Smooth Like Butter + Can’t Wait to Tell You

Yesterday felt SO smooth and controlled.  It was one of those running days that makes the 40 hard/bad/not easy days leading up to it worth it;).

I’m going to go ahead and attribute some of the success of the day to starting things off with a Double Chocolate Muffin (picture taken after I started eating it).  I thought that I might regret the decision to have cake (technically a muffin but they taste like cake) before a speed workout but it actually was perfect (along with a banana too).  PS the other day Cynthia said she was going to try this recipe with peanut butter chips instead and I feel like I might need to do the same today.  These muffins are too good.

IMG 9178

We started out with a 2 mile warmup and the most beautiful sky (<— I typed Skye a few times before getting it right ha).  It was 30 degrees with absolutely zero wind which helped with why the run felt so great.  I also heard birds chirping and just loved the fact that it was light outside even though it was still pretty early.

IMG 9180

The workout was 4 x 1 MTC mile.  These MTC miles are mostly downhill with part of them flat too but they really help you to get a faster leg turnover.  We will start doing less downhill things soon but these fast miles really train your legs to turn quickly and build your confidence to then run faster times when on the flat.  The recovery is about .7 miles (which makes a big loop between the mile repeat and recovery) back up to the top which makes it feel like you never get a recovery.   The uphill felt almost harder to me than the mile repeats yesterday and when it felt really hard I would say to myself—> I GET to do this which switches my brain to gratitude instead of thinking about how tired I am.

After the 4 MTC miles we then did 200m strides (fast but not a sprint) in the parking lot.  My 200m strides were done at a slower pace than the miles—> my legs were DONE.

IMG 9188

10.67 miles for the day and I might just call yesterday my long run for the week again:).

IMG 9213

I was going to wait to talk about these shorts until my Friday Favorites post but I couldn’t wait another 24 hours to talk about them.  THESE babies are my new favorite running shorts ever and they will accompany me for every race and workout in temperatures 28 degrees and above.

They feel like they are painted on my body.  They are so incredibly comfortable and did not budge at all during the entire workout.  The material is nicer than my other pairs that look like this (they are a bit more expensive than the others too but you really can tell the difference in the fabric).  The high waistband is so comfortable and you can fit your phone in the back pocket along with the side pockets to hold all of your gels or whatever else you need.  The 5 inch length is perfection.  They come in pink and black too and now those two colors will be in my dresser in 5-7 business days and I cannot wait.   PS they fit true to size!

IMG 9219

Skye was very thrilled with the fact that she now has some scissors that are safe for her to use.  I love this little set for them to use when they are about this age:)

IMG 9223

And Beck just woke up with all of the smiles.  In January and February Andrew was actually doing 4 shifts a week (if you signed on to do that you got an extra bonus) so this 3 shifts a week thing feels much better this month already and he gets to see Beck’s smiles in the mornings again more often.

IMG 9232

The weather was amazing yesterday which meant we were outside most of the day.

IMG 9246

IMG 9248

Steak tacos happened for dinner and I’m already looking forward to eating these leftovers for lunch today.  Each night for dinner we try to make enough for us to have for our lunches the next day too.

IMG 9250

Random topic today but do you have a favorite lotion or moisturizer?  

-Utah is SOOO dry so I love to try different products.  This stuff is my current favorite.

IMG 9233

What are you having for dinner tonight or what did you have for dinner last night?

Did you run track or cross country in high school?  Did you have any desire to run in high school?

Something that you ate before a run that DIDN’T agree with your stomach on the run?

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Great job on your speed work! You should be patting yourself on your back big time for having a newborn but getting out there and killing it with those miles. All your hard work will pay off!!

I’m so enjoying my running group… I’m not sure how I ever did speed without them?? The other day I was thinking about something you said a while ago– I’m getting to know the backs of a lot of their heads very well :) They sure are fast!!


Thank you so much Clare, running with the group is definitely what is motivating me to do it! I GET YOU… those groups just help us so much and being an expert on the back of their heads is fun too haha. Have a beautiful day Clare, I love hearing from you!


I LOVE Origins Grapefruit body lotion. It smells so good you could practically eat it! It is pricier, so it usually goes on my birthday or Christmas list, but is so worth it! The smell just makes me so happy.

I hated running in high school! I was on the swim team and my least favorite days were when they’d make us run during our dry land workout. I never, ever thought I’d be a runner–how times change!

I was so thrilled with my run yesterday that I have to share–after injury and illness, running has felt really hard and I have been SO slow with no stamina. Yesterday I didn’t even check my watch for a while because I was so sure I was running a slow pace–when I finally checked it, I’d gone half a mile further than I’d meant to, and my times were the best they’ve been since I started running again! Yesterday must’ve just been a good day for runners!


I will have to try out Origins Grapefruit, that stuff sounds amazing. Do you still swim at all? I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU. You have been so patient and smart throughout this time and it’s paying off. Coming back is NOT easy but you are putting in the work and I am so happy you told me this… faster and further! GO KRISTIN GO!


Beautiful sunrise!! Thanks for sharing.

Might need to buy some of those shorts! Again, love the senita ones but these look like a really nice material.

I ran cross country and track in high school. I remember I didn’t want to in middle school because I was more into soccer. But soccer is a lot of running! So doing both was helpful.


Hey Mariah! Let me know what you think of them! Yes, the Senita ones are incredible… these just take it one step ahead! Soccer is so much funning and I love that you did both… I’m hoping Brooke will do the same:). Happy Thursday friend!


Wahoo for a great speed workout!! Awesome job! I love when runs feel controlled and just flow. Yesterday was a little like that for me too.
I did not run in high school, and you couldn’t pay me to run, ha. I discovered running later, after having the boys, and now kind of wish I had discovered it sooner. Hopefully that means I will be able to run well into my 70’s and 80’s!??!
We had one of our favorite go-to quick dinners last night… Sheet pan nachos with leftover taco meat and all the toppings. So good and so easy.
It’s nice to see Knox home with you guys. And I think Beck is looking more like Andrew these days. Oh how I loved those morning baby smiles! I always felt like that was a sign they slept really well.
Ok, I’m off for an early easy run. Have a great day!


Thank you so much Wendy and it’s so good to hear that your run yesterday was awesome too! YES YES YES you will be running into your 90’s:). Adding sheet pan nachos to the rotation, our kids will be so happy! I hope your easy run was a great one and that you enjoy the rest of your Thursday. Thanks friend!


I didn’t like running in highschool, we had to do a Cooper test around the block of our school, but we never trained for it, or get any tips on running, so it just felt really hard. We’re having meatloaf, mashed potatoes and string beans tonight. I’m looking forward to it. Yeah on Andrew having only three shifts, that must make a big difference in your week. I love all Beck’s smiles. Have a great Thursday!


Forgot to add. I had minestrone soup before an evening race that didn’t go very well. Since then I stick with a sandwich even if the race starts at 7 pm.


Evening races… I have no idea what I would eat before those! Good call on the sandwiches now. The cooper test is so hard especially without any training or tips! That dinner sounds amazing, enjoy and wish we could come join you! Thanks Evaloah!


I made this delicious baked honey garlic chicken last night… add steamed/roasted broccoli and (at least) double the sauce! It’s a favorite in our household!!

Hope you have an amazing day!


Adding this to our meals for next week… that looks amazing and my family will love it. I love that website! Thanks for sharing and we will double the sauce! Thanks friend, you too!


Dinner = chicken noodle soup. I’m all about soups lately.

High school track = Middle distances 400 M and 800 M and the long jump. I still do better in the middle miles of races.

Pre-race disagreeable “meal” = not a meal but instead of giving me one of her big super mg ibuprofen pills, she gave me a muscle relaxer. It was a marathon. I actually finished. Somehow. Almost last. ?


Chicken noddle soup is such a classic… that sounds really good! Enjoy! The 400 and 800 M sound SO hard to me. I cannot even imagine having a muscle relaxer during a marathon, how did you finish?! Have a beautiful day and enjoy that soup tonight.


LOVE the Trader Joe’s Hyaluronic Gel Cream moisturizer as my base, then I apply one of the body butters on top. Currently using the cucumber avocado oil one, but I want to hurry up and finish it so I can open up the pumpkin one from their holiday release! Trader Joe’s has some great seasonal stuff!
PS- Also LOVE the ginger lotion from the Body Shop!


I am going to pick up their gel cream moisturizer next time I am there, thank you so much! And the ginger lotion sounds amazing too, thanks for sharing. Have a beautiful Thursday friend.


Hi Janae! Way to smash that speed workout! Just curious how often do you do speed when you are base building? I have read that some people do it once a week and some people every other week. I think it probably depends on how many miles you run a week if you’re following the 80/20 rule or something like that.
When my skin gets really dry I actually use two moisturizers! I put a normal moisturizer down and then a thicker one like Cerave over it to kind of trap the moisture.
Happy Thursday!


Thank you so much Amy! That is a great question… I’m kind of all over the place right now ha but I usually stick to one time a week as I’m base building. I think it just depends on how you feel and how much your mileage is jumping. and you are so right about the 80/20 rule. Two moisturizers, that is brilliant. I will try that. Enjoy the rest of your day.


That workout seems amazing and also super hard, so much fun with a team!

I love the shorts, I think I will have to grab some. I have some like those from Old Navy that I like a lot but for longer runs I bet the nicer fabric will be better. I am training for a 50 this summer so I need something that will hold up!

Skye is so dang cute (shorts in march, amazing!) Beck’s smile is the best. I don’t know how you guys do it all with Andrew working so much, you working, 4 kiddos and everything else. You are an amazing team!

We are having home made pizza tonight. We have to have super fast dinner on Tuesdays/Thursdays because I teach those evenings and I still want to have family dinner together. That is really important to me.

I hope you have a wonderful day and get more amazing smiles!


P.S. Where did you get Skye’s tie dye outfit? It’s so cute?!?


HEY BETH!! We got it at Cotton On Kids.. they have my favorite stuff. Let me know what you think of the shorts, they are amazing. SO SO excited about your 50 this summer, please keep me in on all of the details. What plan are you using? Homemade pizza sounds so good right now. I hope teaching goes well tonight and I’m with you, family dinner is so important if you can! Thank you so much friend, you too.


I am going to try those muffins with peanut butter chips as soon as Easter comes (I gave up sweets for Lent). In winter, my legs get really dry so I like to apply coconut oil first and then regular lotion on top, like when you get a really good pedicure. I just use the huge jar of coconut oil from Costco and whip a cup or two in my KitchenAid so it’s easier to apply (I forget where I read that tip but it really works to keep the oil soft). Then I store it in an airtight container.


I hope you love the muffins so much Cynthia and I bet they will taste even better after not having sweets for so long. Good call on coconut oil first… I’m going to try that! Thanks for sharing Cynthia (and for the pb chips tip) and I hope your day is a great one.


We had fish tacos for dinner last night – so easy and so good! I also made avocado fries in my air fryer, they cook in the same amount of time that my fish cooks – 6-7 minutes.

I did not run in high school. Actually, I didn’t start running until my 30s!

I rarely eat any solid food before a run! My stomach just can’t. Even for my marathons, I only had gels.


I need fish tacos in my life. That sounds so good and I really need an air fryer too… avocado chips sounds so good. I am so happy you started running in your 30s… you and Les are so active and I love it! Have a beautiful Thursday.


Hey Janae, what are MTC Miles? My friend and I both tried googling it and it pulls up your blog and the Provo Cross Country team – ha! Is it a Utah thing or a cross country thing? I didn’t run in high school. I was a swimmer until after I stopped college swimming and found running as my new love. Maybe that’s why I don’t know what MTC Miles are :)


I AM SO SORRY, I didn’t explain this well enough. So it is just in our area… it refers to a group of buildings that are called the MTC. The provo cross country team does them too! If you are ever in Utah, let me know and I’ll run it with you:). Have the best day and teach me how to swim:). Glad you love running!


Last night we had this recipe
My kids love it so much we just call it peppers happy.


Trying a new tilapia recipe tonight.

I LOVED track in high school, but was a sprinter and long jumper. I started running distance in college because it was affordable exercise. I was in a fitness class and my instructor told us if anyone in the class did the school turkey trot 5K and placed we’d get an automatic A in the class. I ended up placing 2nd in my age group!! Haha, don’t remember the time now, but wish I did! That was the start of my love for longer distance running.


Juara Candelnut Body Cream. I’m obsessed with this lotion right now. I live in Florida, so don’t really get dry skin (hello year round humidity). But putting this lotion on makes me happy.


LOVEEEEE that body butter!! it’s so so good and smells delicious. also, I always wonder what MTC stands for… it is actually the missionary training center or some sort of running acronym I don’t know?


I need to explain this better… I am SO sorry! MTC is a place where we do this specific workout and yes, it is the missionary training center ha. We are basically running around it:). Have the best day!

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