Work-out: 50-minute spin class and the stupid sprints hurt my knees, boo. I finished up my workout with 30 minutes of the stair-climber.  I was sweating syrup and snickers by the end.  I did Jillian Michaels 30 day shred level 2 after school.  I was bored and had too much energy.  I think I might have ADD. Really.

Food: Glorious plain oatmeal with two apples diced.  A spinach salad, a wrap, apple and yogurt.  Steamed broccoli and some cheese for a snack… I am craving greens more than anything.



They are not the cure to all of your running problems, but they are amazing.  On my last run in my Vibrams I was stopped by a BYU student.  He told me he was doing research on marketing 5-finger shoes and wanted to ask me some questions.

The best question he asked was, “So do you wear those to get attention from other people?”

I replied,”Yes, I enjoy people staring at my feet and thinking I am a complete dork.”  Heck, if I was looking for attention I would have taken that 90 bucks that I spent on the shoes and bought a short running skirt, top and showered for the first time in 4 days.

One of his other question was, “Since you own Vibrams are you a Vegan and do you only eat Organic?”

Really…. should I send him a link to my chicken and waffles meal yesterday.  Where does that correlation come from? Weirdo.



-My knees felt so much better because it changed my foot strike and i started to land my feet under my knees rather than in front of them.

-My feet felt stronger which means less foot fractures.  Boom.

-I shaved five minutes off my marathon time.  I think this is due to being able to wear a lighter shoe, using a different foot strike and stronger feet.

-Call me high but I love feeling one with running.  You feel what you are running on rather than feeling 4 inches of cushioning/air or gel.  Pretty sure the Kenyans don’t rely on the latest Mizuno’s, Asic’s or Saucony’s to bust out their crazy fast times.

-You can wash them.  Speaking of which mom……



-People make fun of me.

-People think I am a hippie.

-I fell one time running in the rain with them and people made fun of me.

Basically, if you are looking to make friends or have friends in general only wear them on the treadmill in the dark cardio cinema room at the gym.

Advice:  START SMALL!! Like really small! Like half of a mile small.  If you have any questions shoot me an email.

See you after dinner.


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Thanks for commenting :) That really made me smile!

I just bought some Vibrams on Saturday. I have been walking around in them, but I really want to start running in them!


Okay, I think you read my mind with this post. I read that these are great shoes for people with knee problems so I considered buying them but I wasn't convinced…I'm still not sure but at this point I'm willing to try anything. Sorry your knee hurt after spin. I think have been afraid to go to spin because I don't want to aggravate the knee but I'm also going crazy. Unfortunately I found that the stair climber didn't help it either :( How long have you been off from running? The knee strap actually really helps. Like you said about the vibrams its not the cure but it definitely prevents it from getting worse. Unfortunately, it also does not help it get better but for $9 it is definitely worth getting. I was able to complete one run with hardly any pain until I hit a tiny down hill that is…I planned to start training for Boston right after Christmas so I really want to get better!!!! btw I got my official email today…I was starting to get nervous.


I have been SO tempted to buy a pair of vibrams, I am glad to see more and more positive reviews about them. I may have to get a pair!


Yep-I am making cyber fun of you right now! Nah-if the shoe fits, wear it right! Maybe I'll cross over at some point and give 'em a try!


You are braver than I am!
Definitely all for lighter shoes here, though. Maybe someday…I should probably email you. You aren't an overpronator are you?


I'm too cheap for vibrams, so I got a cheap pair of water shoes from Walmart, so far doing the job.. I went 2k my first trial and couldn't walk the next day my calves were so tight hehe..


i'm curious how you incorporate the vff into marathon training? do you have a vibram training run once a week? wear them during the temp, recovery, or general miles? mix and match?

i know that i'll probably never go 100% barefoot or minimalist, but i can see how it would be beneficial to start adding those runs in to strengthen the legs/feet.


Great post!!!!! I agree with it all!


I Have 2 pairs and love running in them, do a lot of trail running and on the ruff stuff I am a lot slower, but you don't run trais for speed, but for fun and boy is it fun running in 5 fingers…


I totally want to try these! I have heard such amazing things about them!!! Your post make me laugh :)


Loved your review. I still should get a pair, but maybe I'll wait until spring. I hear they're not so good for keeping warm when it's cold and wet. Have you tried them in those conditions?


Great post. Perfect diagnosis on the pros and cons. Stupid hippies…

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