Marathon Training Log… LESS THAN A WEEK to go!

I hope your weekend is going great so far!

My long run felt terrible yesterday and doing a few stairs after running a fast 5k was not my favorite thing ha.

IMG 6165

It was my last double-digit run before the marathon and an awful workout is pretty predictable for me before a big race so I’m glad I got that out of the way!  My stomach was off, my legs felt every single one of the 20 miles from our workout on Wednesday and it was just one of those days but the people were sure great.

IMG 6167

These 4-inch thick French toast were the perfect way to refuel after the run!

IMG 6210

AHHHH just 6 more days until the marathon!  I cannot believe how quickly this training cycle has gone by and I have never been more excited for a race in my entire life.  I have an extremely good feeling about it and with 5 more days of resting, my legs are going to be itching to run fast.

Here’s how this last week looked:

Monday:  10 miles @ 8:28 average.

Tuesday:  Off!  I knew that Wednesday was going to be huge so I needed to get in some extra rest.

Wednesday:  All of the details are in this post but it was 20 miles total with 10 x 1 mile (part flat, mostly down) FAST.  The recoveries after each repeat were running back to where we started which was about .7 miles but that part is hard too because you are going uphill ha.  I averaged 5:31 for the 10 miles of repeats and finished with my fastest two intervals.  VERY happy with how I felt and this was an exciting workout to finish… even if we started at 4:30 a.m.   PS doing speed work in the dark makes it go by much faster for some reason and I can’t explain why.

IMG 5905

Thursday: 6 miles @ 9:04 average

Friday:  I was planning on running 6 miles but sleep won and I did do 2 miles with Brooke:)

Saturday:  13.15 miles in the morning with the w/u and c/d!  Not sure the average pace of the entire run because I started my watch over for the 5k in the middle.  5:55 average pace: 6:04, 6:02, 5:37, 5:29 for last .1.   We lucked out and at each stoplight we never had to stop!   My coach had me get in a few more miles so I did 3 miles on the treadmill later on at a 9:00 pace!

IMG 6164

Sunday:  OFF!

54.15 miles total for the week and it’s time to really drop down next week leading up to the race.


What was your best run this last week?  Worst run?

Waffles, pancakes or French toast?

What are some of your Sunday plans?

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Wow, your 5k!!

My school district paid for my cross country runners and coached to run a 5k for MADD yesterday. It was so fun. I ran a 22:50, which is faster than last year and with virtually no speed training so I’m happy with it! It was nuts how wiped I felt for the rest of the day though!

Today is church, naps, and family dinner (my fav!!).


Thank you so much Marissa and WAY TO GO TO YOU! You should be very very proud that you did that with no speed training! CONGRATS and enjoy that nap today… I think I need to copy you with that!


I can’t believe how quickly the training went either, even just following along! My best run was an easy trail run in the rain with my pup!

French toast all the way! Dripping in butter and maple syrup.

We are watching my oldest do a basketball camp at the university closest to us. It’s the last day of 8, and he’s loving it. It’s got him conditioned for the U12 tryouts that start next week. Then a run when we get home and get ready for the week.


Trail run + rain + your dog= heaven!! I hope you get some french toast soon. Have the best time watching basketball camp… he must be exhausted after 8 days… he is conditioned! Enjoy your run Julia and I hope it is a beautiful Sunday for you all!


Best run was my 10 k yesterday! Excited because my knee does not hurt even the day after the race.

Battling my IBS, I have not had waffles or pancakes in forever but pancakes or my preferred.

We are having a lazy Sunday for now. Hoping to hit up a nearby orchard. Getting our front porch painted and excited that we hired it out.


ZERO PAIN–> hallelujah and huge congrats on your 10k. This is the best news and enjoy the orchard and the recovering.

Oh Carrie, IBS is the absolute worst. I hope that it calms down asap… I’m so sorry and I do not like that you have to deal with this.


I may be more excited for you marathon than my November marathon!
I’m going into Chicago for a museum visit, brunch with friends. And then a panel and meet and greet with Des Linden, Allie Kieffer and Jim Walmsley!!! Yes, I’m freaking out.


I’m excited for YOUR marathon too. Thanks so much Molly! You are going to have the best day ever… please let me know how the panel goes. SO SO COOL!


So excited for your marathon!!! That cycle WAS fast! Best run was yesterday. Half marathon in Akron and I got to me Des Linden! It was a great day. Worse was probably wed because it was my first after my 24 miler Sunday.
Going to see Tommy the musical today with my husband and friends. Have a lovely Sunday!


CONGRATS ON YOUR HALF YESTERDAY AND YOU MET DES?! Best day ever! Huge congrats and way to go on your 24 miler last weekend. You are on fire. Have the best time at the musical. Thanks Adrienne, you too!


You’re so close, good luck!! Rest well! I’m about 20 days out from my next marathon (the Kansas City Marathon)!

My best run this week was in Alaska (probably the 16 miles I did on Tuesday) and my worst run was in Florida (yesterday, 16 miles again… it wasn’t actually that bad of a run, just much hotter than I’ve gotten used to!)


TWENTY DAYS! I’m cheering for you Grant! Ummmm I bet the climate change from Alaska to Florida feels like night and day! You will acclimate quickly:) . Good luck!


Do you like that reflective vest? I’m wondering it it feels like it gets in the way?
You sure seem ready to race! I’m rooting for you!


Why such a short taper?! That is high mileage for the week before the race, isn’t it?!?! Good luck and enjoy resting this week!!!


I fully agree!!! I’ve never done anything like this but trusting my coaches training 100% because it has brought a lot of PRs so far:). This week I’m just really going to overload on the resting! Have the best day Robyn!


This training cycle has gone by quickly! And, you really are soooo ready for Saturday!!
That french toast looks amazing! Now I want some ?
I got home late last night from a great 2 day conference, so today will be a good lazy family day. But I will be going to my favorite yoga class!
Enjoy a restful Sunday!!


So glad you had the best time at that conference! Sounds like the perfect Sunday! Get some French toast soon:) Thanks Wendy!


We got hit with snow!! About 20cms…I’m so not ready for winter yet! Staying home today and going to hit up the rowing machine for my workout and study for my medical terminology exam. I’m very excited for your race next weekend!
French toast all the way!!


I love pancakes, and will choose them over waffles and french toast any day. I’ve been making a lot of German apple pancakes recently!

My best run this week was a 10k time trial yesterday where I set a 35 second PR! I’m getting very excited for my fall marathon (2 weeks!), and am also really looking forward to hearing about your race next weekend! It’s been really fun following along with your workouts and seeing how much faster you’re getting.


4:30 am Workout?! Impressive!!!

Yesterday was my worst run of the week. 22 miles that started off decent and went to terrible (dramatic) for a bit more than half. Ironically, today was the best run of the week-12 wonderful trail miles! As soon as I got into the woods my whole body just relaxed and went into “this is the best thing ever” mode. I was hoping just to slog out 10 but before I knew it we were done (My boyfriend rode his mtn bike next to me and talked the entire time.)

Is it weird I rarely think of pancakes/waffles/french toast? I like whichever is currently in front of me best! I used to make grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with leftover french toast AKA “Monte Cristo hack.”

Today was trail run, brunch at the bakery, making super hero muffins, then a birthday party for the youth group leader.

Hang in there for the taper!!!


French toast is the best. Good luck on your marathon!!!!

I am wanting to run a half marathon, but I am not sure how to start training. I’m basically starting from scratch and I’m a college student who has a job (I get off work at midnight). Do you (or anyone else) have advice on how to make my own training plan, especially if I’m busy?


Best run last week? the 5k my colleagues talked me into doing with them. fast for me 36minutes – with zero training leading up to it (my last run before the race must have been 3 months ago. just never felt like running in the summer heat)

Why waffles, pancake OR french toast? I’m all for waffles, pancakes AND french toast ;)


I am so excited to see you run the upcoming marathon. With this current group and coach, your times have dramatically improved! I have never seen you consistently keep the paces up like you have been lately!

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