Best running hoodie, last day in California happenings and that was scary.


I’m pretty excited about my new favorite hoodie!!!

The ‘Sorry For What I Said At Mile 20’ tanks are now hoodies too!!!!

Now that it is getting cold again all I need is a comfy hoodie to live in all winter long.  The tanks are being sold again too and the hoodies come in navy, black, grey, red, green and blue!  They are all HERE!!!

They also make a great gift for any runners in your life (and a great gift for yourself too:)  They will be available for the next 10 days (last day to order is Nov 9th)!

Who knows what I say when I hit the wall… but that is why I have a hoodie to apologize for me.

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Our last day in California was yesterday.  When I take Brooke to California I pretty much get there right before she sees her dad and and then hit the airport right after I pick her up from him.  We were gone for about 50 hours total.  It felt like it completely zoomed by which is always nice when I’m missing Brooke but I’m so happy to not be doing these trips alone anymore.  It was so great to have Andrew and Knox.

The first thing we did Sunday morning was breakfast with one of Andrew’s friends from high school.  He lives in the area so he and his girlfriend invited us over for an amazing breakfast.   The table was decorated perfectly.  Decorating is definitely not one of my strengths so I am always amazed by people that are so good at it.

The sweet potato and celery root hash was insanely good.  I’m going to get that recipe for you asap.  She has used the Whole 30 Program in the past.  This was her favorite recipe from when she was doing that and she still loves making it.

IMG 0712

It switched off between raining and complete sunshine about every 9 minutes yesterday;)

IMG 0714

We went to church together afterwards (I don’t understand the poof my hair is doing below either) and we actually ended up going to a Spanish church service because of the time that we were able to go.  Andrew understood every word and luckily I understood a little bit from the few years of Spanish I took in high school.

IMG 0722

From there we took Knox over to the Palo Alto Children’s Museum.  He used to say that he wanted to be an engineer when he grew up and now he tells us he wants to be a police officer who loves to do science labs too.  This museum was PERFECT for his age and his love of science.  He tells us that science is his favorite part about school too.

IMG 0736

If I could choose one restaurant to magically make it’s way to Utah, it would be Pluto’s.  They have the most beautiful salads there.  When Andrew told me he was craving something fresh for our lunch, I knew just where to take him.

IMG 0748

They have you choose your protein and then you can add up to 7 toppings.  I went for grapes, roasted sweet potatoes, butternut squash, strawberries, edamame, peas and I can’t remember the last topping but it was amazing.

IMG 0750

It started raining again so we took Knox to a movie (I fell asleep… of course) but the boys liked it.

And then we picked up Brooke!!!!!!  I always feel whole again when I see that little face.

IMG 0790

She went trick-or-treating with her dad while she was gone and brought back a banana Laffy Taffy for Knox because he loves banana flavored candy.

I do not understand banana flavored candy but the rest of my family does.

IMG 0777

We drove back to Oakland (we fly in and out of there because the tickets are cheaper) and made sure to grab a milkshake on the way.  I don’t have In-N-Out milkshakes often but whenever I do I am quickly reminded of how good they are.

IMG 0802

And these two were right back to their normal craziness.

IMG 0814

The flight home was actually really scary.  It was the worst turbulence I have ever experienced and the pilot had to reroute us a bit to get around the storm.  Brooke slept right through it and Knox thought it was a fun ride.   I might not be able to get on an airplane again for a little while ha.

IMG 0818

We finished the night off strong with some mohawk selfies on the bus.

IMG 0820

Also, I lost my voice.  It started out Saturday afternoon… I can only talk in a whisper right now.  Know of any good remedies to help with this?

Do you speak any other languages?

Ever had any scary flying experiences?

Banana flavored candy—>  yay or nay? 

Ever done Whole 30?  What was your experience with it?

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That’s so cool that Knox is into science. Adam’s sister is a forensic scientist and loves her job, although she says it’s quite different from the TV show CSI haha.

I have had scary flying experiences before where the plane drops a bit in turbulence. I always tell myself that the pilots are used to it and that they are in full control because it doesn’t scare them anymore bc it’s so common. If that’s not true I don’t want to know because that’s what I have to tell myself to stay calm!


That cinnamon roll on your plate looks pretty amazing. Please tell me it tasted just as great as it looks!! :) As for banana-flavored candy, NO. Eww. I love bananas, but the only flavored thing I can really handle is banana bread.

That salad place sounds a lot like Crisp or Snappy Salad, which I’m now craving. I think I’m going to need to get a salad today from one of those places.


It most definitely tasted as good as it looked:) The whole meal was amazing. I hope you go get a salad asap from Crisp today!


Last spring our flight home from AZ was the worst flight ever with turbulence. LOTS of dropping and bouncing….not as bad as I have seen lately on the news but bad to me. Just very happy when we landed then too. ;-)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE banana Laffy Taffy. ;-)


Try Zarbee’s for your throat/voice. It is all natural!


Honey in a hot drink for your throat? Chicken soup also works for me when it’s a mild case. I’m a Bananaddict haha I love banana-anything ;-) Well…except for the banana tasting antibiotics that I used to get for ear infections when I was a kid LOL And French is my first language.


NO NO and NO to banana-flavored candy!

My parents were born in Cuba, so I grew up bi-lingual.

And we try to eat Whole-30 most of the time, though I find it really tough when I’m training for a race. There are only so many sweet potatoes and plantains I can eat before I just need a piece of toast before/after a run.


I’m doing Whole 30 right now actually, today is Day 11 haha. It’s going really well.. I’m officially over the sugar/bread withdrawal and I’m feeling great. I’m 4.5 months post partum and needed something to help me get over the weightless plateau and reset my thinking around food and its working, I crave appled wit almond butter and walnuts and pumpkin seeds sprinkled on top..who am I? But I’m already down 10 lbs and 3″. You’re not supposed to weigh yourself while on Whole 30 but I find it easier to stick to when I see results on the scale so I am weighing myself every few days.


I really love warm water with honey and lemon for a scratchy throat :) Your throat just needs to heal, but the honey-lemon water is soooo soothing!

THOSE SALADS LOOK AMAZING and I need one ASAP!! I live in a tiny town and there is not much salad love here, so I’m pretty much drooling at those pictures. Haha.

I finally realized how to comment – I didn’t realize you had to scroll all the way down to the bottom. Hahahahaha. I swear I’m not dumb. :D


Ugh sorry to hear you lost your voice I hate when that happens.

My husband is a pilot and I know he has plenty of scary stories. My scariest is when I was flying On a 45 min flight to cleaveland. Our propeller plane had an engine failure and all of a sudden it was violently shaking and we had to turn around. It took us twice as long to get back. Planes can fly in one engine but boy was it was terrifying. I don’t really like flying to begin with.


Banana flavored candy is disgusting. Especially Runts. Are those still around? I feel like I haven’t seen them in a decade.
For your voice, don’t even whisper! It’s probably over-use, so the only cure is rest. Maybe something like tea and honey will help.


Any flight is scary for me. I hate it all around. Just feeling helpless and not knowing what bumps are normal and what aren’t.

Eeewe banana candy is not for me. I like lime flavored and grape flavored candy best after cherry of course.


I’ve only flown a few times, and it is because of my second flight. My first flight was totally fine (to Mexico) and it didn’t even occur to me to be scared of flying. My second was for work (to Atlanta), and it was the most terrifying flight with lots of complications. I’ve only flown once since then (to Disney with my whole extended family), and had to get anxiety meds from my doctor to do it. Even the thought of flying for our future (hypothetical) vacation makes me start having a panic attack. Ugh. I’m glad you’re all safe!


Try a teaspoon of cinnamon stirred into honey for the throat. I’m a substitute teacher and sometimes strain my voice during the day and that usually does the trick to sother it.


turbulence is super scary! I do not like banana flavored candy!


I can speak Spanish and understand a little bit of Arabic. And my most scariest flying experience was lading in Boston during a storm. We had turbulence for the four hours of the flight. And landing in all that snow was really impressive, I’ll never forget that!

you should try some ginger tea for your throat.


I speak Spanish, but if someone starts speaking too quickly, I am lost. :) I am good with slow Spanish though! I love banana laffy taffy! It is the best flavor. :) I cannot think of any other banana flavored candy, but I do love that one. Happy Halloween!


Ugh, turbulence is the worst. I decided it’s because you’re suddenly extremely aware that you’re suspended 30,000 feet in the air in a metal tube….

Banana candy?! Gross, no thanks! I only like bananas, not banana flavored things haha.

Those hoodies look great!!! Who doesn’t live a cozy hoodie?


YES… banana flavored things are not my favorite either because they really don’t even taste like real banana!
That is exactly what happened in my brain last night… the bumps and drops kept reminding me how crazy it is that we are up so high just zooming around in a major lightening storm. You nailed it. Thanks Jess and have a beautiful day!


Yes – a number of scary airplane trips. I’ve been through two aborted landings. One was during a fierce winter storm and we were almost on the runway when the Pilot had to take off again – apparently too strong winds. This summer coming back from California we had another aborted landing. No idea why at first and I remember people around me looking panicked. Apparently it was because another plane was taking its sweet time taking off below.

Last year I was in Halifax and took off in the remainders of a hurricane. You know you are in for a ride when the Pilot warns everyone before that it would be very bumpy, but to trust the plane. It was intense but also kind of fun. The pilot afterwards called it the “disneyland portion of the flight”.


TWO… Oh Rebecca, that is so so scary! Plus a ride during the end of the hurricane. Yeah, I would have lost it ha. Andrew would have loved it though ha. I love what the pilot called it!


Losing your voice means your throat is inflamed, so ibuprofen would help, popcicles, or you can go the hot lemon and honey water route. Hope you feel better soon!


OH Suzy… thank you so much. I will do all of those today:) Thank you and I hope you and your family are having a beautiful day!


No prob, Janae. I wish we lived close to each other. We’re the same pace and we have so much in common. We’d probably be able to exchange ideas and stories for 20 miles and not want to stop!


I love that hoodie!

I grew up in Quebec, so even though we spoke English at home, my dad and grandpa were pretty close to bilingual, so I picked up a lot from them. Unfortunately I’ve forgotten some since we moved from Quebec. It’s true that if you don’t use it on a daily basis you lose it.


Turbulence always scares me! I pray more on flights than I do any other time!


I’ve had really good luck with flying and I love it. I probably wouldn’t if I ever get caught in turbulence :/
Whenever I feel my throat or voice going south, I start chugging hot tea with lemon! And banana flavored laffy taffy is the bomb!! It’s probably the first flavor to eaten first.

I speak Ukrainian, Russian so-so, and of course English which I didn’t learn until kindergarten. I wish I knew more, languages fascinate me!! I end up listening to a lot of Russian, French, Spanish, other European music more than English. It’s pretty fun to try to figure out what is being said!


Glad you were okay after that plane ride! I don’t understand banana taffy either!!


I lost my voice for 3.5 months a few years ago. I had to go to speech therapy to learn how to talk again. The therapist said that clearing your throat and whispering were actually doing more damage. The told me to take a drink every time I was tempted to clear my throat.

Glad you survived the plane ride–I hate when that happens!


I’ve tried to do the Whole 30, but I only made it 30 minutes. Knox’s pouty lip when you were taking a photo of his banana candy! Haha! I guess he’s still a little bit in the adjustment phase of having a blogger step-mom!


Oh no! I like a good chamomile tea to sooth my throat. Hope your voice comes back soon. Don’t stain it!
I grew up speaking Spanish at home and then took French in middle school and high school. I love other languages. They’re fascinating. Even learning more about the progression of the English language when I was in England this summer was so interesting to me. Love it!
And yes I was completely sick during my last flight gone from California a couple of weeks ago. It was horrible.


And by stain I meant strain. Autocorrect ?


Hi there. Happy Halloween!
When i lose my voice i just drink lots and lots of hot honey and lemon tea. It usually works and it tastes so good.
I speak (or try) english, but also french and spanish (we learn it in school). Apart from that i speak portuguese (i’m from portugal) and am trying to learn some german because my sister lives in Berlin.
Also we don’t have banana candy here but it sounds good. It ‘s candy, how bad can it be?


Ah! Good old Plutos!!! That was my go to place for dinner when I was in collage :)


airplanes terrify me. I hate flying.

For your throat, there is a kind of tea called throat coat…………….not sure who makes it, I think I found it at whole foods before,, but maybe you can check amazon. It tastes like stinky feet but it works to bring back your voice!


I just found your blog not that long ago and love it. Also, I LOVE Plutos. I went to college at Stanford and it was a 2-3 times a month treat for lunch!

If you like Indian and Darbar is still around, I also recommend that restaurant!


Banana flavored candy is a no go for me. And those salad toppings look amazing!


Flights like that are no bueno!

Local honey should help your voice; it also helps with allergies as long as it’s local :)

I have hypothyroidism so I feel better with no gluten/sugar. I still do some grains and stevia, so I am not completely whole 30 but the more I stick to it the better I feel!


We live in the Bay Area and love the Children’s Museum. Next time you’re in town, you should take the little ones to the Magical Bridge Playground (also in Palo Alto). It’s HUGE and can keep active little ones busy for quite awhile :)


Oh Megan, thank you so much for that recommendation. We will totally go there… that sounds perfect for them. My aunt lives in Palo Alto so we are in that area a ton. Thank you and I hope you are having a beautiful day!


I’m so sorry about your voice, I’m dealing with a really bad cold right now and my throat is killing me, it hurts to swallow :(

Worst flight ever was on a tiny plane going from Cancun to Cozumel, I was sure we would crash into the ocean.


Flying doesn’t scare me thanks to my years of commuting!! I love not having to think about what to do on planes.

Hope you feel better! tea and honey should help


I have done the whole 30 a few times and I love it. I did it once while breastfeeding and my milk supply tanked though. But I always felt really good and we cooked at home so much which was a plus!


My grandma’s home remedy was boiling water with lemon slices and garlic. It sounds disgusting, but after you boil it add honey and it takes the garlic taste completely away and heals your throat! Works every time and it’s cheap and natural. Also, I did a whole 30 a few years ago and ended up with some sort of food poisoning from eating so much meat! I feel like I’m the only person who didn’t like it. . .


The banana Laffys have a bad rep but they’re not bad!! Then again … If I’m given candy, I usually eat it :)

One of my good friends did the Whole30 thing and loved it. Her and her husband weren’t as strict as some other people (they would enjoy pasta and a glass of wine now and then) but the whole experience was really good for them and helped adjust their eating habits for the better. She says she feels so much better and has a ton more energy. I’d be curious to try it!


I just recently went to a create your own salad cafe when we went to LSU. It was my first experience at one and I absolutely LOVED it!! I’m more of a fruit/chicken/nut salad kinda gal and I loved that I could customize it just the way I wanted. Your post has me wishing we had one here in Columbia. Yum!


Those salad cafe type restaurants are life chaining. So glad you got to try it out and they need one near your house!!!


Every time you show the Bay Area, I feel a strong pull to go there!

Hey, was the cinnamon roll Whole 30? I’m wondering if there was a special Whole 30 recipe there?


You need to come sometime soon! It is amazing there. The cinnamon roll was not Whole 30… just the hash and eggs (I think… I don’t know Whole 30 that well). She just likes to continue using some of the recipes that she used when she was doing Whole 30. Does that make sense?


Makes sense!


I’m so sorry you had a scary flying experience! Flying doesn’t usually bother me. The only thing that makes me nervous is if there is a lot of turbulence, then I get worried that I’m going to get nauseated. No one wants to throw up in public – especially mashed between people you don’t know – Am I right?

I’ve never tried whole 30, but I’m kind of intrigued.

Banana candy = NAY!! Even if I weren’t allergic to real bananas, I’d have to take a hard pass on anything claiming to be banana flavored.


Eww banana flavored candy? I don’t get it! lol … We had bad turbulence on a flight recently.. that is the worst!!!!


oh I hate turbulence! I hate closed space- I think I’m claustrophobic so airplane rides are no fun for me with or without turbulence!

I definitely speak Japanese, English, and a little bit of Spanish. I used to be quite fluent in Spanish when I was in HS and college but then I lost it…when I moved away and didn’t have anybody to practice my Spanish with. Such a shame. I hope to re-learn that language and I wanted to learn Italian.
Although I think the fastest way to learn a language is to be put into that environment- where I was forced to learn English or else I would not have been able to communicate with my teachers! (The first phrase/full sentence I learned in English was, “May I go to the bathroom please?” ha!)
It was funny cuz my youngest daughter spoke 99% Japanese up until we moved to HI and then 4 months later, it’s 95% English and 5% Japanese. Now, it’s getting a little more balanced- but it is still a struggle!

For your throat- I’d suggest honey with a pinch of cinnamon.


How cool that you went to Church in Spanish! I would love to be bi-lingual. I use an online program called Duolingo when I’m home sick or have some spare time, if only I could figure out how to use it on the treadmill/elliptical (not that coordinated).

Glad you had fun in CA!


Give it a try! You won’t regret it. It is difficult at times, especially when friends invite you over, but it is definitely worth it!


That Pluto’s location is about a block and a half from my apartment and I still haven’t gone!! Need to fix that! ;)


You need to change that ASAP!!! You live in a beautiful area Annie!


For your throat: if it doesn’t hurt and your voice is just gone use it as little as possible. If you have to talk don’t use the “loud whisper” just whisper quietly without trying to push out sound and have your husband communicate for you to everyone else. The kids will love it, I lose mine a couple times a year and they think it’s so funny? If your throat hurts though talking will irritate it more but won’t really change how long your voice is gone. For pain go get a prescription for lidocaine and mix it with honey and cinnamon into a paste and try put it exactly where your throat hurts several times a day. Not a Dr just learned from experience? Good luck!


THANK YOU CRYSTAL. It isn’t painful so I will try to not push it and whisper quietly! Brooke keeps telling me I sound so funny. THANK YOU for sharing… I really appreciate it and if it turns painful I will try that. Have a beautiful day!


my voice is just now coming back after a week! I think my family wasn’t too shook up over the fact that it was easier to *not* talk then give 110% to rustle up a voice.

Turbulence = super scary to me. I detest it.

Banana bread, banana popsicles, actual bananas are fine, but banana flavored anything else is yukkers!!!!

Whole 30 bugs me a bit because many of the staff where I work go through phases of doing it and although I think it can be a great jumpstart, it’s quite restrictive and I get tired of hearing “I can’t have that.” Then again, it’s not that difficult for me to opt for lots of veggies and what not. Someone not used to that likely benefits from W30 to get into the habit.

Glad you are having better experiences on your california trips!!!!!


I do not get the banana either!


that salad bar! wish one of those joints was around every corner. but then i’d be broke! totally normal to get so excited over a salad bar pic…?!?!
sorry about your voice! i’ve actually never lost mine, oddly enough. even weirder that i’ve always wanted to.


I lost my voice COMPLETELY when I was in Europe last month! Vacation day 2 and 3 = I was basically whispering the entire time…in Vienna and Salzburg. That rarely happens to me, let alone on vacation!

I’m actually fluent in Russian :) Oh and I’ve had many scary flying experiences! I used to fly every other week as a consultant, and one time we got rerouted to another city. This is gonna sound so morbid but I always tell myself that I’m not afraid to die, and that usually calms me down throughout the flight.


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