Silentish Saturday!

I was going to take Friday off in preparation for our run today (26 miles split up between 2 runs) but my coach told me to get in a mile yesterday!  He said that would be more helpful for my recovery to keep things moving a little with a mile so that is what I did —> 1 mile @ 9:39 pace with the kids.

Spent longer getting ready for the run than actually running.

IMG 8060

Knox is so excited he is catching up to Brooke in height.

IMG 0120


IMG 0179

Getting excited for winter!

IMG 0186

My sister invited us over for lunch to eat her pizza.

IMG 0193

And the best Oreo cookie ever from Crumbl.

IMG 0194

The time-out chair is going well;)

IMG 0166

Went to a Christmas party!

IMG 0260

Saw Santa.

IMG 0244

How Skye feels about Santa:

IMG 0241

My sister provided dinner too… her husband had a lot of chicken fettuccine alfredo leftover from work and they hooked us up with the good stuff.

IMG 0270

Hid some things for my run today (water and a different pair of shoes).

IMG 0269


Tell me three things that you are doing today!

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Haircut for me; haircut for my 15 year old; and haircut for my 13 year old plus a trip to VA and lunch with my sister. Her fiance is a stylist and he’s really good. He gets upset when other people cut my hair because they never do it right.
Do you know anything about the TFL muscle? I think that may be my problem rather than my knee. I think I need PT to work on it but my schedule doesn’t allow it this time of year.
Have a great long run! I hope to be back at it soon.
PS – Santa’s out in Utah already??? He doesn’t come here until the weekend before Thanksgiving.


have you seen a sports medicine doctor? I have a bone condition called AVN and for me it is thought to be non-progressive however my knees and hip will never be normal. Recently I started having pain that was different on both my knees. I saw him and found out it was my hamstrings and the advice of “you need to warm up, stretch, and take some anti-inflammatory meds temporarily”. In any case, I was guessing for awhile and getting the correct answer was so helpful. A tight TFM can cause IT band issues which would cause knee pain. I also have found the knee compression sleeves are helping me. The sports med doc I see sort of rolled his eyes but said more then likely they are helping because they are keeping my muscles warm.. Even if it is placebo, all for it.


I meant TFL not TFM


Thanks for your thoughts. I’ve seen an orthopedist. Initially, he said tight hamstrings, which I fixed. I went back and he said there was fat in my knee joint being pinched. He prescribed a really string NSAID. I thought that was helping but as soon as I finished them, the problem came back. He said my MRI says the knee is healthy. I have been doing some additional stretches that are supposed to be for the tfl muscle. It actually feels better so I’m hoping that it will straighten out in a few weeks with the additional stretching. Thanks for your input. I really appreciate.


Let’s of haircuts going on over there! Santa comes so early to Utah because there are so many kids here ha. I actually do not know about the TFL muscle Lee and I am SO sorry that it is causing you problems. PLEASE keep me updated with your recovery!


3 things: Enjoying some Disney + (Christmas gift from my inlaws), a 2 day swim meet with my oldest, and cleaning (yuck)

It is my rest day. I likely won’t run again until Monday. I am trying to figure out my sweet spot for saving myself from injury and getting the mileage in too. I know plenty of people run just 3 to 4 days a week, it just feels weird. I am working out 6 days a week, just cross training. Half marathon on 12/15.


Hi Lee! I had hip pain for quite a while caused by an overworked TFL. Basically other muscles around it were weak and so it would compensate for them and then get quite irritated (I had pain after sitting for a long time or after runs). Eventually what fixed it was doing a lot of core work over a few months. Planks with toe taps, side plank with toe taps, and clamshells were my main jam for a while. Hope this helps!!


Okay, that is an excellent gift idea… it’s the best! I hope the cleaning goes by quickly and your oldest rocks that meet! I am so excited for your half in less than a month and finding that sweet spot is so important, you are doing awesome!


Good luck on your runs today!
Three things:
1. We are going to cheer on my daughter’s cross country team at States! They have never been to States before and she gets to go as an alternate her freshman year. We are so proud of them!

2. Grocery shopping! We’ve had a busy week and our kitchen is empty.

3. Shopping for running clothes! Cross country has inspired my daughter to run Indoor track (running was her choice with no pressure from me- she was a dancer until August!) and she has stolen all my outdoor gear and needs her own!


HUGE congrats to your daughter, that is so incredible and I hope today goes well for the team! Hahaha I have a feeling the same thing will happen with Brooke. Have a blast shopping together!


Run, cook, play with the kids. I was going to clean, but I just quit my job so I think it will be easier to clean when the kids are in school. I am used to spending the weekends doing all the cleaning, meal-prep, laundry and fitting in play/fun with the kids….now I feel a little lost during the week and weekends. I need to find a new routine otherwise nothing is going to get done, haha.


Hey Becky, so good to hear from you! What a big life change. I am hoping that you are able to adjust smoothly and figure out your routine perfectly. I hope this means you get in a lot more rest and play on the weekends now!


Three things today :
This morning, a run. 8 people with our 8 dogs. That was so great.
For lunch, we prepared a … (i don’t know if there is an english word) “raclette”. Potatoes with melted cheese. Huummm..
And now, Netflix, and just relax.


8 people + 8 dogs = perfect run! I love that and I have had raclette before and it was AMAZING! Enjoy Ingrid and thanks so much!


I’m thinking today’s workout is going to involve deep cleaning my house instead of a trip to the gym. Pretty sure my family aren’t going to be big fans of this decision. Sometimes it just has to be done though.

I tried to warn my daughter yesterday. I’m not sure she entirely got it though.


Deep cleaning is quite the workout for me! Good luck with that and it will feel so good for everyone afterwards. Hopefully you can have a relaxing evening!


Hi Janae! You’ll have to let us know if that recovery mile was helpful! You’re going to rock your long run!!

Today I’m going home to my parents and debating whether to do my long run. I’ve had very slight knee pain and general soreness in both knees after big workouts for a few weeks so I’ve only done easy runs for two weeks. I’m a little concerned since my race is so soon (same day as yours) but I’d rather not get injured.


Hey Amy! I really think it was helpful because I felt great today… I got the rest I needed yesterday but didn’t feel stiff or like I hadn’t run in a while. IT IS SO IMPORTANT to be a little undercooked than injured or overtrained. If it were me, I would take this long run off personally. Let me know what you do and I am cheering you on! 22 days Amy, you are going to rock it!


Filling Christmas shoeboxes
Completing my college assignments that are due Sunday
Hopefully get a nice walk in with the 3 kiddos along with a workout on the rower tonight.

Your sisters pizza always looks so good! Best of luck on the run today!


You sure have a lot going on Gillian! I hope you are able to get all of your assignments done and some relaxation tonight! Thank you so much and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


My second son is 20 today! He’ll have a biggish celebration next week, but tonight we’re just having a nice meal with our family. My daughter played hockey against the daughter of my cousin. I hadn’t seen him in a long time so it was great to catch up again. Have a great Saturday!


HAPPY BDAY TO YOUR SON! This is an excited birthday! Enjoy the meal all together, that sounds perfect and so glad you saw your cousin too. Thanks Eva, you too!


This is one of the great things about the blogging world..the sharing. You can tell your sister, ever since your first post about her BBQ pizza, I have tossed all dough recipes and now only buy Sams dough balls. And her bbq chicken pizza has become a favorite in this house. And after reading this post, I think it should go on the meal plan for next week. ha, thanks again! And thanks to your sister !

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