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Another day of preschool and breakfast was eaten in the car (as you can tell by Skye’s teeth;) because we were running late.

Yesterday started with this and today we will be doing mile repeats.

IMG 9097

Beck is 4 months old tomorrow—> HOW?

IMG 9104

For the 120 minutes Skye was at school I showered, fed Beck and read on the couch because I had no desire to do anything productive… being busy all of the time is overrated:)

IMG 9151

She gave me the biggest squeeze ever when she came outside.

IMG 9155

We picked up groceries for our meals over the next week—> We are having sloppy joes, steak tacos w/pico, bow tie chicken salad and Panda Express copycat chow mien (I like to see what other people are planning so that’s why I’m sharing ours:).

IMG 9157

Warm enough for the park.

IMG 9163

Sloppy Joes and sweet potato fries (from Costco) for dinner.

IMG 9173

Andrew is very excited about Beck’s first baseball season.

IMG 9175

Two left handed people do not make a left handed child and yep, we are still celebrating Halloween over here.

IMG 9065

Excited to try out some new shorts from Brooks for speed today… I have a feeling I am going to love them.

IMG 9174

Loved watching this video from Molly Seidel’s win this last weekend—> Just watching the moisture in the air during the video made me sweat… humidity kills me.

Came across this picture yesterday of Emilee and me and one of my first thoughts was, nobody has masks on and then I remembered this picture was from just a few months before the pandemic… excited to do this again.

CIM lukewebstr 23400234


Give me your sentence of the day!

Marathoners reading… which one is your favorite course?

-I REALLY have my eye on Chicago in the future.

Left or right handed?

What piece of workout clothing do you have the most of?  Sports bras, tanks, shorts, leggings, other?

-Tanks for me!

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The other day my husband was telling my kids that I really wanted them to be left handed (like me, my dad, and my husbands grandpa) but he has selective memory. My daughter had torticolis which had her left hand more dominant and I was afraid she’d become left handed because of that not because she was supposed to be- she was in PT from 4 months to 14 months and is right handed. My son showed signs of being left handed when he was pinch grabbing his Cheerios and I was excited, but alas, not left handed :(

The excitement of our day is waiting for our Peloton to arrive. We weren’t going to cave in (my husband is perfectly happy on our $300 Schwinn) but my daughter decided not to go back to overnight camp this year and because it had been paid for (after being canceled last year) they could only return the $ to our credit card and we had nothing we were planning on buying for $3000 and we weren’t going to booking a vacation anytime soon, so we decided to get a “free” bike.


Hey Jessey! Wow, that is really interesting about your daughter! I’m glad she was able to go to PT! Brooke had torticolis too! Okay, I am so excited about your free bike;). You are going to have to let me know what you think of it… everyone I know loves their peloton! ENJOY.


My husband and I are both right handed, but both of our twin boys are lefties. Apparently twins are more likely than the rest of the population to be left handed for some reason? Anyway, it keeps things interesting around here—especially learning to write! :)


No way?! I had no idea about that. And TWINS, you guys must be busy. I hope you all have a beautiful Wednesday. Thanks Lauren!


It’s so cute how much Skye loves preschool! Is Brooke going to school in person? Our schools here have been in person since late January and my son is loving it so much (he is in preschool 3 hours a day).

I haven’t ran that many different marathons but I love the Colorado Marathon course (you should come do it ;) I also love the Breck Crest marathon but that is NOT a PR/BQ course as it is trail and runs up over the top of a 12,500 ft mountain. The views make the elevation and lack of oxygen worth it.

I own the most leggings….so many black ones!

I am right handed but my mom and brother are leftys so I am keeping an eye on the kids so far they seem like they favor their right hands.

I hope your speed work went well!


Hey Beth! Yes, she is and she is very happy about that. I am so glad your schools are in person now too. Our schools are still early out each day but I think that should be changing soon. I would LOVE to come do the Colorado Marathon. And the Breck Crest Marathon… that sounds incredible (and so hard ha).
You can never have enough black leggings! Thank you friend and I hope your day is a beautiful one.


Love the shorts! Are they true to size? Thank you!


Hey Maryellen! YES YES YES… true to size. I wear a size small in most shorts and the same in these ones. Hope your day is a great one!


I am a leftie, but both of parents are right handed and there are no other lefties in the family! My husband is also left handed. His dad is a leftie. We don’t have any children. Such an interesting genetic characteristic!


That is SO interesting… it’s so nice that you are both left handed, it makes eating next to each other easier ha (that’s what Andrew and I have found:). I hope your day is off to a great start Kaelin!


Those Brooks shorts are so cute! Love the color. Can you do a review after?? Especially if they stay put well- I love the senita shorts because they don’t move. Those are the only shorts I use now haha.

I want to run NYC so badly, the course through all the boroughs is amazing. My dad has run a few times and I meet him at different points on the course, to cheer and bring supplies!


I feel like I will be talking about these shorts ALL day long because I’m so in love after wearing them this morning… I’ll write a review up for tomorrow. You are going to love them. I love that your dad has done NYCM a few times… I bet cheering for him was so fun. Let’s all meet up there one year to run it. Hope your Wednesday is a great one, Mariah!


I’ve only run Philadelphia (twice), and there’s something special about passing all the historical landmarks and finishing in front of the art museum. But I’m starting a list of other courses I’d like to run someday.

I definitely have more race shirts than anything else. So many shirts…


I have heard amazing things about the Philadelphia Marathon, I’d love to come run that one. I’ve been there one time and it was amazing to see all of those landmarks and I would love to run by them. Keep me updated with the ones you would love to run someday:). Happy Wednesday Cynthia!


I absolutely loved the course for Grandma’s Marathon. Hard to beat a rolling course along Lake Superior. I live in Illinois and have run Chicago. The course is pretty flat and the crowd support is amazing.

My child seems to be leaning towards being right handed. My husband keeps encouraging him to use his left hand. MLB pitchers can break into the big leagues easier if they are a lefty and he is holding out hope. Haha.


Grandma’s is another marathon that is definitely on my list! Just reading your description got me excited… let’s all meet there one year to run it. Bahaha well now I know why Andrew keeps handing beck things to his left hand:). Have a great day Michele!


I had to lol at this. My now 26 year old son actually threw, caught and hit left handed when he was 3 and I coached him in biddy ball. But alas, he reverted back to a righty the next year and on… I think i still have the tiny left handed mitt somewhere in my bags of baseball gear I kept.

P.S. – Where is Beck’s Angels hat? I’m sure I have an extra Royals or Mariners hat laying around if Andrew needs it :)


Aaawww, those preschool days are so fun! And so nice for you to have a little bit of time with just Beck. I can’t believe he’s 4mos. old!?! He is such a cutie, and getting to that super fun stage.
Ok, Molly is amazing! And OMG that humidity!! Running in humidity is so hard. She is going to be so fun to watch over the next several years.
I think I have more tank tops than anything else, but I do have quite a few shorts too. I was just thinking I need to clean out my running/workout clothes drawer. There are things that I have not worn in years! And that would then give me a good reason to pick up some new items ?
I hope your speed work went well. Sports have started happening again out here for high school and community college, so I’m hoping the college track by me opens soon! It has been forever since I’ve done speed. I was thinking just yesterday, as I was running by the track, 400 repeats sound super fun! Ha ha
Have a great day Janae!


Time really is going by way too fast. Right?! How did she go from training in Flagstaff to then running an incredible PR half marathon in so much humidity?! I think a few new running items is ALWAYS a good idea. I really hope you get to start using that track again, that’s exciting about sports happening again wahoo. Thank you Wendy, you too!


Sentence of the day: “It’s Hump Day – I got this.”
I have only run one marathon so far – it was super hilly in the Adirondack Mountains (NY). Perhaps not the best choice for a first marathon, but it was beautiful and memorable :o) I would like to do one in a big city. NYC and Boston are obvious picks, but Chicago or Philly would be great – love both of those cities.
Very right handed, though from time to time I push myself to use my left just to keep things interesting. Who would have thought it could be that challenging to brush your teeth?!
The piece of clothing I have the most of is, by far, race shirts – they become my workout wear.
Have a wonderful Wednesday, Janae!


Happy Hump Day Janine! WOW, your marathon that you did sounds like it was really hard… you are strong. I hope you get to do one in a big city soon, you will love NYC and Boston! Okay, I loved reading that you switch things up to keep things interesting, that is awesome… I’m going to try that. I love a good race shirt, it’s fun to wear them and have all of the race memories:). Thanks friend, you too!


CIM was my last in person race as well! I miss racing ☹
I LOOOOVED Chicago, and not just the course, but the city as well! I can’t wait to go back and run it again. It’ so hard for me to have a favorite course, but that was definitely top 3.

I’m right-handed, and out of 6 kids, my parents only created one lefty (my brother) and my parents are both right-handed.

I definitely have the most running hats. Lol. And I constantly have a sock shortage even though I keep buying more ??‍♀️

That photo of Beck ? Omg the vans and the hair! Sooo cute!!!

Have a great day, Janae!


I miss racing so much too. GOOD to hear about Chicago, let’s all go do it in 2022?! I can’t wait. You come from such a big family, how fun! You can never have enough hats and I feel your pain on the sock shortage… where do they all go? Thanks friend, I hope your Wednesday is a beautiful one!


Hi Janae! Right now my running wardrobe is limited by sports bras! I only have four so I need to do laundry basically every four days. I keep meaning to buy more but then every time I go to buy them I get upset all over again that the Juno isn’t sold in my size anymore. I have the new Dare but it’s just okay and I feel like my koala clip doesn’t stay on that one as well.
Anyways good luck on your speed tomorrow and I am off for an easy run in the bank! Happy Wednesday!


Hey Amy! I am SO so bummed about the Juno not being sold in every size anymore… such a bummer. If it makes you feel better I was my one bra that fits every day haha but I have to do laundry daily so it isn’t that bad:). Thank you so much! Hope your day is off to a great start!


I totally am making those sloppy joes. Have not had them in forever!!
CHICAGO! Yes……we will come cheer.


Let the planning of this trip begin… I CAN’T WAIT!!


Beck is growing so quick – I need to checkout your blog more often! Your talk of speedwork makes me want to do it too – on my own, I have a hard time getting motivated for speed, even though it can be so fun, when there’s snow /slush/ice/mess outside.

Sentence of the day: today is longer(than usual) run Wednesday(7-8 for me)!
Marathon – Grandma’s, no question!!
I’m right-handed, hubby is a leftie, kids seem to be righties.
Workout gear: probably sports bras – but I like lots of sports bras because that is the done thing I don’t like to re-wear – the others I’ll totally make exceptions. :) Also when I was pregnant I doubled-up on them.


HEY KATIE!! I hope you are able to get in a speed workout again soon with some clear roads:). I want to do run Grandma’s some day so badly. Way to go on your Wednesday run! OH YES to the double up during pregnancy, I did that every day with Skye’s pregnancy. I hope your day is off to a great start!


My sentence of the day is — I’m SOO thankful for sunshine-filled weather in the 60’s over the next few days here in Arkansas! YAY!

I’m right-handed but my mom is left!

I have the most leggings but not near enough tank tops! I hope to add to my collection as the temperatures warm up! :)

I can’t wait for the day when races look like that!! Hopefully soon!!

Have an amazing day, Janae!!


How great that Skye can go to preschool even if it’s just a few hours. It makes her feel like a big kid, and is probably a great way to get used to a classroom environment and rules, etc but it seems perfect that it’s just a short time as she’s clearly excited to be back with you after. I’m sure you could use a few more minutes of peace, hah, but you’ll be there soon. I’m a righty and I think I have the most leggings, I might have a small problem ;)


Wait a min, 2 left handed people dont automatically make a left handed kid???!!!! I totally assumed our son would be left handed…….


Mine turned 4 months yesterday. Seems crazy. 15 1/2 pounds already! I still can’t believe you are up to 50 miles per week already. I was thrilled with 30 last week. Your workouts motivate me to not slack.

Our oldest daughters are both lefties. We will see about the baby.

Favorite marathon courses- Berlin and NYC. I would invite you to come and run Houston, but you said you hate humidity!


My brother and I are lefties and my husband is as well so we said we would keep having kids till one was a leftie – thankfully our third was :) You never know!

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