Make Marathon Pace Feel Easy + Training Last Week!

Yesterday’s workout kicked my trash ha:)—> Not as much during the workout but at the very end and once we stopped, my body was done.

We placed a few water bottles along the way and also found a fountain so we did stop for drinks (but not during the workout portions of the run).

IMG 0893 2

Really loving this gel lately.  The flavor is great and so is the caffeine.

IMG 0892 2

We did a 3 mile warm-up, 6 miles @ 10k pace (from our last 10k) with down/rolling/flat portions, 1 mile @ marathon pace (which we did faster… oops), 1 mile easy x 3 (6:09, 6:27, 6:15).   The 6 miles felt really strong for me but then the on and offs were really rough because the fast/recovery thing is tricky for me (plus my legs were wasted by this point).  Our coach has us doing a lot at faster than marathon pace because he wants to make marathon pace feel like a walk in the park;)

We also saw Jared Ward again while we were out and that was motivating because he was CRUISING and he made it look so effortless.  Emilee and I were planning on doing another 2 miles for a cool-down but our bodies told us to be done so we were done… we have to listen closely to all of the signals we are getting.

IMG 0896

After a shower I hit the couch with Andrew and Skye for a low-key morning.

IMG 0918

And then we went up to Andrew’s parents’ house for a bbq.

IMG 0926

I got in some great recovery at their house too!

IMG 0929

Skye had a blast chasing cousins around while she is missing Brooke and Knox.

IMG 0930

On the way home I needed to have Andrew try Brooker’s ice cream because it is my current #1 favorite.   He agrees with me now.

IMG 0938

Super exciting Saturday night…

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Here is how this last week of training went!

IMG 0615

Monday:  8 miles @ 8:24 average.

Tuesday:  13 miles total @ 7:46 average with 6 x 1 mile at 5:26 average (downhill).

Wednesday: 10.5 miles on the trails @ 9:43 average with 1,391 ft UP

Thursday:  6.54 miles @ 8:46 average and I felt terrible every step haha.

Friday:  6.85 miles @ 8:20 average

Saturday: 16 miles @ 7:03 average.

Sunday:  Off!

60.89 miles for the week wahoo!


What was your best run last week?  Hardest run?

What do you have planned for your Sunday?

Last really good treat that you have had?

Have a rest day or rest days this week? 

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My best run was Saturday. My first double digit run in a long time. The knee seems ok after. I did the easier hills and ended up with 600 feet of elevation. It was also my hardest as we’re going through a heat and humidity wave on the east coast. I was covered in salt when I was done.
Today, I’m doing yard work and hopefully calling my grandmother.
My favorite treat lately is homemade blizzards. We don’t have a dairy queen and me and one of my daughters is lactose intolerant. I get ice cream and various candy and mix them in the ninja to order. It hit the spot after all of the yard work yesterday.
Friday is my rest day. It’s either the day before a long run or a race – if I’m lucky.
Have a great Sunday!


YESSSS! A happy knee + first double digit run in a while + lots of climbing… you rocked it Lee! I need to make some homemade blizzards over here. Thanks so much, you too!


Happy Sunday!
It can be hard to have a good run in the Houston area in July! It’s 80 degrees and 90% humidity at the crack of dawn and just gets worse from there. It’s a good thing I have some running buddies or I would never get long runs done in the summer. My best run was a night time short recovery run with a headlamp. I guess I was attracting bugs and a bat was flying along with me. Sounds creepy, but it was very entertaining.
Sunday = some gardening, family lunch, getting ready for the work week, recovery run and maybe a movie.
Best treat = my son made pancakes with strawberries after my long run! (Might have to try the homemade blizzards)
Rest days fall on work days. I’m a veterinarian, so my days are probably a lot like Andrew’s. Lots of time on your feet and multitasking which is exhausting.
Question for you. What are you doing for strength work during all the really high mileage? Your balancing family, work and training is so impressive!


I seriously cannot even imagine running in those temperatures that you experience at 5 a.m. I am so glad you have your friends to run with because there is no way I could get out without friends in that weather. A BAT haha yeah that does sound a bit creepy to me. Sounds like the perfect Sunday to me and your son is a winner! Can Brooke come to work one day?! She has been telling me lately she wants to be a veterinarian so you are her hero. You are very nice but I’m definitely letting some areas of life go ha… my goal is to go to Burn Bootcamp once a week. Outside of that if I can fit in some squats/lunges before a run and some planks/clamshells/pushups after… I’m calling that a success. We need more time in the day!! Hope you are having a great afternoon Angela!


Tell Brooke she would be an awesome veterinarian! I’ve been a vet for 30 years now and no two days are ever the same.


A fun and good run last week was with my pup, Rudy. I have been teaching him bow to run since the spring, and now he is up to 30 mins, and he is a strong little runner. Makes my heart happy running with him! I have been keep my runs really short this summer, hoping to add mileage back in again this Fall.
We just had a super long walk this morning and I am off to yin yoga shortly.
My favorite treat is usually something salty, but last night I was in the mood for sweet, so I had a yummy piece of chocolate cake and it was awesome.


I love the name Rudy and I love that you get to go run with him. 30 minutes is awesome. I hope yin yoga was awesome and I am so glad that chocolate cake yesterday hit the spot!


No rest days for me, I am in the middle of my running streak!
Best run was Tuesday’s 8 miler, followed by Wednesday’s 10 miler. Hardest one was the 1 mile on Friday. It’s amazing how that 1 mile sometimes feels so much worse than a 10 mile run!!

I got some peach sorbet made with fresh peaches at a local ice cream place Monday night. HEAVENLY.


You are killing that running streak Loribeth! Hahah I totally know what you mean… it’s just that 1 mile after two long runs gets us. Now I need that peach combo right this second. I hope your day has been great so far!


Last really good treat I had was homemade cocoa peanut butter krispie treats. Life changing!


Okay, now I need those in my life right now. SEND ME THE RECIPE! Hope you are having a great day Kimberly!


I heard Jared Ward say what a great pace you were running! Did you hear that??


Bahaah I definitely didn’t but I’m sure you heard him right:)


The last really good treat I had was Honey Nut Cheerios. Not because it’s a “treat”, but because it was late last night and the only time I had to myself to sit and think so felt treat-ish :)

Your training is through the roof! Do you ever have problems with iron Janae? Or take a supplement? My running has been terrible lately. I haven’t ran the last few days but have been hiking instead, which feels like an excuse, I should still get some running in, but hiking can definitely fatigue my legs.


Oh I love cereal late at night! I actually have a post I have been writing about that! I do not take any iron supplements and I have been tested and I have good levels… I eat a lot of red meat though. That is not an excuse, you are listening to your body and that is smart. Have you had your blood tested?


I told Ross that you love Brookers more than Rockwell and he said I am not allowed to hang out with you anymore


Tell him that Andrew thought it was better too… so now they can’t mountain bike?


Keep chasing and following Emily Barrett and she will help you achieve ALL your dreams…haha well of course with Hawk guiding the way! He is awesome and you are with some of my most favorite people on the planet! Congratulations ;)

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