Our 5 Year Anniversary–> Lots of Thoughts!

Nine miles for the morning, but only sevenish of the miles were recorded because I forgot to push start again on my garmin after a break that we took.  Andrew says that if it isn’t on the garmin, it didn’t happen ha, but those nine miles definitely happened even if my watch didn’t show them.

I had the best time meeting up with the girls and fulfilling my physical health and social health needs all at once!

It was a big day in Beck’s life.  For the first time ever he sat up in the cart and he loved being able to study each and every little thing in the store.

IMG 7195

We get another 2 week uninterrupted parent time break with Knox!

IMG 7210

I bought an adult swaddle for myself and tried it out on my niece ha.   Beck is a lot easier to swaddle than my niece.

IMG 7213

Andrew has some time off from work and we have all of our kids so we jumped in the car for a road trip.

First stop—>  St. George!  My niece hitched a ride down with us and she helped out so much with Skye and Beck.

IMG 7218

I might be running at 3 a.m. while we are here…

IMG 7220

A lot of swimming and pruney fingers will be happening!

IMG 7226

Flashback Thursday—>  Lisa sent me this memory that popped up on her phone from a 10k that happened 8 years ago in Santa Cruz!

Little Brooke was just happily waving to everyone and this picture made me really miss the PureCadence shoes.

IMG 7216


It’s our FIVE YEAR wedding anniversary today!

Andrewjanaeengagements 0018

We had originally planned to get married sometime in the fall but we then changed our minds and decided to plan a quick wedding and get married in the summer.  It was pretty much the shortest courtship/engagement ever, but it was exactly what the four of us needed!

Andrewjanaeformals 0043

Andrewjanaewedding 0003  1

Brooke and Knox were so little when we got married!

Andrewjanaewedding 0019

Skye is now older than Brooke and Knox were when we got married!

IMG 7102

I thought I would share a few of bullet points of thoughts from me and Andrew about the last 5 years!

*I remember dating after my divorce and just wanting to have a best friend for life and that is exactly what I found with Andrew.

*These days we can predict what the other person is going to do before they do it and it drives each other crazy;)

*Blending a family was/is a lot harder than we thought it would be!  We were both so naive to the challenges up ahead, but over the years we have really learned to be a team throughout the hard parts.  The best thing for our marriage was when we realized no matter what the problem is, it is US against the problem… not me against him!

*When I first met Andrew he had one bedroom in his house that was dedicated purely to his laundry.  He had two big piles in there (one for clean clothes and one for dirty clothes) and the clothes never made it to the closet or dresser ha.  This has definitely changed over the years.

*We’ve lived in three different places over the five years we’ve been married.  We keep trying to convince ourselves that we are going to stay in a place forever, but then we change our minds and want to try something different!

*3 of the 5 years we’ve been together Andrew has been in school and he has less than 2 years to go before he is all done!  We are both very excited for that graduation!

*My best running came along once I married Andrew!

*I’ve convinced Andrew to love Disneyland, Cheez-its, murder mysteries, candy and Brooks running shoes.  He’s convinced me to love pizza + ranch together, to be more flexible with schedules, to love Thanksgiving and to include Halloween decorations into our budget;)

*We have a list of about 20 places where we want to visit together once our kids are a bit older.

*I feel like I have the flu late at night and he feels like he has the flu early in the morning… It works out well with kids because one person feels great when the other person hurts and that person can help with the kids.

*We both love putting too much on our plate at once and so sometimes both of our mom’s have to tell us to slow down.

That is all of the random things I can think of because I’m writing this late at night which means I feel like I have the flu;)


How often do you run without a watch or a way to track your mileage?

Do you have a Target near you?  How often do you go there?

-Way too much.  In 2020 it was one of the places that I missed the most when things were shut down in Utah.

Any running shoes or running/fitness gear that has been discontinued that you really miss?

Married people—> How long was your courtship/engagement?  

-9 weeks from the time we met to when we got married… It seems crazy to me now but it felt so right at the time!

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Andrew having two piles of laundry is the most guy thing ever omg lol. Living in the city I have a target that’s about a 10 minute walk from my house. Which is so nice! Plus if I walk I have to be mindful of what I buy since that means I have to carry it home… Way less impulse purchases happen this way :)

I hope you do something fun for your anniversary!


Hahaha right? He was so confused why I didn’t think that was a great idea! If I had to walk to Target that would seriously help me so much to be more mindful too. Thanks Maureen, we are trying to figure something out. Have a beautiful day!


Congratulations to you and Andrew on your anniversary!! You have such a fun, loving marriage and are such a wonderful example to all of us. I think this verse describes you guys so well —> “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing” (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

Stay safe in the heat in St. George!!!


Thank you so much Clare. That verse is beautiful and I just read it to Andrew. It’s perfect. Thank you friend and I hope your day is off to a great start!


I used to think that Beck was Skye’s twin but holy cow that pic of Brooke at your wedding it totally Skye!


I was seriously thinking the same thing when I was going through our wedding pictures last night! Twins! I hope your day is a beautiful one Colleen!


We have two targets within 5 miles of our house. I go maybe once every few months. If I went more often we would be in trouble…

I dated my now husband for 4 years before we got engaged, I did get a promise ring after 6 months of dating though… we then got married 2 years later. We have been together for 13 years and married for 7 now. It goes by so unbelievable fast. It is so much fun when you get to marry your best friend… boring things become fun.


Hey Kelly! THIRTEEN YEARS! I completely agree with you, it’s amazing how errands/chores/tasks become fun and exciting when I get to do them with Andrew. I love that you said that. I hope you are having a beautiful day and get a Target trip soon!


Umm everytime, right now I am just trying to get some mileage together …

Yes we have a close by Target and if the kids had their way everyday, I probably go or order something for pick up weekly or at least every other week.

Saucony used to make my favorite , I miss them so much!

We were together 8 years before we got married! We just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary and we arent even that old LOL


I’m sorry Saucony took away your favorites. Happy 12th wedding anniversary and 20 years of being together! My kids would love a weekly trip to Target too:) Have a beautiful day!


Happy Anniversary! You and Andrew give me hope for finding someone wonderful. The kids were so little back then!
Enjoy your trip!


Samantha, I’m here for you! YES YES YES! There is so much goodness up ahead and you will get the wonderful partner you deserve! Thanks friend:)


CONGRATULATIONS on your 5 year anniversary!! I hope you and Andrew get to enjoy doing something fun together today :o)
I don’t often run without my watch – usually only when I forget it. I have done like you did though and forgotten to restart it after a break. Oh well. Be sure Andrew clearly understands the miles still count!! LOL!
The nearest Target to me is almost 30 minutes away which is a very good thing. There is some unwritten universal law that you can’t get out of there for less than $100!
I can’t tell you how many times shoe models have changed or been discontinued. Going back to my early days of running with New Balance and through the Saucony years. So frustrating, but I usually find a new love – Brooks Glycerin at the moment :o)
Have a wonderful day today!!


Thank you so much Janine, we are trying to figure something out! Haha I try to convince him but he refuses to count them;) That universal law is TRUTH. I’m so glad you are loving the Glycerin, they are an amazing shoe. Thank you, you too!


Happy Anniversary!!
I remember that my marriage was in a bad place towards the end when you married Andrew and thinking “maybe it’ll be ok in the long run if I get divorced”. And you know what?- it has been so much better than ok!
I’m now in a relationship with someone who I can see as my best friend forever. And while our belief systems are different- he moved in and we started blending without much more time than you and Andrew had.


Janae and Andrew!! Happy Anniversary!
Patrick and I went from meeting for the first time after being set up on a date to engaged in 2.5 weeks (and half that time he was on a research trip to Uganda so we sent each other long epic emails for our courtship)! I had been divorced but he had never been married but we were both 100% on the same page and were both really excited to start a family together. We celebrate 9 years in August!
We married 7.5 months after meeting because we had to wait until we both finished teaching for the semester, I finished a 6 week research trip in refugee camps in the Middle East from May-June, he was back from work in Honduras in July, and our parents and siblings were in town at the same time too. We got married on a Saturday in our backyard with 20 people total and then had to start teaching again for the fall semester on Monday! Hahaha. It was a romantic whirlwind.
It isn’t always easy but it sure is a life I am grateful for.
I hope your anniversary is filled with lots of sweet treats!


Happy anniversary! You guys seem like you have such a special relationship – I love reading about it! My husband waited EXACTLY one year to ask me to get married – he would have asked earlier, but I had a “rule” that I mentioned to him that I would say no before that. :) Marriage can be a challenge, and some days I just want to live by myself, but it’s all worth it, if you look at it big-picture.
I was running withOUT my Garmin for quite some time, to stop obsessing over the paces/pace per mile/splits/etc! I switched to focusing on the time rather than mileage, and that has made me much happier. e.g. 85 minute trail run yesterday! I wanted to use a Garmin so I could hit some weekly mileage minimums & see if I’d be ready for a longer race.
I live in MN so we have Targets everywhere – I have at least 3 Targets within 15 minutes of my house. I got out of the habit of going during the pandemic, but I still shopped at Target online. I need to checkout that adult swaddle – I am fascinated!


Happy Anniversary! Our 9 year meeting anniversary was the 4th and our 7th wedding anniversary was the 5th! Time FLIES.
I love the things you’ve learned about each other and that have changed. Andrew’s room dedicated to laundry made me laugh out loud. That’s suchhhhhh a guy thing!! Nine weeks totally sounds nuts in hindsight, but I really believe when you know, you know. And you knew! :)
Target > anywhere else. We have one down the street and I’m there alllllllllllllllll the time. It just = happiness.
Have the best day!


Happy Anniversary! You guys missed sharing an anniversary with the Carters by 1 day – did you see they’ve been married 75 years?! Incredible!
We do not have a Target and I so wish we did. I always stop at one whenever I’m in a town that has one.
I really really miss Brooks Pure Flows! :(
My husband and I started dating in 1998 (HS sweethearts), got engaged in 2001, married in 2002. Time just flies. When I think you’ve been married 5 years already, and that in 5 years my oldest will be 19, it makes my head spin lol.


Five years? Wow! Where has that time gone? I was here at the beginning and continue to follow. I love seeing the kids grow up.

I met my husband in August – engaged in October – married in February and that was 35 years ago! When you know, you know!

So happy for you both.


Happy anniversary! My husband and I dated for six years before we got married. I wanted to be done with school before I got married and he wanted to be in a better spot financially so that’s what worked for us. I hope you guys have a wonderful anniversary!


WHAT!!! No way! Was that really five years ago??? Time is just flying! And it makes me realize I’ve been reading your blog for a long time :) Congratulations- you and Andrew have really built a beautiful life together.


JENNY! Thank you for reading for a long time, that means a lot to me. I hope your day is a great one!


Happy anniversary!! I live in Windsor, Ontario which is directly across the river from Detroit. One of the things my daughter and I missed most about the border being closed is no Target!!! ?
My husband and I knew after 3 months that we were going to get married but we waited 4 years! We just celebrated our 23rd anniversary!
Have a great day!


Happy Anniversary!! I can’t believe it’s been 5 years. And, aaawwww Brooke and Knox so little, so adorable ?. You 2 have become a great team over these 5 years. It’s really been fun to watch.
We had a 2 year engagement… That seems so long compared to you, ha ha. We were both finishing college then, so very different stage of life. We’ll be celebrating 27 years in August.
Ok, the look on Beck’s face in Target is the best! Almost like, “wow, this place is so cool!”. And it really is Beck!
Have another fabulous time in St. George! ?


Happy Anniversary! So happy for all of you! I have followed your journey for YEARS AND YEARS. My heart is happy when I see the beautiful lives you two have built together with your blended families.


Thank you so much, Donna. That really means a lot to me. I hope you are having the best day and I really appreciate your love and I’m sending it right back to you!


Don’t have a target near us. I wish we did! Small town is missing lots of stores I wish we had.


Happy anniversary Janae! Time sure flies! Enjoy St. George!!


Happy anniversary you two! I can’t believe it’s been five years. You are great together and I’m so happy for you.

Les and I were talking about being data geeks the other day, which means I never run without my watch and I track my distance in multiple places.

We have 2 Targets in our town and I go a lot. I took advantage of their online grocery shopping last year and I loved that they put everything in my trunk…. just need to have someone put it all away once I get home.

Les and I dated for almost 15 months before we got engaged, then we were engaged for about 6 months. It worked for us, even though I told my mom “he’s the one” after knowing him for less than a week. Thirty years later, he’s still the one for me.


YAY FOR LOVE! Happy anniversary!!!

In the picture of Knox holding Beck in the kitchen–is that one of those Always pans in the background? If it is, I’d love to hear more about it–how often you use it, if you love it, if it’s worth the investment, etc. And if not, nevermind…it’s probably a sign that I spent too much time on social media with the same ads popping up!!!

You asked about Target. There is one right next to our apartment complex. I go in and out of phases–sometimes once a week or so, even just to walk around because on a Saturday or Sunday I am not ready to come home yet, and sometimes to get basic groceries because even though there are grocery stores 1.5 miles away Target is still closer, and sometimes because I just need something silly like toilet paper. It’s the ONLY place I will do curbside pickup (having worked in retail, I have come to have a deep, strong love/hate–with emphasis on the hate–relationship with curbside pickup). Target just gives coupons for using curbside pickup, and sometimes it makes it easier to spend money on the HUGE pack of toilet paper, or on cat food, or whatever a bit easier. ;)

I love the things you and Andrew have learned from each other. As for Tom–though he has INTRODUCED me to a ranch ‘dip sauce’ for pizza crusts, I don’t think I will ever be converted. Now, if there is an option for a garlic butter dipping sauce? Forget it! Unnecessary and fatty for sure, but I am ordering it. Every single dang time!!!

I hope your day is amazing out there! And that you and Andrew get to celebrate at one of your favorite restaurants!!!


Happy 5 year anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been 5 years, but then again Skye is 3 1/2 so it makes sense :)

I forget – how long did you guys live at the 2nd place? Shorter than the time before you got married? :)

We dated for 18 months before getting engaged and were engaged for 364 days. We were in our mid/early 30s so we didn’t want to wait too long. We did wait until we were engaged to move into together – both of us had lived with people previously and had been the person to have to move out when the relationship ended. I owned a townshouse when we met so he didn’t want to have to move out if it didn’t work because he had a pretty good deal on his rent! We didn’t buy a real house until the kids were 6 and 3 (we had a lot of work to do to sell it and we didn’t have the $ to do that until the older one was out of daycare).

I hope you guys can get away together soon.

As for Target, we live 10 minutes from one and it was a huge deciding factor of where we’d buy a house. Our townhouse was in the middle of no where – there was only a grocery store and a pharmacy near by. But to go to Babies R Us (which was a huge place when the kids were infants)/ BJs/ Home Depot/Mall was a 30-40 minute drive so it would end up being an all day ordeal. I also didn’t have any stores on my 45 minute commute home. So I needed at least Target close by. Our 1st Christmas in our house we needed more lights for our tree because with cathedral ceilings we could get a really big tree. I was able to drive, get lights, and be home in 30 minutes – the same amount of time it would take to just drive to Target before. Plus back then Amazon wasn’t as big a thing. Now I will buy anything on Amazon. I bought diapers/pull ups only one time – that was the last package I ever bought and of course the next day my son decided to potty train himself (he was 3 1/2). We were always at BJs so it never occurred to me to buy diapers on Amazon.


Happy Happy Anniversary! I am so glad you guys found each other and that Andrew said yes to Ross’ mountain biking blind date. I hope that at least one of those planned vacations includes Ross and me ;)
Just reading those temps in St George makes me feel like I have the flu! I hope you guys have fun though. Eat extra Viva for me and one of these times, if Pinkbox Donuts is there I need you to try it for me…or better yet, bring me back one. Kthanks.
From first date to marriage was 15 months for us, but we were not dating the entire time. It takes some time to warm up to me and know what you’re getting into. Even with 15 months we still surprised each other with all of our quirks. Ha!


Janae your hair looks so so good.

Oh and happy anniversary:)


Happy Anniversary!!
We dated a long time because we met in college, our actual engagement was 3.5 months though. (The secretaries at work thought I was pregnant. Little did they know Hope would be born over a decade later.)


Yes! Yay for love!!


I hope one of the places you’re planning to come visit is NZ ?
I was 19 when my husband and I got married so probably had a longer courtship than if we’d been older, just under 3 years. Congratulations on 5 years! It seems like just yesterday. How time flies.


Happy Anniversary!

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