It’s Not Over Until It’s Over + Our Weekend

It took my face a solid 30 minutes to defrost after Saturday’s run.  It felt like my face was cracking a bit to smile for the picture ha.

8.04 miles @ 8:17 pace.

51.2 miles for my week and I’ll probably hover in this area for a while!  50 miles a week is my sweet spot and whenever I choose to run a marathon again (I’m guessing 2022) it’ll change again.

Here is how my mileage has progressed so far in training after having Beck.  I was able to jump up in those first few weeks fast because I was running about 25 miles a week right before Beck was born and it just felt so good to not be running with him anymore;)

IMG 9001

I definitely procrastinated the above run for a solid 2.5 hours.  If I don’t have somebody to meet or a schedule to be back for… it takes me a long time to get out the door.

PS Skye slept through the entire night on Saturday and I’m pretty sure that is the first time that has happened in a month.

IMG 8951

Oh and Brooke has been helping me to stay healthy with my mileage by helping me to stretch.

IMG 8993

The highlight of our weekend was going to the movie theater.  These girls have missed this SO SO much.  The theaters do social distancing now but we basically had the whole theater to ourselves.

IMG 8976

The other highlight of their weekend was of course the hot tub.

IMG 9020

Two new things about Beck…

He is showing a lot of interest in toys these days.

IMG 8988

And he is also very proud of the fact he can sit up on his own with only a little bit of support:)

IMG 9005

The other day somebody mentioned the summer skillet lasagna that we used to make and that made me crave having it again.  SO so good.

IMG 9024

A few weeks ago I talked about my goal to make a new-to-me item each week.  Andrew voted for a chocolate cream pie so I made this one!  I highly recommend this recipe if you love chocolate!

IMG 9031

And for today’s random running thought….

In this podcast episode I heard Sara Vaughn say, “The race isn’t over until it’s over.”

I’m not sure why but that really hit me because it’s SO true but it is something I definitely forget sometimes.

Whether you are in a workout or a race, don’t stop trying until it is completely over.  I can’t tell you how many times during a race or a workout that I started feeling better as the miles went on.  I remember during mile 11 of my PR marathon feeling like absolute trash and wondering how in the world I could go another 15 miles… but the feelings changed big time about ten minutes later.  I felt good again and it would have been so sad if I would have given up at mile 11 because I thought I was going to feel that way forever.  The rollercoaster of emotions/feelings that we go through during a race/workout is all over the place, remind yourself when you are feeling terrible that it WILL pass and hold onto that hope until it does!  Tell yourself that the best is yet to come!

Your second interval might make you want to cry because you are so far off of goal pace or you are having stomach cramps or your legs feel heavier than ever but don’t give up—>  Our feelings can change and you might just get faster and faster with each one.  It’s worth the gamble:).

IMG 0748


When do you feel like spring starts?

-My running friends and I were saying that we feel like it starts on March 1st wahooo (even though we still get snow in March often haha).

Last movie you watched?  Would you recommend it?

Who has a March bday? Anniversary?  Race?  Other big thing this month?

-ANDREW on March 14th!

Tell me the highlight of your weekend!

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I love that quote. I usually feel like trash my first repeat, mile or whatever it is, then I start to feel better as I get warmed up. Even in a tempo run, the first mile feels awful and I’m like, how can I keep going? Then the second mile starts to feel better. Spring starts here the minute I get a sinus infection. haha. I’m about to schedule a doctor appt right after this! We went from the 20’s-30’s to 60’s in a week and the pollen is killing me! :)
I watched a thriller over the weekend called ‘the Lie’ on Amazon. It was really good–totally surprised by the ending! We haven’t been to a theater in forever, I miss it too!!!


Hey Mollie! Wow, the weather changed there fast! I am so sorry about your sinus infection, that sounds miserable. I’ll have to check out The Lie… thanks! I hope your week is off to a great start already and I hope you are still loving your Ravennas!


Agreed spring starts in March! That’s when it seems to start getting warmer and then April is full spring.

I watched Palmer with Justin Timberlake and it was so moving.


Happy Spring!!! I’ve heard great things about that movie! Thanks Mariah and I hope your Monday is off to a great start.


Yay for March birthdays! Mine is the 21st and I have a fun running adventure planned. : )
Have a great day Janae!


Happy birthday month! I hope you start celebrating today. You better keep me in the loop on your bday running adventure! Thanks Jenny!


I feel like spring starts today! We definitely get a very rainy spring, and the TN river is already flooded, so today’s rain will for sure make it feel like spring here. I like spring, but I hate the amount of pollen that makes the air thick and the streets run yellow when it rains, gross.

We watched You, Again (now on Disney Plus) and it’s got a great cast……Betty White, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sigourney Weaver, and Kristen Bell.

Sunday (7th) was supposed to be my half marathon, but it got moved to November. I have 3 sisters’s, one friend, and one sister in law with bdays this month (14th, like Andrew, 20th, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th) Whew!

My birthday was saturday (Feb 27) so we partied all week in Nashville! They had just gotten over a week of ridiculous ice and snow, but we got 73 degrees while we were there! We went to the zoo and got to pet kangaroos and I got the first sunburn of the year, ha! There were still super icy patches on the shaded parts of the running trails though, so that was awkward that first morning. Slowed my pace down considerably.

Have a great week! (Beck is so cute, by the way!)


Hey Loribeth! HAPPY BIRTHDAY two days ago, it sounds like you had a great time! We will have to watch that movie, I wonder if Brooke would like it too? Bummer about your race getting moved! Have a beautiful day!


I love that quote, too–it could apply to so many things!

Spring always feels like it starts when the trees have really leafed out . . . and I can run in shorts!

I ended up working a lot this weekend, but a highlight was getting to see some family!


It really does work for so many things… you are so right. Oh I cannot wait to run in shorts again. Way to get in so much work and I’m really happy you were able to see some family too. Have a great Monday Kristin!


I’ve been hearing birds in the morning for the past few days, so I feel like they are encouraging spring to just get here!! I totally agree, so let’s say it’s today :)
I watched Penguin Bloom on Netflix over the weekend, and I *really* liked it. It’s a true story, deals with some grief related to injury/limited mobility, but is uplifting. Maybe a slight bit too intense for kids under 12/13.
My daughter (middle) turns 18!!!! on March 7! I splurged on some Doc Martens for her big present :)
Weekend highlight=sun during my backyard workout on Saturday!
Happy Monday!


HEY COREY! Oh I am so glad that you are hearing birds in the morning, such a good sign. I will absolutely be watching that movie, thank you for sharing that. YOUR DAUgHTER TURNS 18! That is so exciting and she is going to be so happy to get those shoes. I love that those are back in style. That sun this weekend is definitely a highlight. Thanks friend and Happy Monday to you too!


Hi Janae,
Just curious if you and Andrew have decided about having more kids? We just had our third in December and I go back and fourth about having a fourth. I had my first real postpartum workout today and I totally get what you mean about not running with beck and how good it feels.


Hey Megan! YAY for your first real postpartum workout today, it feels soooo good to be doing it alone again! PS congrats on your third and I hope you are sleeping well. That is the question of all questions haha… I go back and forth every hour. I feel like we are done at times and then I feel like I want ten more. So we decided to just not decide for a few years! Sorry that isn’t much help ha. Have a great day and enjoy all of the snuggles.


Thanks for responding! I’m glad I’m not the only one that changes my mind every hour!


My birthday is the 13th, so close! And my sister’s and dad’s birthdays are the 8th and the 12th! Usually we do a big family birthday party for the three of us, but I guess we will have to skip a year :/


HEY NINA! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH! I hope you are able to have some special ways to celebrate this year and that your family bday party in 2022 will be so amazing. I’ll eat some cake to celebrate you this month!


Good morning!!
I pretty much go with actual spring (March 20 this year), but in reality, it’s more like April around here.
No movie recommendations for you, but glad you got to the theater! I miss seeing movies on the big screen. I believe they are open around here with social distancing and lower capacity, but on a personal level not quite ready for that yet. That said, we did go to a restaurant this weekend for the first time in months. We went early and the place was basically deserted. It was filling up as we were leaving, so all in all, good timing :o)
Lots of family birthdays plus my boyfriend all in March. Happy Birthday month to Andrew!!
Have a wonderful day!!


Janine, I am so happy that you were able to go to a restaurant this weekend (and be able to leave before it got busy). I bet it felt so good to be out! Happy birthday month to your family members and your boyfriend, I hope you are able to do some fun things. Thanks Janine and I hope your April weather shows up this month:)


I do not know when I think Spring starts, but March 1st has forever has been a day of “you made it” for me, and has always brought me a inner contentment.

Oooooooooo that summer skillet looks amazing. I have been doing new recipes on Sundays. It has worked out well, because the long run Saturday makes everything I have made taste delicious.


YOU MADE IT… I love that:). I’m going to start using that too. I totally agree about the long run making food even more delicious. Happy Monday and tell Chris and Hope hello from us all.


The last movie we watched was a movie called Late Night with Emma Thompson and we really enjoyed it.

March is my uncle’s birthday and also a 6 year anniversary for me and the other half!

Highlight of the weekend did my long run as a sunrise run on Saturday and couch potatoing on Sunday lol.

So exciting that Skye slept through the night! And now I want to make Chocolate pie. Also I thought it was cold but clearly not as cold as Utah lol. Have a wonderful day Janae!


I will have to check out that movie, thanks so much Kristine! HAPPY 6 year anniversary this month, I hope you are able to do something fun. That sounds like the perfect weekend to me. Thanks Kristine, you too and happy March!


I love your rust winter cap! Can I ask the brand?


Thanks so much Tina! It is this beanie but I’m not finding it in the same color anymore.. I got mine a few years ago. I hope you have a beautiful day!


Beck is so cute, I think he is starting to look like Skye.

50 miles a week is also my favorite, I feel like I can progress without being totally recked.

I made the shrimp skillet meal you suggested a while ago last night, it was SO good!

My hubby and I have our “dating” anniversary tomorrow, 18 years!

I feel like spring should start March 1st, we often get snow into May but the light stats showing up and the weather has nice days mixed in with the snow. a Covid winter was hard, I have never looked forward to summer more!!!

Have a wonderful Monday =)


Hey Beth! Thank you and I totally agree, I am seeing more and move similarities between the two! Seriously 50 miles is just the best spot. I am SO glad you loved the coconut shrimp, it is so good. HAPPY 18 years dating anniversary… that is so exciting and I hope you are able to go out. I hope the summer (and summer weather) come quickly for you all. Thanks friend, you too!


That chocolate cream pie looks AMAZING!! I’ll be right over! :)
Congrats to Beck on such a huge accomplishment! He’s growing up so fast!
I feel like spring starts when I start hearing the frogs at night (which was last week) and I start hearing the birds in the morning, which was THIS morning! We also have 1 blooming daffodil (out of 5) which is another indicator! YESSSS!!
My youngest is turning 7 on the 4th and my BFF’s birthday is on the 29th!
The highlight of my weekend was getting to run all 12 miles with a friend (I set out to run 8 out of her 12 but then didn’t want to stop!) and while we were running we ran into Instagram friends that we had never met IRL before! I love how social running can be!
Have a great day!


My hubby’s birthday is March 14 too. Lol


Spring starts when it’s consistently over 50 degrees here in the south! Ready for spring but not ready for the humidity!
We haven’t watched a movie in a while but we just got done with the series Truth be told, so good!
No races planned for March, they are all still virtual here?and we all know those aren’t as fun BUT got a great run in to kick the month off!
Our church did a Date night for all married couples and it was 80’s themed so my husband and I went as Marty and Jennifer from Back to the future!
Happy Monday!


Amazing to see movie theaters open! In New York State, they closed last March and haven’t reopened once. I also saw my favorite theater from my hometown in the Chicago suburbs ended their lease and closed for good. So sad to see so many theaters closing. I hope the theaters can come back as we see more normalcy. I just watched the new Tom and Jerry movie on HBO Max (I believe it’s also in theaters). It was ridiculous but funny.
I’m also hoping the olympics can run this summer. I won’t have any school classes so I’ll have tons of time to watch if they do.

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