Silentish Saturday!

The perfect amount of sunshine + a cool breeze for yesterday’s run!

Most with my sister, part by myself!

IMG 5353

My current daily ritual.  My goal is to get through the entire bag of spinach before it goes bad (talk about a beautiful food blogger picture;).

IMG 5363

I find her just going out to our garden and grabbing a snack.


Tennis lesson cheering crowd with berry seeds in my teeth for who knows how long before I realized they were there.

IMG 5364


IMG 5366

Second only to peaches IMO.

IMG 5384

Burgers were a must.

IMG 5378

We had a cousin sleep-over.

IMG 5380

My neighbor gave us cookie dough balls and each one weighed 1/2 a lb.  Now that is a cookie!

IMG 5381

IMG 5385

Time for the track!

IMG 3872


Tell me three things that you have going on today!!!

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Finished my 15km run in scorching heat and humidity and just cooling off in the pool. Golfing with a running friend later today, yes we can do other things! I love cherries too, they beat peaches on my list. Have a great weekend!


Way to go Jennifer! I can’t imagine running that far in crazy heat and humidity and so glad you were able to jump in the pool after. Haha wait you can do other things than run with running friends? I need to try that. Have a blast golfing and I hope you get some amazing cherries soon!


your little belly has definitely popped! so cute ♥️
we have a long to do list mostly getting things ready for baby number two… any day now!!
enjoy your weekend!!


Thank you Melissa, I have felt it pop too! I am SO excited for you guys and I hope everything goes so perfectly! Sleep in tomorrow:). Thanks Melissa!


Just took my dog for a steamy walk! We are having a heat wave here in NH for the foreseeable future! I made it to 38 weeks pregnant with running, and I think that might be it. Today my husband and I are celebrating my birthday a week early, just in case our baby is here by next weekend! Have a great one, Janae!!!


Oh NOOOO I really hope it calms down soon for you guys because now is not the time to be experiencing all of the heat. HUGE congrats on running so far into pregnancy and I am so excited (and jealous;) for you! Enjoy all of the celebrating and what if your new little one is born on your birthday?! Thanks Emily, you too!


Your summer days look so fun!!! Haha, I love that mug! Way to go on your speed workout! Do you just do what feels good or plan it ahead of time?

Today looks way different than I thought. I was supposed to run Grandma’s half marathon and have my 20 year class reunion.
So today
1) run 14 miles (done)
2) taking the kids to an auction. My daughter and I went to one last year and it was a lot of fun. Plus the playground and my MIL’s house are within sight so if the kids get bored, they have options.
3) watch my husband make progress in our bathroom remodel–I provide food, beverages and encouragement and let him know if something leaks when he turns the water back on;-)


HEY BECKY!! I plan a little bit (like I knew I wanted to do 400m intervals because that is what has felt good this pregnancy) but I decide how many as I am doing it! I am so sorry that things today are so different than you planned but way to go on 14 MILES! And that auction sounds like a blast!! You are going to have to send me before and after pictures of the bathroom, so excited for you.


8 miles with a friend this morning, then went out for bagels and coffee for breakfast (Yay for patio seating to social distance!) and now time for homework.


OH Mariah, what a fun day so far… it feels like normal life almost again! Good luck with all of the homework!


Cleaning..spinning on my new Peleton bike and watching some little league baseball.

We love cherries too and we just got a watermelon the kids are begging me to cut.

Hope you have a great Sat!!!


Ahhh you got a Peloton! You are going to have to give me your review of it after you use it a few times. We are seriously thinking about one too. Enjoy that watermelon and get some cherries soon too:). Thanks Lauren, you too.


If you have spinach starting to go bad lay it on a wax paper lined cookie sheet and put in the freezer for a bit then rebag it and keep in the freezer for smoothies. (Keeps it from freezing into a big clump)You will never have spinach go bad again ?


Well you just SAVED ME! How have I not done that? Such a good idea. Have a beautiful day Sheri!


Happy Saturday!

I am digging your striped top! Is that a running tank? Is it long!? Can you share the link? It’s so cute! ?

Well you’ve done it again. I need to have ? now! I ❤️❤️❤️ Cherries with whip cream .. or on top of my IP yogurt with granola! I made toasted coconut ? IP yogurt and that is some DELICIOUS stuff! Also my husband adds cherries and chocolate chips to my pancakes someones and wow! ? total cherry ? tangent huh? ?

Today I am baking a pineapple angel food Bundt cake, hiking in the state park and watching some FRIENDS! ?

Have a wonderful day .. to your entire family! ?


Hey you! Yes, it is a running tank and here is the link:
You are going to love it! Now I am going to have to try your cherry and yogurt idea and the pancakes… YUM! Send me over some of that angel food cake, that sounds like heaven. Thanks Sydney and you too!


Hi Janae! Are those cherries from your tree? They look great!! Today I am going to the board game store to pick up some board games. I am slowly going to meet my friends (maybe one a week) and I’m pretty stoked! Tomorrow I’ll go to the farmers market and get lots of berries and cherries. Happy happy weekend! I sure love Saturday morning, full of promise.


You have a great memory too… yes, they are from our tree. YAY for meeting up with friends again, I am thrilled for you. Enjoy the farmers market and new games! Wish I could join you!


Today I get to see my Mom who I haven’t seen since March 7th! I am beyond excited! She is preparing Mexican food for my sister and I. I’m sure we will hang out on her awesome tree swing- it sits three people- and we will soak up this precious time together.


Kimberly, I am SO so happy for you. This makes my heart so happy. Enjoy every second together eating delicious food and sitting in the swing. Sounds dreamy!


I have been wondering how your chickens are doing, could you do a post about them? I think that would be so fun! I like your running tank too.


YES!! I totally will! Expect some pictures on Monday. They are doing great and love roaming the yard with the kids (and Beretta inside;). Thanks so much (it’s from Lululemon and I think they still have it) and I hope you are having a great morning.


That is one ball of cookie delight!!!!

-7 mile humid run
-Mountain bike ride with my teen and bf which was beyond fun! Sharing new trails with my son was the best!
-mad dash to the store after showering off all the mud. Our stores close at 8pm and we not home after 6:45! Usually there’s very little produce in the evening but I was pleasantly surprised!

Have a good weekend!!


I love the run tank you have on in that pic! Where did you find it? I know this is probably already on your blog somewhere…. It’s hard to find tanks with a high neckline.

Just came back from a short, slow run, but at least I got out there!


oops, should have read the comments! apparently we all like your tank lol


No worries! I hope you get it and love it. Have a great week Christine!

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