Hobble Creek 1/2 Marathon Recap!

Get ready for a long one—>  Lots to say today and let’s start off by saying that I think the girls are looking SO OLD all of the sudden.

This picture kind of put me in shock when I saw it!

I slept like a rock on Friday night.  I don’t think I moved the entire night and that was a good feeling because I woke up feeling refreshed and ready.  The lower mileage this last week also made it so that my legs felt fresher than they have in a very long time.  I was eager to run after dropping down the mileage and taking Friday off.

IMG 3161

Emilee picked me up and we drove to the busses.  I ate two pieces of bread with jam and drank my 2.5 scoops of UCAN.  I had a gel 15 minutes before the race started along with my Nanohydr8.  We jumped on the busses and got to the start.

We took a group photo in front of a honeybucket because I guess there is a contest to win one if you tag them ha.  They want to put one where we do a lot of our workouts, ha, so cross your fingers for us.

IMG 0033

Emilee and I did a .6 mile warm-up (ps we are really learning we need more like a 2 mile warm-up for half marathons but we ran out of time) and the race started at 7:08.  It was so nice and cool and we had awesome cloud cover along with a tailwind = the perfect recipe for a PR.

Hobble Creek is much different than a lot of the Utah races but it’s still at elevation which is awesome.  The work starts in mile 2 and you have rollers pretty much from the first few miles until mile 10 and then it’s flat till the end with a small downhill for part of the last mile.  I definitely noticed my weakness on the uphills cardio/muscular wise so I NEED to work on that.  But I was pretty happy with how I maintained an evenish pace throughout the race pretty much the entire time.  My last mile was a 6:02 and mile 7 was by far the hardest mile for me (6:21)… mentally and physically the hills felt never-ending.

IMG 6196

I saw Andrew and the girls at mile 10 and that always gives me a huge boost in energy.

IMG 6211

I’m very very lucky to have this crew and of course the stuffed dog was there too to cheer for me.

IMG 6224

The last .1 miles is on the grass which definitely felt strange to get on after 13 miles on the roads.  PS the clock was about 20 seconds off.

IMG 6239

Flowers and medals at the end.  There were a few PRS from our crew which was so fun to celebrate together.

IMG 6247

And that post race creamie is just the best.

IMG 3173

But not as good as the apple fritter and breakfast burrito (where I added extra salt to it) at home from Andrew afterwards.

IMG 3184

Time for all of my random thoughts now:

*Listen to this podcast episode the night before your next big race or workout.  My friend sent it to me and it was just what I needed to get my head in the right place for the race.   There was a line that I thought about a few times in the last few miles when she was talking about the tough choices we have to make during our runs—> throw in the towel or drop down the hammer?  We have the choice and like she said in this episode… what’s the worst that could happen if we choose to drop down the hammer?  We breathe heavier or our legs feel more dead?    I kept reminding myself to make the choice to throw down the hammer.

There were so many things I took away from this episode and it was so good for my mental training!

IMG 3121

*I have a new invention for Garmin.  I want a watch that I can put in a time (ie for the half I would put in a 1:19:59) and then in the final miles it will give me a prompt of what I need to run the next mile in to hit that goal.  I am BEYOND thrilled with my time but it would be nice to have my watch do the math for me to get my next goal of a sub 1:20 in my next half marathon:).  Math during a race or hard workout is really hard!

*My coach says I look really angry and tight when I race… I’ll work on not being so tight when I race but I don’t know if I can fix my angry face.  I’M HURTING hahaha

IMG 6235

*I LOVED meeting Marissa, Natalie and Kim.  They all had great races and I love meeting my internet friends!

IMG 3171

*I tried TWO new things (which is a big deal for this creature of habit)—> I didn’t do the power bun (just a high ponytail) and I wore spandex.  The spandex rode up the whole time (a pair from like 5 years ago ha) but it didn’t bother me at all and I felt faster in my spandex vs normal shorts.  I need to grab a pair of black Senita ones for St. George so I get the benefit of them not riding up and feeling faster;)

IMG 6262

*I raced in the Brooks Hyperion and did the other miles in my Levitates.

*I used my Clif Citrus gels (one right before the race started) and one at mile 7!  The one at mile 7 got all over my hands.  When I finished the race I just wanted to wash my hands so so badly because having sticky hands for 6 miles was annoying.

*I haven’t worn this necklace during a race for a while and every time I felt it during the race it brought the kid’s faces into my brain and I loved that.  The perfect distraction from feeling like my legs were going to fall off.

IMG 3183

*Our coach predicted a 1:20 for Emilee (she finished in 1:20:08 and I did in 1:20:23).  He sure knows what he is talking about because he has predicted every race so far for us!

*Am I doing my best in this moment?  <—I asked myself this question at least 6 times a mile and I’ll do this at St. George in 6 weeks and 5 days.  There is no point thinking about what I THINK I will be doing/feeling in two miles or five miles, all I need to do is be in the moment that I am in.  Whenever I asked myself this question it made me feel calm and in control… because I am in control of THAT moment.  When I asked myself the question there were times that I replied no to myself and sped up a little or worked on my form.  There were also times where I would say yep, I’m doing my best in this moment and just hold on.  Nothing else matters but the step you are in so focus on making that step your best and it will all piece together.  I love evaluating my NOW rather than wasting energy worrying about the future in running and life.  It has helped me a lot with anxiety (but I still have a lot of work to do in the everyday life part of this but the work is worth it:).

*When I finished I thought for sure I was going to puke. I laid down on the grass and it took a few minutes to want to stand up again. I really got out of my comfort zone.

*This race was small but it brought the FASTEST girls.  There was a pro there and a lot of girls that ran for BYU or other big colleges.  Having a fast field helped me to run a lot faster than I would have without them in front of me.  I was 9th overall for the women and I told Andrew before the race that I would be thrilled being in the top 10 so I was very excited.

*Utah races are always the best for kids!  They also had snow cones for the kids too.

IMG 3166

*I can officially say I never once felt nervous for this race… not even right before it started.  I used to race and feel sick from nerves leading up to it but between racing ALL OF THE TIME (and it feeling normal now) and not putting pressure on myself (besides just trying my best for what my legs, brain and body can give me that day)… the nerves are GONE and I love it.

*Post race my hamstrings were tight again but other than that everything feels great.  24ish miles total for the day (20.3 miles in the morning and 4 miles later).

*During the race I would be worried for a second about how hard I was breathing but then I reminded myself that that is NORMAL.  We just have to keep getting more and more comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Being okay with heavy breathing and legs that feel like they are zapped of energy during a race brings the PRs.

*I’ve never gotten a flower from a race and I loved that… I’m a big flower person and so is Skye apparently.

IMG 6255

*Loved the medals too:

IMG 3168

*It took 4 years to break my half marathon PR (and I did have a baby in there but I’m just reminding you… not every race is a pr and sometimes it just takes a lot of time).  I thought it was funny because it took me 8 years to break my marathon PR and half that time to beat my half PR.  Numbers are fun.

Thanks for reading and I hope your Monday is a great one!


Where/when was your half-marathon pr if you have done them?!

Are you a flowers person or would you rather get something else?

Last podcast that you listened to?  Was it a good one?

If race fees weren’t a thing and you had the time to do whatever you want with your weekend mornings—> How many times a year would you choose to race?

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Congratulations! I can’t believe how fast Utah people are, if you ran that time here you’d most likely have won first overall in a lot of the small to moderate size races I do!

I have PRed the half twice this year, after my previous PR was from 2013!


It was awesome meeting you! Thanks for all the tips and ideas! Love reading your blog.


Congrats, you did awesome!
Not a flowers fan at all. If they are free maybe that entices me more but I absolutely don’t want my husband to spend the money to buy flowers for me when they don’t last very long. Just my thing!
Last podcast was Ali on the Run
I am trying to get into doing more racing but you are right about the expense, even the little 5ks are pricy around here! I was going to do a 10k at the end of September but now I am an assistant coach on my daughter’s soccer team and we have a game that day. I am trying to decide if I want to miss the game or just find something else on a different day!


GIRL. I am so amazed by your running right now!! I loved reading this! It’s so inspiring to see you out there crushing it!!!!
Have you tried the align lululemon shorts? I’ve been loving those lately, mostly because they’re high waisted. They don’t have pockets though, which is the only annoying thing.
Congratulations on your PR!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love your thoughts on doing your best in each moment. Today I’m starting a new job, as well as my second semester of my masters program, both while training for a BQ at St. George. All weekend I’ve been so stressed & nervous about how I’m going to succeed at all my goals with so much on my plate!!!! However reading your thoughts this morning gives me just comfort & strength I need. I know that I can give my best in each moment as it comes, so I dont have to worry about the future!! I cant thank you enough! Also, HUGE congrats on the incredible PR:)


WOW WOW WOW congrats on the awesome PR! That is crazy that you were 9th female with a 1:20, that is so amazing to see so many strong, fast women lining up and I bet that was super motivating when you were hurting.

Garmin has a virtual partner option that might kind of do that math for you. I know this because I have accidentally turned it on and hated it haha.


Congratulations! It’s funny because I noticed your shorts were different and that you didn’t have your power bun in the race photos, even before you mentioned it. Last podcast I listened to was Jared Ward on I’ll Have Another- so, so good! I love him so much and I know he’s a big favorite of yours. I think the best podcast I’ve ever listened to was Tina’s Muir’s interview with Jared (Running for Real, a couple years ago.) The parts where he describes what was going through his mind during the olympic trials, and where he describes how he narrows his focus during a marathon are so good that I’ve listened to it twice and want to listen to it a third time. Can’t recommend it highly enough. Have a great day!


Congratulations on the new PR! You are so speedy!!


I’m so happy for you Janae. You’ve worked hard for that PR and it’s been fun to see you progress so much this year. My half marathon PR was in Phoenix a year and a half ago now. I’ve been enjoying Ali on the Run and also The Daily which gives the current news.


Congratulations on your new PR. I can’t believe how fast you are. That’s incredible. I am hoping to get a new PR at St George in October but I am no where close to your time. You are an inspiration for trying my best at all times. Happy Monday!


Congrats! I am just so happy for you. You’ve been working so hard and I’m so glad to see it’s paying off.

Also–>you mentioned you tried the spandex shorts and high ponytail. how did the high ponytail work for you? you didn’t mention whether you liked it or not so just wondering!! I’m really into the ponytail braid at the moment;)

I love what you said about throwing in the towel or dropping the hammer, and also about knowing that breathing heavy/legs burning is normal and we’ve gotta be ok with pushing outside our comfort zone! All such good reminders.

I think going into races without nerves is also hugely beneficial. I don’t freak myself out like I used to. I’m just like, I’m gonna go out and do my best and see what happens and I feel so so much better than getting nervous/having GI issues/worrying/wasting mental energy!

Thanks for sharing your race recap and I am so glad it was a great day for you. And I’m glad Skye is enjoying her new medal and flower;)


When your coach says you look angry when you run, I think she means you look fierce. I bought a pair of Senita shorts and capris on your suggestion, and I love them! I had given up on running in shorts because they either creep up or roll down, not these! I am more of a recreational 5K beat my own time type of runner, but I had given up races the last couple years because the nerves wreck my stomach. I’ve ran one this year though and have another one coming up next month. Congrats on a great race!


Congratulations!! What a great race for you Janae!
I loved your thoughts about staying in the moment! Such a good reminder for running and in life.
It’s been 5 years since I have had a half marathon PR, and almost 2 years for a marathon PR… But I will get back there.
I love flowers, and love having flowers around the house. They just make me happy!
Have a great Monday ?


It’s funny when you mention throwing in the towel or dropping the hammer at the end of the race. My XC/Track coach used to always say to us, “15 minutes after the race, you’re going to feel physically feel the same if you jogged to the finished or you kicked to the finish. So why wouldn’t you kick at the end?” Every time I run now and get to my last .1 or .2 of a race, I think about that and just start sprinting like there is no tomorrow. Haha.


Love this!


That is so awesome! You are motivating me to maybe not just slow down after my current marathon training cycle (I race on Labor Day!) and to keep pushing my boundaries. I actually just PRd last Saturday in my half. I used it as a supported training run for part of my long run (friends invited me to join them at the race and I have been wanting to do this race for years) but couldn’t help racing it a little faster than I had originally planned to. ? However, pulling out a 4.5 minute PR on tired legs during peak week of my training gave me a ton of confidence for my goal to PR in the marathon in 2 weeks after I taper!


Congratulations !! I would never think to warm up for two miles for a race. Last year, I did a 5k with some neighbors and Michael Wardian (a long distance runner – and also a neighbor) suggested that we run to the race as a warm up. But that would have been about 4.5 miles. Thankfully, the guy who was driving said “No, that would be my race”.


Congratulations!!! So many great things about this post starting with your amazing race results and team!! I love the part about “am i doing my best in this moment” which definitely applies to running and life.

So is the contest for the port-a-John? I have never heard honey-bucket but I think it’s my new favorite way to refer to the glamorous outdoor bathroom!

Have a blessed day.


Also came here for honeybucket info. That is a deceivingly nice word for something so gross. Ha!


Congrats!! Come to Northern VA and we can run all the hills here. Finding flat is treadmill or track runs.

I have found I get so nervous signing up for races lately. I’m doing Ragnar with teacher friends and I’m nervous despite knowing my running is on target.

Not into flowers..candy 100% into. ? ?


Way to go Janae!! Your form at the finish looks EXCELLENT!! Tell your coach that’s not angry face…it’s PAIN face.
My last HM PR is several years old. I’ve had a few injuries that slowed me down a bit and I couldn’t train like I wanted to. Thanks for the reminder that it takes hard work, patience and time!
I like flowers but don’t get them very often. I really like growing them at home in my gardens and flower beds because they last a lot longer :)
I just listened to I’ll Have Another (Lindsey Hein) with Jared Ward. He sounds so nice and likable during interviews. I listen to any podcast with him or Scott Fauble.
Another favorite is The Morning Shakeout Podcast with Mario Fraoli. I’ve also enjoyed The Road to the Olympic Trial with Matt Chittim. I listen to this one as soon as it’s released. I’m so excited about the trials!


A little LOL: When you take photos right after a race, the shadows are long, indicating it’s still early in the morning because you ran so fast. When I take photos, shadows are short because the sun is much higher since I run much, much slower. :) Great job on your PR.


Congrats on an amazing race!! You were amazing, and I can only imagine how thrilled you are with that PR!



Janae! Thanks for the new podcast. I listened to most of it on my run this morning and it is soo good! I love how the mental toughness training for running spills over into so many areas of life. I’m going to use these tools when my five kiddos are needing me all at once (especially my almost two year old that is giving me a run for my money on the daily;)).

It was so fun meeting you and Andrew. Thanks for being so kind and encouraging to perfect strangers who feel like they know you. And I’m so impressed you remembered our names! Have a wonderful day! I can’t wait to see what you do in St. George!?


I can’t believe you ran so many more miles after the race! I wouldn’t have been able to, ha!
My half marathon PR is from a few years back, and hopefully I will break my marathon PR with October’s race. I think if there were no race fees, I would like to run 1 race a month. Mostly half marathons, those are my favorites!


On my Garmin Forerunner235, there is a feature called “Finish Time” under “Training” when you have the Run setting turned on. Set it to one of the distances they offer, and it will show you your estimated finish time based on your pace! I don’t know if you can set a goal time, but you can at least look at what is estimated and it can encourage you to run a little faster!! I’ve used this a few times and have loved it for the motivation, especially when I’m feeling tired!


This is amazing!!!! Thank you Becky! Totally going to try this out, you are the best! Have an amazing Monday!


Congratulations, Janae! What an amazing time and an incredible experience. So happy for you! All your amazing work is paying off. Thanks for sharing – I love reading your training and racing reports.


Wow, thank you so much Emily! I hope you keep in touch and have a beautiful day!


my first half was my first and last PR! Haha I was way faster at 19 than I am now ;)

I have a question I thought of from your instagram posts today ! It seems like you guys have to drive to these trails and a lot of the group runs you’ve been doing lately. I just moved from living where I would just leave running out my front door everyday to now not being able to run from home and NEEDING to drive about 10 -20 mins away to run. For some reason the whole thing of having to get the keys and get in the car and park is creating a barrier for me in the morning (or just a nice big excuse). Anyone have any tips on getting out of the house when you have to drive to run?


HEY KRISTA!! I totally get that… and I felt that same way too and that’s what I do most days each week. IT IS SO FUN though to get out and try new things and see new places. It just takes a bit more planning and going to bed even earlier (driving = leaving earlier). Today took about 40 minutes to get to and that’s my max right now but SO worth it. Good luck and I hope your day has been great so far!


What I do is…

Have your running clothes ready at home or bring them to work with you and change. Then drive immediately to where you will be running. Don’t do anything else at home except change and leave to drive to your running destination.

Or run at home during the week and do the destination running on the weekends – and then enjoy a nice iced coffee and donuts when you are done!


Hey Krista!

It can definitely be a pain and a time suck when you have to drive to a run. But sometimes it’s easier for me to get out the door when I know that ALL I have to do is get in the car. Instead of being totally ready to run when I walk out the door, I just have to get in my gear and get in the car, and then I get to use the drive to mentally get myself ready to run. Especially if you listen to some pump up music, drink some coffee, or listen to a podcast on the way–it can be the perfect transition to get yourself ready to run.


Thank you all for your suggestions!!!!! I have been trying them. I leave my running shoes in the car now along with my headphones, so all I need to do is get dressed and get in the car, and then I put my shoes on and all when I get there. I also started scheduling my coffee to brew at the time my alarm goes off, put it in a good travel mug, then leave it in the car so I know when I get back to the car I have coffee waiting for me :) Thanks for the support y’all


I love the race recap! I would race all the time if money was not an issue! Probably a 5k every month, a 10k every 2 months, and a half every 3 months. I don’t do a full right now for health related reasons, but I plan to as soon as my doctor will let me!


Super congrats on your PR and an amazing race! You are crushing it!

One thing my chiropractor/coach taught me is to smile when I start to feel my shoulders creep up when I run. Apparently, it forces your shoulders to relax and it’s physically impossible to stay tight when you’re smiling! My smiles may look more like grimaces when I’m hurting, but it really does work!


Melissa, I can’t thank you enough for giving me this tip… absolutely going to do this and it will fix both problems for me haha. Have the best day!


It’s funny on your angry face photo because wasn’t there one not too long ago you were very smiley in all the pics? Boston was it? Aww, Skye smelling that flower is so cute.


I always get nervous when I see a fast pace on my garmin so during my 5k rave this weekend I decided to NOT look at it…not even once. I just tried to be comfortable being uncomfortable and I came away with a seasons best time!

Congrats to you on your PR. The mental game is a tough one for sure!!


COURTENEY… this is HUGE! I love that you did this and then you raced SO well. You rocked it and I love that you went off of feel… it pays off big time. I hope your day is the best one and you are recovering well!


YAY! Congrats Janae!!! I’m SO EXCITED for you and this training cycle. Watching and reading about your progress has been so fun and my heart feels so happy for you! (Plus it’s EXTREMELY motivating!)

A tip for not looking so angry that my high school soccer coach taught me: try to relax your face muscles. You should be able to feel your cheeks jiggle as you run. It’s crazy how it makes EVERYTHING feel lighter when you do it. For me, it has the same effect as smiling during a race, the rest of your body immediately follows suit.

In other, more selfish news: I ran a 10k PR this weekend and placed first in my age group :) I’m excited because it was coming off a week and a half of travel (which was exhausting), and it was a last minute race so I was not at all prepared for it (I even did my long run the day before in high heat). It definitely boosted my confidence entering this next marathon training cycle though! :)
Progress is so addicting, I immediately signed up for another 10k in a few weeks once I got home!


ANNIE!! A PR AND 1st in your age group= rock star. Look at you doing that UNtapered! You are on fire Annie! I am totally taking that tip, thank you so much… just what I needed. Have a fabulous rest of your day!


You continue to amaze and inspire me!!! You are putting in the hard work, and it is paying off!! I haven’t raced in over a year because my priorities are in different places at the moment, but I am running to maintain fitness and for fun! Gearing up to start school again this week (I’m a teacher)! Hope you are having a great Monday, Janae!!


I hope you have a fabulous school year! Thank you for doing what you do, your students are so lucky to have you!


First and foremost, congrats on the PR! Secondly, thank you for taking the time to write your daily blog posts. I don’t have any hardcore running friends so I mostly keep my running thoughts/stories to myself. I love reading what other runners do and having the option to adapt some of those things into my own running. One thing I’ve adapted is lowering my pace and not running max speed all the time. I used to run a 6:27 pace on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday for 50 minutes and a 7:35 pace on Monday/Wednesday/Friday for 40 minutes. However, once I started reading that runners faster than me (such as yourself) weren’t running their max pace for even 50% of their weekly miles, I adjusted my schedule. I still run a 6:27 pace for 50 minutes on Tu/Th/Sa but I’ve lowered my pace on M/W/F to 8:00 and increased the time to 60 minutes. I know I should probably lower my pace past 8:00 on M/W/F to preserve my legs for my faster days but it’s so hard intentionally going slower.


Hi Janae,
Longtime reader here! Huge congrats on your new PR. I was thinking, I always interpreted the “Hungry” in “Hungry Runner Girl” to mean physical hunger, but now I really feel like it has a second meaning — your hunger for hitting your goals! I feel like this year in particular I can feel how hungry you are for PRs, and it’s super fun watching you improve, especially after you’ve given birth to two kids (like me!). I wonder if you’ve ever thought of this meaning?

Thanks for the inspiration!


Wow what you are accomplishing with your running and racing these days is blowing my mind! Not just how insanely fast you are, but how many miles you are getting in! I mean, 24 total miles on a day you ran a REALLY FAST PR HALF?!?! Amazing! I am so loving following this part of your running journey! This was such a great race recap!! So fun and inspiring to read. It just sounds like you are having a great time! And dang girl your coach sounds pretty impressive! (P.S. I bought the exact same Senita shorts you did and I LOVE them. I bought a second pair in a bright print, which is a different fabric but same style-wore them for a half marathon straight out of the package. Didn’t ride up a single centimeter! You need to wear those for St. George. They will make you faster ;)


Well done on your race, so exciting when the training clicks into place with your results.
I rode a 120km charity ride earlier this year and about a third of the way I ate a gel that ended up all over my hand and handlebars. So I rode the next few hours sticking to my gear levers and just dying to finish and get cleaned up ;)….lesson learnt!!

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