Weekend Happenings + One-Sided Relationship + Training recaps!

The track was just what I needed.

I had it all to myself and running around in circles for a while is just what my soul needed.  I definitely had a good cry (everything is fine… just human:) while I was there and between the endorphins and the release of emotions… I felt completely cleansed by the time I left.   Running does so much for me mentally/physically/spiritually… it feels like a one sided relationship ha because I’m always taking from it and I don’t give it anything in return;)

8.3 miles total at 8:28 average pace with 10 x 400m repeats with 200m jog recoveries after each one.  Most of my 400s were done around a 7:30 pace but my last few were in the 6:XX pace which felt exciting.

During the run I loved listening to Lindsey’s interview with Lazarus Lake (the race director of the Barkley Marathon).  Ever since I watched the documentary on Netflix about the Barkley Marathon I have been so interested by it and this interview answered a lot of my questions.  I definitely DO NOT have any desire to attempt anything similar to this race ha but I love learning about people that are involved with it and how incredibly tough they are!  26.2 miles is officially my max from here on out:)

Then it was back to the cousin sleepover shenanigans:). They all had a blast.

IMG 5387

A few months ago we bought tickets to go see Matilda and because of Corona it was postponed.

Brooke was so excited to finally go see it on Saturday!

IMG 5439

Everyone wore masks (besides the actors) and it was incredible.  This is what Brooke chose for her date with me and Andrew and Knox chose us taking him to a movie so as soon as theaters are open up again, we will be doing that with him.  Skye will probably choose going to the store to pick out bandaids;)

IMG 5444

Brooke is ALL about Red Vines and a root beer just made her day.

IMG 5445

Earlier in the day Skye asked if we could go to a grass hill that she loves to run down over and over again.  We totally thought she would have forgotten about it but the second we got home, it was the first thing she said to us.

IMG 5477

On Sunday we woke up early (well, early for Skye;) to get things ready for Father’s Day!

IMG 5493

We were able to pick up Knox and we  did our best to spoil Andrew.  He was very excited for his new skateboard.

IMG 5514

And we we did all of his favorite things and kept it as lazy as possible.

IMG 5512

Sadly, I was not able to get one of his Father’s Day wishes… He loves Easy Cheese bacon flavored and I went to two different stores and they were out.  Not sure if there is a shortage of this or if a lot of dads wanted it ha but either way, I need to find some!

IMG 5487


Week two of Andrew’s St. George Marathon training is done and done and here is how it looked:

*6.11 miles with 1129 ft of elevation gain @ 11:28 average pace.

*5.05 miles with 10 x 1 minute at about a 6:20 average with 1 minute jogging recoveries… this workout is deceiving because it looks easy but then those 1 minute jogging recoveries go by 48 times faster than the 1 minute of speed intervals do.

*10.2 miles @ 8:42 average pace.

21.36 miles total!

The most exciting part about his training this last week was that he reconnected with a good friend of his that he trained for an Ironman with back in 2012.  This friend also runs at night and is running the St. George Marathon so it is absolutely perfect.  I love training with people so I am so glad Andrew will get to have someone that also enjoys running when the rest of the world is asleep.   After the creepy eyeball situation that Andrew experienced last week… I am VERY thankful about this friendship.

IMG 5316

Here is his plan for week #3!  He has a few extra days off this week so I’m adding in a 4th short run to his normal 3 days a week but he still might mountain bike instead of the 4th run.  Skye added some artwork to his plan:)

I’m going to start doing a little bit of what my coach did with us last year and see how Andrew’s body handles MTC miles (part flat, mostly down to train your body to have a quick leg turnover and to be more confident running faster paces) followed by some time on the trails the next day.

IMG 5486

46.27 miles total for my week!  My runs ranged from an 8:28-9:41 average pace.  I did one speed workout and made sure to get in 10-15 minutes of strength 3 days.  I have been finding different pregnancy strength workouts on IG and loving those.

IMG 5426


Do you have any desire or goal to run an ultra or a race like the Barkley Marathon?  Have you ever in the past?

Best play or musical that you have ever seen?

-Hamilton and I cannot wait to get to go with Andrew again sometime in the future!

Tell me something that running has done for YOU lately?

What’s your goto treat at a movie/play/sports game? What about drink? 

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Lol the band aid comment. I took my kids to a trail to ride bikes this weekend and my daughter was counting how many “bug bites” she had (which was zero, so I’m not sure what she was counting) and how many band aids she would need. :) Kids and band aids. I don’t get it! haha.


Bahahah this made me smile so big! What is it about them that they love so much? Have a great day Mollie!


Running has been fun because its pressure free. I seem to be motivated by badges lol.

Also we brought our sweet mini aussie doodle home on Saturday. We are in both in love but my partner is especially in love. Because we don’t have human children this is the first time I have experienced sleep deprivation lol. But the good news is that she mostly knows to go outside lol. She is super cute.

Best one I saw was Les Miserables.

I want to do a 100 miler..the one I was waitlisted for was cancelled this year.

Have a great day!!


You have to send us a picture of your puppy! I am SO happy for you guys! Oh good luck with getting some more sleep and it’s going to be great preparation for the sleep deprivation during your 100 miler next year! I want to be involved in hearing all about your training etc for that 100 miler. Thanks Kristine and keep those badges coming.


No desire to run Barkley- I’m so impressed by people that do!! But just not something I want to train for or put myself through haha.

Hamilton was amazing!! I saw the traveling Broadway cast, but so excited to the see original cast on Disney+ next week! Other favorite musicals are Wicked, School of Rock and Waitress.


Mariah, thank you so much for reminding me that Hamilton is coming to Disney+! I cannot wait! Oh and I would love to see Wicked.. that’s next on my list. Hope you have a beautiful day.


I would love to do an ultra sometimes, but just trying to work up to running a marathon (have race walked many but never run one). Sadly, what I thought was plantar fasciitis is looking like something else since I can’t really even walk for very long on my foot. The morning starts out okayish and by evening I can barely put weight on the foot. I am so grateful that I ordered Hokas right before this happened, I am living in them. They are the only shoe right now that I can walk in!! I honestly think they might be too cushioned for my running gait however for a bad foot, they are heaven. I think I have a fracture/stress fracture. Luckily I was able to get an appointment for Tuesday, I have to drive 45 min but at least I am getting seen. I thought I would be so upset about not running but at this point since I can’t even walk, I just want to be functional!!
I don’t think plays or musicals are going to be open here any time soon, even with masks. We love to go to our local high school and even middle school shows and those are honestly my favorite. Our district has won some awards and the high school shows are honestly amazing!! I can’t wait until Disney shows Hamilton in July.


Carrie, noooooo ! I am so so sorry that it seems to be getting worse! Glad that the cushioning is helping you out. PLEASE let me know how your appointment goes tomorrow and I’m hoping that you are back to feeling like yourself again soon. What a great idea to go to your local high school and middle school plays. We will have to copy you!

Good luck tomorrow!


American Easy Cheese on Triscuits is the best!


Do you like the bacon one?! Andrew is very particular about this subject ha but he agrees that triscuits are a MUST with Easy Cheese. Hope you are having a great day.


Running has given me the This.Is.Summer feeling I need. With school out, but a lot of things not back to normal here, different running routes, long miles, nights on the patio feeling the work in the legs………I love all of that, and it is taking the place, more than adequately, for my summer adventure desire.


Oh I love this all so much… what you wrote is beautiful and so true. We are so lucky to have it! Wish I could join you on a summer adventure run. Have a great day, Erica!


I would say that for all of the advice, insight and more that you give through your blog alone, you are definitely giving back to running.
I *think* I want to do an ultra, but I’m still figuring out how to get my body to accept higher mileage weeks.

I saw In the Heights on Broadway years ago.
Normally running relieves stress but I’ve had a lot of uncertainty and work chaos recently so its been extra helpful.


Oh thanks Fiona! I hope I am giving back something to running, it does so much for us. I AM CHEERING for you to do an ultra and you’ll have to keep me updated on your plans. For me I really think running on dirt and eating more calorie dense food helped me to really bump up the mileage. I am SO sorry about things going on at work for you and I hope that you get to continue to use running to help relieve all of the stress. Have a beautiful rest of your day friend.


Ha, you definitely give way more back to running than you think! Writing this blog each day about your running is giving more back to running than anybody I know. And I also know we all appreciate it!

I just listened to that podcast as well. No ultras for me. I did ask my new running doc if he thought I could run a marathon some day with this old “chassis” of mine, and he actually said yes. Maybe in a year or two after I conquer the half? My knees are still questioning the docs opinion though, lol. Running definitely has helped me through all life’s ups and downs, especially the past decade or so.

Baseball games I always bring a bag of peanuts and red licorice whips. And then maybe some nachos. I don’t think I have ever been to an actual musical.


Oh thanks John, that is true… I do love writing about it and hanging out with the online running commuity is just the best.
YAY to what your doctor said, this is fabulous news. I am so glad you found this doctor and he is helping so much… so grateful you have had running over the years! That sounds like Andrew’s dream meal at a baseball game too… maybe someday you guys can go to a game together. Have a wonderful day!


I was really surprised he thought my body and joints were capable of doing a marathon, it’s definitely a long shot but YOLO. I just need to be careful I am not hurting the big toe joint for the future – so I will check in with him in 6 months.

And more importantly – has Andrew tried the Sharp Cheddar easy cheese with those long pretzel rods (the cigar+ sized ones)? I am most certain that is the best use for easy cheese, or even better on the hot pretzels that you bake. Trader Joes sells them.


I ran today for the first time in 2 weeks! I was so scared that my hamstring was not going to handle it, so I am thrilled. I’ll still take it easy for a bit, but YAY! Running gives me so much confidence and joy, even when it’s hard, and I have really missed that.

I want to see Hamilton so bad! I saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway a while ago—it wasn’t one of my favorite shows at that point, but wow. It was incredible. I don’t know how they did all the special effects, but it really felt magical. At one show my family went to, I was saying how it was too bad the theatre didn’t have snacks…and the woman in front of us turned around and said, “I packed bags of snacks! Do you want one?” It was so fun and became one of my favorite memories!


YOU RAN TODAY! I am so happy you were so so smart about your hamstring and now you are being rewarded for your patience. OH I would love to see Phantom! Okay, that woman is so kind… I want to be like her! Have a beautiful day Kristin and keep enjoying those post-run endorphins.


Ahaha “Skye will most likely choose going to the store to pick out bandaids”
Reminds me 100% of Allie !!! Bandaids were a BIG deal.


Hahahah they would be the best of friends❤️ I hope you and Allie have a beautiful day!


Hi Janae !
Yesterday i needed a bandaid for my hand, and i immediately thought about Skye ! Haha !
Congratulations to Andrew for his running week ! The story with the wild animal was so scary !! Please don’t let him go by night ! :)
Have a nice day !


How fun to see Matilda! It’s my oldest daughters favorite movie!

I have no idea how Andrew runs in the dark! I would be tripping over my feet because I would be so nervous! I get creeped out just looking into our yard at night, so many beady eyes, haha. Also, I didn’t even know they made bacon Easy Cheese!
Do you skateboard?

Running has gave me a lot of time to not think! I love being able to go on a run, listen to a podcast and not think about anything…or think about everything if I feel like it.

Peanut M&M’s, Reeses Pieces and Diet Coke are my choices. Makes me miss going to movies!


I KNOW… I would fall every five steps running in the dark while being tired and freaking out at night. I used to longboard but after an accident I had that resulted in having to get the gravel pulled out of my side… I quit ha.
I love that running gives you that. I hope you get all of those treats at the next movie you get to go to once they open up. Have a beautiful day, Becky!


We were hoping to see Matilda and Hamilton in St. Louis this past spring but they were canceled. We are counting down the days until we can watch Hamilton on Disney+…I’m sure it would’ve been cool to have seen it live but at least with this we will get to see the original cast!!
I love sweet and salty together so chocolate covered peanuts are my choice …or putting m&ms in the Popcorn is always a win:)-


Oh that must have been such a bummer… I hope they reschedule for you guys! I cannot wait to watch Hamilton too, so cool that they are doing that. You are so right about m&ms in popcorn. It’s magical. I hope you have a wonderful day Stephani!


I wonder how Lindsey scored that interview-I am so excited to listen to it! She’s just the best. I admit I got a bit salty at the virtual backyard ultra at the end…..

That being said, I’m so wanting to do something like the Barkley and always have (meaning, I think about it rather than just haul out and do it) but rather than an *event* I’m more inclined to do a cuckoo adventure run on my own or with my brother. #runnerwhodoesntdoevents

YOU GIVE A LOT TO RUNNING! Seriously, you do.

Movies are for either milk duds, or mm’s mixed in with popcorn. Mixing sweet and salty is *the best.* When I was marathon training and we’d go to the movies (a genius way to relax and not get bugged by the kids) I remember sneaking in giant sandwiches, a coffee and then buying candy at the concessions. I say “sneaking” but our movie theater doesn’t have a rule on that but it feels like I’m being a sneak.

Happy Monday. I’ve only had to remind myself a dozen times it’s monday. I almost got my kiddo logged on to virtual youth group…..which is on Tuesday.


You are going to love the interview! AHHH it made me so excited to hear that you want to do Barkley or something like it. Will you please keep me in the loop of it all, that is SO thrilling to me and I want to cheer you along the way. Maybe I can be part of your crew? I fully agree with you on the milk duds. Hahah I love that you brought in a full meal to the movies and I agree, such a great win for everyone involved during marathon training. Ha thanks for reminding me it was Monday too;). Thanks Kelly!


Hi Janae! I don’t think I could ever do an ultra.. maybe I could help crew for someone else though since it looks so fun and like a welcoming community. I really like watching ultra documentaries though, it’s just so amazing what humans are capable of!
Happy Monday and hope you have a great start to your week!


if you havent watched into the woods (not the movie, but the filmed stage version with Bernadette Peters) you must! If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a mashup of tons of fairy tales…..the first part is everything up to “happily ever after” and the second part is what happens AFTER happily ever after (disappointed princesses, vain princes, etc). Some of the characters bump into each other in the woods and it’s hilarious. Especially the song between Rapunzel’s prince and Prince Charming.


I love going to plays/musicals so much. It’s hard to pick a favorite but Wicked is pretty high up on the list. Aladdin is too because it’s the first one my son and I went to together and the memories of it are pretty great.

I’m signed up for a race on the 4th and I’m hoping the time off I’ve taken from running won’t hurt me too bad!


Ahhh a solo track ?‍♀️ sounds very nice! Sometimes we all need a good cry. I’ve had more than my fair share of seemingly random tears lately. I am thankful for ? during tearful walks/runs.

What a fun sleepover! Do the kids stay up late? My kid’s stayed up later the older they got! ?

Oh how nice to get out and see a show! How does Brooke feel about wearing a mask? It must have been so odd to be at the theater and seeing everyone in masks. ?

Woohoo what a fun Father’s Day! Glad you had the whole crew ?

Good job training Andrew! Glad you have a friend to run with! Keep up the good work!! ?

My desire is to walk/run five days a week with a long distance walk/run in the mix! ?

My goto movie or theater treat is a sparking water! I have no idea why but I live some good sparkling water and a good show! ??‍♀️

Hamilton is the best play (musical?) I’ve EVER seen! I was so happy when you said you saw Hamilton! I’ve feel VERY fortunate to have seen Hamilton at a few several different venues and Chicago was my ALL TIME favorite!!!! My husband and I would wait in line by the stage door and the actors would talk to us, sign our Playbill and take pics with us! All of the Chicago cast was absolutely fabulous and we LOVE Miguel Cervantes, the guy who played Hamilton! I think we saw the show ten times in Chicago and he was at every single show. Dare I say he is better than Lin?

If you get a chance check out his Instagram. Miguel and his wife Kelly have an incredible story. I could be wrong on some details here but Miguel & Kelly’s infant daughter, Adelaide, was diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy while he was playing Hamilton and passed away at the age of three. ? They are very open with their story and it’s heartbreaking. Let me just saw that If my child was at home suffering with painful seizures I don’t know how I would be able to function much less perform in a high energy musical like Hamilton. And you know those actors are always moving around!!

Kelly shares a lot of their story on her blog;


Hamilton closed on Chicago in January of 2020 and Miguel, who was the lead from the day the show opened in Chicago until the day it closed will now be performing as Hamilton in Broadway. I know my husband and I will be going whenever it’s safe to do so! I could go on and on about the Chicago Hamilton cast but I’ll quit while I’m ahead! Feel free to delete my link or comment if it’s not appropriate. I totally went on way too long but Hamilton is near and dear to my ❤️

Have a wonderful day! Sorry for babbling on so long! Do you even read all these and if so how do you find the time ?

Have the best Monday! ?


Sometimes a good track run is just what the soul needs!


I can’t believe Andrew runs in the dark! In the summertime that must mean staying up pretty late! Is it due to working shifts do you think or does he just like it? I hope he feels safer with a friend.

I loved the Barkley documentary. Also really enjoy when you signpost to running docs in general- have you seen Lorena which is a short one on Netflix? It’s a really beautiful snapshot of a Raramuri runner.

Hope you’re having a great day!


I love your inclusion about having a good cry on the track. I love that you feel comfortable enough to be real with your readers (which is also evidenced by many many many of your other posts) and it’s a good reminder to everyone that we are all human.

Thanks for sharing, as always!

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