Friday Favorites, Doubles & Found ‘Em!

10.1 miles yesterday and 18 miles later today with Andrew! It’s the double long run.

I am extremely proud that the 10 miles yesterday were completed and my hair was washed all before the kids went to school.

One thing that I really really love about my new Garmin 935 is the fact that I can see my elevation gain and loss for each run right there on the watch.  My previous watches would connect to my computer or phone and give me that information there but it’s more fun for me to see it right on the screen.

10.1 miles @ 8:12 average.  During the run I listed to the More Perfect podcast and it kept my brain in another world the entire time and the miles zoomed by.  I’m starting at the beginning of this podcast and learning so many things about our country that I had NO idea about.  <—This is what I love about podcasts, they get me out of thinking about the everyday routine while I get to do something I love to do.

IMG 4029

I thought this little waterfall in somebody’s yard looked like one of the ice castles up in Midway right now (if you are in Utah and want to see something amazing, go to the ice castles).

IMG 4027

Soup leftovers and sides while working on a few of the new Friend to Friend posts (I’m really excited about these) + a Skye update!

IMG 4039

Skye woke up from her nap and then we headed out on some errands.  She was quite refreshed after some beauty rest.

IMG 4049

She was just as thrilled as I was to find the Sour Patch Hearts AND the Swedish Fish Hearts.

IMG 4070

While we were out I learned that the next time I go to the post office to mail something I need to bring in the stroller because there was no containing her energy while there.

IMG 4079

Andrew made the most delicious syrup for our brinner last night.  It was great for carb loading.

IMG 4088


I’ve got a few Friday Favorites to share with you today!

*My mom in the Brooks Fly-By Hoodie.  I wear this hoodie (or the 1/2 zip) multiple times a week with a long sleeve shirt under and a jacket over it and it keeps me very warm running here.  Converting my family one by one over to Brooks:)

IMG 2747

*I just got this sweater and it is so soft, SUPER long/loose and they offer so many beautiful colors too and I’m not sure how they do it but they delivered it the day after I ordered it and shipping was free (maybe it is a Utah store?).

*Bad Liar by Imagine Dragons  & Superposition by Young the Giant = My current favorite songs.

*These Toms that Andrew gave me for Christmas.  They will be my spring ‘wear with absolutely everything’ shoe.

IMG 2710

*A necklace with B K S for the kiddos names that Andrew gave to me.

IMG 4042

*This headband for running that I bought… it is super thick and the material is so soft and warm.

IMG 2709

*Our fan in front of the treadmill.  Our treadmill is in a tiny room so we really needed a good fan to keep us from overheating and this fan does the trick… it is high power!

IMG 3108

*General Mills sends us new cereals to try out and I have to tell you about this one.  UNREAL.  My new favorite.  I top it with bananas and strawberries. I just want to send any of you that love super sweet foods a bowl of it right now.

IMG 4017


I love hearing the amazing things you do so sent them in to [email protected] if you want to be featured!


Tracy!!!  “I decided that I had finally had enough wishing for a better life on 7/31/17.  That day, I started taking care of myself by counting calories and getting more active.  I started running on 1/1/18 with a goal of running/walking 1000 miles in 2018 (I had run a bit before 5 years ago, but never too dedicated).  I trained for a St. Patrick’s Day 5K, then moved on to training for a 10K in June.  After I crushed both of those goals, I set my sights on finally doing a half marathon in October.  I crushed every goal I had by completing it in 2:08!  In all, I’ve lost over 120lbs and completely transformed my life.  I ended up completing 1717.94 miles in 2018 (running, walking, hiking, biking— mostly running).  Your blog has been an inspiration to me for years and I finally feel like a peer to you because I am a runner!  Running is a part of who I am now (along with yoga— I have fallen HARD for yoga!).”

Screen Shot 2019 01 03 at 8 50 02 AM


Loribeth!!!  “I DID IT!  I started a 100 day running streak on October 1st (the day after my half marathon, ha!) and I completed it on January 8th.  I ran 312 so it averaged to just 3 miles a day.  I know this is nowhere near what many people run, but I liked the challenge of getting out there for at least 1 mile each day.  Only one or two days were hard, other days were normal and the consistency was comforting.  I am now training for my next half in 7 weeks, so a few rest days are necessary, but I highly recommend a 100 day streak during the off season from racing!!”



What did you have for dinner last night?

Do you wear necklaces often or not at all?

What are your weekend plans? Who has a long run?

What is the best part of your Friday going to be?

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I have that Roolee “mom” necklace and wear it all the time!

Dinner: Fried egg sandwiches, sweet potato fries, and a clementine.


That necklace is the best!! I lost mine at a hotel and I still miss it… time to order another one:) Now I want that meal for my dinner tonight. Have a great weekend Erica!


Long run of the week already done!! Knocked it out yesterday morning since I’ll be in Jersey this weekend celebrating my niece’s FIRST bday!! 14 miles at a 7:34 pace! Very happy about the run and very happy that I don’t have to worry about fitting in a long run when I’m with the family!

Hope you have a great weekend!!


Have the best time celebrating your niece this weekend… that is so exciting! Girl, you are fast! Awesome long run and way to get it done early.


GOOD MORNING, JANAE! Congrats on those 10 and 18 milers!!!!! You guys are crushing the ultra training. I KNOW that not every day can be easy for a ton of reasons, but I admire the dedication that both you and Andrew are showing AND that you’re stepping outside of the box in your training. That will only benefit you in other distances when you return to them. Such good stuff.

I need to get to Target. The last time I was there, they did not have Valentine’s candy/”stuff” out yet! I need some of that sugary goodness in my life. ha ha

I’ve been struggling with a sinus infection this week, and Key West is just a week ago! Eek! It will all work out though. I never “race” that half marathon; it’s more of a happy, strong run. In one week, I’ll be on a plane, headed to paradise. Triple EEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!! :) My soul is ready for sun and warmth!


I totally wrote my post wrong and meant that we have 18 today during Skye’s nap so we still haven’t accomplished that! Thank you so much though and you are right, these lessons we learn in running transfer over to life! I am so happy you are almost to your happy place and in a week your sinus infection will be gone and you will get to enjoy your favorite race! Have a wonderful day Jen.


Dinner last night was a surprise pizza delivery ordered by my husband! I was very happy to not cook! I usually wear the same necklace daily- a gift from my husband for Christmas before we were married. I love your kiddo- initial necklace! Very special! This weekend I hope to go see “A Dog’s Way Home!” I loved the book, and the movie looks great (I promise a happy dog-story)! I love Fridays because I can wear jeans and my school shirt to work and play review games with my students!

Very excited to read the Friend to Friend posts soon! Have a wonderful day, Janae!


I can’t imagine how early you have to get up to run EIGHTEEN miles before the kids go to school


Oh no! I wrote that wrong! I meant the 10 miles yesterday were done before school. The 18 miles today are going to happen later during Skye’s nap! Have a great weekend Nina!


I love the you love the Oiselle Lux Earband! Soooo soft.

For Baxton’s birthday dinner last night we had pasta (his favorite).

I wear one necklace all the time. For the last 8 months it has been a silver butterfly necklace that was gifted by a dear friend in Bulgaria before we departed.

This weekend is the last of a weeklong birthday celebration (we like to start celebrating birthdays the weekend before the birthday and continue all week through the following weekend, for a nine and a half day (the first Friday night) extravaganza)!!!! So we will go on a hike, go to the YMCA, go to the movies, and the zoo if it is not a downpour all weekend. Probably the grocery store too, but out of necessity.

The best part of Friday is my run with Jax (our German shorthaired pointer!!!


I like the way Baxton thinks.. pasta is the best! Enjoy the celebrating, I agree with you guys to keep the party going. Glad you got in a run with your pup and that necklace sounds beautiful.


Hearing about running 10 miles makes me wonder how I ever ran 10 miles. Isn’t that funny how that works?

I’m not a big jewelry person but I do wear necklaces once in a while to church or when I’m getting dressed up. I have a few that I inherited from my grandmas when each of them passed away and one my mom gave me after I got married that I wear the most.

Temple tonight and I have no idea what the rest of the weekend holds yet.


Tom made dinner last night—a burger stuffed with herbs and cheese and cooked in the air fryer recipe he had been wanting to make. It was delicious!!!

The best part about my Friday evening—I was going to claim ‘taking a bath in Epsom salts and just relaxing’ but even better is that I realized this morning that Tom is also home instead of at his store, so I think I am going to see about the chance of an impromptu date night. If he decides to not stop at some happy hour between work and home I just might need to take a few bucks I had set aside and grab him and take my beautiful husband out…and THEN soak in a hot tub! Ha!!!

Those back to back long runs—so inspiring!!
I love that necklace that Andrew got you. It’s sweet and not in-your-face.
That sweater you showed looks so cozy! I have to find a ‘short person bersion’ of it…


We’re doing brinner tonight! Yesterday was “I’m not cooking day” – aka leftovers night. Thanks for the tidbits about the Garmin – I am getting closer to determining whether I want to get the 635 or the 935. So any additional insights would be welcomed.:)
Also, awesome job rocking the back to back long runs! I am going to try to get outside for a run tomorrow morning.


Hey Katie! I hope your run outside tomorrow is amazing. I’ll post a full review soon on the 935! Enjoy Brinner tonight… it’s my favorite!


Dinner last night was a frozen chicken pot pie + salad … fancy!! ;) I’m trying to build my distance, my longest run lately has been 7.5 km!! Which is a little over 4 miles for you Americans. So I may try for 8 km this weekend!


You’ve got this 8 km this weekend and please write me after! I’m cheering for you:) Have a wonderful day Andrea!


Happy Friday! Hope you and the fam have a great weekend and that your back to back long run goes well!

I was wondering if you might do a review of that watch once you’ve used it for a bit? I may upgrade my Garmin later this year, so I’m always interested to hear.

My weekend plans->sub 2 the half ;) Haha!!! I have my goal half marathon on Sunday in Alabama! Weather is looking perfect, I’m prepared, and just excited!!! Can’t wait to tell you on Monday how it goes;)

The best part of my Friday will be…going to bed at 8:30. Hah! I love Fridays going to sleep early (usually for my Sat long run), but since I have a half Sunday I’ll get to sleep in Saturday for the first time in forever—>wahooooo!


Hey!!! Good luck on Sunday and please let me know how it goes, you are going to do amazing! Sub 2 here you come! I will absolutely do a review of the watch soon:)


Last night’s dinner is a family fave that was actually inspired by one of my daughter’s old school lunches: BCLT Salads. Salads with bacon, chicken, lettuce (kinda duh) and tomatoes topped with ranch dressing. It’s the easiest salad bar dinner and super satisfying.


I have a tiny skull necklace that I wear 24/7 & I had chicken and sweet potatoes for dinner last night! :)
Janae, I was wondering what glove/mitten combo you were wearing in the first photo? It’s been getting increasingly cold here where I live (New Jersey!) and my fingers are freezing during my morning runs.
The best part of my Friday is def going to be going out to dinner, with my husband!
Wishing you a lovely weekend!


Enjoy dinner out tonight with your husband!
Here is the link for the gloves, I love them so so much.


Ah! I need those shoes for spring and that necklace!

Skye has been looking so much like Knox these days! So cute!!


Skye’s cheeks! She is a little nugget ?

Last night was a late night at the gym, so takeout was in order. We had yummy steak salads from one of our favorite local restaurants ?

I have 18 miles tomorrow and there is rain the forecast ? I have done long runs in the rain before, so it’s nothing new, but it’s also not fun! I will be trying out a fast finish for the first time also. I want to teach my body to finish strong!

The best part of my Friday was sleeping in and having a relaxing morning ?

I hope your run goes well and the weather is good!!


Those are some pretty great Friday accomplishments! Wow!! ??

That cereal looks DELICIOUS! CTC is probably in my top 3 cereals pre-GF days. So, I might be a little jealous right now. But only a little. BUT! I once saw an interview with an actor where someone asked his favorite splurge food and he said it was a cheesecake that used CTC as the base for the crust, and it had cinnamon in the cheesecake batter, and then crumbled up CTC on top! Seriously…I might be willing to be sick for 24-48hours for a slice of that!

I had chicken fried rice for dinner last night. The house still smells like it, haha! This morning my boys came upstairs and said “The kitchen still smells so good from dinner last night!” That’s always a win or n my book.

I used to wear a necklace 24/7. An old pendant my uncle found in my grandma’s jewelry box that he sent me when she passed away (she and my grandfather grew up during the despression and that made my grandpa want to spoil my grandma with ALL the things but my grandma would refuse to wear the gifts he bought because she didn’t want to “show off.” My grandpa was all “I work 60 hours a week so I can show off, wear the jewelry woman!” ?). Anyway, it’s a tiny and simple pendant that I had seen her wear maybe once but I fell in love with it. I wore it everyday until the chain broke. I’m still trying to find a chain I like that matches it (finding a chain to match a vintage art deco pendant is not easy these days). Now, I usually wear a necklace 2-3 times a week, depending on the outfit/occasion. It’s always an easy finishing touch, in my opinion. ?

Happy weekend, Janae!


I made Philly Cheese Steak stuffed peppers last night – so good!

We fly to Hawaii on Sunday (yes, we were just there – it’s going to be a busy year for Les.) I’m planning one more long bike ride before I’m off the bike for 3 weeks.

I think we’re going to take it really easy today and tonight before we need to start packing again.


Brinner is always such a good choice! We do that a few times a week! :) Also, I LOVE that necklace!! Those make for the best gifts!

I had chicken tacos for dinner last night! So simple and so yummy!

The best part of my Friday is going to be…that it’s Friday! HA! Favorite day of the week!

Have a fabulous weekend Janae!!


Thanks for sharing that podcast. I hadn’t seen it before, but now I’m excited to listen to the whole series.I love podcasts for long runs and recovery runs but I need music for speedwork. The weekend will hopefully have running and biking but that depends on the weather. We still have snow on the ground but temps are getting above freezing so the trails are pretty muddy here. Maybe we’ll go up to the mountains for XC skiing.

Dinner last night was homemade noodles with peanut sauce, stir-fried vegetables and chicken.

Yes, necklaces! My husband often gives me a necklace as a Christmas present, so I have quite a good collection, and he totally nails my style.

How many best parts of Friday can I have? A run with my husband on my lunchbreak – so that means daylight instead of the usual pre-dawn dark. Getting together with running friends after work, then dinner at home and relaxing with my family. Perfect day.


Friday runs are my favorite! LONG RUN DAY! NO where near what you’re doing right now for your upcoming 50 but I do love my long run days! Today it was almost 11. Not training for anything but just enjoying my runs! THANKS for your inspiration!


Way to go on being done and ready in time to take the kids to school! Sometimes I just go into work with wet hair, ha!

Last night was homemade hamburgers and sweet potato fries. Yummo!

I have two necklaces that I go between. One is a gold bar with the kids’ initials on it and one is a silver sideways cross that my two best friends and mom have.

Weekend running will be spent with friends who are training for LA and Boston, so I will just tag along :)

Best part of my Friday will honestly be picking up a check for some work that I did in August. Finally! And then family night with the kids = tacos and games. Happy Friday!


I feel like there have been three dozen new cereals lately and I want to try them all haha. I just got some Banana Nut Cheerios (good, but not as good as Apple Cinnamon IMO) and Chocolate Toast Crunch (haven’t tried it yet) on an impulse purchase. I’ll have to try that Churros one next.

Today I went to the gym instead of running. Going to try to listen to my PT and take it easy, as much as I want to do high mileage with you! (Not that 30 miler though, I can’t believe you’re actually doing that.)

I’ll also have to check out More Perfect, I listen to a lot of This American Life and it sounds similar.


Happy Friday! :)
Dinner last night was cilantro lime chicken with mango avocado salsa, so good!
Not really a necklace wearer except a piece of costume jewelry once in a great while.
Long run on Sunday, 4-5 miles (building back up my base after being sick 3 weeks over Christmas.)
Best part of my Friday will be my run after everyone goes to bed! lol


Just wanted to pop in and say the Friday Running Accomplishments are awesome! Tracy – great job!!

No running for me until this Anterior Tibialis tendon strain calms down a bit more, hopefully next week. I’ll hop on the elliptical and then do my usual core routine.


Just had to chime in and say big kiddos to your guest! Wow Tracy what an accomplishment! And I like the idea of a streak running to get in the habit more.



What exact necklace from there did he order? I love it but I can’t tell if they are the “lor” or another one – I want in silver!



Oh sorry Allie! I put the wrong link in there! Here it is:
Have a wonderful weekend!


Hey Janae! I am always inspired by your posts and love being a part of your journeys (virtually :)). I wanted to tell you I’m extra inspired tonight by the two people you highlighted!! What amazing accomplishments. I really like that you include those as it shows how awesome people are and when they set, and then hit, their goals it’s nice to share in their celebration. Have a great weekend with your beautiful family.


We had Tacos for dinner last night. I like wearing necklaces but prefer smaller and simple styles and not the big ones. No big weekend plans for us because we just got home from our first cruise last night! So incredible. All 5 of my kids loved it and it was warm.
No long run for me but I’m determined to get a workout in tomorrow for sure! Have a great weekend. :)


Thanks for the sweater suggestion! I bought one!
I don’t even want to think about my weekend… it’s too busy. I wish I could turn off my phone and just drive till I reach the beach!
Have a super day!

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