(tank, shorts, shoes)

I could have run early in the morning alone, or I could have run later with these two… sleep won, and I pushed the kids.

I’m hoping that Utah just forgot this year to be ridiculously cold like it usually is and that I get shorts/tank weather all year long.

I enjoyed going through the pictures from our run afterward and zooming in on Skye’s facial expressions.

Screen Shot 2021 11 15 at 1 01 47 PM

6.43 miles + 20 minutes lower body strength workout (that wasn’t my favorite…) in the garage while Skye and Beck played next to me.

I witnessed a moment of sharing, which SHOCKED me because this doesn’t happen often.  I’m glad I could document it.

IMG 6772

I am trying to binge on sunlight and warmth before it is gone.

IMG 6780

Skye told me she had the best morning of her life.

We went through all of Brooke’s old clothing, washed and then organized them into her drawers.

IMG 6789

I’m a huge fan of hand-me-downs with the girls.  Brooke is super gentle on her clothing, and so it works out perfect with Skye.  SO many flashbacks to when she wears something that I remember on Brooke so well.

IMG 6798

Skye makes a great lunch date for rice bowls.

IMG 6799

We went on over to Runner’s Corner once we picked up Brooke.

IMG 6805

Every time we go there, we try a different waffle.

IMG 6808

And then my sweet friend brought over THE cookbook and the most delicious homemade cinnamon rolls (which I ate two of for dinner:).  Has anyone tried any of the recipes from here yet?  Where should I start?

IMG 6810


Let’s get chatting about some tangents!

*Beck is happiest when he is dirty.

IMG 6731

*Skye is currently showing the most interest in mountain biking, and Andrew is eating it up.

IMG 6725

*Until Beck is 8, we will now only be doing drives over 20 minutes at night.  Our drive back was so enjoyable.  Everyone slept the whole way, and the two of us had a 3.5-hour uninterrupted conversation/music listening session.

*We are buying Beck a dishwasher for Christmas;). It is the only thing he cares about at this stage in his life.

IMG 6562

*My run on Saturday involved listening to Taylor Swift on repeat, and on my run yesterday, I listened to ‘Down By the Bay’ on repeat for Skye.  Very different experiences.


Give me a tangent or two!

Hand-me-downs… a thing when you were growing up or in your family now?

-I loved getting any of my sister’s old clothing, and when we were finally the same size, we shared all of our clothes all of the time.

What kind of clothes are you running for your runs this month… Shorts?  Leggings?  Coats?  Gloves?  Tanks?

Jogging stroller moms in the past or present… Do you love it?  Do you stick to flat or conquer the hills?  Do/did your kids love it?

-Skye loves it, and Beck is getting better with it… He is happy if we are moving but if we are stopped he is done with it.

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Good morning Janae! Skye’s face in the stroller gave me quite the laugh this morning. I love how kiddos are too young for “poker faces” :-)
Gosh, the hand me down question brought back such memories! While I am the oldest of 3 girls, my favorite memory was visiting a family that we knew from church who had two girls a few years older than us. I thought they were the absolute COOLEST so I loved getting whatever they gave me! My mom also made a lot of our clothing and really tried to copy trendy styles but the real thing was always so much more exciting.
I love feeling the chill in Hawaii right now, although I don’t miss bundling up! Fingers crossed Utah treats you well for as long as possible this winter.
I used to work in the running industry; I always loved stores with tracks inside. A few years back (and what feels like a whole other life) I led a team that opened a 20,000 sq ft store in CO that had a trail, a sports drink bar, a running lab and a huge community room. It was such a cool store, I would geek out every day.
Enjoy your day!


Morning Amanda! Hahah you are very right, she never hides how she feels. What fun memories to have with that family from church. YOUR MOM MADE your clothing too?! Okay, she is incredible. Thank you and we really just need to plan a Hawaii trip to look forward to. That store sounds incredible and you led the team and put it all together? You. Are. Amazing. I must visit that store! Thanks friend, you too.


I had cousins close in age, there were 6 girls about a year apart, so we handed down the same sesame street wind suit (we were super cool) until it wore through, then my mom or aunt had to buy a new one for the next few kids. My son now gets almost all his clothes from his cousin.
Rise and Run cookbook! I’m so excited I’ve read it through like 5 times but haven’t made anything yet. I’m thinking the trail mix cookies, green eggs and hammer on savory muffins, or race day muffins, but everything looks so good I can’t decide.
I’m in Wisconsin, so it’s officially leggings and long sleeves weather in my opinion, but I dress warm. I’m still seeing shorts out there, even at 35 degrees or so.


SIX GIRLS A YEAR APART. WOW. And I need to find that wind suit for Skye asap. I love that your son gets his clothes from cousins, it makes it so much easier. I’m going to sit down and read through mine today. Ummmm all of the things you mentioned need to make an appearance in my life asap. You are so tough for running through Wisconsin winters. Hope your day is a beautiful one!


Skye’s face in the stroller… Ahahaha
We didn’t do a lot of hand me downs when I was growing up. Probably because there’s a big gap in age with my older sisters, so things were no longer in style. I did love doing hand me downs for my boys too when they were little. Brought back fun memories. And yes, traveling at night when they were little was the best way to travel long distances.
I can wear shorts almost year round here. Right now, for my early morning runs, it’s shorts with a light weight long sleeve. My sister-in-law and my friend likes to wear capri tights with tank tops right now. Funny how different we all handle cooler temps.
Official half marathon training starts this week! I’m excited! ?
Have a great Tuesday!


HEY WENDY! Yes, the big gap makes it harder… I’ll just have to try and buy simple clothes for Brooke that will always be in style ha;). I bet that was so nice with your boys because they are close in age. Okay, the shorts with a light long sleeve is the absolute best temperature for running. ENJOY that and you are making me want to plan a California trip! Hahah that is how me and Emilee are too…. she will be all bundled up without gloves on and I have shorts with gloves. It really is so interesting to see what works for each person. I am thrilled that your training starts this week. It’s going to go so well! Thanks and you too.


Can I have some of that warm weather please? I ran with a friend at 6 this morning and it was in the 30s..I’m not ready for it yet! It did feel really nice after a few miles together, but we did a little yoga afterwards and I got SO cold again!

Luckily tomorrow it’s going back up to the 70s so I’ll be sure to soak it up! We’re doing a quick beach trip this weekend and I’m excited to see how it will be in the fall/winter without all the crowds :) Have a great Tuesday!


Noooooo. Just reading about those temps so early made me shiver. Way to get out there and get it done this morning with your friend. ENJOY the warmer weather tomorrow and beach trip = perfection. Let me know how it goes, I hope you have the beach to yourself:). Thanks Gretchen, you too!


Skye’s face in the stroller is amazing, gave me a good laugh! I wonder if that’s how my friends’ kids look when we run with them in the stroller.

Hand me downs were definitely a thing in my family! And even now that we are older and the same size, my sister and I share clothes.

I just bought Shalane and Elyse’s new cookbook! Can’t wait until it comes in the mail.


Haha you will have to try and get some pictures of them during the next stroller run… they must all think we are crazy. Isn’t sharing clothes just the best??? We will have to try the same recipes at the same time and chat about them. I’m so excited. I hope your day is off to a great start.


Hand-me-downs were huge in my house (youngest of 6 here), and since I was an outdoorsy tomboy, I got plenty of stuff from my brothers and my sister. I have Rise and Run but haven’t made anything from it yet. I can’t wait to try some of the savory Superhero Muffins though; Shalane and Elise were recently on the Ali on the Run podcast and they talked about some savory muffin recipes that made my mouth water while on my long Sunday run. Also, thank you so much for your recommendations regarding a HM training plan. I ended up going with Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 since I’ve never done a half before. Can’t wait to get started (I work late today, so my start date is tomorrow). Thanks again!


Youngest of 6… what a fun childhood with so many built-in friends! I need to listen to their episode with Ali! I cannot wait for the savory muffins either. Oh I am SO glad that training plan is going to work for you. PLEASE keep me updated with training, I am thrilled for you!


My 2 year old and I are obsessed with the Nutty Chai Energy Bites from Rise and Run and the Flourless PB Chocolate Chip Cookies are amazing too! I love the entire cookbook!


I CAN’T WAIT to try both of them. I just made the green eggs muffins and they are heavenly! Hope you are having a great day, Ashley!


Hi Janae! Good morning! :)

So I don’t have a jogging stroller, I just use my UppaBaby Vista. But I am soooo proud because I actually ran the entire half marathon course while using it (THIS half marathon– check out the hills! 3000′ elevation change https://www.thekingdomchallenge.com/course-description). I had told you a couple months ago that I was going to do the half for my first time since pregnancy and I did it :) A couple weeks later, I ran the race the day before the actual race because it was so beautiful out and the weather was predicted to be lousy the next day haha!

My son is also obsessed with the dishwasher! We have to empty bits at a time so he doesn’t crawl in LOL. Have a great day!


OH. MY. GOODNESS. Courtney, you are incredible. How in the world did you climb 1500 ft while pushing your baby? I need flat as a pancake if I am going to push kids. You inspire me… maybe I’ll attempt some hills now. Keep me updated with what is next and it sounds like our boys would get along perfectly! Have the best day, Courtney!


Hope used to yell “faster mom, faster” in the jogging stroller.


I love that so so so so much. What beautiful memories and people pay big bucks for that type of coaching/encouraging/cheering haha.


Janae! I forgot to tell you this on Friday, but that picture of you and Emilee reminded me of the following from one of Elder Holland’s talks:
“So go out there and light a candle. Be a ray of light. Be your best self and let your character shine.” (https://speeches.byu.edu/talks/jeffrey-r-holland/banishing-all-shadows/)

The smiles on your faces in that picture? You are both rays of light.


WOW. Thank you so so much. That means the world to me and I’m going to send her what you said right now. Thank you friend. I hope your day is off to a great start!


Hi Janae! I’m so excited for Shalane’s new book! Let us know what you like in it!
My tangent is that dad and I saw a coyote while biking! It was in the river. Poor thing looked hungry and was trying to catch a bird but failing wil-e-coyote style.
Happy Tuesday!


I totally will! I am so so excited about it. I would have been terrified to see a coyote… I don’t think I’ve ever seen one just out and about! Glad you were all okay and that you were able to go bike with your dad. Thanks Amy, you too!


Hi!! My family loves the dark chocolate banana muffins and also the pumpkin muffins from the cookbook! I loved the quinoa, kale, sausage muffins for a quick breakfast!!


I can’t wait to try all of them next! THANK YOU ASHLIE! Have a great day!


I just got that cookbook too and I’m so excited to cook from it, probably will start with the quinoa veggie superhero muffins. How cute is Skye in those pink hightops? My big sister (only 17 months older) was in the 0% of her height and weight and my nickname was “thunder thighs” so she actually got my hand me downs. Glad to say those thunder thighs have gotten me through many glorious running and biking miles over the years! The month started out with snowy runs in the 20’s with every layer I could grab but I got a run this past weekend in a tank top in high 60’s. Soaking up all that sunshine while it’s here!


Ohhhhh I saw those muffins and want to make those too. You are 17 months apart with your sister, I love that! I bet you have the best memories together. And I absolutely love what you said about your legs, AMEN! Your weather is everywhere right now and let’s keep enjoying the tank top days. Have a beautiful one, Michelle!


I’m all about hand-me downs. My sister would give me her old clothes when she was done with them even well into my 20s-30s and then she moved far away and I was sad about not getting any more clothes – and about her moving too :)

My daughter gets hand me downs from a friend that has a girl one year older and she acts like it’s Christmas day whenever we get a box full of clothes and shoes from them.

It’s chilly here so we are bundling up already. 40s but with wind chill it feels even colder. Not ready for it!!!

When I use the jogging stroller I like to include hills but always walk up them. My daughter is 5-1/2 and I think we are both done with the stroller as she’ll be moving on to biking along side me but it also makes me kind of sad to be done with it – I’ve been pushing that thing for 10 years between the 2 kids!


Nooooo to your sister moving and for not getting her clothes anymore! She needs to move back. That is so nice that your daughter gets those hand me downs! It makes life so easy:) It’s the best when they start biking next to us. TEN years of pushing the stroller… you are superwoman. Enjoy your day, Erika!


Ha ha ha! Your comments on Beck are really cracking me up today.
When my son was little, we bought a wall decal that said, “Boy (noun): a noise with dirt on it.” Truer words, LOL!


OH MY GOODNESS. I need that decal right this second. That explains him so so well:). Thanks for the laughs today and I hope your day is a great one, Corey!


Hey! We have an almost 10 month old and take frequent trips to see family about 4 hours away. I assume you arrive at your destination around midnight or so? How do you handle Beck’s transition to bed after the drive?



Good morning! I’m loving Rise & Run – I’ve made the pumpkin streusel muffins, the sweet potato, kale, and feta muffins, and the pumpkin pie smoothie! All have been GREAT!

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