TWENTY WEEKS + 11 Things I Thought Would Happen but Haven’t…


You know how it is pretty easy to go into something and have expectations about how it will be…. Well, I am quite talented at doing that so I thought I would share 11 things that I thought would happen/not happen going into pregnancy and what really happened.

-I went into this pregnancy thinking I would do all of the trail miles!  I grew to really love all of Utah’s amazing trails that are pretty much out my backdoor and so I assumed that a lot of my pregnant miles would be spent on the trails.  Nope.  I went once at about 10 weeks with Beretta and that was the last time.  My heart rate skyrockets when I go uphill so I have just stopped the uphill stuff and know that I will have a sweet reunion with the trails in 2021.

-Andrew said that he expected me to have way more fun food cravings like I did during Skye’s pregnancy but sadly my cravings have been for more boring things.

-I definitely thought I would get in some fun pregnant racing.  I LOVE races when I am pregnant because it helps me to feel still a part of it all and I get to see all of my friends and run the courses without a thought about time but 2020 definitely had different plans for that.

IMG 1403

-Going into this pregnancy I told myself that I was not going to eat out as much as I did when I was pregnant with Skye.  I spent so much money on food when I was pregnant with Skye and I wasn’t going to do it again… until I did ha.  For weeks there I couldn’t handle the smell of food in our house or the idea of cooking things so when Andrew was at work especially, DoorDash was my best friend.

-I assumed going into this pregnancy that I would keep running with my friends on their easy days.  I thought that since I was coming from the best shape of my life that I would be running faster during this pregnancy vs my previous pregnancies but nope, I’m running the same paces I did for Brooke and Skye.  My pregnant body loves one speed and that speed is not what my friends run on their easy days.  I am SO happy that I get to share so many miles with my sister and how perfectly that has worked out!

-I prepared myself (and Andrew) to feel really down again all of the time.  I’m not sure if I had depression during Skye’s pregnancy or not but it sure felt like it and I was preparing myself to have it again.  I’m very thankful that I don’t this time!

-I definitely did not think I would be able to wait to find out the gender but somehow it is actually really easy and I’m not tempted at all.  I’m more worried that a doctor or nurse will accidentally tell us.  I’m just really excited to be surprised which I did not expect.

-That during my first trimester I would peacefully have time to take naps/rest when Skye napped and the big kids were at school… but instead I was back to teaching again;)  I am very grateful that I’ve felt so much better during the days during this time of year because it’s been fun doing all of the summer things now.

IMG 5315

-That the nausea would stop right after the first trimester and while it’s gotten better… It is here again at night!

-I expected to worry more but I haven’t this time for some reason.  With both girls I remember always feeling worried and anxious about how they were doing or if they were healthy but for some reason I’ve been lucky this time to just feel really at peace with how this little one is doing.

-That I was going to NEVER find a doctor as good as the one that I had with Skye (he moved) but somehow I did and I love her so much.


Just a few things to talk about with this week of pregnancy!

*Jocelyn reminded me of this one last week when she shared how during pregnancy she could not handle gum in the slightest.  I’m the same way and this has been the case for each one of my pregnancies.  I love gum before but then as soon as I get pregnant, I can’t even handle the idea of chewing it.

*I already miss sleeping on my back or stomach so much… enjoy it for me if you can please;).  I am very grateful for a long body pillow that Andrew got for me at Costco a few months ago.  The kids love to steal it so I sometimes have to search for it.

*The food that I thought about the most last week = cheeseburgers made at home.  Andrew ended up grilling a bunch of extras and I’m not going to lie… I did have one for breakfast one morning.  I’ve also really loved pasta a lot this last week.

IMG 5433

*I used to want really fresh salads all of the time but now I have no desire for salads.  I still like vegetables but mostly just cooked or warm veggies.

*I keep thinking I’ll need to start wearing a belly band for my runs soon but I haven’t yet.  Running is still feeling great and I just keep hoping I’ll get to keep running for a while.

*I’VE BEEN DRINKING WATER normally again.   It still doesn’t taste as good as normal but I’m so thankful that I don’t hate it anymore.


Did you go into pregnancies with any expectations of things that didn’t end up happening?

Any pregnancy sleep tips?  

If you are pregnant, what foods have sounded amazing to you lately?

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I thought about the water issue, and it turns out I don’t like it that much either! It has to be cold for me to somewhat enjoy it, so I’ve been doing way more bottled water than expected as well as getting back into sparkling water. I’m loving fresh fruit, smoothies, nut butters, plus pizza and burgers. Donuts and ice cream frequently sound amazing, but my boyfriend often holds me back on those (at my request). My love of salads was something that quickly went away with early pregnancy and didn’t return until about 28 weeks. I still prefer cooked veggies though.

I had many unfulfilled expectations about pregnancy, such as sharing my experiences with my coworkers, enjoying a baby shower, being way more active, having time pass quickly due to being busy at work, visiting my family and friends out of state, and not being so uncomfortable.

I have no sleep recommendations other than using the body pillow. Sleep isn’t coming easy these days thanks to severe carpal tunnel, a large belly, and an already opinionated baby who would prefer I not lay on his beloved left side.


Good to hear that your love for salads did return:) A lot of your favorite foods right now are mine too… pregnancy is so interesting to me. Christina, I am so sorry those expectations weren’t able to happen during this time. Such a weird time to be pregnant! You are getting so much closer to meeting your new little one and I am really hoping that you start getting some better sleep now! Thanks Christina and keep me updated!


You look so great Janae!! I totally understand about water-during my first trimester I vomited a few times after drinking plain water. Thankfully I can drink it again (I’m 22 weeks), but it has to be ice cold and only bottled water, it can’t come from a glass. I have been craving frozen yogurt, ice cream and smoothies. Post idea: anything new you are buying for this baby or are you reusing Skye’s baby gear? My daughter is 3 and I’m having a boy so obviously I’ll need some new clothes but I feel so out of the loop about some of the new baby stuff out there? Thanks Janae!!


Thank you so much Erica! I love how close we are in our pregnancies and congrats on your little boy on the way! That is a fabulous question… I’ll ask in a baby post about recommendations because I feel like I’m out of the loop too! I’m sure we will reuse most of the things but I’m sure there are some things I’ll need. I hope you get all of the ice cream today… perfect for this time of year. Thanks Erica!


My biggest surprised was getting pregnant the weekend we stopped “protecting” pregnancy. Then, even though I was a few months post-PR at Boston, I kept asking my doctor when I would need to stop running. “Oh, you’ll body will tell you,” was always the response. At 6 months I was running, with my belly band on, and my hips suddenly felt like they were breaking; I was sure it was a double break. At my checkup two days later, my OB replied, “See, your body told you.” Yep! I was fine. She was right. And, I was also done running.
Good luck sleeping–it’s so tricky–pregnant, with babies, with toddlers, with kids (maybe the teen years bring good sleep–a reward for the attitude?).
Mostly, though, I’m happy for you and your family that you’re feeling good!


That was FAST and I bet a huge surprise! Crazy about your hips and your body definitely let you know when you were done! Hahah the sad thing is that my sister says the teen years are even harder for sleep! I hope you are having a beautiful morning. Thanks Stacey!


I have this huge pillow that I sleep with too and if you hook your leg over it you can kind of get your stomach to hover between the pillow and the bed and it almost feels like stomach sleeping… ha I miss my stomach too.
I haven’t had many interesting cravings with this pregnancy but ice pops and Italian ice always sound really good.
Yay halfway! I feel like the end goes so fast!


I will be trying this tonight… THANKS Melissa! I hope you get all of the ice pops and Italian ice this week. Thanks friend and I hope you are having a great morning so far!


I’m really enjoying following along with you <3 I'm so glad you're feeling better this time around.


Thank you so much Christine. I hope you are having a great morning so far!


When I had my first I was the biggest during the summer months and with my second it was the cooler months. I thought for sure I would like being bigger and more comfortable in the cooler months but that was so not true! Turns out, for me, it was easier to be bigger in the summer = slip on flip flops without having to bend over, less layers of clothes was actually cooler and more comfortable, lighter summer foods were more eatable than heavy winter food.

The only thing that really bothered me being pregnant during the summer was it being so light out when I went to bed. Before pregnancy I could fall asleep with a light shining in my face but as soon as I was pregnant I had to have it pitch black.


Oh that is so interesting Erika! You are right, I’m not looking forward to bending over and putting on shoes and lots of layers during this third trimester! I’ll keep enjoying the light clothing and sandals right now:) I was having that same problem with falling asleep but I bought an eye mask and it is amazing. Hope you have a great day.


I’ve never eaten much fast food in my life (not a lot of choices living WAY out in the country back then and not many in our town now, either), but I did allow myself to eat a large order of McDonald’s fries when I was pregnant. Can’t even remember if they were that good!


I love hearing what everyone wants when they are pregnant and McDonald’s fries have never tasted as good as they do now:) Hope you have a beautiful day in the country!


This pregnancy (I’m 22 weeks with a boy) has felt pretty different than mine with my 3 year old son, but there are still so many similarities! I can’t drink plain water unless it’s ice cold at night and that’s all I drink in normal life. I also don’t eat fast food, but all I’ve wanted these last few weeks are burgers from McDonald’s…EEK!


Anna! Congratulations! I am so excited for you and I bet your 3 year old is so excited for his brother. Burgers from McDonald’s you are not alone in that… I’ve had so many friends tell me that those were all they could think about. Hope you have a wonderful day and you are feeling good (and that water starts tasting better throughout the day too). Keep me updated!


This sounds very similar to the pregnancy I just had. I was not anxious or nervous and my mood seemed more stable throughout. We had a boy in May! So happy for you and I enjoy following along your journey!


I went into pregnancy thinking and accepting that morning sickness would be part of it.
Never threw up once, not even close.
Things smelled bad, or sounded disgusting, but never pukey.


This pregnancy I have been craving everything spicy and buffalo flavored, along with Rosatis pizza. This has been consistent in the first trimester with my other pregnancies too haha! I’ve been much more anxious this time actually… I have never worried in my first trimester before but this time I am just so worried about the baby and can’t wait to make it out of the first tri….Maybe it’s just being older and more aware! IDK! Thanks for posting!


With my first baby (a boy) I just slept with a bunch of pillows. And propped up because I had terrible heartburn! This baby (a girl) I sleep best with one under my head, one between my legs, and then I hug another one! All of them have to be memory foam. Food-wise first baby: pizza and burgers and just greasy spicy food in general always sounded awesome! This baby: fruit, chips and queso, and zeppes Italian ice have been my major cravings! Mmmm zeppes is life. Do they have that up north?


I’m 8 weeks pregnant and all I want is CARBS. Like give me all the carbs. If I have a salad in front of me I will eat it and I enjoy it but it’s not what I crave . I also really relate to you when you said that DoorDash was your best friend because I gotten take out so much lately because the last thing I want to do is cook and honestly nothing in the house ever sounds good (except carbs) :)

You look beautiful Janae! So excited for you and your family!!!

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