Vegas + Friday Favorites!!

8 miles @ 8:43 average pace to start off my Thursday. My legs were TOAST after my 1000m repeats the day before, I woke up so so sore.

My favorite picture of these two together.  PS I’m pretty sure Beck thinks his name is Buddy because that is what we all call him all day.

IMG 0630

Andrew’s niece is getting married this weekend so we jumped in the car after school to head down.

IMG 0672 2

We stopped in St. George for the girls to get their wiggles out and to feed Beck.

IMG 0665

The drive was so pretty.

IMG 0674

We got to Andrew’s sister’s house and the girls are in heaven.

IMG 0682

They might not want to leave.

IMG 0677

I hope your weekend is a wonderful one!

IMG 0684


I have a few favorite things to share this week!

*I’ve had a few people ask me about my current phone case!  Andrew gave me this one and I love it.  It comes in a bunch of different colors/patterns/styles too and only $13!

IMG 0549

*This song.  I keep putting it on repeat because I love it so much.

IMG 0396

*Last week when I was going on about how much I love my Window Cleaner E-Cloth a few of you told me to try the E-Cloth for Stainless Steal.  Once again, you guys were 100% right.  This thing is amazing and makes our appliances look so pretty and all I have to do is add a little water to the cloth.  It’s magic.

IMG 5002

*I am just so incredibly ready for for all of the spring/summer clothes and to rotate through my favorite $18 t-shirt dresses (I have three colors and I need three more;).  These dresses are so soft, they wash really well and they make getting dressed so easy.

IMG 8447

And the unfavorite thing of the week….

I’ve really been into Reese’s lately (the Reese’s Thins are the best treat ever) so when I saw the mallow-top variety I had to try it.  My verdict—> no.  I’ll just stick to the classic combo but it wasn’t bad enough that I didn’t eat both of them ha but the normal ones are just so much better.

IMG 0391


Tell me about any of your unfavorite or favorite things this week!

What are your weekend plans?

Tell me a candy/treat that you think is terrible that other people seem to enjoy?

Married people> Where did you get married?

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This is opposite to your question but a candy that I love that everyone else seems to hate: Dots!! (so chewy and delicious … Especially the sour ones and the tropical ones … SO good)
UNfavorite of the week: Powdered peanut butter. I decided to finally give it a whirl and it was absolutely terrible. Will never touch it again.

Ps – I ran a half marathon last Sunday and finished as the first female runner!! Channeled my inner Janae (especially when climbing all the hills!!) :)

Have a great weekend!! Enjoy the wedding!!


I love Dots too!! And they are so good when added to warm, salty popcorn at the movies :)


I MUST TRY THAT COMBO ASAP. Thanks Erika and I hope you have a great day!


ARTHI… congrats on that first female finish, YOU ARE INCREDIBLE. I hope you are still on cloud 9! I’ve always wondered about that powdered pb but good to know I should just stick to the original:) I am on your same page… Dots are THE best but I haven’t tried the sour ones yet?! Have a great weekend!


So crazy story..I was listening to Justin Bieber’s album for the first time and right before I read your sentence about”as I am” it turned on on my phone! What a coincidence!
My family and I are headed to st George today! My husband is doing the Las Vegas Spartan – so we’re just hangin out for the weekend, but I’m so excited to get some warmer weather. I love salt licorice but most people don’t. I can only handle one at a time though haha. My hubby and I got married in the salt lake temple :).


Okay, that is so funny! It is such a good song! AHHH my favorite place in the world, enjoy every second and good luck to your husband! Let me know how it goes! I love that temple so much and I hope you get some of that licorice asap!


Have fun at the family wedding. I am always so amazed by the views you get out West on your runs and when you drive places. Those mountains! It is so beautiful (and quite different than what we see on the East Coast).
Favorite things this weekend: 1) we are renting a new Disney Plus movie tonight (Mighty Ducks Game Changer) so that means popcorn and snuggles on the sofa. I feel so old because I remember seeing the original one- In theater!! Ha. 2) on Saturday night we have a family friendly trivia night planned on Zoom! 3) Thank you for your purse recommendation. I ended up getting a Longchamp LePliage backpack on curb side pick up from Nordstroms for my new purse and a felt insert to organize all my stuff. I don’t usually get designer brand stuff so this was a very luxurious splurge for me. My husband even gifted me an extra little pouchette and little wallet to match. I love that the purse zips up, is lightweight, and that I can carry it on my back.

We got married in our backyard! Like you guys, we married very quickly after we met (engaged after 2 weeks! And married 7 months later). Our home is on Lake Cochituate and we had just 23 people at our wedding (our immediate family and one best man/matron of honor each) so it was very intimate and special to us. We took pictures on our dock. I love the memories we created here- I can’t ever imagine moving (though maybe when we are old and grey we will tire of Boston winters and be ready to move;).


Favorite things . . . spring weather and getting a couple runs in even when I was exhausted! And the York peppermint patties someone gave me. :-)

Hmm, not a candy, but I don’t like soda! It feels like drinking syrup to me!

Super excited to see some family this weekend and relax! Have a great weekend!


We call my oldest son Buddy as well. Which only became a problem when neighbors moved in for a couple of years with a dog named Buddy. Ha ha! It was a little confusing for my toddler son at the time.


I really, really do not like bananas! And I’m not a big fan of potato chips, either.

I got married in Sonoma, CA at a winery. It rained the whole weekend and was freezing during the wedding, but it was about 95 the following weekend. We did some extra wedding pics the second weekend, so it was a completely different experience in the heat. If you look closely, you can see that my makeup and hair are completely different in the second set of photos and I am carrying a different bouquet.


I bought my mom that same phone case – she loves it! The new phones are quite slippery without a case and that one is perfect.

I love the Reese’s thins. Perfect ratio!
I tried Swedish Fish jellybeans the other – they were not good. I haven’t found the Starburst ones around here… yet.


Favorite thing this week was closing on our new house!! It’s our first house, so extra exciting. Needless to say our weekend plans will be unpacking, church, more unpacking :)

Worst candy ever is those orange peanut-shaped chewy styrofoam-y textured things. I just can’t!

We got married at a senior citizen community in NorCal haha – it was a year ago this month, actually! It sounds weird but the community had a lodge with a restaurant etc…and it included a beautiful ballroom where they hosted events, and we were able to rent the place for an amazing deal!! Turned out ours was the last event they hosted before CA went into lockdown and they had to cancel all the weddings scheduled after ours. I felt so horrible for all those brides who weren’t able to have their wedding as planned. So thankful that we were able to get married when and where we did!


Married in Hawaii!


Hi! Love your t-shirt dress – what shoes are you wearing in that pic? I have the hardest time finding casual shoes with a t-shirt dress! I hope you have a blast on your mini-trip!


Peppermint Patties and Junior Mints – I don’t get it, they are gross.

My husband and I got married in Charlottesville at the chapel at UVA


We used to call our oldest Bubba. When our youngest was little, I think he thought Bubba was his brother’s name and we had to teach him to say Jake… A few months after he had been consistently calling his brother Jake, Jake asked if he could call him Bubba again… Aaawww
I love that part of the drive from St. George to Vegas. It is so pretty. But for us, it always seems incredibly windy when we’re driving through. Ha ha
It’s supposed to be in the 80’s this weekend, so I plan on spending some time at the pool!
Have a fun weekend away, and enjoy the warmer weather.


That Knox + Beck pic is the cutest!
I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be a fan of the mallow top, but I wonder if you melt it a little bit between graham crackers if it would turn into something good???
I grabbed Riesen chocolate caramels on a road trip this week, and it was a very good choice. Yum! But gummy candies have never won my heart.
My husband and I got married in our hometown, though we toyed with the idea of a beach wedding.
My daughter just got engaged, and we have no idea how or when we can plan her wedding because her fiance left for Marine boot camp a few weeks after the proposal, and now everything will be based on schedules that they will set–quarantine, then boot camp, then training, then where he will be stationed. They may do a quickly planned ceremony between training and his first station so she can go with him, but it’s all up in the air for several more weeks/months.
Hope you all enjoy the family time this weekend!


The photo of Knox and Beck is a heartbreaker ❣️


Unfavorite for the week: having hot flashes every night and not being able to sleep.
Weekend plans: Going for a walk/hike in the woods.
Terrible candy: anything with caramel (Snickers, Twix, etc.)
Married: at my childhood church were we still attend


Hahaha “wasn’t bad enough that I didn’t eat both”, cracked me up. I do that too lol!

Safe drive and have fun at the wedding!!

Had date 3 last night ? planning to see him again soon, hopefully this weekend.


Favorite thing was my 10 mile run this morning! I’m doing the virtual Hapalua Half Marathon next month so I’m upping my miles. I felt so strong today!

We’re going to a wedding this weekend, too! The bride is a friend’s daughter who use to sit with us in church all the time when she was 3-4. She was hilarious. I was her mom’s counselor at camp when she was 15, which seems so crazy!

We got married in Fresno – 30 years this May!


Oh how I miss going to weddings! I’ve reached the age where most of my friends (and younger siblings) are all married now, so it’s been quite some time since I’ve been to one! Enjoy!

My husband and I got married at the church we attended during college along the Susquehanna River in Harrisburg, PA. We picked that spot despite having already moved to our current location in MD because it was a equidistant for all our family and friends. We have about 100 guests, and I really loved having it that size – not too big, but not super small either. It was everyone we loved and cared about. Crazy that was 10 1/2 years ago now!

I didn’t really have an unfavorite this week, but a favorite was definitely my son’s leftover 4th birthday cake made by my mother-in-law. It was a gluten free fudgy chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and oreo crumbs and homemade white chocolate dinosaurs on top. I’m not a huge chocolate cake fan, but this was like a brownie, and I was very much into it!

I think a candy that I like that most people (in my life) dislike are York peppermint patties. I think my mother-in-law and I are the only ones who enjoy them in our family haha! I know they aren’t necessarily a hated candy, but I feel people are either loves of chocolate mint or hate it haha!

Weekend plans are to see some friends who we haven’t seen in months because of the pandemic! We are vaccinated now, so we are finally feeling more confident with spending time around more than just our family. :)


Happy Weekend! My favorite thing this week was it being warm & dry enough to be outside practicing my golf swing. This is my boyfriend’s birthday week/weekend, so lots of his favorite foods & activities :o)
I don’t like gummy anything as far as candy goes! The only exception are sour patch kids, but I just suck the sour part off and get rid of the rest :o) Have a wonderful weekend!!


Love the dresses! Just curious are you able to breastfeed in them?


Favorite thing this week, my husband and I took the day off yesterday and went up to Winter Park to try to “ski” with our daughter! They have a free lift that’s for beginners and she basically just kept her feet on the ground while my husband lifted her up haha she’ll be 3 at the end of May, so it’s obviously still very early for her, but she had so much fun and LOVED the chair lift! It was a rough start though, for some reason she woke up at 3am and we all had trouble going back to sleep so we debated trying another time. It ended up being a fun day and we are looking to go up again before the season ends!

I’m not a fan of any cheddar type chips and really bbq either, but I’ll eat them if they are the only options.

This weekend is supposed to be nice so not sure what our plans are, but we’ll be outside!


Hey Janae – my family is staying in Orem tonight on the drive back to Boise. Any recs for vegetarian-friendly dinner? And a 8-10 mile trail run route?
Thanks and have fun in Vegas! We just finished the big 5 National Parks!


I ordered one of the cloths after you mentioned it, and it works so well!! I had never heard of it. I’ll have to try this one too.


Unfavourite thing: I’ve had the flu this week (negative covid swab) and it just won’t go. I’ve been on the couch all week. It’s sucked. Favourite thing, the office. It’s made the couch bareable.

I do not like gummy bears. Not even a bit. And people seem to love those.

Got married in the church my parents and grandparents got married in.

Weekend plans include more of the office and recovery. Here’s to a better week!

Hope your time with family this weekend is amazing. Xx


Thank you for showing us the beauty of Utah. I always enjoy your scenery pictures.
I cannot stand twizzlers and it seems like everyone I know loves them. Give me red vines Any day of the year. Yummy.
We got married in my father’s back yard. It was hawaiian themed. (Where we met and eventually moved). My dad even built a big dancing gazebo for the event. It was amazing.

MY infavorite thing this week is watching my sweet dog getting older and struggling to walk. I fel so help
eSs not being able to ask how she is feeling.l


it’s such a pretty drive!! and so good to know about the reeses!!!! i won’t waste my time. i love how you were like.. didn’t stop me from eating them both LOL, I am the same exact way.

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