Run-On Sentence Per Picture!

5 miles with my sister (picture from a different day because I forgot to take a selfie;) when we were planning on 6 miles… When my body tells me to stop, I stop and 5 miles was when it was done.

We reminisced about the days we used to put our hands in the air at the start of a run to help our watches to connect to the satellites faster… photo of us from about 7 years ago.

IMG 0424

Brooke offers to tie my shoes now which is extremely helpful in the 3rd trimester.

IMG 0479

Made it to the park to start out the school day.

IMG 0485

Next up—> snack time made by Brooke (clearly we were procrastinating getting started with the actual schoolwork;).

IMG 0491

Didn’t expect us to be laptop buddies for another decade or so but 2020…

IMG 0499

Zao rice bowl eaten on my couch… it was perfect.

IMG 0493

Called in the professionals to take care of this hornet nest in our backyard because they are not wanting to leave.

IMG 8441 jpegIMG 0497

Our most used kitchen gadget… (ps we still don’t have eggs from our chickens?!?).

IMG 3132

Another meal on the couch and this one was courtesy of Trader Joe’s and their frozen food section.

IMG 0503

Had a small get-together with some friends and the food was so good.

IMG 0505

The pumpkins were brought out for painting and carving too.

IMG 0506

I don’t remember the last time I stayed up this late.

IMG 0508

He just got reimbursed for his marathon that was supposed to happen in 1.5 weeks but luckily he is really enjoying all of the mountain biking he gets to do now that he isn’t training.

IMG 0509


What is your most used kitchen gadget/tool?

How late is staying up ‘late’ for you?

-Anything past 10 these days!

Andrew and I have had a discussion about how many outfits a day most people go through… So what about you, how many different outfits do you go through a day?

Those of you that have had any races canceled… Did you get your money back?  Did you defer to 2021?  Did your money go towards the virtual race instead?

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Just FYI: the instant pot makes the best hard boiled eggs, and you can make tons at a time! Just put the rack in, 1 cup of water, manual for 5 min. Perfect hard boiled eggs every time!

Also, instant pot and air fryer are our most used kitchen gadgets!


I need to try out the eggs in the Instant Pot today! THANK YOU. Also, do you have an air fryer you recommend, I’ve really been wanting one. Have a great day RK!


I haven’t heard anything about your bread machine lately. Still going strong? I’m really on the fence about getting one. I love sourdough and making a starter and keeping it up has been on my bucket list of things to do for a while, but I’m just not sure that I’m willing to invest that much time (and flour) in it. My game changing kitchen tools are my pistachio green Kitchenaid mixer and my instant pot.


Definitely not still going strong on making bread right now (or anything really ha) but I still do love it and it makes the best bread. You’ll have to let me know what you do about the sourdough (that sounds SO good right now). What would we do without Kitchenaids and instant pots?! Have a great day Tracy!


10pm is about my limit. If I’m reading a good book sometimes it’s like, 10:15 haha. Hmm 3 outfits? I work from home (and have for several years) so it’s drop off clothes (yoga pants lol), running clothes for my lunch run, afternoon athleisure for pick up and any errands. I really only wear “real” clothes on the weekends now. The mid day run makes it hard to get dressed twice. Our most used kitchen gadget is the vitamix. For smoothies, sauces and soups. We have been using our new juicer a TON though!
I didn’t get any reimbursements. I deferred Grandma’s but it’s so hard to plan a year out for a destination race, it will probably be a loss. None of the races I signed up for offered refunds. That’s REALLY nice of them and I’m sure it will mean a lot of return racers. I know the local race here got slammed for being super shady about their policy (luckily, I had a sponsored entry, so I didn’t lose any money on that one), but they refused to cancel until the very last second while they kept saying they definitely WOULD NOT cancel, so no one had chosen to defer by the required date. It’s a ridiculously expensive race so people were pretty angry. Crazy times!!!
That fall themed snack board looks really good. haha.


After 10 and I’m a complete zombie too. Your three outfits each day sound perfect to me. I need to get into juicing, I’ve always heard amazing things about it. I was really shocked that they sent Andrew a check for the race… I know it’s so hard on these race directors to know what to do and it’s hard on everyone. I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope you get to do Grandma’s next year. Have a beautiful day friend.


I bought this cute little cutting board that came with a matching knife on impulse a few years ago–it was like $6 and I use it almost every day now. Perfect for when you want to cut up one apple or something snack-sized, and easy to wash because it’s so small!

I got one race deferred to next year–I was really disappointed when it was cancelled, but now it’s nice to know at least one thing happening in 2021!

I think anything past 9:30 is late for me right now . . . I crash EARLY nowadays!


It’s SO good for us to crash early! Well, I need that little board too now, I am sure I would use it daily too. Can’t wait for your race in 2021, it’s going to feel so good to be back at it with everyone again. Have a fabulous day Kristin.


I was going to do a half marathon this upcoming weekend! The race organizers held out as long as they could and were trying to figure out a safe way to hold it, but over the summer they finally had to cancel. I deferred my registration until 2021.


I am so sorry about your half this weekend being cancelled and I can’t wait for you to get to do it in 2021… We are all going to soak up races a lot more when things go back to normal again! Have a beautiful day Allison.


I’m pretty tired after 10, especially before work days.
I’m registered for 2 races: One (10-miler) was postponed from April to August, then to November. I could get a credit at the sponsor running store, defer to 2021 or 2022, or run virtually; they may still try to hold a limited event, but I don’t see myself doing it this year. I need to talk with my friend who convinced me to sign up. The other (half marathon) race director is determined to hold the event in early December; even though it’s my annual girls’ beach trip, we’ve already canceled our rental and won’t go :( We could get half the fee back (early bird registration, so $40), defer to next year for $30, or switch to virtual but no details on that yet–I suspect they would charge to mail the medal and shirt. I might do virtual to keep my streak alive with this race since this is my 10th year.


Wow, they even let you defer to 2022… so nice that they gave so many options to their racers. I hope you are able to do the virtual of the race in December…10 years, you are amazing. I hope you got plenty of sleep last night before a busy work day today. PS bummer about your girls’ beach trip! So hard. Have a beautiful day, Corey!


Don’t worry- your chickens will lay soon! But keep in mind that it’s coinciding with they shorter days, so you might not get as many as you’ll get come spring.


THANK YOU for the reassurance, that makes me feel so much better. We are getting so excited. I hope you have a really great Wednesday.


I should have mentioned earlier – call your local Cooperative Garden Extension if you have one. There might be one linked with BYU? There are actually people that will come out and vacuum out the hornets nests for free. I think they relocate them? I had it done once, it was quite interesting.

10pm for me is pretty late too.
3 outfits a day if i work and then work out. One on a lazy non-workout day.
I have 3 races I deferred to next year.


Here a couple of links you could try: (for honey bees)
Not sure how close this is to ya’ll.

I’ve used our local WSU Extension a few times, they have a hotline manned by a Master Gardener.


That is such a good idea! I had no idea this was even a service, I will totally be using them… thanks for all of the help John, we really appreciate it. I can’t wait for you to get to do those races next year, it’s going to feel so good for us to all be together again and racing. Have a wonderful day!


Our coffee machine is definitely our most used gadget lol.

Out like a light these days by 10 pm haha

I had all my races deferred. We will get to choose in some cases re 2020 or 2021 or sometimes 2022. Didn’t get our money back..I think a lot of costs were sunk costs by RD.

Depends if I have zoom meetings..then I have to get out of my PJ top lol. So a couple changes at least

Have a wonderful day Janae!


Hey Kristine! I am so glad you fall asleep fast too… isn’t that the best! Wow, sometimes 2022… that seems SO far away! Thank you friend and I hope your day is a great one too!


Here’s my #1 tip for pumpkin carving: leave the stem end intact and cut your opening in the bottom. That way you have a built-in handle, and it’s just so much easier to carve and to get a candle inside.


BRILLIANT! Why don’t we all do this? Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great day Cynthia.


I’m all about kitchen gadgets! Anything that makes time in the kitchen easier is on my wish list. My latest addition is my air fryer that I’m really loving. But my crockpot, pasta maker, and blender are used on a regular basis. I don’t consider my coffee maker a kitchen gadget – it’s a daily necessity ;)

I’ve always been early to bed, so after 10 is late.

Do pajamas count as an outfit? 2-3 outfits for me a day – workout clothes, clothes for the rest of the day, then something a little nicer if I’m going to church. Bible study tonight – we started having parking lot services this month, which is actually kinda cool.


I WANT AN AIR FRYER! Would you recommend the one that you have? I am so happy that you are having parking lot services now, it must feel so good to be able to see your people and feel the community. Enjoy Bible study tonight! Thanks Kathy.


I have the GoWise USA air fryer ( I told Les I wanted one for my birthday and he did all the research. Mine is the 5.8 quart size. The only drawback is they do take up a lot of space, but I use my at least twice a week. Baked sweet potatoes are so perfect!
Have a great rest of your day!


Hi Janae! I love how helpful Brooke is! She really is growing up so fast. Yesterday I visited my friends who have a three year old. I remembered reading on your blog that Skye loves Frozen and she loves bandaids so I bought a box of Frozen bandaids for their daughter. She was so happy and I felt super proud of myself until I saw that she wouldn’t eat dinner until she had opened every single bandaid and stuck them on herself and my friend… there were 28 bandaids in the box haha. It was super cute though to watch her take out each bandaid and name the character. Anyways I hope you have a great day. Happy hump day!


Okay, you are the best! You made that littler girl’s years! I’m so glad you had so much fun with them and the bandaids are always a favorite for that age. I am so glad you are enjoying this week off from work, keep taking care of yourself and thanks Amy!


My most used kitchen gadget….does my steam mop count? It really is my favourite!!! We have tiles which show up every splash of water as dirt so my steam mop is my best friend! Otherwise my stove as I do a lot of baking!!

I had a race deferred from June to January 2021. There was an option for 80% money back but I thought I’d just go with the January race, though it is going to be unbearable hit probably! Will be my first trail race, just 12km.

I probably go through one-two outfits a day, just depends what exercise I’m doing and when. I usually get dressed in running clothes at the beginning of the day and stay in them until I’m finished running which sometimes is the whole day!

And I’m usually in bed between 9-930 so anything 10 and onwards is late for me. I much prefer early to bed and early to rise. Those morning hours are so peaceful! Have an amazing day Janae.


Unbearably hot that’s supposed to say!!


Every night my goal is to be in bed before 9:00 but it seems like most nights in ends up being closer to 10:00. Some nights I wish I could go to bed at 7:30 like my kids do.

What do you feed your chickens? It seems odd that they aren’t producing eggs yet.

Most of us in the house go through probably two outfits a day but my daughter (she’s 4) can go through at least 5. It takes too much energy to change that often!


Our Ninja foodi 5 in 1. It bakes, grills, dehydrates, air fries and roasts. We haven’t used our oven in months LOL. We had encouraged our friends and family to get them too! They love them!

My Disney Princess race was just moved to virtual ???. I’m going to get a Disney gift card for the difference in price and still run all the miles and get my medals. I’m so so sad.


For a big kitchen gadget I’d say the air fryer. Broccoli has been our latest “fad” in it but there’s nothing as delicious as air fried potatoes. For awhile we played “will it air fry” with all sorts of things. For a small gadget, my peeler.

I decided to get a refund for Chicago Marathon even with their generous deferment options. It was weird because even though I wasn’t that into (they were so late to cancel but I knew in April that they would) it still felt a bit sad to opt out of deferment. I live overseas so it’s an ordeal and who knows what the event and travel scene will be. It is also a huge relief. I really am the least event-centric runner on the planet.

Outfits is a hilarious question! I may have 3-4: bike commute clothes, scrubs, strength training outfit (some days). after work clothes. As it gets cold I just wear a blanky skirt over whatever comfy clothes I have on.


Regarding the race cancellations I have had a few events here in 2020 that were cancelled, however they were transitioned to virtual races and the swag was mailed so no refunds were issued in those cases. Early on in the year I signed up for the Tempe half ironman that is scheduled for October 18th, and just recently received confirmation that the race is still scheduled to take place!! How crazy is that?!? It makes me happy because it means racing is slowly but surely coming back, but it also makes me nervous to see and experience what the new norms of racing will look like.


Our chickens didn’t start laying until about 7 months one of them took until 8 months. I can’t quite remember when you got yours, but a good sign is the redness of their comb!


I still have AND still run with that purple Garmin in the picture! It’s starting to loose a charge quicker now and I don’t know if it could make it through a half marathon but it’s not in my budget for a new one so let’s hope it hangs on! And I still hold my arm up to the sky!

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