More Boston Thoughts I Need to Tell You…

Okay, I cannot stop coming up with things to tell you about from this last week so here are just a few more. Oh, and on Monday I will post my complete training log leading up to Boston!

*There isn’t much better than feeling genuine support from other women.  Women that want you to succeed and truly hope for the best for you.  I’ve thought a lot about the friendships I have found through running, and while jealousy/comparison is a route that can be taken, the strength and goodness that comes from women supporting women make me want to cry.  My running friends have taught me this over and over again.  Cross-country for the elementary school started a few weeks ago, and it is something I want to help teach them… When you work with each other and rise TOGETHER, your potential is unstoppable.

*I am SO glad we had our goodr glasses for the race.  I do not understand how so many people were not wearing sunglasses, my eyes would have died.

IMG 6769

*Don’t mind my oversharing of Lauren this week ha… It was her most documented race, and she was so shocked to see Andrew repeatedly throughout the course.  He just kept popping up and yelling our names!

IMG 6789

*That follicular phase of the menstrual cycle is gold for racing.  I really want to LEAN INTO whatever different phase of my cycle I am in. Being able to race at this point in my cycle felt like a dream hormone-wise, and I want to keep leaning into training harder during the follicular phase and letting my body rest more during the luteal phase.  I cannot control what phase I am in as far as racing goes, but I can try and choose some key races for when I am in the follicular phase.  I see it all as a beautiful thing now, and knowing more about what is going on in each week of my cycle makes me grateful.  Here, here and here are my favorite resources about this.

IMG 0591

*I saw a man store a gel in his visor because his pockets were too full.  Brilliant.

IMG 6765

*Another brilliant idea was these inflatable seats that people brought to the athlete’s village.  You were only allowed a small bag into the village, but they blew these up and were comfortable for the wait.

IMG 6761

*During my first Boston experience (where I was going for a sub 3 and finished in 3:12), I took my first gel at mile 15.  Too late.  Way too late, and there was no coming back from that, and I had a terrible second half of the race.  On Monday, I took my FIFTH gel at mile 16.  I’m telling you, fueling your race is everything, and I need a shelf in my pantry for Maurten gels now.

IMG 6747

*I got an email from Boston with all of the signs that friends/internet friends made for my race.   I feel so lucky to have you guys in my life.

Screen Shot 2022 04 19 at 6 35 18 AM

*The Boston Marathon commented on Molly Seidel’s post about dropping out of the race—> “The comeback is always stronger than the setback.”  It gave me goosebumps.

*A man said to Lauren and me at mile 14ish that we looked too happy and fresh to be running the paces we were running.  Deena Kastor’s advice did so much for my running… The more I smile and enjoy the FUN of running/racing, the faster I go.

*Two Garmin pictures.  My watch still doesn’t believe in my goals.  This was taken on the plane ride home AFTER the marathon.

IMG 6820

*The Vaporfly Next%2 helped me with my cadence during the race.  My cadence has never been this quick throughout a marathon.  I think the biggest plus about the shoes for me is they set me up from the feet up with really good form the entire race.  I need to sell my car to keep up with paying for these shoes because I am officially addicted to racing/workouts in them.  They make running even more fun.

IMG 6822

*I don’t remember where I saw this quote, but I fell in love with it… “Don’t let anyone rent space in your head unless they are a good tenant.”  I thought about it during the race, and I wasn’t going to let negative thoughts take up space in my head… Only the thoughts that were overpaying their rent would be allowed ha.

*I officially think the carb depletion doesn’t do anything for me before a marathon besides making me the grumpiest person ever.  I added more carbs leading up to the race (especially on Sunday… so many bagels), and I loved not cutting carbs.


Favorite running sign you have ever seen during a race?

-I saw so many along the way that I told myself to remember to tell you, but I forgot them all… so many of them made me smile.

Do you wear sunglasses when you run?

Any thoughts from your runs lately you can tell us about?

Any running partners/friend/family member that really supports you?

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You can keep talking about Boston all you want- we want to know everything!
Poor Molly- I read her post and it’s heartbreaking! I loved the comments though and can’t wait for her next race.
The fourth picture in this post (of you running from the side) is amazing! Your legs look so strong.
Have a great day! Hope you’re able to relax a little.


Thank you, Jenny! Those Peloton classes helped me get a lot stronger! I was heartbroken for Molly too. Uggg I cannot wait to see her comeback though. I hope you are having a great morning!


First of all, CONGRATS on your amazing Boston time! Wow! That is not an easy course and you annihilated it ?
Second, thank you for posting about the race predictor being SO off. I have a time goal for my upcoming marathon and I have been chasing it for a couple years. I recently did a similar predictor which puts me over my goal time and it got into my head. I really feel like I am ready to do this, so I need to work on my mental game!! I am trying to load my brain with as much ammo as possible beforehand. So thank you for helping me with that challenge ?
I hope you have a wonderful day, Janae!


Thank you so much Annemarie and don’t listen to that race predictor. You are going to crush your marathon. SO much ammo… that is perfect! Listen to Deena as much as possible! Thank you friend and please keep me updated with your training!


I also CANNOT run (or even go outdoors, really) without sunglasses. My Goodrs are my favorites for running because they are so lightweight and they don’t move or slide or bounce at all. I honestly forget I am wearing them.


YESSS! And what did we all wear for running before Goodrs? They are just the best so it’s hard to remember life before them? Hope your day is a beautiful one, Allison!


I love all your Boston thoughts!

I do not wear sunglasses when I run, which is odd because i always wear them when I am outside. I need my eyeballs to be able to breathe;-) I am with you, I never used to take any fuel until mile 15 and that is too late! I have been wondering where to put all the gels now so I am stealing that idea and putting them in a visor or hat!

My family tolerates my running. My husband is extremely supportive as in the fact he never complains about how much money I spend on races, shoes, Garmins, running clothes, chiropractor appointments, buying a treadmill, and he will use vacation days to watch the kids while I go to races. I think most people think that is pretty basic, but running is a very expensive “hobby” especially in the days when we were just starting out and a one income family. However, watching all the crowd support from Boston has inspired me to go and cheer on friends at races.


Thank you, Becky and I just cannot wait for you to run Grandma’s! Valid point about your eyeballs needing to breathe haha. Yes, let me know how the visor holder goes! I fully agree with you, this hobby gets PRICEY! I felt the same way about the crowds… I need to return the favor. I hope your morning is off to a great start!


Goodr sunglasses are the best! Lately when I’ve been running I’ve been thinking about how I’m playing the long game. If I have one bad run its ok, and if I am smart about my running (adding strength, taking good care of myself, properly fueling) I can do this for a LONG time. Love hearing all the details of Boston! Hope you’re having a great day!


I love this Meghan. It really is all about the long game with our running… we want to be doing this forever so we have to do what we can to make sure that happens. I hope your day is a great one too!


You are amazing !! It was so much fun to follow your race. Congrats again!!! I hope you are enjoying all the recovery.

Also goodr is the best. I have so many pairs Jason just shakes his head lol.

Best sign was actually a sign my sis and her friend made for me. The letter k had come off my keyboard and so as a joke they made a sign that Said run Ristine run. Lol. They were cheering me on at my first Boston in 2013.

Hope you have a great day Janae!


Awesome job at Boston! I love hearing all about your experience. I am really curious and have to ask – how many bagels did you have before the race? Its awesome that your fueling was on point for the marathon. Its something I’ve struggled with (maybe without even realizing it??). I’d really like to do fueling and nutrition right for my next training cycle.


Hey Jenny! I had 3 total before the race… starting about 5 hours before the race started it. I’m excited to see what the fueling does for your racing, it sure changed mine! Have a beautiful day!


I love hearing all about Boston! I want to be there one of these years.
Oh, I always wear sunglasses when I run. And, thanks to you and a couple of podcasters, I LOVE my Goodr’s. I forget I have them on.
Lately I have been thinking of how best to fuel during longer runs. You are so right that good fueling makes all the difference! Before and during the run.
I loved what you said about lifting each other up, really supporting each other. And you wanting to teach the cross country kids this is so good. Teach them at a you g age that supporting your friends and teammates is way better than comparing to each other.
Running friends are the best! I love the support I feel from mine. I also am lucky to have a very supportive husband ?
Have a great day Janae!


Congratulations on the race! It is always so fun to track you and read all about it after :-) Question on your new Nikes – I am so close to buying a pair but have been reading some mixed reviews on sizing. Did you need to go up at all or did you buy your normal running shoe size? I am running the Fargo Marathon in a month and want to see what these could do for my cadence/speed!


Uggg this was so stressful for me too. I actually have one pair in 10 and one pair in 10.5 and they don’t really feel different to me. Both shoes have been great but I did wear the bigger pair for the race and my normal size for a 16 mile run… my feet were happy in both. You have to let me know what you think of them please and I can’t wait to hear about your race. Cheering so loud for you!


I love hearing all about your Boston experience. Keep it coming!

Also – Goodrs, I have a pair I wear for running all the time and I *just* ordered the pink “Ham Cured Cramps” that they re-released because I’m running Flying Pig Marathon on May 1 and I thought it was fate and I must order them. :)

Your Garmin race predictor cracks me up.

My 2 best running girlfriends are so supportive – I couldn’t do the training I do without them. Total girl power!

I faithfully read your blog but always forget to comment and just wanted to add that I recently tried Maurten gels (and the hydration drinks) an am so excited that they don’t upset my digestion, go down smoothly even during faster running, and so far, during the long runs I’ve tried them on, make me feel great. Totally using them in my upcoming marathon.


I love those glasses! I have some Knockarounds that I wear when I run. I do not know how people run without glasses. When I have forgotten them before it DRIVES ME CRAZY!

One thing I want to know about – and I’m glad you said something about the negative thoughts that creep in when we run – but I notice in races or long runs – sometimes I will suddenly panic that I cannot do it anymore or I think that I am going to fail and then my heart rate speeds up and I get out of breath…what would you recommend for that? Or really any commenters? Before the race I get nervous, but once I settle in I do ok, until suddenly I have this panic/anxiety..seriously. Last race it was like around mile 7 that I thought “I can’t do this anymore” yet I totally can. I just want to stop it before it starts. So much of running is mental! What books or podcasts help you be mentally strong? I know you have shared a lot of things, now I’m just forgetting what they are!


love your post…inspired my two runs yesterday….I’m busy trying to become older stronger faster…..I’ve got the older part done, now for the other two…..
inspired….re-newed a run club yesterday that had been on hiatus for two years, and it was great to see so many faces and run with people I hadn’t seen for those two year, and so many that said they hadn’t really run since we shut that group down, so even more inspiration
and yes, you guys are like a science experiment….I’m busy digging through a book called Roar by Stacy Sims all about female physiology, my two run clubs and all the clinics I instruct are pretty much all female, and knowing all is pretty important, but, especially that diet and strength knowledge benefits us guys as well…the gut flora, and knowing even more about that is huge….congrats, funny, I saw your pace…that’s my best pace, but per km not miles lol…..


My absolute favorite sign I’ve seen while running a marathon (coincidentally also Boston) was:
“You think this is hard? Try growing out bangs.”
As someone who is training for a marathon while growing out bangs, I can assure you, neither are easy.

My favorite running quote I used as a mantra for Boston in the fall was “I am the storm” taken from the saying:
“The devil whispered in my ear, ‘you are not strong enough to withstand the storm.’ I just smiled and replied, ‘i am the storm.'” STILL GIVES ME GOOSEBUMPS.

Please keep ALL the Boston content coming. It makes me smile so much. And your Garmin being a liar makes me feel better about mine right now, it’s being QUITE RUDE.


Those signs are awesome and the bangs one made me laugh so hard. Tell your Garmin to start being nice, so annoying.

I AM THE STORM… I am stealing that. Hope your day is a great one, Annie!


Good morning, Janae! I hope you are still feeling so awesome about your Boston success – talk about it all you like!! I am sad for Molly, but just know she’ll come back in a big way.
I always try so hard to remember race signs, because some of them are really hilarious. Never fails though that by the end of the race I have forgotten all of them.
I rarely wear sun glasses, because I usually have a hat on my head and just use the brim. If it just toooo hot for a hat (no matter how well ventilated), I will wear them and you have inspired me to try Goodr. Do they make them for kids? I have a small-ish face and sometimes it’s tough to find them that don’t look ridiculously huge LOL.
I have had some really supportive running partners, friends & family over the years, but two worth mentioning: my sister flew across the country to be there for my first marathon and after just 6 weeks of dating, my now fiance traveled out of state with me for a race. They were the best support team ever! <3
Have an awesome Friday Eve, Janae!!


Hi Janine, I have a small face too and the Goodr OG’s are a little big on me. I still wear them to run in but my husband makes a little fun of me. But the circle glasses (I have the nine dollar pourover) fit great, not too big at all. And still good coverage to run in.


Thanks so much, Michelle – I ‘ll give those a try! Have an awesome weekend :o)


At my last race I saw one inspired by Wordle! It was 3 lines of words with the colored in letters like they have in wordle-
I thought it was hilarious and clever!

I absolutely always wear sunglasses when I run. Even if it’s outcast it still helps I think! I’m just so used to them that I would feel so naked if I went without them.

Lately on my runs all I’ve been thinking about is the house buying process, which I can finally forget about because we closed today!! Now I can just think of all our remodeling plans. So excited :)


Congrats on such an awesome race!!

Some of signs that I always laugh at are “Smile if you peed a little” or “I thought they said ‘rum.’
Favorite running sign you have ever seen during a race?

I always wear sunglasses and a hat to protect my face.

I seriously have the best running partners/cheerleaders!


Just here to say how jealous I am that you were in the follicular phase of your period for this marathon! I got my first post-partum period DURING the last marathon I ran and I have so much PTSD about that day that I don’t know when my next marathon will be :P Congratulations on your Boston! So happy for you <3


I really identified with your post today, particularly the portion about “Don’t let anyone rent space in your head unless they are a good tenant.” I think we all have naysayers or less than helpful speakers/experiences in our lives. I know one thing that helps me during races is “this is a special moment, they don’t get to come with”.
I really identified with your statement and appreciated you speaking about that.
I’m sure I get it quite less than a public figure like yourself, but it’s always difficult to reconcile how someone may not view us how we aspirationally view ourselves


I LOVE all your Boston posts!! I was seriously sooooo happy when I saw your time. My family could not understand why I was so excited for someone I’ve never met (but after meeting your sister at church I feel like I sort of know you, haha!).

Did you read Jess Sims (Peloton instructor)’s posts about running the marathon after one of the bombing survivors asked her to take the survivor’s bib? Seriously made me cry. So this morning we had really great weather here in the Midwest (55 and light rain, I mean totally perfect) so I decided to go run my local half-marathon course as a tune-up long run for my upcoming half in a couple of weeks. On the last big hill in the last mile I just kept saying out loud to myself Jess Sims’ mantra from her classes: “You don’t have to do this, you GET to do this.” I just love that reminder that even when it’s hard, we GET TO DO THIS!!! Especially meaningful for all the times that we have wanted to run so bad but haven’t been able to bc of injury, etc.


I hated my Garmin race/workout predictors (and the little pop-up that sometimes says ‘Performance Condition: Poor’ (rude!) so I turned it off. Game changer for my mental state!


Congratulations on your sub 2:55 finish! What perfect weather we had, but I wish I had worn goodr’s and more sunscreen! I too was carb-loading before the race, but went the old-school pasta route. On Saturday I ordered (for delivery) penne with tomato/basil sauce from Lillys Gourmet Pasta Express. Lillys was closed on Sunday so I ordered penne with Pomodoro sauce (same thing!) from Bottega Fiorentina. Both were delicious and inexpensive ($10). I have no relationship with either restaurant, just sharing.


I love hearing about people’s favorite shoes. I’m glad the Nikes worked out so well for you. And yes- waiting until 15 miles for the first gel is definitely not a recipe for success! I fuel with UCAN before the race starts, which lasts 90 minutes, so I took my first Maurten gel at mile 10 and it worked great. Isn’t Maurten so easy to digest!?


Congrats on Boston! You are AMAZEBALLS!!!

I have a question that might be tmi, but I like to just go with it :) I am all about embracing the phase of menstruation that you are in, BUT how do you embrace that when you are on a heavy day and you have a race/event that you can’t even waste 20 seconds let alone stopping to change period products (tampon…)?
Am I the only one that wonders this? Or is there a magic product out there that I am not aware of made to deal with this issue?

Sunglasses for life. I wear them every time I am outside or driving regardless of the sun. I basically wear them until it’s dark outside, then I keep wearing them. Hahaha

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