Friday Favorites!

I learned yesterday that a Costco chocolate muffin makes excellent pre-run fuel.  I’m going to need a lot more of these.

It was 73 degrees outside so I was very shocked with my 8:49 average pace… it must have been the muffin.

IMG 5858

I listened to this episode during the run and it was so inspiring in so many ways!

Screen Shot 2020 06 25 at 9 07 00 AM

We hit up Brooke’s last tennis lesson of the month.

IMG 5866

And then Target for some groceries and a Tumblr for the kids to help them drink more water.

IMG 5872

A filled up punch card brings me so much joy.

IMG 5874 2

We used Kimberly’s favorite panini recipe that she told me about in the comments yesterday for our lunch and it was TOO good.  Baked chicken tenders (I just bought some at Target), pepper jack cheese, thinly sliced tomatoes and spinach with a schmear of honey mustard dressing.  We will be making this a million times now.  Andrew added some pickles to his and he loved that addition too.

IMG 5878

PS this is the panini maker that we have and love!

IMG 5880

Just a normal summer day around here for the rest of the day (and another panini for dinner:)

IMG 5883


Let’s talk about a few of my favorite things this week!

*I mentioned our new magical egg cooker a few weeks ago but now it has to be a Friday Favorite because of how often we are using it.  We are going through hard-boiled eggs like crazy now as snacks or on top of salads or in sandwiches because it is so easy to use.  It even has a built in sensor (and a an alarm to tell you when they are done) that tells you when they are done so you don’t have to guess or do really any work (and that’s why I love it).

IMG 5556

*For Father’s Day I got Andrew a new pair of the Launch 7 and they are perfect for this time of year.  They have them in women’s and men’s so if you need some patriotic shoes, I hope you love these ones.

IMG 5499

*This was a find from my sister but if you have a Costco membership and love Mexican Style Street Corn, you have to grab this.  It was quick and easy to put together and packed with flavor.  My mouth actually started drooling just as I was typing about it because it was so good.  Our favorite street taco recipe is here.

IMG 5520

*I LOVED this blog post from Anne… so many great tips!

Screen Shot 2020 06 25 at 9 05 41 AM

*My good friend posted this story on her Facebook and it gave me all of the goosebumps.  I hope you enjoy it too!

Screen Shot 2020 06 25 at 8 55 37 AM


I love hearing the amazing things you are doing so please send them to [email protected] if you want to be featured!


Catie!!!  “I ran my second virtual 5k this past weekend but this time with my two good friends.  We had signed up for a race on May 31 but it was cancelled. We have texted and kept each other accountable during this whole quartine time.  And we decided to run the race anyways.  We all met at my house.  I mapped out a 5k in my neighborhood.  And then we celebrated with mimosas and quiche afterwards!  It was amazing to see my friends and accomplish something we’d all worked hard on!”



Have any weekend plans that you are looking forward to?

Any good news or sweet stories you have read about online lately (or good news or sweet stories in your own life)?!

Do you use coupons regularly or punch cards ever?

What shoes are you running in today?

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That corn! I must find this somewhere (we don’t do Costco). I’m on the hunt!


If you can’t find it I’m going to have to mail it to you! Have a great day Christine!


I believe Trader Joe’s also sells it if you live near a TJs!


Good thing I am going to Costco today:-)

I love how your kids like to try new sports! Is there one Brook gravitates towards the most?

Laying low this weekend–it is going to be hot and humid. We are going camping by the river too.

My sister is in Park City! It’s her 40th birthday this weekend:-).


Let me know if you find the corn at your Costco! Brooke is definitely loving tennis more than anything else! Enjoy your camping by the river and happiest birthday to your sister. I hope she is loving Park City! Thanks Becky!


My weekend is going to be very busy since my boyfriend and I are merging households (no kids to 4 by August!), I have a drive-by baby shower, and we have to set up a second fish tank to deal with an enormous amount of fish babies.

My good news is that when a lamp post fell on my car during a thunderstorm this week, I was safe and a neighbor immediately let me know about the situation and helped evaluate the damage. The tow truck driver and insurance agent were also really nice about everything, too.

I’m all about saving money, especially with a baby on the way, so coupons, punch cards, frequent buyer reward, etc are a big plus for me.

I’m not running today but I think I’ll still wear my new Flyknits to support my feet during nesting/nursery set up.


Christina, I am SO thrilled for you! What a beautiful change about to happen and I am so happy for you and your boyfriend and the kids and your newest little one coming soon! SO thankful you were okay and that everyone worked with you so nicely about the lamp post! Have a beautiful day and I hope you are feeling well and good luck with all of the nesting:)


I love that Facebook story you shared, it gave me chills! We need more of that in our world today.


I totally agree! So so so much good out there. Hope you are having a great morning so far Kristina and thanks!


I’m apparently going to have an emotional day because that story of the runners made me cry. <3 I'm also buying this egg cooker right this minute! Hope you have a wonderful day, Janae!


Oh I am so glad that the story touched you! Let me know what you think of the egg cooker. Thanks Annie and you too!


I was just looking at those Brooks shoes yesterday! They are so cute.
Oh my gosh…. Ali’s episode with Samia was so good! I listened to it yesterday too. I’ve actually listened to several excellent podcasts this last week. Another great one was with Faitth B (I’m blanking on her last name) that Lindsey had on both I’ll Have Another and the Illuminate podcast. Super inspiring!
We’re actually going to the beach today! Wahoo! Beaches are open for activities, so you can’t just sit and hang out, but I get to put my feet in the sand and water. You have no idea how happy this makes me ?. It’s my birthday, and my hubby knows that going to the beach is the only thing I really want.
Oh my goodness, I haven’t had a Costco muffin is so long. Just that picture made me crave one.
Keep enjoying your days with Andrew home, and happy Friday!


HEY WENDY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I just think the world of you (even though we have never met ha) and I hope today is perfect at the beach.
I hope you get those shoes for your bday and I can’t wait to check out the episode with Faith B!


There are a lot of FKT attempts going on in the running world now and it’s been so fun to track … Coree Woltering set a FKT on the Ice Age Trail, Brittany Peterson and her boyfriend Cody set a FKT on the Superior Hiking Trail and a man named Hellah Sidibe ran 245 miles in 7 days to support BLM.
The chocolate muffins are amazing warm … I believe 15 seconds in the micro is all ya need to make the chips soft and gooey :)
I used to make a homemade version of that corn; it’s a recipe my husbands mom gave to me. I could never make it taste as good as hers so maybe I should check out Costco!
Today I ran in my Altra Timps and I swear I felt like Cinderella putting them on!!!!! It’s only been a week since I ran trails and since I ran with a friend but wow oh wow did it feel amazing to slide them on! Lol!!
Have a great day!


Great job Catie and friends!


I have the Launch 7 in the shamrock edition from this year………do you or Andrew feel they are tighter? I have run in launches for years (since the launch 4 probably) and this time around something is different……thicker tongue? tighter fit? They’re just not as comfortable, boo. Luckily I am still rotating thru a launch 5 and 6 so I only use the new ones for shorter runs.

I use punch cards for my coffee. I love them! Oh, and I think I have one for a donut place, too!!


K, I haven’t tried that corn thing, but this last weekend I bought the acai bowls from costco (from the same brand, the tattooed chef) and I’ve already run out because I eat one every day! They are SO good. Although I have to say since acai isn’t naturally that sweet, I add a little bit of honey and a banana – it comes with granola so you can put it on top.


Hi Janae! I love all the Friday favorites today! I especially love the story of the professional runner doing the right thing even when he would have a lot to gain from not doing it.
Every time you post pics of eggs I think about your chickens! I am beyond excited for you to get homemade eggs. I used to get my eggs from a lady from work who has about 200 chickens as pets and I loved it. I am saving all my egg cartons to give her when it is safe to go out again
Happy Friday! We are finally here :)


I’m so glad you guys loved the panini! Hits the spot every time. I am looking forward to taking my handsome and adorable 9 month old grandson to visit my sweet Mom and step- dad. Last Saturday my Mom fell down a flight of stairs. She’s ok but it scared me. Time is precious. We are very careful and will wear masks. She won’t be able to hold him but she’ll be able to see him crawl and just soak up his cuteness. I hope you guys have a good weekend!


“Must have been the muffin” – haha, love that reasoning!

I like the red/white/blue theme of the shoes but I think having mis-matched shoes would drive me crazy.

I had read that “what would my mom think” story and it was pretty amazing. When I was getting into dating there was one guy that was trying peruse me and I honestly thought ‘would I want my parents to meet this guy’ and the answer was NO so I moved on and met a guy I did want my parents to meet. I hope to raise my kids to think that way.

Looking forward to taking the boat out and having the kids try tubing for the first time!


Oh my gosh that story! I have tears!

The egg cooker is the best!!! I feel like every house needs one!

I went to order the brave like gabe shoes yesterday and were surprised (but excited) to see them so sold out. I am glad those are going to a good cause. I’ll have to check out the red white and blue ones!


Thank you for the link love my friend! ? That story about the runners finishing is amazing… gives me hope.


Corn is Taryns favorite thing and especially Mexican street corn! I’ve got to get to Costco! Have a great Saturday.

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