It’s OK to be Wrong & Random Knowledge Only Runners Know!

Picture taken to attempt to show you that the wind was blowing my hair in my face the entire time.

Because of a crazy morning, I just wasn’t able to get to where my friends were for the workout so I did the workout on my own.  It is so much harder for me to do workouts on my own but I just kept telling myself that the mental strength I was building was worth going out and getting it done even though my bed sounded much better.

I’m just going to talk about things in bullet point format because I have no idea how to tie all of the things in my head together;)

*The workout called for 7 x 1000m (with equal time recovery jogs after each one).  I haven’t done 1000m repeats since 2019 so this was definitely a change for me.  My body has started getting used to the tempo stuff but the shorter repeats felt like I was using completely new muscle groups.

*Seven sounded like a lot of repeats so I focused on just doing ONE at a time and not thinking about how many more I was going to do.  I kept repeating pickup pickup pickup pickup to my feet during the intervals and that seemed to really help me to pick up the pace too.

*My goal heading out was sub 6:00 for the repeats but I finished with a 6:11 average pace for them (average of 3:50 for the 1000m).  It’s OK to be wrong and make a goal bigger than what you can do because it isn’t a problem to not hit the paces BUT reaching for faster paces makes us run faster than setting too small of goals and settling!

*While I was running I was thinking about the fact that I would have no idea how far 1000m is if I wasn’t a runner…  Like where every porta potty is within a 5 mile radius or what running shoes are made of and the differences between each piece of foam that goes into a Brooks running shoe:)

*I just ran back and forth on a road for this workout which would have been so boring if it was just a normal run but for some reason my brain can handle that for a speed workout.

IMG 0592

I saw triedandtruemoms use a mini waffle iron to make an egg so we tried it too.  Add it to an English muffin with some cheese and bacon… delicious.

IMG 0620

I thought that setting Skye up with some drawing materials would mean I would have a shower alone ha… that lasted for 5 seconds.

IMG 0594

The first half of the day was a rough day in motherhood world BUT there were definitely some great moments too.

IMG 0601

IMG 0607

So proud of sitting in a big boy chair.

IMG 0618

These two are really into chess playing together!

IMG 0610

Chicken fajitas for dinner and clearly I went a little heavy handed with the guac on the first one I made for myself because that one in the back sadly did not get as much love because it was all gone.

IMG 0568

And ice cream straight out of the container for my dessert.

IMG 0622


Tell me any random knowledge that you have because of running that you wouldn’t have if you didn’t run?

What was the last dessert that you ate?

What have you been eating after a run lately?

Tell me about what your run/workout is today!

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I love a repetitive spot for speed workouts–like I wouldn’t want to just run around a track for a 45-minute run, but for a speed workout? Yes! Then my brain can just focus on how fast I’m going and not think about anything else!

I definitely know when bathrooms are open at local parks! I also think runners are really particular about their clothing . . . we know what to wear when it’s 50 degrees and windy, which will probably be VERY different from 50 degrees and sunny!


random running knowledge -I know the distance of various roads, landmarks, and intersections from my house. I also know where all the dogs live. i like to think they are cheering me on when they’re barking at me while I’m running.
my run was a flat 6 miles at 6 mph. i’m nursing peroneal tendonitis so i’m keeping it nice and easy while i rehab it. so far, so good.
on the weekends, i eat eggs and toast after a run. i can’t wait for watermelon season. the though of watermelon and iced tea get me though long hot summer runs. also, though life in general.
have a great day! i hope you enjoyed your quac! it’s one of my favorite foods.


Good job on your workout and doing it alone!! That is some good mental toughness building for sure.
And, good job getting through a rough morning. You are an amazing mom ?
Today is my early morning run with friends, then doing some strength when I get home. I have been hooked on avocado toast with an egg after run lately. Quick and full of good stuff.
I love how running makes you know exactly how far away things are…. The grocery store is 1.3 miles, the high school is 1mile… When someone says “I need to go to whatever” in my head I know how far it is… Ha ha.
I hope your morning goes smoother today, and have a good one!


Hi Janae!
Random Knowledge…I can tell a quarter mile from pretty much anywhere I am. I agree with knowing all the doggies in the neighborhood. Recently I have been reporting nice landscaping I see to my hubby on my runs to inspire our backyard redo.
Last dessert:the Indulgent trail mix from Walmart (it has all the chocolate chips)
Post run food: always oatmeal and berries for the am…have been doing a lot of sweet potato, salad, rice and teriyaki sauce bowls for the pm.
Workout: To prep for spring track, I took my son out for strides yesterday, so today feels like a 6 mile recovery run-but I may be surprised once I start.
Also, we were just in Southern Utah exploring and stayed at 8000+ feet for 2 days. My muscles and chest are feeling really tight adjusting back to 2300 feet. Have you had that when you traveled?
Have a great day!


Nice job on those 1ks!!! I like ks, it’s a fun distance.
Because of running…I’m very good at knowing the exact distance to everywhere from my house. haha. And where all of the public bathrooms are. :)
Yesterday I had 20 200’s as my workout and I got a big veggie egg bagel and turmeric latte afterward because I took a work vacation day, oh man. I wish I could have that after every workout. So delicious. Today is just some easy miles, but it’s sunny and beautiful outside!
I hope you have a good day and an easier parenting morning. Boy do I get that. haha.
BTW, I got this for my daughter for her birthday and it’s been HOURS of endless entertainment for both of my kids. If you ever need a new toy for a distraction:


Oh, those chicken fajitas look yummy! I think I know what I’m making for dinner now (thank you)!
I have to tell you about 2 recent desserts I had: a Reese’s Pieces cookie from Subway, and a Snickers bar Blast from Sonic. Delicious!


Fajitas are fabulous! So simple (done traditional style), yet they hit me in all the right ways. Didn’t make this yet, but looking forward to it: Liking the greens here with no crust. I might do it in a sheet pan, and I line it with parchment paper for easy clean up. Also thinking about making several servings to have more ready-to-go.

Hearting chess buddies!

Your speed workout is reminding me to check Roar for her recommendations. Extreme workouts call for reference materials, IMO. I’m thinking more protein than usual, and I recall she advises antioxidants after the workout – not before. So great to have this valuable information so we can thrive as necessary.


Happy Friday Eve!! Strong work doing those repeats on your own!!
I live in a very rural area, so while formal bathrooms aren’t typically an option, I do tend to know where all the best spots are for good cover…just in case…
Last dessert was half of a chocolate chip cookie skillet from Chili’s. The ice cream wasn’t very good, but the cookie was ridiculously good :o)
Lately, I have been all about fruit and toast after a workout. Carbs, anyone??
Today is an easy day with yoga…though sometimes that’s challenging. Always feels great afterward though! Have an awesome Thursday :o)


Thank you Janine! Yep, I definitely have learned those spots too in rural areas haha. Umm that skillet sounds so good, bummer about the ice cream though but it sounds like the cookie made up for that ha. YES to all of the carbs after a run. Enjoy that yoga and I am going to do yoga tomorrow (if I write it then it is more likely to happen haha). Thanks friend, you too!


I love Knox’s haircut!
My last dessert was dinner Sweet Tarts my daughter shared with me.
Post runs have been lots and lots of water.
I’m going on a long walk today since I can’t run for a few weeks.
Also, now I’m going to try eggs in waffle irons! I’ve never heard of that before and you made it sound amazing.


Thank you Liz! It is so cute on him. Thanks for inspiring me to up my water game today after my run. I hope you have a wonderful long walk and let me know what you think of the eggs in the waffle iron!


I probably wouldn’t know how to convert km to miles without running lol. Or know which random food also works as fuel for runs (gummy bears, fig bars, pop tarts).

Today’s workout was 3 miles on the treadmill! I did not want to run at first but half way through I warmed up and ran faster than usual for the end.


Hahah I am with you, I would have no idea how to convert km to miles either! OH YES… the random food thing too. Running gives us so many cool things to learn about:). WAY TO GO on your run today and finishing SO strong. Have the best Thursday, Mariah!


Hi Janae! Because of running I know where all the berry bushes are in my area! I also know many of the dogs in the area too. 7×1000 that is so much! I feel like having to stop in between makes it even harder.
Have a great day!


OH YES… I totally am with you on now knowing where all of the dogs are too! I agree, sometimes I am just feeling like my legs are moving and then it is time to stop and then start all over again haha. Thank you friend, you too and enjoy time with your husband:)


I appreciate how you slip in those real moments of your day. Some days are messy and at the same time provide the opportunity to be on the lookout for the bright spots so we can get through them. Those pictures showing your bright spots were so touching; thank you for sharing! And, finally, well done on accomplishing your tough workout!


Thanks Leslie for taking the time to right to me, that means a lot to me. Life is messy but you are so right, there is brightness all around! Have a beautiful day friend!


I’ve been freezing my mini Reese eggs and eating them frozen has been a new level of yum!


I will be copying you asap… BRILLIANT! Have a beautiful day Mary!


I run/workout in the morning so my breakfast is always the first thing I eat afterwards. Lately it’s been baked oatmeal with peanut butter, strawberries and blueberries. And coffee, of course.

If I literally want to run to get the mail I know exactly how long it will take me so I won’t end up being late if I don’t have time to do it.

Wanted to let you know that in all my years of physical activity I have been an Asics girl. I’ve tried a few other brands here and there throughout the years but have always gone back to Asics. One brand I have never tried was Brooks but I just got my first pair on Monday and am anxious to get out and try them! I ended up getting the Ghost 13.


Can I come over for your baked oatmeal, that sounds way too good! I cannot wait for you to get your Ghosts and will you please let me know what you think of them. Have a great day Erika!


*I’m the same way with speed workouts, prefer to do them in the same spot. I guess mentally it helps to know that if I completely tire myself out-I’m right where I need to be :) Long run day today! I knew I wouldn’t be able to get to it this weekend so today was the day! 13 miles AND I did an 8 mile loop with my husband back to our house and then another 5 by myself. Mentally, it was so hard running past my house but it was nice to know I could overcome that.
*last dessert-dark chocolate sea salt caramels from Costco-so good!
*post run food-steel cut oats made with almond milk with ground flax seeds, chia seeds, pecans, almonds and craisins. It’s so good-I think it’s what helps me get through my runs.
*random running knowledge-I know where all the hills are within 3 miles of me and I know the heel toe drop in all of my shoes ? and which to use for which runs.
Have a great day Janae!!


I had a mini eggs donut today (vanilla dip with sprinkles and they load the centre of the hole with mini eggs). They are so sweet but I grab one when they come out for Easter.

Janae I started up running again after taking a long time off (I stopped enjoying it so switched to rowing and weight lifting last year for a change of pace) and oh it feels SO good to pound the pavement and feel that runners high after a tempo run. It’s exciting and fun again :)!


I can guess the hill grades because of running. I don’t think I would ever think beyond calling them gradual or steep if I didn’t run.
I guess you can count the ice cream I’m eating right now as my last dessert. Ha ha
Ugggh it was super windy so I talked myself out of a run and hit my spin bike for a hilly ride in virtual Colorado.


On your 6:00 min miles…. I always say it’s better to have ambitious goals that aren’t easily met than it is to have easy goals that don’t challenge you. Setting goals that are easy for you could mean you undervalue and underestimate yourself ! So GOOD JOB on having room to grow!

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