Silentish Saturday!!!

Got in a run before Andrew left to go mountain biking.

Tag teaming champs:

IMG 0844

Splash pad time.

IMG 0848

Keeping our ice cream streak going strong.

IMG 0856

See ya tomorrow Brooke!

IMG 0863

Their goodbye was pretty sweet and Skye said Brookie about a million times after she left.

IMG 0862

Got to meet up with one of my really great friends from when I lived in California… TARA.

IMG 0872

Brooke FaceTimed and it made Skye’s life.

IMG 0865

Skye helped me get my fuel ready for a monster workout today.

IMG 0883

Let’s do this!

IMG 0884


Tell me three things that you have going on today!!

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Skye has the best facial expressions!

3 things: run (a hot one, for sure), work (playing with penguins isn’t really “work”), and movie night at home with my husband.

Have a great Saturday!


I fully agree with you… she has about 200 different facial expressions all day. I LOVE YOUR JOB and I hope someday I can bring my kids and you can give them a personalized tour:) Enjoy movie night!


Church, taking my friend’s two dogs that I walk twice a week to play with a coworker/friend’s dog that I’m checking in on this weekend, and chilling out this evening with not much productivity.

Have a great weekend! ?


Sounds absolutely perfect Kayla… those types of weekends are the absolute best. I bet Brooke wishes she could join you with the dog play date:) . Thanks, you too!


We just got home from almost 2 weeks in Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona (a really fun old fashioned family road trip), so today is laundry, grocery shopping, more laundry, and mowing the yards. Hopefully a run will happen, but if not that’s ok. I’m giving myself some grace to get back to normal this weekend from being away for so long ?
Have a great Saturday Janae!


Those kind of trips are my absolute favorite. I am so glad you guys were able to go do that. Good luck on catching up on everything now that you are home. Thanks Wendy, you too!


I just ran 14.45 miles – the longest run I’ve ever done – in 83°+ very high humidity!!! Training for my first marathon in October :)


That is AMAZING! I just scrolled down the comments and I’m so impressed. Good work!


AHHH KATIE!! HUGE CONGRATS! I am so excited how well your training is already going, you are going to rock that first marathon (and in those weather conditions… 14.45 miles =28 miles)! Recover well:)


Thanks for the movie feedback.


Of course Erica! Ummm that sounds perfect. ENJOY and I need updates on your mom!


Going to yoga today at a new studio and trying not to get heatstroke are my two main things today! I got some good writing time in this morning, but I think the rest of the day will be spent in the AC. Even the walk to the yoga studio might take its toll! I need a splash pad.

Skye is adorable with Brooke–hope you have a great weekend!


Enjoy the new studio and ummm NOOOO HEATSTROKE! Eat as many popsicles as you can today! So glad you got time to right and enjoy the the ac:) . Thanks Kristin!


1. Got in a 7 mile run with my brother this morning. When we finished the heat index was 100!!!!!!!! Runners are a special kind of crazy.
2. Running errands
3. Relaxing with family


5.5 miles before it was 100 degrees
Hydrating…more hydrating
Grocery shopping (I may just stand in the Costco freezer all day ?)

So sweet how close the girls are, and we are 100% committed to eating ice cream everyday here as well. ?


I love all your higher neck running tops! Where are they from??

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