Last Second Race + Tangents!

I did a race yesterday!  

It was miserable and so fun at the same time.  

I was not thrilled with the fact that I realized I was out of jam and butter when my bagel popped out of the toaster in the morning.  Peanut butter always upsets my stomach before speed so I just had a boring toasted bagel and water for breakfast.

IMG 7109

I met my friends at 6:30 and we did about 2.5 miles of warming up before the race started at 7:00.  During the warm-up my legs were still pretty sore from Timp and it was crazy hot/humid, so I had to talk myself out of just running the race at an easy pace.  I’m glad I pushed myself because we learn something and get stronger for the next race with each one that we do.

The starting line is at a different spot than the finish line and for this course, you start lower than you finish…  A net uphill race is a big challenge for me mentally!  The first mile is a very slight downhill but then the next mile is flat with a slight uphill and then there is a bigger hill in the 3rd mile—> that was really hard mentally for me.  

I forced myself to stay in the MINUTE and not even think about the next minute because I was hurting pretty bad as soon as that 2nd mile started.  I focused on pumping my arms when my legs kept telling me to stop (try this when you are tired.. your legs can’t stop if you are pumping those arms;) and just hung on!

IMG 7113

Positive split races are not my favorite (a negative split race feels SO good) but it happens—>  Started with a 6:06 mile and finished with a 6:53 mile.

I was thrilled to go under 20 for the day and these hot runs/races are going to make us all run so fast in the fall!

IMG 7145

As soon as I finished I went straight to the grass and plopped down… I was SPENT.

And then I ran into a friend from when I lived in California and somehow my face could smile again (there was no smiling happening during the race which probably would have helped me if I had forced some).

IMG 7112

Was it my favorite course?  Not at all, BUT the fact that you run the parade route makes it so fun because so many people are already out cheering for the runners.  This race brings a big crowd and really fun energy.  People are decked out in red, white and blue.  I’ll probably do it every year because it will make me mentally tough and it’s an awesome way to celebrate the holiday.  One day I REALLY want to run Peachtree on the 4th though.  

IMG 7054

Another group of friends were running a mountain and called me when they reached the summit and I was pretty jealous of them;)

IMG 7124

The next event for the day was the parade.  

IMG 7128

It was Beck’s first parade! 

IMG 7139

Brooke takes such good care of Skye.

IMG 7142

And then we got donuts and went to a movie.

IMG 7149


Let’s discuss some tangents. 

*I think all humans need to run or walk around in the grass barefoot more often.  It just feels so right.

IMG 7058

*Beck’s perfect posture always reminds me to fix mine ha.

IMG 7052 1

*Andrew found this in the candy bowl at our block party.  A child took a bite (with the wrapper) and decided to put it back in ha.

IMG 7057

*I have a goal that I want to do in the next few years—> I want to do Mt Timp in under 3 hours.  Last week I did it in 3:36 and in 2019, I did it in 3:19, so it will take a lot of work but it’s a goal that makes my heart pump just thinking about it.  I have some friends who do it in under 3 hours, so I’ll have to tag along with them!

IMG 6873


What’s a running goal you have these days that makes you excited?

Who has done Peachtree?  Is it something I should come do one year?!

Anything that you have found you CANNOT eat before a race or hard workout?  What works best for you?

What is your favorite season?

-Summer… I think it needs to last 6 months.  

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I feel the same way about tootsie rolls. They are fake chocolate.

Congrats on your race! That is an awesome time!

Have a great week!


SEND ME YOUR TOOTSIE ROLLS… they are one of my favorites;). Thanks so much, Lee and I hope your day has been great so far!


Peachtree: LIKES: This race is fun…it is maybe the ONLY race I have ever done where I really didn’t pay attention to how I felt every second of the run because the course is so distracting – so much to see. Soooo many people – fun to people watch (both other runners and the sideline folks). Hills – Atlanta is surprisingly hilly and there is one hill they call Heartbreak Hill (I think?) on this course – but it is not really that bad – which was a good surprise. DISLIKES: Soooo many people (lol). Smells – Was not a fan of smelling beer and food being cooked at 7/8 am in the morning while I am running. Be prepared to walk/run waaaaayyyy farther than the 10K of the race. Getting to the race course/your corral AND getting BACK to your vehicle will add multiple miles to your day (and possibly a Martra train ride full of stinky/sweaty runners). Heat/Humidity – it is July in Atlanta – the weather can be gross. OVERALL – still glad I had the opportunity to do it once, but I wouldn’t do it again. It is a neat “bucket list” type race – but not sure it is worth traveling to Georgia just to do that??


Melissa, okay you wrote me the best pros and cons list for peachtree! Thank you, I appreciate it. The smells part is not something I love either during a race. I did a race two years ago in SLC along the parade route and the smells of weed, smoke and bacon almost killed me off. Thanks for the help and I hope you are having a great day!



Give it a couple of years for the race to return to what it was pre-COVID (this year to keep social distancing and contain the crowds, the race was split up into different heats across the weekend–not the same). Peachtree is a tough race to try to predict a normal time to complete, because of the Atlanta heat and humidity, and then there is an annoying hill that doesn’t FEEL too bad in the beginning because it’s not steep, but it lasts such a long time so it makes you feel like total garbage by the end, but it’s still SUCH a fun run. It’s well-loved in Atlanta, and it’s as great a run to run as it is to race as it is to people-watch. And I think it can: A) be a good benchmark for running one summer to see how you feel running in that kind of humidity and run again in a few years to see how your body handles the same conditions (that’s a good benchmark for how your fitness has improved!!!), B) be a good run to learn to let go and run for fun–or learn to run with a shifted mindset of “I have trained VERY well and at the same time I am learning to just show up and have zero expectations, just be really present and in the moment with what’s happening where I am.”

I know there are a lot of people who won’t want to spend the money to travel for a run with either of those mindsets when there are opportunities to do it closer to home, but it’s also a great way to come to Atlanta for a few days and participate in the run that is just ONE run in a series of year-round programmed runs and races but that is also monumental and historic.

And if you DO come for Peachtree I will cheer you on and then take you out for burgers and gelato afterwards. Unless you want tacos and donuts–that can also be arranged! I can’t promise cookies with all of the great frosting like in your pictures, though ;)

As for the tootsie roll: I’m always on the fence about them. They’re fake chocolate and taste nothing like chocolate at all, but they have a flavor and texture all their own. Sometimes you want something SLIGHTLY chocolatey and REALLY sugary and that you can just chew on and that’s not gum. *shrug*


Stephanie! Seriously, it would be the ABSOLUTE BEST to meet you there and go get burgers and gelato afterwards… and then tacos and donuts a few hours later. I’ll bring you the cookies. How do those elites run so ridiculously fast on that course? I would definitely go into it with the zero expectations thing:). Have the best day and let’s make it happen someday!


I also can’t do peanut butter before races! Bagels, toast, or a frozen waffle usually work best for me.

I’m running a half in October. My goal is to train for this properly- doing strength and stretching and foam rolling multiple times a week. I don’t have the best base because I got sick and took a break from running, but I’m excited to see how properly training prepares me!


I wish so badly pb worked for us before races because it tastes so good. I need to get some frozen waffles to try out again, thanks for reminding me. YES YES YES to training properly for your half this October. That is an awesome goal and I can’t wait to see you crush it!


Ohhhh nice last minute 5k! Looks like a challenging but cool race, and I also want to do Peachtree someday.

When you go for your sub 3 on Mt Timp just make sure there aren’t any moose families hanging around


WANNA MEET ME FOR PEACHTREE ONE YEAR? We will use candy for a fuel and go out somewhere delicious afterwards? Hahah yeah, I think the moose situation added 30 minutes to the adventure (but my garmin was paused… I’m glad in a moment of pure fear I remembered to pause my garmin?!?!)


Janae- you are such a rock star on that race!!! You go Mama!!!!

I’m a no on the tootsie roll. I hate the way it sticks to my teeth! But I tried the new (ish?) fudge m&ms and those were super tasty!!

I’m still setting my sights on a 21 min 5k. I’m currently in the phase of just building up my running base slowly but surely (I’m at about 20 miles a week) and incorporating strength work outs too. Once that mileage base is strong and my legs feel good then I want to really train for the 5k doing speed drills/strides/ etc. I’m thinking I won’t start that until August/Sept! I’m still searching for a plan (I have an Apple Watch)- so if you have any non Garmin app recs (Garmin connect only works with the Garmin watches) let me know!!


Nadya! Thank you, friend. Fudge m&ms… I would love to try those. Next time I’m at the grocery store I need to find those. You can and you will get that 21 minute 5k. 20 mpw is AWESOME along with the strength. I will totally look around for some good training plans for the 5k… I really think the strength work you are doing now is going to be so huge for the race too. Way to go!


I was thinking about your moose encounter on Timp last week because Ken and I had a BEAR encounter on our hike yesterday…and I’ve lived in CO for 27 years and am always on the trails and this was a first for me. It was SCARY. You really don’t know how you feel until you are out there and feel vulnerable!



Beth, that is TERRIFYING. What did you do? I am so glad you guys are okay and is it freaking you out to go back out on the trails again now?
That vulnerable feeling is terrible, I really hope I don’t come across that again.


What a great freedom day: ALL THE STRATEGIES and mental and physical toughness!!! Looks like a successful start to me. Thanks for keeping it real and sharing it. Your emo game is on point as usual. Then there’s all the fun follow up activities. Way to go with this race. Also, super liking the Independence Day hair for the girls.


Thanks so much Lee:) I hope you are having a beautiful day!


Hi Janae! Congrats on the race that is awesome!! And that’s a cool trail running goal, it’ll make you so strong.
My goal this year is to get some good speed in so I’m doing a mile plan. Then I’ll run a half at the end of the year, and then train for my first marathon next spring! And then I want to get pregnant at the end of next year!
Long term running goal I’d love to pace a race someday, that just sounds so fun to help people reach their goals.
Have a great day!


Hey Amy! Thank you so much. I love that you are starting with a fast mile plan and then building up to the half and then the marathon next year… SO smart to go about it this year. AND PREGNANT AT THE END OF NEXT YEAR, it makes me feel so special that you would tell me these plans:). I totally agree, I would love to pace too. Thanks, you too!


Good morning, Janae! Life has been a bit nuts, so it’s been a while since I commented. Congrats on your race yesterday – way to push through the tough stuff!!
I am running a half in October – first one in several years (again, life…). I’ve done the race before and it’s sponsored by the local running store. This time, I joined their training program and it starts at the end of this month. IN the meantime, working on some base training. I won’t be in the best place to start the program, but I’m doing it anyway!!
I love the south, but not in the summer, so I don’t see the Peachtree in my future. Living in the northeast, we get our fair share of humidity, so my best suggestion is to do LOTS of training for that race in humid conditions. Humidity can really suck the life out of you, especially if you are aren’t used to it.
Guess I’m lucky, because as long as it’s not a full meal, I can eat just about anything before a race/hard workout.
Favorite season is a tie between fall and winter. Fall is beautiful where I live, but it goes quickly – would love if it stuck around longer – some of the best running conditions too! Have the most awesome day, Janae :o)


Janine! I hope life has been a good nuts and not a stressful nuts! I am so excited about your half this October and that you are using the training program with the store. Keep rocking that base training and I wish I could be at the race to cheer for you. That is so so true about the humidity, I would probably melt out there. I really wish that fall would last longer than the week or two that it does here too haha. Thanks friend and I hope you are having a great day and that today isn’t too crazy.


A race!! Awesome job! Any under 20 minutes is amazing.
I think running Peachtree would be so amazing. But from everything I’ve read and seen, maybe don’t put any time goals on it, at least the 1st time. Heat, humidity, hills… Just do it for fun.
I haven’t had a race in so long, I’m not sure what my goals are right now. As I get further into this training block, maybe I will feel good about a big goal. Right now, I’m just so happy to be training again…ha ha.
Enjoy the post race endorphins, and have a great day ?


Thank you Wendy! It was a tough one, that is for sure. Hahaha the 3 H’s are definitely not my strength, great advice to do it for fun. I really am so excited about your first 1/2 back and that you are training again. Life is feeling normal again! Thanks friend, you too!


I just want to get back to it, 4 babes and a full-time job as well as a horseback riding hobby have made it pretty difficult but I am slowly making my way back to it again and that feels great mentally.

No, but I live on Peachtree so I have to like it.

I have to eat VERY little before a hard work out or it all comes right up. I have a very weak stomach. I just drink a lot of water and maybe a half piece of toast or bagel.

Summer, hands down. Wish it could last forever. With fall and spring of course.


Horseback riding… that is so awesome that you do that! Four kids and a full-time job, I bet you are so busy and I am so excited you are getting back into running. Seriously, summer is going by too fast and I wish it would last forever too. Have a beautiful day and keep me updated with everything you are doing!


OMG, peanut butter upsets my stomach for speedwork as well! It took me so long to figure it out because I had never heard anyone else say that they had had that issue. For so long peanut butter toast was my running fuel and then after a longer break it just seemed to cause me to cramp every time I tried to run hard.


YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! I am thinking it is the fat in the PB that is hard on my stomach to digest when I am running fast… now we can just enjoy the pb toast after the workout:)


I can’t eat peanut butter before a run but almond and sunflower butters stay down fine.

Fall is my favorite season. Hot and humid is just not fun for me, though I love the beach.


It was so AWESOME seeing you cruise past me! Love you girl! Congrats on second place! You’re AMAZING! ❤❤❤


You should absolutely come for Peachtree some year SOON!!! That’s one of the few 10Ks I’ve run, and it was a blast. You would rock it.

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