Silentish Saturday!!!

Those first few runs in a new pair of shoes = joy (Glycerin 19).  8 miles @ 8:39 average pace.

Beck gets a lot of attention.

IMG 8912

Had a lot of laundry and cleaning to do but I’ll keep letting him nap on me while he still will instead.

IMG 8919

His eyes are SO blue when we are outside.

IMG 8921 1

Met my mom for some Chic-fil-A.

IMG 8922

My mom brought a chapstick for her and she reapplied it 20 times in the one hour we were together (<— she learned that from me).

IMG 8925

I love their food way too much.  I could dip everything into that sauce.

IMG 8927

It took me way too long to realize that her shoes were on backwards.

IMG 8932

Brookester came home from school (Knox is with his mom this weekend).

IMG 8936

FaceTiming Megan happens very often… She told Beck yesterday that she is having a little boy soon and that they will be the next generation best friends.

IMG 8937

Brooke loves to style my hair these days.

IMG 8939

Skye’s favorite snack before bed… bananas, pb and a few chocolate chips.

IMG 8946

Andrew, this was NOT funny… When I first saw this I was positive this spider was real.

IMG 8940

I hope you are able to get in plenty of happiness chemicals this weekend!

Screen Shot 2021 02 26 at 7 18 42 PM


Tell me 3 things that you are up to today?

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Good Morning Janae!

I’m so jealous of your weather! We are buried under so much snow with more on the way. Skyes sandals make me happy :)
Haha I remember my 3rd being in his bouncy and having his older siblings crowd him being an inch from his face. Gotta love all the love hey?

New book alert that is SO inspiring and that I recommend everyone read – “believe IT” by Jamie Kern Lima (founder of IT cosmetics). Enjoy your weekend!


HEY GILLIAN!! I am so sorry that you guys are so cold out there. I am hoping that spring shows up asap! Hahah yes and I was the youngest of five so I’m sure I always had somebody in my face ha. I am ABSOLUTELY going to get that book, thank you for sharing! Have the best weekend Gillian.


I could drink the Chick fil a sauce. I discovered at Walmart the Great Value brand chicken dipping sauce tastes EXACTLY like it. For real. Go get some and you will be so happy. Have a great weekend!


Hahah so could we… Andrew might have with a straw! Oh I forgot about that, I got that for Andrew one time and we used it on everything. Thanks for reminding me so I can get some for his birthday. Thanks Amy, have a beautiful weekend!


You know- chick fil a will let you order an 8 oz bottle of their sauces at the restaurant! I always order extra sauce when I go to chick fil a! One of my grocery stores (Publix, which is a southern chain) carries it too in the ketchup area. And yes the Walmart brand one tastes almost identical!


Beck is so lucky to have so many siblings that love him!

So funny about Skye’s shoes, Cannon often has his on backwards, it looks so uncomfortable.

I would have freaked out at the spider, it does look real (YIKES)

I hope you are having an amazing weekend!!!


Hahaha how do they walk with their shoes on like that?! They are just so busy exploring this world that they don’t have time to fix their shoes. Thanks Beth for letting me know I’m not the only one that would have freaked out. Thank you friend, you too!


Ha ha… I noticed Skye’s shoes right away. Too cute.
We all love chick-fil-a too! Their sauce, the chicken, waffle fries, yum! Supposedly, some Costcos carry frozen chicken nuggets that taste exactly like chick-fil-a, but none in our area. I will keep checking though, every time I go.
Yesterday I was feeling like I wanted a change up in my running. We have these stairs in a park by us, long steep stairs, different “sets” (I think 3 or 4 different ones), so I ran there (about 1.5 miles) did 1.6 miles of stairs, then ran home. It was killer, but awesome! I think if you Google them, look for stairs at Lyons field Fullerton, CA. My legs are so tired today, so I’ll probably do a slow short shake out run today. But it was so fun.
The rest of the weekend will be all about being outside and enjoying the weather.
Have a great weekend Janae ?


WHAT?!!! I must find those chicken nuggets asap, my family would love those. That workout sounds amazing and SO so hard and then I searched for a picture and I can’t believe that you did those.. you are amazing. I hope your short run today felt good and helped with the soreness (at least I would have been so sore after that). Enjoy the sunshine for us! Thanks Wendy, you too!


Once my nieces finally learned to brush my hair without yanking my head off, I would gladly sit and let them play with my hair. Actually, I’m a sucker for anyone who will gently brush my hair – it’s so relaxing to me!

That picture of Beck with the pacifier looks so much like Skye! I think he’s going to have to same eyebrow scowl :0

I’ve been planning my runs around wind events. It was calm yesterday, so I ran 7 miles. We’re back up to 25 mph this morning, so I’m doing my strength training. 2 months in and I’m really seeing a difference. I also notice a difference when I run now that my core feels stronger.

Interesting that we can get 3 of the happiness chemicals while running:
Dopamine – completing a task, i.e. running to the top of a hill
Serotonin – running
Endorphin – exercising
And if you say, “good job” to a fellow runner, you can grab some Oxytocin!

I’m curious about the Glycerin 19s. I bought the 18s last year and had to return them because they had zero cushion. I read several reviews that said the 18s just weren’t as cushiony as previous models. Hoping the 19s are better.

Happy weekend, Janae!


Hey Kathy! I am with you on that, I love it when people play with my hair. I totally agree, Beck and Skye look so alike and he will learn her scowl too haha. It is so windy there, wow! I LOVE that you pointed that out… running just gives us all of the happy feelings. I’ll write a review once I get like 40 more miles in them. Thanks Kathy, I hope you have a great weekend too!


Hi Janae, I can’t believe how blue Becks eyes are. Doesn’t Andrew have brown eyes? I wish the nearest chick f la wasn’t an hour away! Have a great weekend!



Hey Jolie! Yep, Andrew has brown eyes! My side of the family all has blue eyes! I need to send you some chick-fil-a! Thanks friend and I really hope you have a great weekend too.


Hi Janae! That is a cool chart I am saving that to my phone. I’m going to try to collect all those chemicals this weekend and have a blast. That spider thing is hilarious. Once I had a piece of black pipe cleaner so I made a fake spider out of it and hid it in my fiance’s shoe. He found it and didn’t say anything and instead got me back by putting it in my backpack. We passed it back and forth until I put it in his box of cookies and his roommate found it and got freaked out. Then we stopped haha.
Have an awesome weekend!


Thanks Amy, isn’t great to have the knowledge so we can do things to bring joy into our lives? BAHAHA I love hearing about couples playing pranks on each other… the best! Thanks Amy, I hope yours is a great one too!


Sounds like your weekend is off on a great start Jenae! Oh my goodness, Beck’s eyes are BLUE!! Beautiful! My son has the same, even tho my hubby has brown eyes.. Somehow our boy got my blue eyes!
Three things I’m doing this weekend:
Relaxing and reading a good book!
Having friends over for sledding on our epic bobsled track that hubby built in our back yard.. Yes he is awesome for doing that for the kids!
Not sure what the third is… Lol.. I haven’t been able to run in years, but I’m still dreaming to doing it after I complete physio, and after our 2nd baby that’s on the way. I love catching up on your life, been reading your blog for a few years now, and really enjoy your uplifting and real content. You are so awesome for all the running and training you’ve been doing over the years, even after babies! It’s so inspiring and encouraging. Keep up the blogging!


Oh I love those baby blue eyes!! You’ll have to let me know what you think of your book when you are all done. Ummmm bobsled track?! That is amazing, we need to come over! Thank you for your sweet words, that means a lot to me. Please keep in touch and I’ll be blogging until I’m 80 haha. Thanks friend and happy weekend!


Hey Janae!!

Just wanted to say love reading your blog! Have read it for years and years- long time lurker- post comments every now and then! We were pregnant at the same time for both Skye and Beck!

I’m down in the south on the East coast- but they apparently sell officially licensed Chick-fil-A sauce in the grocery stores! I need to find some!!

Love the fries and milkshakes but haven’t been able to eat the chicken since going veggie years ago- here’s hoping they jump on the plant based train soon!


I’m not sure if you’ll see this (the day after posting), but:
1) It feels great when someone plays with/”styles” my hair.
2) My son-in-law-to-be just brought over a BOTTLE of Chick-fil-A sauce. I didn’t realize they sold it that way!
3) Got the feel-good chemicals with enchiladas, SUN!, workout, dog cuddles, almost-teenager hugs, and chocolate :)
Hope the rest of your weekend has been great!


Hi! Did you know that Chik Fil A sells their amazing sauce in bottles at some of their locations??? We bring it home for zucchini fries! SO good!


I’m so jealous of your weather! We are buried under so much snow with more on the way. Skyes sandals make me happy :)


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