I didn’t know this was a thing & TANGENTS!

My legs felt like cement for each step of the 8 miles with Emilee but the sunshine and conversation made it so so great.

Just a normal day over at our house.  Leftovers for lunch and kids on the rug.  Skye is loving Beck more these days because he is SO interested with everything she is doing and he laughs at her a lot.

IMG 0521

Skye is just really wishing that she could go to school every day…

IMG 0524

And Brooke is crushing it with her drawing lately.  She is following in my mom’s footsteps!

IMG 0532

We had this baked honey garlic chicken!  It is something we will definitely be making again!

IMG 0536


And now let’s dive into some tangents!

*Jen asked a few days ago if I take a rest day anymore and the answer is YES! I always take Sunday off from running/exercise and I think I take about 300 steps total on Sunday;).

*This post is from a while ago (yes, I was pretty deep into her IG account one night ha) but the quote that Erica Jarvis included hit me hard—> “Your motherhood is strengthened by the things you do outside of motherhood.”  I couldn’t agree more and if you are ever feeling guilty for running, please remember this quote.  All of our relationships are strengthened by running IMO:)

IMG 0393

*THIS website has some really cute ideas for Easter activities/crafts/treats!

*Just sleeping with a sheet and four blankets on top ha (don’t mind the pink on my duvet… I go to sleep with a thick layer of lip gloss on each night and it has stained it;).  So I keep seeing people talk about how they don’t use a top sheet and I had no idea that was a thing… do you??

IMG 0461

*Megan posted this and I think it describes my above four blanket situation… if it was the same temperature outside for a run I would be in shorts and a tank sweating like crazy.

IMG 0508

*Skye and Knox.  These two are SO similar and just love to tease and joke around together.  Skye is also positive that she is Knox’s boss and tells him what she thinks he should do allllll day long.

IMG 0488

*Yogurtland in the hot tub.  It’s a really great idea.

IMG 0495

My froyo resembles what a 5 year old would put in their cup… All of the flavors and all of the toppings combined into one beautiful cup.

IMG 0499


Do you sleep with a top sheet?  How many blankets do you sleep with?

When it comes to ice cream are you a fan of toppings or keeping it simple?

What is something that you do that strengthens the relationships in your life?

Are you good at crafts?  Is it something you enjoy?

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My Mom would disown me knowing this…but we do not sleep with a top sheet. We got this really lovely duvet cover that slips over a nice down duvet from Muji (it is like the Japanese version of a beautiful minimalist IKEA) and we wash it once a week along with our bottom sheet. I get very twisted up in sheets and my husband says a sheet makes him too hot! Just using the linen duvet cover makes it really easy to make our bed in the morning.

Strengthen relationships: My husband and I send each other memes throughout the day and this keeps us laughing. If we keep laughing we are okay. I also send my best girlfriends wellness texts like a simple, “are you still alive and well?” And we send back thumbs up emojis as proof of life. Hah. It has been so hard working full time and homeschooling full time and these little texts with my BFFs keep us feeling connected even if we cant talk on the phone like we used to pre pandemic.


Nadya! You are absolutely amazing with everything you have done over the last year (I cannot believe it’s been a year now). I love that you and your husband send memes back and forth all day and that you and your BFF do those texts. Those simple things really make the biggest differences in our lives!
And the top sheet tangling is REAL!! Andrew totally agrees with it making him too hot. We need to try your method. Have a beautiful day friend!


I didn’t sleep with a top sheet when I met my husband but he insisted on it – but I always end up kicking it down right away and have to fish for it every morning. We just sleep with the sheet and a down comforter. We have 2 different weight comforters – I was just telling him that it is time to switch out the really thick one. I’ll have to sleep with another blanket on top for a few weeks but that is okay.

I am not a fan of toppings – I don’t really like stuff in my ice cream. I am old school with coffee, chocolate or vanilla. I think it comes from all the years as a kid of stirring my ice cream until it became soup.

I tell everyone I am good at buying craft supplies and pinning ideas of what to do, but poor in the execution. I think I have undiagnosed ADHD so I just don’t have the patience to do certain things. But I used to cross stitch a lot and easier things I’ll do. I have so much craft stuff left at the house – I need to use it up sometime and I say I need to do it before I’m old and have arthritis.


That’s a good sign when it is time to bring out the lighter comforter wahoo for warmer temperatures. Andrew is JUST like that too, he goes to Coldstone without getting any toppings. HAHA thank you for bringing that memory back, I did the soup thing too;). Teach me how to cross stitch, I have tried to so many times and want to learn! Have a beautiful day, Jessey!


Top sheet always! I don’t sleep well without one. And I have to have the perfect balance of blankets. Not too many so that I overheat – but enough weight to keep me asleep all night. It has taken a while to get it just right!

I never pass up sprinkles on ice cream. So excited that all the little ice cream places around here are getting ready to reopen for the best season – ice cream season!


I LOVE hearing from other people that are very particular about their sleeping habits! I am the same way. YAY for the ice cream places reopening, that is so exciting! Have a beautiful day Samantha.


Strengthening Relationships: Love them in the way they feel love, not the way you do, and not just the way you like to show it.

Oh gosh, fro yo in the hot tub. Love it! Especially since I actually ate ice cream in the shower last week. I was strengthening my motherhood :)


Okay. Erica, that first line was exactly the reminder I needed today. ICE CREAM IN THE SHOWER… you just opened my eyes to a whole new world. I am in and that is definitely strengthening motherhood! Have the best day!


I do sleep with a top sheet, the duvet cover that someone else mentioned would be a good alternative. I tend to sweat a bit at night so I wouldn’t want that getting on my bedspread.

I love ice cream toppings although at home we don’t always use them. I just love ice cream!!

Over the years I have learned to compliment my husband whenever I can and show appreciation for the things he does for me. This makes him feel loved and has strengthened our relationship. I also try to find things I can do for him that makes life easier and he does the same for me.

I gave up a long time ago on being crafty. I many UFOs, Un Finished Objects. If I am going to do a craft project I have to start and finish it in one setting, otherwise it goes in the UFO pile which I have gone through recently and gotten rid of most of them., hahaha!!


I really hope you have some ice cream tonight:). It’s just the best way to end the day! I LOVE what you do for your husband, he is so lucky to have you! Hahaha UFOs, I’ve never heard that before but I’m going to start using that too because I am right there with you. You aren’t alone! Have a beautiful day, Shirley!


Oh Beck’s wide open mouth smile! ?
What a great bond Knox and Skye are developing with their teasing back and forth. And somehow I think Skye thinks she’s the boss of your whole house. Ha ha. Love her spunky attitude.
We definitely sleep with a top sheet. Probably because of the fact we don’t get super cold temps here, so often one of us will toss the comforter aside and just sleep with the sheet. Plus, putting the duvet back on after washing is such a pain…ha
I’m not huge ice cream fan, but when I do eat it, I just want the ice cream/froyo, no toppings.
I got out for my run yesterday around noon, and whenever I do that, my legs always feel so heavy! I wonder why… Strange.
Off for a good 5 or so miles before we get back to demo. It’s fun, but so messy!
Have a good Tuesday.


HAHAHA you are 10000% correct with that one ha. She really does think she is the boss of all of us (and Beretta)! Andrew is like you with his ice cream usually too! I am the same way, the later I run the heavier my legs feel. I am SO excited about your demo and excited to be able to see it on IG. You too and I hope your 5 miles were great!


People sleep without top sheets? So i view the covers as layers that you peel away if you’re too hot… so comforter, blanket, top sheet… if it’s warm but you still need something light, the comforter and blanket can be pushed away but you’re still covered with something light. I feel like the comforter with duvet would be too heavy sometimes. And confession- I sleep naked so having something covering me to my neck is most comfortable.


I just learned about this too! You keep doing whatever has you sleeping best, I am SO particular about how I sleep so I totally get that! Happy Tuesday Erin!


I’ve always used a top sheet mainly because washing sheets seems so much easier that washing the duvet (or really putting it back on), hah. I’ve stayed in hotels though where it’s just a duvet and it does feel pretty amazing. For years we’ve used 3 down blankets stacked on top of each other in the winter, and they would constantly get tangled up, one would slide down, etc. This year we splurged on a Brooklinen down comforter and it’s crazy to me how lightweight it is, but crazy warm. I was sure we’d need to add blankets on the coldest nights but nope. I was also worried about sleeping without much weight (I loved that burrowed down feeling) but that’s also been no issue. Sometimes it’s good to get outside my comfort zone with more things than running, hah!


Hey Michelle! I have heard AMAZING things about Brooklinen comforters so I might just have to check them out! Thanks for sharing with me about them, they sound perfect and hahah YES that comfort zone can’t be lived in too much of our lives;). Have the best day friend!


Hi Janae! Froyo with all the toppings is good but so is froyo with just one cereal. I think we’ve all learned during the pandemic how important it is to have hobbies. I never used a top sheet before but my husband does! Happy Tuesday!!


YES YES YES to all of the hobbies! I am still just so happy to read ‘husband’ now:). Thanks friend, you too!


A top sheet is a necessity for menopause because that was often all I could handle on me! Now I never know if I’m going to be freezing or burning up, so at least one blanket is on the bed.

I like 1 or 2 toppings on my ice cream, although I tend to go a little crazy at Yogurtland.

Les and I both know that exercise keeps us sane. We are both in better moods when we’ve had some time outside, breathing fresh air and pushing our bodies.

I think the craft gene skipped our generation – my Mom was so crafty and creative, I’m not and neither are my siblings, but one of my nieces is.


HEY KATHY! Oh that must be freezing to go from freezing to hot without knowing what is next! Yogurtland just makes it so easy to add all of the toppings. I get it… it skipped my generation too!


I am so here for this sheet conversation because it is a huge topic in our house. I like the feel of the sheet, but hate sleeping with it because (like many others have said) it tangles and is so annoying! But the husband loves it, so I’ve been trying to sleep with one lately. I haven’t had froyo in forever, but it looks amazing in a hot tub!


It really is so interesting to read about what everyone prefers! The tangling is the worst… a company needs to come up with a way to make it so they don’t:). I hope you are having a great afternoon Tess!


Hello! I’m British and top sheets just arent a thing in Europe. We wash our duvets covers once a week and that’s fine. I had to Google what a topsheet was!


Really! I love hearing what everyone does! How are things going as far as the pandemic goes where you live? I hope you are having a beautiful day!!!


We’re just coming out of the third wave. Schools opened two weeks ago. I’m a Teacher with two children of my own and it feels good to be back in the classroom for all of us. We’re still in a strict national lockdown but my county has really low numbers. We’re quite rural so harder for it to spread I guess. From next Monday we can meet people outside so I will travel to see my parents for the first time in six months! I Hope and pray we are now over the worst. How is Utah doing?


Thanks for letting me know. You must have had quite a year teaching your class virtually and doing homeschool. I am so glad that your schools are open and I really hope that the numbers stay low. Enjoy every second with your parents, that will be a sweet reunion! Things are going very well here. A large amount of people have the vaccine now, the hospitals are doing well and the numbers are low. I feel very thankful! Have a beautiful evening and keep in touch!


No top sheet here! We have a king size bed and recently we got two twin down comforters with matching duvets – mine is extra warm and his is extra light! It been amazing to not have to share a comforter at night and we each have our own weight that we enjoy for sleeping. I have a nice king size quilt that goes over the top when we make our bed so it looks uniformed.


BRILLIANT… you two have it figured out! What a great idea Kristen. I hope you are having a great afternoon!


I am a top sheet with a comforter person. To be honest, I really don’t get sleeping without a top sheet, but to each their own :o)
Pretty straightforward with my ice cream, but if I do opt for toppings, it will likely be chocolate syrup (not hot fudge) and some kind of nuts.
It’s too easy to take relationships of all kinds for granted. I think it’s so important to very intentionally make the time to connect in some way. Even a text can help if that’s all the time you have.
I have always been artistic and into crafting, especially paper crafting and watercolor painting. I love it and can completely lose track of time! It uses a very different side of my brain than what I spend so much of my time doing for work.


Yes to a top sheet. Absolutely cannot not have one. As someone else said about the layers, sometimes I just want a sheet and a blanket is too much. But I need SOMETHING over me. I feel vulnerable without even a sheet. weird I know.

I do like some toppings with ice cream but things like chocolate chips, nuts, chocolate sauce, cherries, that type of thing, not lollies. But I also would have lollies on ice cream rather than no icecream. I love ice cream!!


I’m enjoying all the perspectives on top sheets. My take is this: I want to get out of bed without a noticeable drop in temperature. The reason is this: if the change in temperature is too great, it’s too easy to stay in for a while longer. So, it’s all about sleepwear. Get the sleepwear right and it doesn’t really matter what you have over you. (I noticed one comment about sleeping nude. We’re not on the same page unless they’ve got consistent temperatures 365 a year.)

Here’s something else coming to mind: health/ hormones. With so much information available today, we should have these factors dialed in most of the time. But, are we even looking at these factors? I say it’s worth it.


I am very confused by this sheet thing! Maybe it’s because I live in Switzerland? Here people just have a fitted sheet that covers their mattress, and then on top we have a down-filled duvet (with a duvet cover). In summer we use a thinner duvet, and in winter we have this thicker one you can clip onto the thinner one for more warmth. I don’t know why I assumed everyone lives like me haha :)

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