8 miles @ 9:04 average with Emilee and it looks like we are going to be raking all weekend… you can’t even see the grass anymore ha.

After two speed days in a row my legs felt pretty fatigued and I need as much recovery as possible today in preparation for a big day on Saturday!

Cupcake hair and a mohawk for crazy hair day….

IMG 0031

I don’t know if I could live without hot chocolate.

IMG 0046

The other day I was asked to speak at our kid’s elementary school for red ribbon week!  They wanted me to talk about how awesome it is to live a drug-free life and how much that helps me with running.

I COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW NERVOUS I WAS.   I’ve spoken in front of people at church and at the high school I used to teach at (and I seem to not be afraid to talk about TMI subjects on the internet every day) without feeling nervous but for some reason I was just so nervous about elementary aged students ha.  Luckily, it all went really well and Brooke and Knox said afterwards that they weren’t embarrassed by me so that is a win!  PS it did make me miss teaching health and I’d love to get back to that again someday.

IMG 0109

My nephew and Skye were so sad they couldn’t stay for the rest of the day at the school.

IMG 0048

Dinner was my current favorite meal—> Alfredo (2 T olive oil, 1 T flour, 2 small cartons of heavy cream, 1 cup shredded parmesan cheese) + noodles + grilled chicken + roasted broccoli & cauliflower

IMG 0113


I have a few Friday Favorites to share today!

*Disney+.  Wow.  It’s only $6.99 a month and you get SO many movies from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars etc.  We already have a Hulu account and so adding this only cost us an extra few dollars month and now we are never going to run out of movies for family movie night.

IMG 9913

*I get a lot of questions on this headband so I thought I would just add it here!  You can find it here and it really does keep your ears so warm!  I have it in a few colors too.

IMG 9352

*Oh and just in case you need a very very very warm ear band… this one is amazing!


*Oprah posted her Amazon Favorites HERE and she has so many amazing gift ideas… I want everything.

Screen Shot 2019 11 09 at 3 34 46 PM

*Heather gave me an amazing recommendation for a top that has a built in balaclava.  It is going to save me this winter on those cold mornings as a base layer that will keep my face warm too!  It is very soft and fits true to size!  PS you can get 20% off Athleta when you enter your email at the bottom of this page!

IMG 0035

*I love Lauren and Jesse’s podcast and I LOVED what they had to say in regards to everything coming out from Mary Cain and others at this point.

IMG 0037

*The Peppermint Chocolate Chip shake from Chic-fil-a is back and as heavenly as can be.

IMG 0107

*Each December our church has an awesome program for service called Light The World.  This December you can enter in your phone number to get a daily text with an idea of how to serve somebody else. I just think it’s the coolest.

Screen Shot 2019 11 14 at 6 36 22 PM


What are your Friday plans?

What is the last podcast that you listened to (and let me know if you would recommend it)?

Public speaking—> does it make you nervous or not so much?

Teachers reading—> how did you decide on teaching the age group that you decided to teach?

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That’s really sweet that you spoke at the kids’ school!


Thanks Betsy! I hope your Friday is a really great one! PS your blonde hair in your little picture next to your name is STUNNING!


I can’t wait to check out Disney Plus this weekend!! Also I’m looking forward to the reboot of Lizzie McGuire on Disney Plus that Hilary Duff is currently working on.


HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS… I CANNOT WAIT! Hope your Friday is a great one!


I just signed up for Light the World, I love things like that!

No plans Friday and I plan (haha) to keep it that way :)

The most recent podcast was Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations, I try to listen to one each morning on my commute to work and without fail I hear something I “need” for the day!

Public speaking or anything in front of people does not make me nervous one bit. It used to, and I would shake, sweat and feel lightheaded but a long time ago I realized that even if I feel scared, no one else knows! No one knows it’s your first time speaking, or that you might be unprepared or doubtful of yourself. So take a deep breath, smile and above all else RELAX.

Have a great weekend!


Oh yay!! It’s just such a nice way to have reminders to serve. ENJOY your plan-free day! Did you listen to the recent one about guilt?! I loved that one and ‘needed’ that too! That is so so true about public speaking! Thanks Jocelyn, you too!


Guilt is a wasted emotion! Yes I listened to that one yesterday on my way home and since then I think I’ve mentioned it in conversation at least 4-5 times. Gotta love Super Soul!


I love the program Light The World, that your church does!! I might just do that with my boys this year!
I always love a good podcast, so thank you for the recommendation. I love the Ali On The Run podcast, been listening for quite a while, but I just listened to the one where she talks about being a finish line announcer at the NYC marathon…. So good! Lindsey Hein has a new one, not running related, called The Illuminate podcast. I’m dying to start listening to that, but just haven’t yet.
Great job on the cupcake hair! Super cute ?
I don’t love talking in front of crowds, but being able to talk to elementary school kids is really the best! I bet your talk on living a drug free life was terrific and inspiring.
Have a wonderful Friday Janae ?


Yes, I hope you guys do it and love it! I can’t wait for that episode with Ali! Oh I need to start Lindsey’s new one too! Thanks so much Wendy, it turned out to be a lot of fun! Hope your Friday is a beautiful one!


I love the top that hides the face under the eyes. I use something like that when it’s really cold because I don’t like to inhale too cold air while running.
The “Light the world” program is a really good idea ! I love that !
Today, I was about to run with two other people, but it was cancelled. So, no running today. Just a workout session in the evening.
Congratulations for your project of coaching children. That’s great !


Thanks so much Ingrid, I am SO excited! Bummer to the cancelled run and I hope you are all able to get together soon. Sign up for the program, it is so cool! Have the best weekend!


What kind of hot chocolate fo you buy/drink? It is the season and I find myself wanting a mug everyday driving home from work late, cold evenings :)


HEY Jenni! Steven’s Hot Chocolate is my absolute favorite. I would need a mug of it too on that drive that you are doing! It is a Utah company but you can find it on Amazon here:


I hope you love it too! Have a great weekend Jenni!


OK this might be a stupid question but how did you add Disney + to your already paid for hulu subscription? help another mama out please!


HEY ALI!! Not a stupid question at all… Andrew did it for me haha:) . He used this article because it walks you through step-by-step with all of the links that you need to do it. I hope you guys like it… I feel like we are going to be done with netflix now haha.

I hope this helps and have the best day!




My Friday plans now include a visit to Chic-Fil-A! I need that milkshake!

I’ve gotten better about public speaking. I taught a class while we were in the Philippines. One of the other speakers couldn’t believe how much I taught without notes. I think when you know your material and love what you’re talking about it helps. And just doing it on a regular basis helps, too!


Hi Janae! I totally agree with you that public speaking is really hard especially if it’s not an audience you’re not used to! I used to have to give presentations at work where basically it was a free for all for others to critique my work and I’d get so scared and nervous I’d freeze up and not be able to answer questions I knew. I was an extreme case but what helped me was practicing with friendly coworkers and eventually joining a Toastmasters club at work. If there are others reading who have to give presentations often at work I’d highly recommend checking out their local club!

Have a great weekend (I’m guessing there’s a long run coming up)!


I teach middle school and a lot of peoples’ first reaction is, “You’re a saint!” or “That must be rough,” but the truth is adolescents are just big kids. They are creative, goofy, curious and so many other adjectives. I wanted to teach this age because I felt like elementary school already has a lot of great teachers and high school had a lot of great teachers, but middle school needs more. (That was my experience anyway). It’s a high-energy job in which you can’t show up with anything less than your best, but it challenges me, makes me laugh, and keeps me young.

Love your blog and the kindness that emanates from you, Janae. Your formers students and this elementary audience must have loved having you.


What a great subject to talk to kids about! They learn about fun, health, exercise and no drugs. !


I love winter running gear so much, but I only get to use it on vacations because here in Phoenix winter running gear means a t-shirt instead of a tank top. I have a shoe question for you…It looks like you’re wearing the Ghosts a lot lately? I saw that the Ricochet seems to have been discontinued, and since I seem to love all the same shoes as you–would you stock up on the Ricochet while they still exist or just move on?? And how do you like the Ghosts? They are more cushiony vs. the more responsive Ricochet right?


I love public speaking. The only thing I have ever won with real competition was a state speech competition. Not nearly as cool as a running race, but you have to go with you God given talents, right?
I got lost in that Oprah list. Oh my goodness. Her team must read my mind.

Happy run tomorrow.


Rambling runner episode #197 Dr Meghan Roche. SO SO good. I have never commented before but I loved it too much not to share! I have been a long time reader first time commenter;) I actually thought of you while listening to it. You always inspire me to get out and run! Thank you!


AHHHHH I am SO thankful for you telling me about this episode… going to listen to now! Thanks for being my friend over the years and keep in touch!


Thank you for listening! Megan is a legend.


“Cold” podcast about Josh Powell….BEST pc I have EVER listened to. Also have a fantastic recipe for you – Chic fettucinin alfredo in the instant pot!
Saute 2 chicken breasts (I use one of the costco packs) in 1 tbsp olive oli and 1 tsp cajun seasoning (optional) just until outside of chicken starts to brown. Remove and set aside. Saute 5 cloves garlic in 3 tbsp butter, add 2 c half and half, 3 c chic broth, 1/2 tsp salt, 1 tsp cajun (optional) and stir. Break into sections 16 oz uncooked fettucini and place it down into the liquid. Place chic on top and cook high pressure 15 min. Release pressure and remove chic to shred and add back in. Stir in 5 oz carton on parmesaen and add chic back along with steamed broccoli. Mix and serve.
My husband’s fav meal is chic alfredo and he absolutely loves this version.

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