You’ll Never Believe This + Friday Favorites!

8.59 miles @ 8:34 average pace and in the middle of my run I did the craziest thing…

I stopped at my aunt’s gym and I LIFTED WEIGHTS.  Okay, I’m not doing much at this point with my weight lifting so I can build up in a smart way but I’m really trying to build the habit of making it happen 2-3 times each week.

IMG 6176

Let’s get going with the highlights of the day (there were definitely lowlights too like scrapes/bruises, tears from all at different points and exhausted parents ha… that is just part of traveling with kids).

We spent some time in Snow Canyon and Skye requested a running picture.

We went to the bike park and I love Brooke’s look of determinations below.  Skye insisted on bringing her push bike and she is a little TOO adventurous on that thing.

I’ve shown you a lot of pink frosted sugar cookies over the last few years on this blog (it’s a Utah thing) but we finally had one from the OG pink sugar bakery.  And now I’m going to have a hard time eating them anywhere else because it was so much better.  PS this is at Dutchman’s and you must go if you are ever in the area.

Skye was just enjoying smelling in the goodness.

IMG 6194

If you do go, you have to have one of their pb and chocolate cookies too.

IMG 6195

Angelica’s Mexican Grill will be somewhere we go often from here on out.  These street tacos were unreal.

IMG 6200

We spent some time at a pool…

IMG 6248

During a walk in the evening Beck poked out his foot and kept it like this and it gave me so many flashbacks to when Skye would do this on our walks.

IMG 6249


Friday favorites time….

*My friend is the creator of Dreamland Baby and she sent her weighted blanket over to help Skye with her sleeping.  Skye hasn’t gotten up once since she started using it over a week ago.  I need to send this friend of mine quite the gift basket to thank her.  Brooke and Knox just got one too and while they don’t have problems sleeping, they are both loving the feeling of it on them while they sleep too.  You can use the code JANAE15 to get 15% off site-wide HERE!

IMG 5798

*I’ve done this 30 minute vinyasa flow twice this last week and I am loving it so much.

*This episode from Running Rogue was just what I needed.  I have felt so tense and tight with my running and this one was all about how to run relaxed because relaxed running = fast running.  He talks about how to do moving meditation while running and gives awesome guidance on how to do it yourself.

IMG 5975

*We rated this a 10/10.  SO so good.

IMG 5999

*I’ll be using this sunhat visor every single pool day from here on out.  It rolls up so that it is easy to pack and hats don’t usually fit my head (my head is very large) but this type of visor absolutely does.

IMG 6245


What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Youtube strength/pilates/yoga workouts> anyone want to share their favorites with me and I’ll be forever grateful?

Do you prefer strength training at home or at a gym? 

Has this summer felt a little different or very different compared to last summer?

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The temperatures are supposed to be crazy hot for us like 33 degrees Celsius to 36 degrees Celsius and there is a heatwave warning so we will be trying to find ways to keep cool! I have been getting up early all week to run but not sure how our group will handle trail running in this heat lol. Looking forward to ice cream and cold beer? lol

Also looking forward to following Western states 100 miler. It’s crazy but someone I trained with for my first marathon is now a crazy good elite trail runner and is racing western states so super excited to follow along. Most of us have to win a lottery to get in but if you are good enough you can win a golden ticket.

I am terrible about strength training but I do sometimes do it at home.

Have a great weekend Janae! And Skyes blanket looks so cool. Glad she is sleeping through the night!


Now that my gym is fully open + no masks I’m so happy to be back!!!! Sometimes I like my little home gym, especially when it’s the only option, but I love to be able to use the machines again! That’s so fun you did that during your run! You’re giving me ideas. :)
We have a birthday party for one of my daughter’s friends this weekend and I’m probably the most excited. We never got to meet her kindergarten friends or parents because of the restrictions (this is just way too weird haha) so I’m FINALLY going to meet the kids from her class!
I hope you have a great weekend and that hat is super cute!!! I might have to get one……..


Skye’s running photo is so cute!!

Check out Yoga with Adrienne! Her YouTube channel is the best and has types of yoga for everyone. Plus I like that she has short videos, 10-15 min for when I don’t have a lot of time (or can’t make myself do a long video haha).

I prefer strength in a gym or in a class with other people, that motivates me much more than doing by myself at home.


Ooooh I need that hat!! I never want to buy big straw hats cause I don’t know where to store them at home lol but a roll up one = genius! Also usually have a top knot so the visor part would go over that nicely!!
I need to get Allie a weighted blanket!!I have one and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It calms me down immediately!
Have a great weekend!


YouTube strength training I highly suggest Caroline Girvan. She has a beginners program and other 10 week challenges. Also shorter workouts for specific body parts. She is amazing!!!


Ooo… Thank you for the suggestion! I found a great pilates YouTube channel, but would love a strength training one!


I 2nd Caroline Girvan, her workouts are so well put together. I felt stronger so soon after making this part of my routine. Really the best!


Totally going to do her workouts! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!


Have you used either of the sleepsack options for Beck? We have a one month old and wondering if I should invest it this instead of buying a Merlin for when she’s a little older… I’m also looking to get the blanket for my 3 yr old. We live in Denver and don’t have a/c so wouldn’t use it much at home right now, but think it would be good when we go camping and in the winter time!
This summer has definitely been crazy! May was so rainy and cool. Memorial weekend was high in the 50’s and then June has been so HOT and dry! Luckily we are getting a cooler front this weekend with highs in the low 70s and some rain too. Perfect running weather right now! I go to my doctors office next week to see if I’m cleared. Although I had a slight prolapse after labor so I’m really hoping it returns to normal but plan to go to PT after since I had weakness after my first and couldn’t run right away. I do have a spin bike so I’ll probably hop on that until I can run.

Gina from Fitnessista just did a post on best YouTube channels! I like yoga with Adrienne and Blogilates. I don’t have a gym membership but I like doing strength training better at a gym that has all the equipment.


Hey Kathy! Beck sleeps really well on his own so I haven’t needed help yet for him! I have heard from a lot of people that do love the sleep sacks! Let me know what your 3 year old thinks of the weighted blanket if you use it in the future. PS CONGRATS on your new little one! Keep on enjoying the cool front, you guys need it. Let me know how PT goes for the slight prolapse and I hope you are feeling great asap. Off to check out that post, thank you so much and I forgot about Blogilates, she is awesome. Have a beautiful day!


Good job on hitting the gym in the middle of your run! Such a great way to start the day too.
I will definitely be doing that 30 minute yoga! Over the pandemic, I discovered Movement by Cailin. She is fantastic! Her channel is a pilates channel and really good. She has short workouts from 10-15 minutes all the way up to full hour workouts. She’s really sweet and explains things well. She even has one workout for runners and cyclists. I love that one at the end of the week.
This weekend is somewhat exciting! Our new grass for the backyard gets delivered today!! Tomorrow is my birthday, and Sunday will involve going to a big nursery to look for a tree and lots of plants. Our backyard is going to look and feel so good.
Time to get in my run before the heat and humidity (I swear it feels like Hawaii some days) set in.
Happy Friday Janae ?


Janae!! Thank you so, so much for your sweet words yesterday. It’s bittersweet, but I’m looking forward to the next chapter!
How I’m celebrating–> meeting up with Jim in Denver tonight to visit my great-uncle and cousins on that side of the family this weekend!
(Jim and I are both normally in Austin, TX, but he’s in Tulsa for several weeks on business.)
Then I’m going up to Tulsa next week to meet Jim’s family!

You look SO cute in that sunhat!! I hope you guys get in some great pool time this weekend and Skye is able to swim out some of her energy. :)


Hi Janae! I’d love to hear more about your strength training, especially if you’re doing a program! I feel like when I do strength train it’s sort of random and I’m not consistent. I have been good about doing PT strength and mobility stuff and that helps me a lot though.
Happy running!


Our weekend is going to be a bit bittersweet. We leave today to drop off our 16 year old for our State Governor’s Scholar Program. She’ll be at a university for 5 weeks. She has worked SO hard to get accepted so I am thrilled for her but we will miss her! We are going to try and get our minds off by driving on to Cincinnati after we leave her to watch the Reds play. And to be quite honest we have a hard time leaving an area after we drop a kid off for an extended stay–we tend to hang around the area for a bit, lol.
I did much better during the pandemic for strength training but since going back to work in person I’ve slacked off. I need to read the recommendations too. I prefer home workouts because I’m more likely to squeeze it in if I don’t have to drive to a gym.
Our summer is very different. We didn’t do much last year due to COVID, so we have squeezed in a short camping trip, the Disney trip we’ve put off 3 or 4 times since April of 2020(just got back from that one) and looking forward to a few more short trips before school starts back!
I have a question for you Janae–where did you get your necklace? I have a very similar one that I bought off of AMazon, but it’s a cheap one that I am scared to leave on when I run–I’m afraid I’ll ruin it as it is just plated. Now that I’ve had it a few weeks I would love to get a nicer one that I could leave on when running.


Jen, I am so sorry that this is going to be really hard. Your daughter is INCREDIBLE for working so hard to get there and I hope she has an amazing 5 weeks (and that they go by fast for you). Enjoy your time in Cincinnati, Andrew lived there for 2 years! I am so happy you went to Disney, we want to go so so bad. My necklace is from Amazon too and it has done really well with me never taking it off ha. I’ve been kind of shocked because it is only $10. Here is the link just in case you want to try this one too:

Have a beautiful weekend and good luck!


I’m 100% on the home workout team! Getting our home gym set up has been one of the most fun parts of owning our first home haha…so far we’ve got a full rack of dumbbells, lot of resistance bands, a TRX, a couple kettlebells, and even a sandbag (my fave!). I have also been loving Jessica Valant Pilates on YouTube. Her 10 and 20 min videos are just right for a little “movement snack” on the middle of the day or for adding on after some cardio or weights :) Les Mills On Demand has some good yoga-y classes and their Barre classes are so fun and surprisingly tough.

Thank you for the sun visor recommendation! As a woman with a big ol’ melon-head and a fear of sunburns (ok, and age spots haha), I CHERISH any hat that fits AND is cute!


I’ve SLOWLY been cultivating some at-home (apartment-friendly) strength training equipment–lots of dumbells, a barbell forBody Pump with Les Mills On Demand, and I have a kettlebell right now (but I need a heavier one) for times when I can’t get to the gym or my anxieties about personal safety are just getting to be too big (it’s been a thing lately). BUT, I like being at the gym because everything’s there. And I like the amount of space I have at the gym.

Those frosted cookies look amazing. I wonder if Skye is good at sharing her frosted cookies? Like–if a bunch of us all showed up at a bakery when you were there, would she share? ;)

As for at-home yoga youtube channels: Jen Emmonds (I think that’s her name? She is PB Runner on Insta) has some of her yoga flows on youtube. Yoga with Adriene is MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE for at-home yoga.

This weekend–what am I up to? Tomorrow I am having coffee with a former student! I can’t wait to catch up with her and hear about all the great things she has been up to!

I hope the rest of your St. George stay is AMAZING!!!!


My daughter turns 8 on Sunday! Time is a thief. We are having a small paint and pizza party with her closest friends. We want to get her a mountain bike for her birthday. What does Brooke ride?
My husband dreams of running Western States. Our local trail group always gets 1 entry for the race. You have to be qualified and volunteer for our local trail races to get a ticket so he’s working the 6p-midnight shift near the finish line tomorrow night.
Boot camp and HIIT classes all the way! It’s def made me a stronger runner. Not that I’d suggest it but I’ve managed to run a couple marathons under 4hrs with classes 5 days/wk and 2 days of running. LOL But honestly, after 10yrs of marathoning I’ve really have been enjoying strength training over running these days. I just love the tone and definition it gives me.


HEY! Happy 8th birthday to your daughter and I agree, it’s all going by way too fast! Brooke has the Trek Precaliber and she loves it! We got it used on our classifieds and it has been fabulous. That is so so cool that your husband is volunteering at Western States. Will he get to do it next year? That is incredible that you have rocked marathons with that way of training. I mean, I am only a few days in but I feel like I am going to start to really love this! Have the best weekend, CLK!


What a fun family vacation! Your pictures of St. George make me want to visit it!

I just signed up for Runners Love Yoga with Ann Mazur. She ran the Olympic Marathon Trials and has tons of great videos! You do have to pay after a 10 days trial, but I think her videos are worth it. I signed up for the deal she offers if you sign up for a year. I’ve already done 5 videos in 4 days! Her classes are awesome! I highly recommend them.


Awesome awesome awesome! Thank you for sharing, I’ll try out the 10 day trial. I am SO excited. I think you need to visit, it’s the best. Happy weekend Kelly!


I never even thought to try a weighted blanket with my sleep troll. My daughter (5) is a horrible sleeper and gets up every single night and comes to our bed. And then kicks and thrashes around. I will check that out – thanks for sharing!

This weekend should be really low key, but also busy. I have 10 miles scheduled tomorrow morning, friends coming to hang Saturday, beach Sunday, AND I just found out I have a job interview next week that I’m really excited for and need to prepare a presentation for now. So yeah…low key, but busy.


Sleep troll haha… so so so hard! Go rock those 10 miles tomorrow and have the best time with your friends and the beach. GOOD LUCK NEXT WEEK! Let me know how it goes!


Sarah at Fresh to Death fitness is amazing. They are quick, but she really packs it in for an effective, efficient workout. She’s very relatable and not “prissy,” which I love. Check her out and thanks me later :)


I’ll thank you NOW too haha! I am looking for quick and effective… thank you thank you and have the best day!


I know that you already have tons of great YouTube suggestions, but I have to tell you about Fuel Yoga Workouts. They’re a hot yoga studio based in Portland, and when things closed due to covid they started posting classes online. What I love about their videos is that you get a lot of bang for your buck workout wise; most videos are 30 minutes, but you will get a GREAT workout in. Their “Flow” classes are strength based yoga, and their “Flex” classes are cardio/strength. As someone who is somewhat strength training hesitant, this channel has really made me much stronger.


The visor is too cute on you but I’d recommend you consider a hat to cover your head especially for long days in the sun. I had to have a melanoma removed from my scalp last year. It was no fun and a huge surprise since we really don’t have a history of skin cancer in our family. Hats for me from now on.


Faves for youtube yoga videos – five parks yoga (erin sampson) and mary o’meara (though mary’s stopped posting new content for a while, but what’s up is good!)
I’ve gotten into yoga sculpt too, basically it’s yoga with light weights- pilates and barre elements. Five parks yoga has a couple and im really enjoying Kaylie Daniels’ videos now… but some are pretty tough though!!!


Hi Janae!! I’ve been reading your blog for YEARS (started in college and I’m 28 now haha) and have just loved following you and your family along on your journey. I’m actually doing a solo roadtrip this summer and I’m going to stop by St. George today! Maybe I’ll run into you guys if you’re still there!

Serious question about the cookies though: you’ve mentioned Swig before so I was planning to stop in there, but now I’m wondering if I should go to Dutchman’s instead?! Which would you recommend? (Or should I just do both and taste test??)

Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. As odd as this sounds, you’ve been a constant in my sister and my lives for years now, and I have so appreciated getting to learn about your family from afar.

All the best!


This made me so so happy. Wow. Thank you Phoebe and I feel so incredibly lucky to be a constant for you and your sis (can I come hang out with you guys?)! I hope you love it so so much here! I would go to both if I were you…do a taste taste and let me know what you think! But you have to go to Dutchman’s for sure! It would be amazing to run into you! Where are you going after?


Your hat……SOOOO CUTE!

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