My Secret Running Talent + Sure Enough!!

I have a new pregnancy update—> 20 Weeks + 11 Things I Thought Would Happen but Haven’t


For the first mile of my run yesterday I was thinking there was no way I was going to do my normal loop with my sister (not hurting… I was just really grumpy) but I reminded myself to just do the now and not think about the future.  Reminding myself to just focus on the step I’m in rather than worry about how I think I’m going to feel up ahead always leads me to a much better run (and my best races have been when I only think about the now and doing the best I can in the moment).  Sure enough, after the first mile I felt really good and the loop happened and the endorphins kicked in.  Stay in the now and before you know it, you’ll be feeling good again!

Brooke and Andrew were outside loading the car when I got home to go up to my in-laws house for the day.

IMG 5788

My sister has uncovered my secret running talent.  My sister usually texts me when to meet her (we usually have a general time set up but because of kids it always varies a bit) once I’ve already started running (sometimes I’ll just run straight to her house or run around the streets for a bit until she is ready) and she is amazed how I will always show up in front of her house at the exact minute she tells me to be there.  For some reason I can judge exactly when I’ll get somewhere and exactly how far away I am from a certain location.  I am very proud of this skill.

IMG 5774

When I was training hard last year I knew the night before the run exactly the shoes that I would wear based on what we were doing but now I just decide as I’m leaving the house based on what I feel like.  I used to wear my Hyperions twice a week but now they are just sitting in the mudroom getting dusty until I use them next year again.

IMG 5675

Then we went to pick up Knox.  We have five days all together because Andrew doesn’t have work either.

IMG 5794

Andrew’s mom planned for us to go for a bike ride to a park to eat lunch and Skye talked to me the whole way there.  She is quite the chatterbox lately and the Shotgun (handlebars/seat/pedals) for Skye has been the absolute best.  She did over an hour on it yesterday with zero complaints and a smile for the majority of the ride.

IMG 5821 2

Paninis are a big deal for me right now and this chicken pesto one from Kneader’s was amazing.

IMG 5830

Brooke’s preferred method of cooling down!

IMG 5829

Brookester hit a new personal distance record on her bike —> 8 MILES!  She was so proud of herself.  (Knox was too busy to be in a lot of pictures yesterday because he had two of his favorite cousins in town).

IMG 5831

My FIL has a snow cone machine which was perfect after being in the heat riding.

Skye decided that she wanted to skip her nap and hang outside and eat snow cones all day instead.

IMG 5843

Grandma is Skye’s favorite bandaid supplier.

IMG 1563

The whole crew yesterday and Andrew was taking the picture.

IMG 5845

The sign of a successful day with cousins:

IMG 5851


Just another reminder about a new baby update HERE.


Any random running talents that you have? 

Tell me your running or biking personal distance record!

Have a favorite panini combo?  Give me a fun recipe/ingredients to try today.  My panini press is already out and ready! 

Can you sleep in a car?  A plane?  The couch?  Or do you need to be in your bed to sleep?

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That is a super impressive talent, and very useful.

I need some kneaders, that looks so yummy




Good job Brooke!! 8 miles is amazing!! You’re so strong!

I can sleep anywhere- on planes I’m normally asleep before they even take off, it’s kind of embarrassing haha.


Thank you so much Mariah! She is on fire:) Hahah that’s not embarrassing, that is amazing! I can sleep super easy on the plane too. Have a really great day Mariah!


Staying in the now.. I love that! I need to keep that in mind too, while we don’t have races here. I don’t have the motivation to find the time to squeeze in long-runs, but really the shorter runs are fitting into my life quite nicely! There will be time for longer runs in the future. I feel like that’s similar to pregnancy running a bit – I had to focus on enjoying the slower paces and non-training then too. :)
I think my random talent is not running related, but more related to your sleep question – I can sleep anywhere I need to. I actually love sleeping on the floor, and so that is my preferred spot. That time-prediction thing of yours is a total super-power!
Paninis – I have not had a panini in a while, but pesto is my favorite on any panini. I may need to figure out how make paninis happen here soon. We even have fresh basil for pesto-making…
Happy Thursday!


I am so glad that the shorter runs are working so well for you right now and yes… there will be a season for those long runs again! Andrew loves sleeping on the floor too. That is awesome you can sleep anywhere, that is a super-power too:). I hope you get a panini soon and I should make some pesto with our fresh basil too. Happy Thursday to you too Katie.


Panini combos: Buffalo chicken, chicken with spinach tomato and fresh sliced mozzarella and pesto.

I need to be in my bed to sleep. :)


Yep, I’ll be making that panini asap. THANK YOU for the help and I hope you have a great day, Stephanie!


I am a big fan of sweet and savory paninis. My favorite combos:

Brie, Chicken, Caramelized Onions and some sort of fig jam (or jam)
Steak/Turkey, provalone, avocados, tomato and mayo
And I love an old school tuna melt.

Have a great day.


Drooling over your paninis, thanks for the help and I cannot wait to try them! Thank you and I hope you have a beautiful day!


Awww, soak up the 5 days of family time! How fun! Does Andrew have as many siblings or nieces/nephews/cousins as you?

Not a running talent, but I know the distance to every house/business in town in relation to our house;-).

My biking PR is 56 miles (during a half ironman relay)…it was after this bike that I decided I have zero desire to do a half ironman solo–haha. The bike was fun, but going right to a half marathon would have done me in. I did run the last 10k with my sister, but it was nice to have a 50 minute break before joining her.

Btw, we are loving the camper! We are not using it as much as I thought because our truck had to get a couple things fixed and camping sites are limited. However, we are going early next week. Yesterday I practiced backing it up because we don’t have a drive-through spot and the husband is not coming. I managed to not run into my car, our garage, garbage cans or our flowers. I was so proud of myself, I was sending all my family members pictures;-)

Happy Thursday Janae!


Hey you! Andrew has 5 siblings and I think just one less niece/nephew on his side so big families for both! Oh I think that is a running talent to be able to remember that. I have no idea how people run a half marathon after biking that far either but SO fun you did that rely and joined your sister for half of the run too. SO happy you guys are loving the camper, we really want to join you in getting one. That is a huge accomplishment and not sure I could do the same. Enjoy going out next week with it! Thanks Becky, you too!


Focusing on the now while running is such a great tip! Our brains are so powerful, it’s amazing what we can convince ourselves to do/not to do. I’m glad you push through!!


They really are and the older I get the more I realize how much my brain changes my life. Thanks friend and I hope you have a really great Thursday!


I love paninis and haven’t had one in so long – I need to change that soon! My favorite was at a sandwich shop in town and it had chicken and a mango chutney on it.

My personal best distance for a bike is around 20 miles. Way to go Brooke!

Not related to your post but what are your favorite running socks? I need some new ones badly!


I hope you get a panini asap Erika and I need that chicken/mango chutney one now. Twenty miles… boom! Currently I LOVE these ones:
I want like 15 pairs of them. I hope you love them too. Have a great day!


Thank you! I just ordered 4 pair!!


Swiftwick are the greatest! I do have like 15 pair, ha! Made in Tennessee! :)


I’m very impressed with your running talent! I’ll bet all your running friends appreciate that :)
I’m not sure I have a special running talent but if someone is talking about a date in the future I can usually tell them what day of the week it is. I did not realize this until H pointed it out and asked me how I always knew.
You just reminded me how much I love a chicken pesto sandwich! My favorite cheese right now is havarti – so good on a grilled sandwich!!
Knox is so cute with his boy cousins. My youngest nephew is the same way with his cousins from my SILs side of the family. I love watching them run around and play. And Skye’s bike seat/handlebars!! That is the coolest thing ever!!!


Haha they sure do along with thinking I’m a little crazy;). Okay, that is INCREDIBLE. I want to be able to do that. I will have to pick up some havarti cheese, thanks Elizabeth. Your nephew sounds so sweet! Have a great day!


Baked chicken tenders, pepper jack cheese, thinly sliced tomatoes and spinach are my absolute fave panini ingredients. Oh and a schmear of honey mustard dressing. Great….now I’m hungry for lunch and it’s only 9 am here lol. I have to be in my bed to sleep with MY pillow ? I’m extremely high maintenance.


I 100% need this panini today. Thank you SO much Kimberly for the help and I cannot wait… I hope you have a great lunch too! Hahah I’ll join you in the high maintenance sleeping department. Have a great day friend!


Skye’s snow cone mouth, ha!!

I am guessing you can’t do much tuna right now, but we use our panini press for tuna melts. We just mix tuna and hard boiled eggs, top with cheese (and sometimes a bit of avocado) and melt it! Swiss is my favorite to use with tuna!

Also, turkey, bell peppers, onions, cheese, and avocado. Always good! Or ham, apple slices, and cheddar cheese!


I can have tuna about one time a week so I am ABSOLUTELY going to make your tuna melt, that sounds so good. Thanks for the help and I hope you have a beautiful day Loribeth! I am so glad your aquarium is up and running again.


ha love the kiddos sleeping in the car! In college my roommate had a panini press and I would do peanutbutter and apples panini or peanutbutter and whatever else I had in the kitchen panini! it’s so so yummy and gooey and delicious. Im thinking almond butter panini would be even better.

Question for you- my neighbor’s daughter who is 5 told her Mom she wanted to run with me (I absolutely melted haha). I cannot wait to take her, but wanted to get your advice on the best way to run with her. What do you do when Brooke runs with you? Thank you!!!


Hi Janae! That is a cool running talent you got! I wish I could summon my running friends to me like that! My longest bike ride is 52 miles, my fiance and I were trying to hit 50 and then around mile 45 he realized he had paused his Garmin for 2 miles haha. Boy was I grumpy for those last two miles. But now it is just a fun story to tell.
Enjoy your five days all together, that sounds delightful!


My running personal distance record is 26.2. My biking personal distance record is 38. We did 36 today, the same route we did 2 weeks ago. Les uploaded that ride on his Garmin and we raced against it. We were spot on for the first 15 miles but eventually picked it up and finished about 5 minutes faster! I definitely fueled better and the temps were much cooler.

I have a hard time staying awake in the car for long distances. My parents use to drive around with me in the car to get me to sleep and I’ve never outgrown my love for sleeping in the car. I really have a tough time sleeping on airplanes, something I wish I could do.

Enjoy your ftime together!


My favorite paninis are chicken pesto. I wanted to start biking again, but I needed my tire fixed and the bike shop couldn’t fix it, so basically I need new tires but they are out of stock. It’s like trying to get gym equipment right now. No idea when they will be back in stock.


Love the group photo.
Knox and his favorite cousins in that photo. So cute.


I’m very impressed by your talent! I sometimes get it right (last night I ran home and told my husband I’d be home by 5.30pm and got there at 5.27pm) but more often get it wrong haha. I don’t think I do have any random running talents!

Biking PDR is 130km! I was training for an half ironman but it got cancelled! Now my friend and I are planning on riding 200km in October to raise funds for cancer research :)

Your Panini looked so delicious! My favorite panini combo is bacon, pumpkin and spinach.

I can sleep anywhere! My mum is always jealous of this talent haha. I love sleep!

Enjoy the family time!!!


Roasted red bell peppers (I buy them in the jar at TJs), mozzarella or provolone and avocado with cilanto/lime mayo. Now you have me craving a panini!


Hey Girl! I have been scrolling around the blog today, so confused. Your most recent email said something about a baby and I was like ALREADY?! haha no judgment but I came here to see what was up and realized my email is showing an update from June 2020.

Any random running talents that you have? I’m good at breathing, does that count? Inhale, two steps, exhale, two steps. I can regulate it really well and it helps me especially on cold days to not have a burning chest.

Tell me your running or biking personal distance record! Half Marathon is my longest. I did 5 in 4 months one year and then quit for a while, felt burnt out.

Have a favorite panini combo? Give me a fun recipe/ingredients to try today. My panini press is already out and ready!
Would you believe I’ve never even had a panini! I would try experimenting with a dessert one. Cinnamon and nutella, something like that.

Can you sleep in a car? A plane? The couch? Or do you need to be in your bed to sleep?
Oh, cars are my weakness, yes. Such a hard time staying awake. Planes I usually stay awake, couch is a no. But cars when someone else is driving lull me right to sleep! In fact, when I was suffering bad panic attacks I’d ask my husband to drive me around town. It calmed me down.

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