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I have a new pregnancy update today in case you want to check it out—> 33 Weeks & What Do You Need!


It is too hard to resist the trails during this time of year in Utah.  Last year at this time we were doing trails on average two times a week in prep for our marathon and yesterday reminded me why we were up there so often… every muscle in my legs were burning the whole time.  The trails are a completely different workout for me and they make my legs so much stronger.

Skye gets so excited when we ask her if she wants to go on a bike ride with us.  I have a feeling Andrew is going to have quite the mountain biking group of kids to join him over the years.

IMG 0427

I haven’t worn these beauties in a long time.  They are the Mazama and Brooks no longer makes them anymore which makes me sad but luckily I love the Cascadia and Caldera just as much as far as trail shoes go.

IMG 0426 1

We took plenty of breaks for water and for Skye to grow her rock collection.  She picks them out and puts them in Andrew’s pockets ha.

IMG 0432

Now to find a way that we can do this every day…

IMG 0433

A bit later we dropped Skye off at my sister’s house and went to my doctor’s appointment.  The doctor was running about an hour behind schedule because of an emergency c-section.  So Andrew went to pick up lunch and we ate on the grass while we waited.  Cubby’s is one of our all-time favorites in the area and the sweet potato fries + wild rice & kale salad is my goto.

IMG 0472

Post-school (and pre-soccer practice) snacking and catching up on the latest 3rd grade happenings.

IMG 0474

And for dinner we had smoothies and cereal and I’m guessing that will be a normal occurrence for dinner for awhile…

IMG 0476


I have a few tangents to share today:

*Andrew is really missing the movie theater… We added a TV in our room because let’s be honest, with each week of pregnancy and postpartum life up ahead, I’m in bed more and more.  I found Andrew with his chair set up like the recliners we have in our movie theater with a bag of popcorn.

IMG 0379

*A childhood favorite has been sounding really good lately… cinnamon/sugar toast.

IMG 0291

*What I want to do whenever I see all of the baskets of laundry I need to put away ha… Luckily, we have taught Brooke and Knox how to put their own laundry away now and that has been a game changer.

IMG 0319

*I absolutely loved this episode of Rich Roll with Apollo Ohno and I cannot wait to watch his documentary (The Weight of Gold).   They talk about what it’s like to have a passion with a ’shelf life’ and what happens to these incredible athletes mentally when they go from so much success to then having to retire.  He goes through what it’s like finding himself after his Olympic days were over (and running helped him to figure that out:).

I just consider us friends because I have met him two times;)

Screen Shot 2020 09 21 at 2 43 48 PM

*This picture of Skye in the leaves just makes me very happy.



IMG 0293


One more reminder about a new pregnancy update if you want to check it out:)


Have any of your favorite running shoes been discontinued?  Which ones?

What is your favorite thing to put on top of toast?

Speaking of Olympics do you think they will happen in 2021?

Share a tangent with me!

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yes! I love a good salad + fry combo. And I LIVED on cinnamon sugar toast growing up! I forgot all about that! I am all about strawberry jelly on toast but now will need to try that cinnamon + sugar combo again. I can’t believe you are so close to baby time!! I can’t wait to find out if you have a boy or girl ♥️


Thank you so much Melissa! We cannot wait. I hope you get a good salad with fries on the side soon. Have a beautiful day.


You are such an inspiration! I love crunchy peanut butter toast with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top, so yummy!


Martha, I have never tried that combo on toast but now I have to! Sounds delicious. Thank you and I hope your morning is off to a great start!


When we were growing up we( me and my five siblings) thought it was such a treat to have cereal for dinner. We loved it. Often times my Mom would do this when my Dad was traveling for work. Now I know the treat was really for my Mom!?I still love it even as an adult.


I love those sweet memories you have and 6 kids… your parents are amazing! I hope you have cereal for dinner soon?. Have a great day Sharon!


That quote yes!!!!
I feel like I am experiencing happy shaming (I don’t know what else to call it) sometimes during Covid……..but my dad absolutely lived that quote and in turn I do too. I’m not sure even how else to live.

And I will be making cinnamon and sugar toast some time today.


I love that about you Erica. You are such a good example for Hope too. Enjoy the toast, it’s just the best!


Those sweet potato fries look delicious! Might have to find some today… especially if I can dip them in honey mustard! If I’m going for sweet toast vs savory, I can’t resist nutella and banana! Cinnamon and sugar sound great too. That last pic of Skye is so cute! Hope you have a great day!!


I need to try sweet potatoes dipped in honey mustard, yum! Thank you so much friend and I hope your day is a beautiful one.


Hi Janae! Great quote! It sure feels very timely with all that’s going on. My tangent is that I took this week off from work just for mental health. I don’t have any vacation plans, I’m just going to use this time to relax, do some projects around the house, and safely spend time with friends. Have a wonderful day!


Amy. I am SO happy you are doing this. You are so smart to do what you need to do to take care of yourself. I hope every minute is just what you need! Have a beautiful day and let me know how it goes.


Happy first day of fall! I love the leaf pictures from Utah and hope to move there to catch next fall myself :)

I’m in the market for a new mountain bike and I was wondering if you or Andrew have any recommendations for where to do some research. There are so many websites and guides out there and I’m a bit overwhelmed trying to find recommendations for a entry/mid-level bike that isn’t going to cost a semester’s tuition. Would love to hear if you have any ideas!


Thank you for reminding me that it is the first day of fall! What part of Utah are you thinking of moving to? I’m going to have Andrew respond to you on his break today (I wish I had some help for you on this) and he will be so excited to help because he loves talking about all of this. Hope you are having a great day so far Liz.


SLC! Utah has always appealed to me and now more than ever. Thanks for responding and I’ll be glad to hear Andrew’s thoughts on bikes!


Are the brooks cascadia good for hiking? I want something for hiking with the kids and dog. Just causal hiking not big 14,000 feet mountains or anything.


I love them for hiking with the kids too so I would say yes. Let me know if you get them and what you think. Hope you are having a great day so far Mary!


You can’t go wrong with butter and jam on toast….but when I’m sick, I do honey & garlic on toast. As a kid, my grandma would make us toast with butter and green onions. It may sound weird, but it is so good!!


Okay, now I have to try that combo… I’m sure my kids will love it too! I love how food brings back so many great memories. Hope your Tuesday has been a great one so far Sarm.


You are bringing back so many memories of cinnamon sugar toast, staple of childhood! I used to run in Pearl Izumi shoes and they discontinued their entire running line. But that’s probably a good thing because I discovered Hokas which have been a game changer in my 40’s. Tangent for today is that we woke up to clear air and I had the most joyful run this morning, it’s amazing how something as simple as fresh air can make all the difference. And I’m catching up on yesterday’s post and I had a running celebrity sighting while I was mountain biking last month. We were on a steep trail that connects to the Tahoe Rim Trail and I saw 2 runners flying up the hill. I pulled over to let them pass and realized it was Jim Walmsley (course record holder for the Western States 100) and I think his girlfriend. They were like gazelles and I was giddy the rest of the day!


I am SO happy that you found Hokas and love them so much. My running partner (Emilee) swears by them too! JIM WALMSLEY… okay, that is incredible. Isn’t it crazy how they make it look so easy and they are just so efficient with each stride. So awesome that you got to see them. Enjoy the rest of your day Michelle.


The brooks green silence! I loved them.

Favourite thing on toast. Butter and sugar lol

Have a great day! Love Skye sleeping on the laundry lol


THIRD GRADE! I remember clearly being in third grade, how did I only just clock that Brooke is such a grown up! Love Utah in September – i need to visit in winter though, i Bet those mountains are gorgeous!

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