Friday Favorites!

I didn’t go on a run yesterday.

It felt weird because I am pretty sure I’ve run on every Thursday for a very long time now. I didn’t go running yesterday because I am hopefully at the summit of one of my favorite mountains as we speak, and I wanted to have fresh legs for the adventure.

I did do this yoga video to get some stretching in and Brooke joined me for the end.

I think he is going to be crawling within the next week!

IMG 6754

My niece pops by all of the time these days to hang out with me, and it makes me so happy.  I had to drop her off for something last week and she only made me drop her off a block away from the event, so I take it that she is only slightly embarrassed by me.

IMG 6761

My good friend Jess in town so we met for lunch at 180 Tacos.  I had a rice bowl with every random topping that they offer.

IMG 6762

And because there were cookies next door, I grabbed a PB/chocolate one for the drive home.

IMG 6763

Just a lazy afternoon with the crew.

IMG 6764

And then Brooke’s twin cousin slept over.

IMG 6774

Everything is packed and ready to go!  I haven’t used my hydration vest in quite some time and I’ve missed the adventures that come along with this vest.

The gummy sharks are going to taste fabulous at the top.

IMG 6743

The things we do for running…

IMG 6772


Let’s get chatting about some favorite things this week.

*Manifest on Netflix.  Andrew knows I am really into a show if I can watch an entire episode at night without falling asleep… This show is one of them that I can watch TWO episodes at night without falling asleep.

*I know I am obsessed with a tank when I have to buy another one because I can’t do laundry fast enough to wear my original one as much as I would like to.  I got it in Gold Spice (I’m trying to branch out with colors from what I usually buy) HERE, and I’m in love.  I have it in teal too!  It keeps me so cool for these summer runs.

IMG 6753

*I’ve had some time to use my posture corrector brace, and wow.  I seriously feel like I had no idea how to stand/sit properly until recently, especially when I am typing.  I am NOT missing the shoulder/arm pain and numbness I was experiencing a few weeks ago so the work to get to this point has been so worth it.

IMG 6757

*There is just something about kid’s pajamas that I love so much.  I have tried many different pairs, and these are by far my favorite for Beck and Skye… they are so beyond soft and an excellent price.

IMG 6775


Any shows you’ve recently started watching that you love?  What is your favorite type of tv show to watch?

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Fireworks fan or not so much?  Are you allowed to have fireworks in your area?  

What time is the earliest you’ve ever woken up for a race or a run?

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We’re watching Manifest too! And my boyfriend is like you on the falling asleep thing. I can tell he’s into it ‘cause he makes it through a whole episode.

This weekend my daughter turns 15!!! How this happened in what feels like 5 years max I don’t know. But we’re excited to celebrate, especially since last year was so limited.


I just started manifest too! Not to disappoint you – but NBC cancelled the series early! There was supposed to be 6 seasons – and they cancelled it recently at 3! So the series finale just aired on NBC a week or two ago. Sooo upset! But I probably watched a whole season in a weekend. I just started the 3rd season.


I love that tank top. I have it in black. And I *really* want it in that teal/green-ish color you were wearing in your pictures the other day! I’ve been ‘treating’ myself to a lot of new stuff lately, so I need to really think about whether I want or NEED the top in yet another color. ;)

And that cookie looks freaking amazing. #want hardcore!!!!

Funny enough that you went to 180 Tacos (we need a 180 tacos here in Atlanta!!!), because Tom and I decided that tonight we are going out to OUR favorite local texmex joint. YAY TEXMEX!!! It’s really the best.

And yesterday I didn’t do my workout either. Somehow, I’m just really exhausted. I needed extra rest. So I took it. :) And then this morning I pretty much crushed my strength workout. And I got back to something I love–heavy deadlifts. I’m not “heavy” the way I was once upon a time, but with where I am right now just getting back into heavy deadlifts for the muscle recruitment and the skill development to be able to lift heavy, I’m really happy with the effort I put in and the form that i had relative to how the weight felt for my 5×5 sequence. And I smiled because that’s my START for getting back to something a LOT heavier and that feels really good!

It’s raining in Atlanta, but at least it’s not, like, doom-storming. I hate that (even though this is the season for strong rushed intense afternoon storms in the south…).

I’m happy you did yoga!!!!!!!!!!!

As for this weekend: I am going to the movies tomorrow afternoon. It’s something I have missed a LOT over the last handful of years and have thought about almost every day (and definitely every time I drive by a movie theater). You see, in my 3rd year of my PhD program, right when I was coming back into myself and I started to dial in my nutrition and go to the gym (I WILL GET BACK to a place where I feel as fit and focused and confident as I felt then!!!! Mark my words!!!), every Saturday I would hit the gym big in the morning (spin class + weights or two consecutive spin classes, because I was a bit of a cardio junkie and lived off the adrenaline rush…), come home, do some things around my apartment, read for school and grade some student work, and then EVERY single Saturday afternoon I would drive to the movie theater with the best popcorn in town and see a matinee. I didn’t care how silly the movie was–it was just some time that I gave to myself that had zero purpose whatsoever other than to give me a couple of hours of break from everything else and a nice dark room, a bucket of good popcorn, and a big ol’ diet coke. It became one of the biggest rituals I made for myself that I never imagined I would miss as much as I have, given how chaotic the last handful of years have been and how enjoying the VARIETY of ways I can take care of myself fell by the wayside. But theaters are open again, and I am feeling pretty safe about going to the local independent cinema where I had to reserve my seat. And on Saturday I am going to see Cruella for the afternoon matinee! I might have to smuggle a flavored seltzer in with me since I’m not drinking diet coke anymore, but I am excited. :)


I feel like all I’ve been watching lately is sports- the Olympic Trials, Tour de France, Wimbledon, and Formula One! But one of my favorite shows is starting next week..Big Brother! I watch it every summer and have a group chat where we all watch virtually together. Can’t wait for that :)


3 am for a race ?.

This weekend..likely doing some day trips..running and adventuring with the crew hopefully. Maybe we will take a ferry to the island today!

We are no longer allowed to set off fireworks. It has been a quiet Canada Day this year.

Hope you are having fun at the summit!

Have a great day Janae!


I noticed a colleague in my video meeting yesterday was wearing a posture brace. She loves it so I’m ordering one today!


Oooh I loved Manifest! It’s so good!
I’m addicted to Seal Team right now. It’s so funny because it’s supposed to take place in Virginia Beach where I currently live (we’re a big military area, obviously, which is why I’m here to begin with haha) but it is SO obviously filmed in Southern California (where I’m from). They will show mountains that we don’t have and all of the background footage looks NOTHING like what it looks like here. It makes me laugh.
I love fireworks! Fourth of the July is my favorite holiday (besides Halloween)!!!!!!!
Happy 4th!!!


Fireworks: I think they are pretty – but I am not a big fan of crowds, so going to a big event to watch fireworks does not entice me anymore. And, we used to have a dog that was terrified of them and seeing her trauma from hearing people shoot off fireworks made me so sad.

Earliest race time: I am sure I have gotten up between 3-4 am for events that involved travel. For example – the Atlanta Peachtree July 4 10K…you have to drive to Atlanta (for me that was 45 minutes or so), get on the Marta train, then walk and walk and walk to your race corral…it’s a lot! You definitely get more than your 10K worth of mileage out of that one – ha!

Show to watch: Watching Loki on Disney+ right now. I LOVE Marvel stuff, but the time travel/nexus events/etc. details is making my head hurt – so confusing! I don’t feel very smart when I watch this one, lol.


Beck is totally going to be crawling any day now ?
I can’t wait to hear about your trail run! I know the views will be amazing.
I’m going to skip my run this morning. My body is feeling extra tired, plus with the humidity, I decided to be kind and take an extra off day.
I love fireworks! We’re going to my in-laws for the 4th… BBQ, pool, family, and then we’ll be able to see the big fireworks show from their yard. I am so looking forward to it.
Have a great rest of your day, get in some good recovery from the trails too. ?


Hi Janae! Enjoy that run, can’t wait to hear about it! 3:55 am is super early for not a race.
No fireworks allowed here but I’m going berry picking with friends for the 4th and making more ice cream.
Happy Friday!




I’m so glad the posture corrector is helping!! I love mine too, it helps a ton.

I’ve been watching superstore, it’s cute and short and funny! Ideal mindless tv haha.


I just finished Cruel Summer and LOVED it. I know my description won’t do it justice but It is based on a group of high schoolers in the summer of 1993, 1994 and 1995….I guess you would call it a teen drama/mystery. But I do feel like I need to put a warning label on it, it is a little dark but most good mysteries are, and I think the freaky thing about it is that it seems like it could be a true story. I went to HS in the 90s so it was right up my alley, loved the 90s music they used in it. I recommend checking out the trailer on youtube to see if it your cup of tea. It is on Hulu and Freeform.

Earliest has probably been in the 4 o’clock hour….nothing too crazy. But looking at races this fall that would require rolling out of bed super early…..looking forward to the return of races, not looking forward to the early morning wake up calls.

Weekend will include lots of hot miles and some fun 4th of July festivals. Happy 4th of July!


I like watching comedies and thriller/dramas like narcos and SVU, currently we are watching Brooklyn 99, which is pretty funny!

I think we can have fireworks but you have to drive to Wyoming to get the big fireworks. Growing up in St Louis, any friend’s dad owned a firework stand so we’d always launch fireworks (but not the big ones).
Now with little ones, we’ll probably just stay at home, as the toddler goes to bed before it gets dark now.

Ive gotten up at 3am for a Disneyland race since it started at 5am! It was in January so most of the run was in the dark! I’ve also gotten “up” at midnight (didn’t actually sleep like I was hoping to) to hike up Longs Peak which is about 16 miles round trip. We started the hike around 2:30 am and finished at 1pm… I was SOO tired!! But the views were beautiful!

Mount Timp looks so pretty too! Earning those views makes it so much better knowing that not everyone gets to see those same views!


Earliest alarm for a race – 2:45am. Had to leave at 3:30am for a 90 minute drive to catch the 5am shuttle to run the Mackinac Bridge (Michigan).

Got a start line photo with the governor and started running at 7am.

Getting up that early hurt but it was worth it!!


I’m soooooo sad they cancelled Manifest!! I love it! I did hear though that they might do a movie to wrap up the story so fingers crossed!!

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