Silentish Saturday!

(Shorts, tank)

30 min 90s Hip Hop Ride with Robin + 10 min upper body strength!

I love listening to their conversation on the way to school.

IMG 6578


IMG 6580

We decided to head south for the weekend.

IMG 6581

The drive was…. interesting;)

IMG 6585

First stop at our favorite = Viva la Chicken.

IMG 6586


IMG 6588

Excited to explore my brother’s house.

IMG 6597

The stars are the prettiest here so we went and checked them out.

IMG 6600

Anyone else (with a history of foot problems) pack their OOFOS first when traveling?  I avoid plantar flare-ups at all costs now.

IMG 6601


Tell me three things that you are up to today!

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You’re back in St. George, fun!
Football day in Lake Forest, IL!! Pregame stuff with the other families, game, then post game fun with all the families and our son! We left California in 90° weather, and now weekending in 30’s – 40’s in the Chicago area…. Hope I brought enough warm clothes.
Have a really great weekend with family ?


Please give me tips for road trips with a 1 year old! Planning a 5 hour drive with my daughter and I’m not sure what the best time is to leave and how many stops we will need to make!


Not sure I have any tips… just prayers haha. I really try to plan the trip around his nap time but once he is awake… it’s just a game of passing him every toy possible (which he uses for 30 seconds and then throws) and every snack possible. Leaving at 11 is ideal for us because then he sleeps about 1.5 hours of the trip. Sometimes we drive at night so that the kids can just sleep the whole way too. GOOD LUCK. I hope you are going somewhere so fun! Let me know how it goes!


Hi Janae! I’m going biking with my dad now!
Have an awesome trip!!


So happy y’all have a little getaway! I am in the throws of about 3 weeks of work without time off, but my runs are keeping me sane! Here’s what I’m up to today! Ran 5 miles, WORK, WORK and WORK! :)
Grateful for some cold weather and my runs to keep me sane!


Yes! I travel with my Oofos too! That donut looks amazing.


I am three weeks out from my second marathon so this morning I had a 22 miler. I’ve been having some type calves and I’m nervous it’s going to lead to plantar so I bought a pair of Oofos and wear them all the time.
This week and I plan to hopefully rest which I’m not so good at doing and take my kids to the trampoline park.

I’m glad you were able to ease back into running pain-free free


Girls on the Run 5k this morning for a friend’s daughter. So much fun!! I love that program.

Then we went out to breakfast to celebrate. And planning to do some homework and relax the rest of the day.

Hope you have a great weekend!


I am about to embark on a red eye flight with a 7 year old next week. It will most likely also be “interesting”. Pray for me.
Have fun in St George!


SENDING EVERY PRAYER. I can’t even handle red eyes let alone a 7 year old hahaha


Picked up my packet for my last half marathon of 2021! This one is a tough course, lots of Colorado hill climbing. Not going for any kind of records, just going to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Last half before my first full in 28 days! Have an amazing weekend!


AHHHHH I hope your half went amazing! Sounds like a hard course that is preparing you perfect for your MARATHON coming up. I am SO happy for you!


I pack my night splints!

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