I like to fall & Being Fanatical is Easier.

Yesterday was one of the prettiest runs I’ve ever been on and also one of my most ‘legs burning and I’m worried they might fall off’ runs too.

It all started with a text to my friend Johanna on Sunday night asking her if she wanted to do ten easy miles with me in the morning.

Ten easy miles somehow turned into this and I’m very happy that it did:

IMG 9636

Luckily we were in the shade for 99% of the run because that much elevation climbing + heat would not have gone well.  There was some power hiking in mile 3 and 5 and I tried really hard to not roll down the mountain in miles 6-10.   The first mile felt nice though;).

10 miles @ 11:00 average.   I think I developed a new calf muscle during this run.

IMG 9598

A blurry picture of the flowers as I was running by them.

IMG 9594

I only fell once during the run when there was some grass covering a root.  I fell as nicely as I could and walked away with zero blood on my legs so I’m calling that it’s own special accomplishment for the day.

IMG 9612

This is definitely my favorite handheld water bottle.  I was very thankful I brought it with me yesterday.

IMG 9614

All of these trails are going to really come in handy for St. George this year.  This week marks the official beginning of marathon training and I’m really excited.  It’s always fun to see this image below… time to get to work.  Everyone that I run with will be at this marathon running too so we will be able to really help each other out during the race.

Screen Shot 2019 06 29 at 11 49 09 AM

There will be a different time goal written on my arm this time.  I’ll know more what that is when we are in September and my coach helps me to figure out what that goal is!

IMG 5175

And then the day with the kids started!

IMG 9627

During Skye’s nap I took Brooke on some errands.  Andrew was at home while Skye napped because he had the day off.  We all love the nursing schedule when he has 4 days off in a row but then don’t love it as much when we don’t see him much for 3 days in a row.

IMG 9667

Skye woke up and her teeth were hurting big time so she was extra snuggly until she started feeling better again because of her frozen teething toys…

IMG 9671

And then she was back to getting into things.  She has decided my Koala Clip (HRG10 to get 10% off) is great to use to pretend it is an oven mitt.

IMG 5501

We had to make a stop at Target before bed for binkies because we lost all of ours.  I’m not sure if Skye can fall asleep without one at night and I didn’t want to test it out last night.

IMG 9678

And then we watched Full House with popsicles.  Full House will always remind me of my childhood.

IMG 9681

PS on Sunday my brother said, “I hate balance, it’s so much easier to be fanatical.  Keeping everything in balance is impossible.”  I could completely relate to him when he said that…. Balance is hard and it’s much easier for me to go big in one area and put off everything else!

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How long are your half or marathon training cycles usually?

Ever fallen while running just once or multiple times?

-I have fallen probably 15 times while running over the years.  I’ve never broken anything but my aunt shattered her knee cap when she fell from a crack on the sidewalk while running.  BE CAREFUL ON THOSE SIDEWALKS!

Are you great at balancing life or is it easier for you to be fanatical about certain things?

What shows remind you of your childhood?

-Power Rangers, Family Matters, Saved by the Bell, Full House, Rugrats and Recess. 

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Recently checked Rugrats out of the library and my 7yo is obsessed!!


No way!! I will have to find it at ours for Brooke and Knox:) . The best! have a great Tuesday Carly!


I haven’t been able to balance since I became an empty nester. Being able to do what you want when you want, even as an adult, doesn’t always lead to balance.

I’ve taken some good headers on the trail. I mean, are you even trying if you don’t tumble on occasion?


I totally can see what you are saying… finding balance in every stage of life is a challenge! Hahaha “Are you even trying if you don’t tumble on occasion?” <-- I'm going to remember that Kathee! Always love hearing from you:) . We've been friends for almost a decade now! Keep me updated on life and I hope you are having a beautiful day!


Recess! I loved that show!!!!
I fall a lot too. It’s hard when you’re on the trails and your legs get tired. haha.


Picking those legs up when they are tired is so hard:) . I hope you are having a fabulous day so far Mollie!


Hi Janae,
I loved the pictures from the trails! I fall (or nearly fall) pretty often, especially trail running. We call it a “yard sale” because everything on you goes flying and is out on display!
I feel like I am in a marathon training cycle without a race chosen. There are 3 out of town fall marathons and I have to nail or down soon. Eek!
The pictures of your kiddos are pretty darn sweet-love the snuggle days!
I have to say I am with your bro. Fanatical about areas of life, they kind of go through cycles. I constantly have to remind myself to slow down at least once a day and just be present.
Golden Girls and Saved by the Bell are my childhood memories.


YARD SALE… oh my goodness, that is hilarious and so true! I’m going to share that with my running friends! You have to let me know which marathon you choose! I am so excited for you:) . You are not alone on being fanatical in some areas. Have a great day Jenny!


We don’t have any mountains in The Netherlands so my trail running looks a lot different than your trail running. I’m jealous of that view!

Poor Skye, hope her teeth don’t hurt her too much. My daughter (same age as Skye) can relate! Poor kids.

Good to read a little bit about Andrew’s schedule. I’m thinking about going back to school next year to become a nurse myself! I’m curious how other families arrange their lives with a schedule that varies every week.

Have a great day!


I want to come out and try the trails in the Netherlands! Sanne, that is so so exciting that you are thinking about going back to school to become a nurse! It is a bit of a juggle with an inconsistent schedule but they are pretty good at letting him pick what days he wants to work each week! Good luck with your little girl, those new teeth HURT! Hope your day is great so far:)


Thanks for the reply! I didn’t know they somewhere let you choose workdays, that is great!

You SHOULD do some running in The Netherlands (and make a family trip of it ;) )


3 shows that remind me of my childhood, more so because my parents would watch them and their theme songs take me right back:
Highway to Heaven

For me:
Gummy Bears
Looney Tunes


Okay… MASH took me back to seeing my mom watch it:) . Good memories! I hope your Tuesday has been great so far!


Maybe we just need to be fanatical about life balance?
Have a great day!


hello! Yes, I have fallen once while running. I was running to Zumba and planned to run home after….I was within sight distance of the Zumba location and down I went. Hand and knee were a little bloody and my phone screen was cracked – but I got up, walked to Zumba and participated….as said, I planned to run back home, but nope it was dark then and I had done enough, so got a ride home. I just noticed again the other day that the skin on that leg/knee is still discolored from when I fell 3 or so years ago.
Hope you have a great day!


That fell really left its mark! Glad you were okay and good call to get a ride home after:) . Thanks so much Autumn (ps I love your name). Have a wonderful Tuesday!


I would love another HRG Brother post! He is very inspiring.


I fully agree with you! I will ask him to:) . I will brag about him for a second and share he just did incredible on the GMAT and starts business school in August (on top of being a patent attorney)…. definitely fanatical haha:) . Have a great day!


Those are seriously awesome trail splits!!
I fondly remember the binky struggle like it was yesterday with my 9 year old! Heaven help any parent who has to endure the pain a child goes through when they’re without!
My half marathon training cycles used to be 12-15 weeks but this current one will be 4! Ha! Being a trail half that will gain 4200 ft I’m focusing on climbing as opposed to speed. Luckily the mountain the half is on isn’t too far from my house so I get to train where I’ll run.
I’ve fallen a couple times but I usually “just” roll my ankle then find balance again. I rolled each ankle a few times this morning and thank goodness I didn’t fall because the trail was super rocky and if I fell the wrong way I would have taken quit the tumble down the mountain side!
I feel like I’m finding chunks of the day to be or at least feel somewhat balanced. The rest of the time it feels fanatical!
I loved loved loved Full House, Saved by the Bell, Family Matters, 90210 (eh, more high school), Punky Brewster and Cosby show!
Have a great day!


I seriously don’t know how we are ever going to get her off of it!! 4200 ft of climbing… Jenny, you are STRONG! I can’t wait to hear about how it goes. I am so glad you didn’t fall this morning! Be careful on those mountains. Oh I loved the Cosby show too! Thanks so much Jenny and I hope you have a great day:)


The marathon training plan I’ve used is 16 weeks. I think it’s just about the right length.

I’ve had some ugly falls while running. The worst was last year on the trail that ended with a high ankle sprain that still gives me trouble. Another memorable fall happened in Hawaii. A homeless woman came to my rescue and showed me what compassion really is (https://mcmomentsandmemories.blogspot.com/2014/01/compassion.html)

I think life balance takes a lot of trial and error and that comes with age. Fanatical for me = frantic, and I just don’t enjoy that state of mind.

Leave it to Beaver, Gilligan’s Island, The Brady Bunch, Bewitched, the Beverly Hillbillies and the Carol Burnett Show all originally aired during my childhood.


Thank you so much for sharing that story with me. What an amazing woman and a great lesson for all of us. I hope you are having the most wonderful day Kathy!


Depending on my running consistency, marathon training schedules have been 10-14 weeks.
I only remember falling once, about 7 years ago on a sidewalk, and bloodied my hands, my knee, and my forehead. I still have the marks on my knee. But now I feel very lucky that my kneecap was OK–your poor aunt!
I think that you and your brother are brilliant & that fanatical is much more fun (and realistic) than balance. Of course, I try to keep things in balance, but lots of things slip & it’s much easier to focus on the fun stuff :)


You hit your forehead too… OUCH! So glad you were okay:) . I know, it was awful… she had to have surgery on everything. I’m with you… fanatical is so much more fun ha. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday Corey!


I have fallen so many times. Usually due to uneven sidewalks. I had one close call where I swear I was in slow motion watching my ankle turn under me. I thought for sure it was going to break. But luckily it didn’t, just sore for a few days. I did get launched on a trail run when I caught a root. I felt like Superman for brief second as I flew through the air.

Shows that remind me of childhood would definitely be Saved By the Bell, Animaniacs, and Duck Tales.


Those sidewalks get me a lot too! I’m so glad your ankle didn’t break that one time. Hahaha isn’t it crazy how time stands still as we are falling?! Saved By the Bell… we need more shows like that again. Also, I need to show my kids the other two that you mentioned. Happy Tuesday Corrinne!


I have fallen several times while running. Once at mile 9 during a half marathon. Luckily none of them have resulted in any serious injuries or trips to the hospital, but I still have scars from some of those falls. I have to make sure that I lift my leg, especially when I get tired.
Childhood shows include Full House, Save by the Bell, anything from TGIF (Family Matters, Sabrina, Step by Step, Boy Meets World, etc..), Animaniacs, and Tiny Toons!


Oh no, you fell during a race?! Glad nothing serious ever happened. I need to remind my legs to lift too now ha. TGIF was the absolute best… I miss that. Hope your day is going well so far!


Team clumsy here, I’ve fallen so many times trail running. But I like what Kathee said in the comments, it must mean I’m really trying, ha!

And I agree with your brother. I’m a CPA so during tax season I have to be fanatical about my job and not much else. But once that’s over I become fanatical about getting outdoors, running, skiing, biking, and spending time with family and friends. I think if you look at it over the course of a year there’s a balance, just never in the moment.

TV shows I remember watching were Brady Bunch and Cheers (and also sneaking into my parents room during Dallas or Dynasty – I knew I could get my Mom to scratch my back to keep me quiet so she could watch her show!)


I remember watching Full House with my brother when we were little. We used to fight over who got to pretend to be Michelle during the commercial, haha. My parents had a handful with the two of us.

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