yay knee!), playing, shopping for a new mattress.

Yesterday’s weather was amazing! Then we woke up to snow. “Spring will come, spring will come, spring will come.”


Am I just being dramatic or has this winter been so much harder than most winters? I hope your run was amazing and that your knee was happy the whole time!


I love that your friends spoil you for your birthday! So sweet ?
I’m just about to head out for a 20 mile run…. A little nervous to do it solo, but I’ll just take it easy and really listen to my body. So the rest of the day will be lots of recovery!
Oooo… But then I’m picking up my husband and oldest from the airport. They were in the Chicago area visiting our son’s 1st pick for college!! I can’t wait to hear all about it!!
Have a great Saturday Janae ?


AHHHH I hope your 20 miler was amazing Wendy. Enjoy the rest and recovery afterwards! You’ll have to let me know where your son decides to go! So exciting!


Utah gives me food and views envy.

I have a quick four mile run before I’m off to my monthly lady date with my grandma. We are going to see a ballet performance.

Have a wonderful Saturday!


Come visit and I’ll take you for all the good food and views. I love that you do that with your grandma. Have the best time! Thanks Libbie!


That chicken pie looks delish!!!! Now, that’s a great friend…

Just finished 20 windy miles. Questioning why I run spring marathons. But now I am looking forward to staying inside the rest of this long weekend.


WAY TO GO ON YOUR 20 MILER KATIE!!! I have been questioning my spring race decision too ha. Enjoy the recovery!


Okay, those red velvet cookies look amazing. I also got a few sweets for my birthday a couple weeks ago, haha.

My other thought about this post: dang Knox is a stylin’ kid. I want his coat in my size.

My day off was yesterday, and I spent it cooking for the week and baking a blueberry pie! Today I have to do laundry and go to work, but first I got in about 10 miles.
There’s actually a marathon tomorrow that starts a few minutes away from where I live and I wish I was in shape to run it, but with the on and off pain I’ve been having I think my chances of finishing would be zero. Maybe next time!


Haha he really is quite stylish! Send me some pie, that sounds so good right now! Next year that marathon right by you is all yours. Glad you had a great 10 miler. Thanks Grant!


Happy Saturday!
-1 friend, 4 border collies, 7 miles and 900 feet of elevation for a lunchtime run
-tearing up floor in our bathroom-remodeling begins!
-dinner (Sushi) and a movie (The Upside) with my hubby!
Have a great day?


AWESOME run… that’s a lot of climbing. You know you are going to have to share your before and after remodeling pictures with me. THAT MOVIE IS SO GOOD! Enjoy!


That pie looks yummy!

Today I have my son’s basketball game, a couple’s massage with my hubby, and a movie with the fam this afternoon. Yay for a Saturday and a long weekend!


I just ate one of those Costco protein bars!

I’m on the train with 2 of my kids heading to my moms house (she’s 2.5 hours away but it can get crazy traffic during a holiday weekend so we opted for the train). It’s so relaxing not having to deal with traffic and it’s fast too! My son loves it!

Hoping for a 13 miler tomorrow while I’m at my moms.

Have a great weekend!!


1) long run – two sections but 15 miles total (sunny and 42F for 2nd section, followed by snow blowing sideways 15 minutes after we stopped)
2) soccer cleat shopping for Kid2
3) indoor soccer game tonight for Kid2 (hopefully I get a shower before then)

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