I have no middle ground.

I definitely over dressed for the run but it felt really good to sweat for an hour and feel HOT.

We did things a bit different yesterday and Andrew woke up early and went out first and then I went once he got back.  St. George just might need to be a monthly thing during the winter so that Andrew can get in more mountain biking during our snowy months.  It’s crazy to me that we just have to drive 3.5 hours south to feel like we are in a completely different season.

IMG 4731

The kids all slept really well and I took the advice from the comments in last week’s post that people gave me to stop pumping in the middle of the night even though Beck was sleeping through the night… I’m feeling human again.  I was worried that my milk was dropping last week (I wasn’t sure but for 2 days Beck was still acting hungry after each feeding and I thought it was because he was going so long in between feedings at night and I thought that was causing me to not produce as much milk) so I pumped after each feeding for a few days but now my body thinks I have 3 babies to feed ha.  Like Andrew always says—> I have no middle ground:)  I’m an all or nothing kind of a person ha but I’m sure my body will figure out the right amount again soon.

IMG 8389

I went out for 7.16 miles @ 8:23 average pace on the dirt and I came across this old school treadmill randomly in the middle of nowhere.  I was very confused when I saw it… It almost looks like this was the first ever version of a treadmill ha.

IMG 8400

Brooke asked if she could go trail running too so when I got back we all drove over to St. George Narrows to hike and run around.  Brooke told me that trail running is harder than road running but way more fun and I absolutely agree with her on that observation.

IMG 8420 heic

Skye really does think she is 8 years old, nothing will hold her back and she is so confident in her hiking abilities.

IMG 8407

I was pretty excited about the fact that we all had top knots…

IMG 8411

A hike/run is the best thing to do before a car ride with littles (or with me).  Everyone was ready to sit down for a while.

PS Yesterday we drove on a few parts of the St. George Marathon course and I’m only a little embarrassed to admit this but it made me tear up a little.  I just have such an emotional connection to that course and I can’t wait to run it again someday.

IMG 8422

We grabbed food to eat in the car.  5 Guys burgers and fries… IMO the best burger joint there is and their seasoned fries are pure heaven.

FullSizeRender 2

And then we got back to Utah and the girl’s outfits did not match the weather.

FullSizeRender 3

It was dad’s bday yesterday so we were able to stop by and see him yesterday.  I share more about his cancer here but each birthday we get to celebrate with him makes me so thankful because at the beginning of his diagnosis we thought he only had a few months left here with us.

FullSizeRender 4


If you eat burgers, what do you think is the best burger joint?

Longest road trip you have ever taken?

Do you feel like you sweat a little bit, medium bit or a lot when you run?

Those of you with a significant other right now.. do they love to exercise?  When do they usually work out?  If you have kids.. how do you arrange your work outs?

-Usually Andrew will work out at night but we were just talking about how in 4ish years Brooke will be old enough to babysit and we will be able to do some workouts together when we want!

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Southern Utah is so pretty! All of Utah is, but those red canyons are something!
Longest road trip is to my family in Colorado. It typically takes 16 hours, but once, because of a massive snow storm through Utah and all the way into Denver, it took almost 24 hours! The boys were 8 and 5, and they were so good, thankfully. Now that they’re older, we have extra drivers.
We don’t need to worry about child care, so my husband and I can run /workout whenever. I’m definitely a 1st thing in the morning person, and my husband will go for a run during lunch, between classes. We do run together occasionally on the weekends.
Happy Birthday to your dad!!! It is very special to celebrate each birthday for sure!
Off for my early morning group run, and it’s super windy! Resistance training, right!?!


HEY WENDY!! I agree, the red canyons/rocks are just something else! TWENTY FOUR HOUR DRIVE… wow!
Sounds like you and your husband are like me and Andrew with what times we want to work out! Thank you so much and I hope your run in the wind went well! Resistance training–> BRILLIANT!


5 guys DOES have really good burgers! I live in Arkansas we are all big fans of Whataburger too! They have giant bags of fries that you could practically live on for days! haha!

We drove 17 hours on time and needless to say it wasn’t very fun. :)

I sweat a good amount for my runs but mostly my face just gets REALLY red post-workout. I embrace the cherry tomato look! ;)

My boyfriend and I workout at the same gym but we’re always in separate parts of the gym during the time there. So, we knock it out together but separately if that makes sense.

Hope you guys have a great day, Janae!!


I have never tried Whataburger, I must try it some day! 17 hours just sounds way too long. I get the cherry tomato look too! You get to drive together and know you are both working hard at the same time:) I love it and thanks Chelsea, you too!


My daughter introduced me to BGR in Salt Lake City. They know how to fix a burger.


I just looked up their menu when I read your comment… next time we are up there I am 100% trying it (or maybe we will make a trip just for the burgers). I hope you are having a great morning Heidi!


I wore the same green shirt yesterday; love your Friday favorites! I love to work out and run in the morning before my kids wake up. My husband goes in seasons of working out and will do it in the morning but a little later than me.
We drove from Louisiana to Ohio to buy a camper! We had a 6 month old at the time and it went so well. We stopped to breastfeed and stretch. I love all the car snacks.


I just got the shirt in maroon too and it might be my all time favorite! I’m so glad you love them, they are just the best. I love the early morning slot before people are awake too. That is a very long drive and I agree, car snacks are the best snacks and I love the conversations that happen in the car too. Have a beautiful day, Lisa!


Another good chain burger place is Smashburger!

Longest road trip was when my family moved from RI to AZ. Not a fun road trip hahaha. My sister and I were pre-teens, my brother was 18, and we were not happy to move. Surprised my parents didn’t just leave us somewhere :p


I LOVE Smashburger too… might need to go there soon! That is a very long road trip and that must have been such a hard move at those ages! Haha your parents must really love you all:). Have a great day Mariah!


Happy Birthday to your Dad. I am sure the birthday hug was the best!!
Love all your pictures, but that one of the 3 girls with your top knots……..oh my, adorable.
In order for us to workout together right now, we just do in the workout room. But my suggestion is to do it without any littles running around, because then it still feels like a date.


It really was. I’m so grateful he is still with us! Thank you, I try to twin with them as much as possible. I’m excited to start doing that with Andrew again in our workout garage… you are 100% right. Have a beautiful day, Erica!


Looks like such a nice day all out together, going once a month seems like a great idea! Fruita (similar to Moab) is only 4.5 hours away from us and much warmer but you have to drive over the mountains (vail pass, past Aspen, etc) to get there so we don’t often go that way plus you can get stuck in ski traffic. I don’t know if you have ski traffic in Utah but it is terrible here.

My husband is very active too (biking and running) we used to train for all our events together pre kids it was awesome spending 8 hours no a weekend on bikes. But now with kids we have to take turns.

When we were young my husband and I lived in Albuquerque and both of our families lived in Portland. We would drive back a couple times a year. It was a 24 hour drive and we would do it straight just taking turns driving. It was exhausting but we were young and cheap LOL.

It’s so fun seeing skye and Brooke together, my two year old think that she can do everything that my four year old does too.

I am glad you are figuring out breast feeding as you go, it’s so hard for so many people. I wanted to love it but honestly I hated it and continued for as long as I could (9 months with one kiddo and 6 with the other) but I was so much happier when I stopped and started using formula. I hope you continue to do what is best for you and your family!


HEY BETH! I need to visit Fruita some day!! We do have ski traffic in canyons like Big Cottonwood but luckily there is not a lot of traffic for Sundance! 8 hours together biking = that sounds dreamy. My sister used to live in Albuquerque and I visited her once there! I can’t imagine that drive that you guys would do to visit family! I can totally relate with you on breastfeeding with my girls but somehow Beck has made it so easy for me this time (with the girls it was SO hard). Thank you for the support, that means the world to me!


I sweat a TON – so much that when I’m done running in hot weather I have grains of salt coating my arms and legs. Ew & cool at the same time.

Hands down best burger place anywhere is Kewpee Hamburgers in Lima, Ohio (my hometown). It’s been around for almost 100 years. Better than 5 Guys! ;)


HARD CORE is what I think about you! Almost a 100 years, yeah I need to try that place out. Thanks Amanda and I hope your day is off to a great start!


I’m also the early morning workout person in our household.
My husband work outs and runs but not as often as I like to do.


The early morning time slot is just the best! I hope you are having a great day Mary!


I love 5 Guys too. I got coupons for Back Yard Burger in the mail other day and cashed that in and it definitely hit the spot. Plus their sweet potato fries are just so good!

The longest road trip I’ve been on is driving from West TN to New York City. I went with a group from college for a mission trip. Unfortunately on the way back, some people came down with food poisoning and it took us 27 hours to get back!


I must try that Back Yard Burger place… yum! Nothing is better than sweet potato fries! That is a VERY long road trip… food poisoning on a road trip sounds miserable.

I hope you are having a great day so far Sloan!


One of the things I was really looking for and praying for in a relationship is a workout buddy. It turns out my boyfriend was too!
We only get to work out together on the weekends right now because of jobs but my daughter is a teenager so she’s all set at home. Once a weekend we hit the gym together and have the most fun possible there then get breakfast out. Other people there must think we’re crazy! The other option is doing workouts in the parking lot where I live and that’s a blast too!


YAYAYAY!! I’m so thrilled about this boyfriend of yours and that you guys workout together on the weekends too… the best! I’m so happy for you both and I’m sure your daughter loves having him around too:)


My partner will hike and do some trails with me..but he doesn’t run. His job is very physically demanding so I think that’s part of it. Though puppy gets both of us out more.

I usually like early morning workouts but the weather has been rainy this week and dark so that hasn’t happened lol.

Longest road trip..we did 17 days through the Canadian rockies a few years ago. Driving through BC and Alberta …including jasper and Banff and of course getting in a race lol. That was a massive highlight as the Canadian Rockies are stunning. And driving through Maligne Canyon was incredible. The longest stretch of driving was 10 hrs in a day. We have been further..driving to Oregon and also through the cascades. Any longer and we would get on a plane lol.

Happy birthday to your dad! So happy you guys have gotten to celebrate so many more birthdays. Have a great day Janae!


HEY KRISTINE! I love that dogs do that for us… Beretta gets us out walking so much! Isn’t it crazy how much harder the rain makes it for us to get outside?! SEVENTEEN DAYS.. that is amazing. I bet it was the most gorgeous drive EVER. Thanks Kristine, you too!


Hi Janae! I donr ear burgers much but I love shake shack when I can find it! Their fries are crinkle cut and I love that. Happy birthday to your dad and wishing him a happy and healthy year ahead!


The Shake Shack fries really are so cute! Thank you so much Amy and I hope you had a great run with your fiance this weekend:)


I think it’s a tie between 5 Guys and Habit as far as burgers… but Habit has amazing shakes, so they take the win in my book!

I’m not sure how much I sweat. This morning our humidity was under 20% so sweat evaporates pretty quickly. On the other hand, I’m always soaked in Hawaii!

Les not only loves exercise, he needs it. If he doesn’t exercise after a few days he is so grumpy! It’s pretty funny to us – I’ll tell him, “you need to go ride your bike!” and he’ll ask me if I need chocolate ;)


Oh I love Habit but I haven’t tried their shakes, I must do that asap! Running in Hawaii (or even walking for me) = I’m soaked too ha! I love that you tell each other that… we do the same thing over here! I hope you have a fabulous day, Kathy!


Haha my body also thought it had 3 babies to feed! I always pumped first thing in the morning when my babies slept through the night early on. This was against the advice of a lactation consultant but it worked for me. I was able to donate a bunch of milk which still makes me feel good! I don’t pump now because my youngest is 1.5…and I can say that although I felt like pumping and feeding felt like my entire life (3 babies in 4.5 years), it was such a fleeting time. It really was my identity at the time, but I’m so happy to look back at it as that now. But yeah there’s definitely better times to pump than when you could be sleeping lol! Do you have a car adapter?!


That is so awesome that you were able to donate a bunch of milk. What a beautiful thing that you did! I NEED the car adapter for the pump… what a great idea. Thanks for sharing Jade, I hope your day is a beautiful one!


I sweat so much! My husband always smells the room (gross, I know but my treadmill is in our basement) and says, “wow you did a good job” hahah. Gross but I guess that is an a compliment.

We were just in St. George weekend before last visiting my sister and man, I could have stayed forever! But I didn’t even run outside, what was I thinking?! Though we did go on a nice long walk – I love the St. George Narrows, next time I’ll have to go back.


I think we all need to move to St. George… it really is the greatest! Hope you are visiting your sister again soon. Hahaha I love what your husband says to you after a run! Have a beautiful day Tess!


If you eat burgers, what do you think is the best burger joint?
hmm that’s a tough one! I’m not sure I could say my top burger place, probably, smashburger, 5 guys and shake shack.

Longest road trip you have ever taken?
Once some friends and I drove from St. Louis to South Padre Island. I think it was like 17 hours… never again, but we were young. Now we drive back and forth from St. Louis to Denver to visit family which is 12ish hours at least once a year, but more in 2020 since we still aren’t flying.
Do you feel like you sweat a little bit, medium bit or a lot when you run?
I’m probably on the little to medium bit, which is why I tend to over dress then underdress since I’m always cold!
Those of you with a significant other right now.. do they love to exercise? When do they usually work out? If you have kids.. how do you arrange your work outs?
I wouldn’t say my husband loves to exercise, unless you count golf haha but he’s trying to get back into it. I’m definitely the one who loves to exercise. On the weekends, we’ve been having family runs with him pushing the stroller, otherwise we have to find different times to exercise. My husband does love to mountain bike, but after he got his bike stolen, he never replaced it and now has only gone a few times since then.


Hey Kathy! I hope you get a good burger soon:). Seventeen hours sounds miserable ha. Your family runs sound like so much fun. That is so terrible that his bike got stollen, Andrew told me that has been happening so much lately?! I hope he gets a great one soon.
Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!


Happy happy birthday to HRG Dad! He looks great! Longest road trip is probably our honeymoon in New Zealand where we rented a camper van for a month and drove all around the south island and some of the north. I guess we did #vanlife before there were hashtags or even digital cameras, hah! And yes, I fully support the monthly trips to St. George to get you through the winter!


5 Guys is our favorite. It’s the closest thing to my grandma’s cast iron fried burgers that I’ve found. It just hits the spot!

We used to road trip every summer when I was growing up. We never planned hotel stops, we’d just drive until my parents needed to crash. We’d find a hotel in whatever town we landed in. It was so much fun.

I sweat so much! It’s usually dripping off my nose and my hair. It’s gross, but it always makes me feel like I’ve worked really hard to earn that sweat!

My husband is still on work from home because of COVID. We’ve fallen into a good workout routine where he bikes on his lunch break and then I always run during nap time. It’s nice having him home!


When we have burgers, my absolute fav is to bbq them at home!

The longest road trip I’ve ever taken is from SoCal to Montana, through Yellowstone, and back home last summer. It was seriously one of the best trips ever! If we can’t fly internationally this summer, we will definitely do another long road trip.

I sweat a lot, but my husband has me beat. I try not to run too close to him because he will literally spray me with sweat. Ick.

I’m lucky in that my kids are old enough to be home by themselves now, but before then we had a treadmill and we would switch off workouts and now we get to run together!


Happy Birthday to your dad, Janae! I teared up knowing how grateful and happy you and your family are to have your dad <3 Dads are the best! Have a great day!


The pic of you, Brooke, and Skye….what a optical illusion!! Your leg at first glance looks like it could be Brookes lol That’s is until I see the shoe size :)
Also, Beck may be going through a growth spurt and just want to eat more.
What I wouldn’t give for seasons. Florida girl here. Blah


Shirt in first photo?? Love it, info please!!


Hey Nancy! You are going to love it! Here is the link: https://amzn.to/3apk6zn

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