I used to care & please tell me…

I’m not sure any of us will be able to adjust to rushed mornings again.  The girls enjoy the mornings to sleep in, and I enjoy relaxing with them at home once I finish my run.

Easy miles with Emilee!

I used to really care about what my easy paces were.  I would constantly check my watch or speed up a bit if I felt like I wasn’t running fast enough, even though my body needed to go slower.  Years later, and I truly just let my body guide the easy paces, not my brain.   Some days my recovery pace will be in the low 8’s and some days the recovery pace will be closer to the 9’s for me.  I don’t look at my watch during the run at all (unless it is to check the distance and when to turn around) and I just let my body do whatever it needs that day to keep things relaxed.  I never know what my pace is for the run until the end, when I save the run.

IMG 7154

The joy of finishing a hot run and coming inside to AC, fresh fruit with yogurt and granola…

IMG 7159

We picked up my niece and hit up the mall to hang out.

IMG 7161

We got there before it opened so we found ways to entertain ourselves (Beck was in PJs until 2 pm yesterday:).

IMG 7168

Pretzel Bites, jewelry stores and talking… I swear I was just in this stage with my friends/cousins and now this is what Brooke and her cousins want to do together.   Skye also thinks she is eight years old so she fully appreciates a good morning at the mall too.

IMG 7173

I told the girls they could choose out something at Claire’s and Brooke and Skye chose this necklace…

It pretty much made my life and hopefully, I won’t be the only one still wearing it in a few years;)

IMG 7181

Andrew took a break from school to go to the mountains.  I love that he understands the need to take breaks for movement and fresh air.

IMG 6235

While he was a few miles out from roads his bike broke!  He hadn’t seen anyone the entire time but just as he was starting to hike his bike out, a guy with an ATV came up and gave him a ride back!  He was so lucky!

IMG 7187

I have another quick TJ’s meal that I am obsessed with lately.  These roasted potatoes are so good and then I just add a few fried eggs and some toast and boom… I’ve got a meal.

IMG 7185

PS did anyone else feel like this below picture after the holiday weekend?  I put the girls’ in their beds and then just laid on the ground for a while because I didn’t have the energy to go into my room haha.

I feel like the 4th of July lasted four days this year which was so fun but also so exhausting.

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Random topic of the day—>  I’d love to hear about something you’ve learned about yourself recently?

-I just learned about how much I love taking a second shower at night.  I just started doing this a week or two ago and it’s something I look forward to every single day now.  I feel like it helps me to calm down and let go of any worries I am experiencing.  It feels so good to wash the day off and get into bed clean.  Isn’t it fun to constantly be learning new things about yourself?

Do you tend to take short, medium or long showers?  Hot, cold or somewhere in the middle?

Tell me what your breakfast has been lately!

Easy runs—> do they vary in speed or are they usually right around the same pace for you?

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I’ve actually been the opposite since working from home! I shower in the morning, although I used to love evening showers! But working from home I can work out in the morning easier and shower after. Agree that washing off the day is so nice though.

Breakfast has been smoothies or cereal lately. But those potatoes and eggs look amazing! Need to try.


Let me know what you think of the potatoes, I’m obsessed! I hope you are still enjoying working from home and how much longer will you be? Have a wonderful day, Mariah!


I love a good HOT shower (like skin turning red so hot) but my dermatologist said no more. Only room temp or cold showers! Noooo!


I need details about why hot showers are bad… I love a really hot shower in the winter! In the summer I just like them warm. Have a great day, Jenn!


Dries out the skin and my skin is already insanely dry!


Thank you for telling me! That makes sense!


OMG Andrew broke a spoke. You cannot fix that on the fly while you are out riding. I had that happen 30 miles from home once and I’d taken our car (we only have 1) so one of Jason’s friends had to come pick me up from the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. It was quite an ordeal. Glad he got a ride out for most of it.


THIRTY MILES FROM HOME! That was so nice of Jason’s friend! Turns out biking is just a bit more expensive than running (I took Andrew’s bike to the shop this morning ha;)! I hope you are having a great day, friend.


I love that idea of taking a shower at night- I might start doing that! I tend to take shorter hot showers. Our four of July was spent taking care of our sick kiddos. I did get to go on two beautiful hikes though! My favorite breakfast lately is oatmeal with almond butter, raspberries, and a little bit of vanilla protein powder.


It seriously feels so so nice. I hope you take one tonight. I’m so sorry your kids were sick over the fourth. I hope everyone is doing a lot better and I’m so glad you still got in some hikes. I love a good bowl of oatmeal, I need to make that again asap. Enjoy the rest of your day!


Hi Janae! I’m the same way about my easy runs, it really makes a huge difference in not getting injured. I after my runs and sometimes I don’t condition my hair because I’m running low on time. A shower right before bed sounds so nice, I’ll have to try it sometime. Have a great day!


HEY AMY! YES YES YES try the shower at night, it feels so so good. I hope you are having the best day!


I’m usually an evening shower person! As HOT as I can take it and I would prefer long if I have the time. I’m rushed in the mornings and would rather sleep in than take extra time to shower!
I used to eat the exact same breakfast every day (yogurt and fruit) but now I switch it up. Bagels, smoothies, PB toast, eggs and toast… whatever! this morning I had a mishmash – a few leftover sausages, a leftover hash brown and the remnants of Allie’s cereal. Hah!
Have a fabulous day


Two showers a day because it’s so hot lately!

I don’t care that much about pace lately..just enjoying getting out there and building mileage for races in fall or later. My easy paces are slower than what I used to consider acceptable haha. I still have big goals but still part of me feels I don’t need to prove myself lol. I am enjoying adventuring on the trails too!

Your girls are so grown up and I love the jewelry they picked out!

Have a great day Janae!


YES, seriously maybe that is why I’m loving two showers a day too. I’m loving how much you are adventuring and enjoying the journey and it will all pay off in the fall! Thanks Kristine, you too!


YES, I think that is why I’m loving the evening showers… I’m not as rushed! Your mishmash sounds absolutely perfect to me. I finish my kid’s cereal often too. You are getting so close to meeting this second one:)


I have always loved the easy runs- in highschool cross country I was always the last in the pack chatting with every single person and catching up on the school news (I went to an all girls school so there was always lots to chat about). When race time came I felt my legs were always rested and full of energy to push the pace. I am hoping this still works as an older adult too! Haha. I think running easy with little regard to pace has kept me virtually injury free (knock on wood!) my entire life! I listened to the Running Rogue podcast just the other day about running slow and it made me feel better about my slow pace choices on most of my runs:)

I love a second shower too! Especially in the summer i feel like i need the second shower to cool off and relax my body after cooking dinner etc/running around all day. I keep my hair up in a high bun so I dont wash my hair twice though:)


HEY NADYA! I love learning new things about everyone, I didn’t know you went to an all girls school. I bet there was always so much to talk about! I definitely think this works as an adult too… and injury free, clearly you are doing something right. I am loving that podcast, so many good tips. That is so true about the second shower being even more necessary in the summer… I wonder if I’ll want to do it in the winter too?! I hope your afternoon is going well!


Good morning!! I love long showers, but don’t often have time for them. Temperature depends completely on the season – hot in the winter (even though I know it’s bad for my skin), warm in the summer with some blasts of cool/cold at the end.
Something I learned recently about myself is that I fall asleep much better when I use the sleep music on Headspace. Staying asleep is another story, but if I play the music through the night (instead of just to fall asleep), it sometimes helps me get back to sleep too. You would think sleep is the easiest thing in the world, but it gets trickier as you get older – no fair!
Breakfast lately has been post-workout protein shakes, cereal and/or all the fruit. The watermelon has been great this year!!
My easy runs are pretty much the same pace, though sometimes I need to remind myself it’s an easy run and slow down a bit, especially if it’s a long, easy run.
Have a beautiful Wednesday, Janae!


HEY JANINE! I’m loving a bit of cool water blasts at the end of my showers lately too… it feels so refreshing when things are so hot these days! I’ve heard that same thing from so many different people about sleeping getting harder as we age. I’m so glad that you figured that out with your sleep and Headspace is the best! Thank you Janine, you too!


Oooooh – I love this question about what I have learned about myself lately. I have learned that I need external validation. God made me in a way that I need someone or something to prove that I did a good job.

It doesnt have to be anything big – a smile, a pat on the back, a place on the scoreboard, whatever. It can also be that I made a difference for someone else – there just has to be a result from the things I am doing.

Self-love or affirmation really doesnt do it for me. I think that is because I have a very strong sense of who I am and I am very confident in how I was created.

The reason that this is important to me is because if I start to get too down in the dumps, I find my people or my thing that helps me know that I matter before it gets too off the rails. I know who I am in Christ, which brings me satisfaction and sense of self, but then I need to know who I am relative to the people around me, and I feel complete joy.

That self-assessment has made a huge difference in feeling empowered to be responsible for my own joy.

I think that is why I love running and fitness so much. I can compare what I did today to what I have done in the past and find some way that I have improved. It is a great benchmark :)

Just a happy thing to learn about myself as I hit 40!


HEY EMILY! I absolutely LOVED what you said about how God made you. Recognizing His hand in creating us each individually is so important. I love what you said and I love that you have figured this out about yourself. Your whole comment made me feel a lot of peace and I’m grateful you shared it with me. Running really does offer the best benchmarks and I love that it allows us to start over and over again too. When is your 40th birthday? I’ll celebrate you by eating your favorite food:) I hope your day has been an awesome one so far and thanks for sharing.


That necklace is the sweetest!
I haven’t walked around a mall in so long. Even way before the pandemic. But thinking about pretzel bites… I may end up there this week. Ha ha
I do love to take long showers, but rarely do I have time. I prefer hot showers too, but after reading that it dries out your skin, and probably hair, I may not be doing hot showers all the time.
I so wish I was better at running my easy runs easy! I start out telling myself to just run easy, and then I don’t. I used to be able to, but somehow my mind is “making” me run fast. I need to figure that out.
Thank goodness someone came by to help Andrew! And I’m glad he’s ok too.
Have a good day Janae ?


Thank you Wendy! I really do think that you need some pretzel bites n your life soon, they are just so good! I had never even heard about hot showers drying out our skin until today… time to slow down on those over here too. Thank you friend and I Hope your day has been really great too!


Question for you – when you do your easy runs, does running slower sometimes affect your gait? I find that sometime my easy runs can be too easy, and my gait is off and I actually experience hip pain when I run too ‘slow.’ I was just curious if you find it impacts your hips/feet/etc when you slow down?


That is a great question and I have had friends that experienced the same problem when they run too slow because it changes their form. I guess I never go at a pace that changes my gait if that makes sense. Maybe bump it up a bit so you can avoid that?! But yes, you aren’t alone with that problem!


I will add those potatoes to my list. Right now I have something similar–just generic grocery store brand chopped red potatoes with onions for roasting–and I have found that if I roast a couple handfuls of them early in the week, then I have a really good substitution for croutons on my salad for the rest of the week (the texture doesn’t have the satisfying crunch of a good crouton, but the way the potatoes make me feel and the flavor partnered with my protein of the day and the juxtaposition of the lettuce crunch and soft potatoes works well for me). BUT–I will need to try these, especially with the peppers and onions in the mix!

Something I learned about myself–it’s actually an area I really need to grow in so I can be successful in my promoted leadership role–is this: generally, when I am frustrated after a meeting, when I try to explain to someone where my frustration is and strategize how to work around it, it can come across sounding bratty, like “I didn’t get my way.” But the thing is, it never is. A consistent pattern i have noticed is that when I feel a frustration rise inside me and then stick around for a while, it’s because I feel incredibly unheard. I’m generally a strong communicator–direct and exact–but something happens in group situations and I can often be quiet, and instead of asserting my views, I tend to wait for an opening. I need to work on lessening any frustration, and I need to learn to more clearly articulate what’s going on for me, and I need to learn different ways of making myself heard.

Not all things we learn about ourselves are great, right? Sometimes what’s great is that what we learn about ourselves helps us focus ways we can and need to grow to really rise up to our potential in meaningful ways.

OK breakfast. With getting back to early morning strength training (I have developed the habit in a general way, now it’s time to refine and to get more consistent and intentional so this new habit has a positive impact), this has become my breakfast a few times a week:
a piece of sesame ezekial bread, toasted with maybe 1/2 pat of butter melted on top
scrambled eggs (not fancy–liquid eggs–but generally 1 egg + 2 egg whites) with maybe a tsp or so of shredded cheddar mixed in
a few dashes of hot sauce
a handful of baby arugula

Not fancy, but it keeps me feeling satisfied for a few hours.

And right now I just finished a carnitas quesadilla from chipotle for my lunch. And I ate every last bit of it, because YUMMMMMM!!!!


I am totally going to copy you with the potatoes as croutons tip… I can’t wait! Stephanie, I love what you have learned about yourself. That makes complete sense to me why you would feel frustrated when you feel unheard. I think we all experience that at points in our lives but you described it perfectly. I want to come over for that breakfast, yum! I must try out the Chipotle quesadilla too, that sounds really good right now. Thanks for sharing Stephanie, I hope you are having a really great day!


Slow summer mornings are the best! If you’re into granola you should check out my Etsy shop!

I sell a bunch of flavors you might like ? I could send you a bag of your choice or sample pack to try it out!




Long hot showers in the evening for me! I am so used to showering at night that getting into bed without showering first just doesn’t feel right. I don’t usually shower in the morning though..

Breakfast = baked oats with blueberries and vanilla protein powder! It’s winter here in Australia and I love this warm cosy breakfast.

Easy runs—> months ago my coach told me to focus on low HR and just change my watch so that it doesn’t show the pace field for easy runs. It’s been such a game changer!


Oh! Biking can be high maintenance if something happens on the road or trail. Andrew needed triage, ha! Happy the ATV came along. Wonder if A is the type to implement a proactive plan for the future!

This is a big reason I limit biking in my life. I do not envy those who RACE on bikes. I mean, there is so much going on in life, I have to make choices. My competitive drive leads me to places where speedily addressing external (to my body) equipment breakdowns is not something I’m into (at least at this time in my life). I guess it doesn’t have to be all on the competitor, but then you need a support team.

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