Copycat Time + Many Friday Favorites!

8.38 miles for my Thursday at an 8:19 pace.  My body wasn’t sore except for my hamstrings from the race but it did take a few miles to get moving again.  We have a very lonnnnnnnng run tomorrow so I’m not sure if I’ll get in a few miles today or not.

I think I’m going to copy Kipchoge and get in an ice bath on Saturday ha.

IMG 1327

I think you can guess what we did next…

IMG 1308

90% of my stretching and rolling these days happens at the splash pad because it’s a lot easier to do it there while watching the kids than at home!

IMG 1305

We then picked up my niece and hung out at home for the rest of the day.

IMG 1314

Dinner was from Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow (of course;).

IMG 1333

And dessert was courtesy of my mom:)

IMG 1316


Time for a few Friday Favorites (affiliate links included):

*Madewell is having a 40% off sale styles deal right now with the code VERYRARE.  I bought some tops that were so cheap (like $6-$11) here, here, here, here and here.  Along with a few of my favorite v-necks ever from them here that are also on sale.  PS I normally wear small in tops but with madewell I buy XS.

(Not the best picture of the shirt but my only picture in one of them yet ha)

IMG 1257

*Skye is officially ready for her vacation next month… Cutest cheap rompers with matching headbands ever on Amazon HERE.

IMG 1116

*Last kid thing for today—> If I can find a toy that all three kids love to play with then I call it a success.   All three love the Melissa & Doug food sets.  We have bought a bunch of them and Brooke declared that this one is her absolute favorite.  So just in case you need a fun gift for kids 18 months- 6 years old these are great.  A good chunk of the morning is spent playing restaurant each morning.

IMG 1071

*A few of my really fast friends swear by these shorts from Senita so I bought a pair here.  They are awesome.  They do not ride up on my legs, they are high waisted, they have so many colors and longer options available (I bought the 3.75” but there is also a 5” and 7”).  They are also only $24 which I like a lot.

IMG 1089

Super comfortable and my friends use the pockets for their phones or their small water bottles while they run too.  I haven’t tried that because I love my Koala Clip (code HRG10 can get you 10% off) but I will try some water bottles in there.

IMG 1106

*These little packs from Costco.  My sister had them at dinner the other night so I went to Costco the next morning and bought a box of them for our family.  So delicious and 90 seconds in the microwave.  Boom.

IMG 1004

*I really haven’t been taking my kids to the pool that much this year (unless Andrew is with me or another adult that can help) because Skye is at a very fearless age BUT with our upcoming trip (there is a pool where we are staying) I have been reading and learning as much as I can about water safety for kids before we leave.  THIS ONE has been my favorite and it is full of great tips that we will be using from here on out with Brooke, Knox and Skye.

*Andrew came up with my word for this marathon training cycle and he gave me a necklace with it—> UNSTOPPABLE.   This word makes me feel so tough and feeling tough makes me run faster when I want to slow down.

IMG 0233


IMG 0749


Have any favorite things from this week?  

Do you have a word that you are using for your running right now?  

Looking forward to anything this weekend?

Ice baths… do they work for you?  Ever tried them?

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When you say the shorts don’t move at all.. do you mean they don’t ride up between your legs when you are running so you are constantly pulling them down? or do you mean they don’t ride up on your waist?? I run in capri pants (always have) because I can’t stand spending my run pulling my shorts down but I just signed up for my first half marathon at Disney in April 2020 and it is going to probably be too hot to run in pants and I would LOVE to find a pair of shorts that I am not fidgeting with the entire time.


Yes!! Sorry, I definitely didn’t say that right… they definitely don’t ride up on my waist at all and I don’t feel them move up on my legs either. I have had a few shorts that ride up the entire time and they drive me nuts too. SO EXCITED for your first half… please keep me updated with all of the training!


We bought a house a couple months ago and it is finally ready to paint! So that is the plan this weekend. Also some carpet shopping, we are looking for a light grey carpet…who knew there are SO many variations of the color grey! Favorite thing from this week was book club last night!


Kelly, that is so so exciting. I think you need to send me the before and after pictures please. Hahaha we learned that about grey at out last house! I’m so glad you were able to go to book club. Have a beautiful day!


I agree, anything “food” related for kids playing is great! We have a tea and food set. My kids have played with it almost daily for the past 6 years! Splash pads are the best! I get so stressed when I bring all 3 kids to the lake to swim!

Our old daycare throws a massive, over-the-top pool party at their house–they invite all current and past families (only one of our children went there part-time for 2 years). It is insane! My kids look forward to it every year.

My word for running (and triathlon training) is “GO” I have a tendency to get stuck in my own head with “it’s to hot” or “this is awful, why am I doing this” during tough/hot runs. I have to remind myself, all I have to do is “GO” and the faster I “go” the faster it will be over, haha.


Oh I love it… finding those sets that they just adore is the best. Have the best time at that party that sounds like so much fun! Maybe we will come too;) . Oh I love the word GO for your training right now. I think I’m going to copy you with that one tomorrow. Have a fabulous day Becky.


Hi Janae, what size did you get in the shorts? Favorite thing from this week was running a couple times with my running bestie. She helped me qualify for Boston last year and haven’t seem much of her lately because of work schedules. And yesterday was our oldest daughter’s bday, can’t believe she is 18! Have a great weekend!


Hey Jennifer! I bought a small and they fit great. I LOVE that you were able to run with that friend this week. You two seem like the perfect duo and I wish you could run together more often. Thanks Jennifer, YOU TOO!


Love the pictures of the Utah views! My word right now is FUN. I’m trying to really enjoy running without putting pressure on it–I’ve realized that at this time in my life, running is something I’m doing to be healthy and feel good, and I don’t want to stress about specific times. And yesterday I ran my fastest-ever mile so I guess it’s doing some good??!!

I tried on 4 dresses at Madewell that I ALMOST loved! Just not quite right on . . . sigh. But I did go to Lululemon right after and find some running shorts for a good sale price so not a bad shopping excursion. :-)

All my friends are out of town this weekend so I’m going to try to do some fun stuff on my own instead of getting travel envy. Not sure what that will look like yet . . . we’ll see what I come up with!


KRISTIN!!! CONGRATS on your fastest mile ever… that is awesome! Turns out your FUN theme is working really well:) So happy you found some awesome running shorts on sale. I hope you have a great weekend and let me know what you come up with!


I think I’ll be spending the days ahead reading all your old posts…just back (late Tuesday) from a great vacation with my daughters, went for a run Wednesday and badly turned my ankle/foot. Broke my 5th metatarsal! Waiting to see orthopaedic surgeon (next week). I had taken older trail shoes on my trip, and my right ankle/foot was acting up for a few days, with some mild plantar fasciitis. I was out of my usual stretching routine but still managing runs most days…anyway, was running down a steep hill and BAM! Has been less than 48 hours and already going crazy being so immobile. And the pain is terrible! Could be a 3 month (or more) recovery. Sorry for the rant, but I have extra time right now and knew you’d understand. Have a great weekend, and enjoy your mobility!!


Wendy. I. Am. So. SO. Sorry about your broken metatarsal. This is terrible. Can you please keep me updated with how you are doing and what the surgeon says. This made me so so sad. You seem like the nicest person out there and I hate that this happened to you. Praying for you!


I just bought the same shorts from senita a couple of months ago, and I agree they’re pretty great (and I don’t like shorts). My favorite thing this week is my new Hoka Clifton 6’s. They are BEAUTIFUL (pink and red!), and sooo comfy – had a blast wearing them for my run yesterday.

Have a great Friday!


Oh I am so happy you love them too and the price is just the best too:) . New shoes are the best and those sound just beautiful. Thanks Tess and YOU TOO!


I love Senita clothes! I have a few pairs of their high waisted capris. Love the pockets, they come in so handy! I’m gonna go check out the shorts! Have a great weekend.


I need to try their capris! So glad you love them and I hope you like the shorts too. Have a fabulous day Laura!


A friend and I were just talking about those style of shorts earlier this week; we both had different brands of the same style and didn’t care for them because they rode up our legs. I’m super excited you shared your thoughts on this brand – definitely going to check them out! Thanks!
My favorite things from this week have been that I have caught 2 sunrises on trail runs!! It’s a pretty big deal to us in the PNW since were so limited w/ the sun and we’ve had such a strong cloud cover all summer.
My running word is uh oh! I developed a niggle in my groin/hamstring and I’m not sure why. I’m remaining cautiously active and getting back into stretching and foam rolling since I think that is is the culprit. Ooops!
I am looking forward to an amazing trail run with amazing people on Sunday! Go here: if you want to check it out! We’ve never been so we’re just beyond excited!
I tried an ice bath 1 time … it lasted about 15 seconds before I swore them off forever! I live minutes from the Puget Sound and I figure since that water is cold enough (around 48 degrees) to give me similar enough benefits!
Have a great day!


Okay, those views are UNREAL. I want to come join you guys… will there still be snow like the pictures? I hope that your groin/hamstring feel back to normal asap. I hope the shorts work for you. I’ve definitely had many pairs that ended up making it look like I was wearing underwear ha! Thanks so much, you too Jenny!


Andrew needs to get you this sweatshirt from Athleta! It says Unstoppable on the sleeve. It’s on super sale with an additional 20% off.

I’ve got the San Francisco 1/2 marathon this weekend. It’s been a couple years since I’ve done it and a little bummed they changed the course and am not running out and back on the Golden Gate bridge. I am however looking forward to cooler Bay temps!

Have a great Friday!


He’s at work so I think I’m going to need to just buy it for myself right now haha. GOOD LUCK this weekend. I bet it is going to be gorgeous and I hope that the new course is better than the last. Thanks so much!


I am with you on stressing around a pool area! Especially with a fearless kiddo haha. My niece and nephew (5 and 2) are in the process of taking a swim course called ISR, infant survival rescue. I’ve watched both of them go from being timid and needing floaties to literally being thrown into the pool with no floatation devices and being able to calmly recover, float on their backs to compose themselves and safely swim to the side. It sounds intense (I was a nervous wreck watching them lol), but it is worth it! And now they’re confident and best of all SAFE!


I must find a course like that for Skye here. This is just what I needed to read… thank you Jocelyn, I really appreciate it!


I ran my first marathon in 2016 and I was SCARED. But my motto for the races was “unstoppable” as well after Sia’s song of the same name. The song had just come out and it was perfect. Maybe not exactly what the song was trying to portray, but these lyrics got my every time I heard them. “I’m unstoppable. I’m a Porsche with no brakes. I’m invincible. Yeah, I win every single game. I’m so powerful. I don’t need batteries to play. I’m so confident. Yeah, I’m unstoppable today.” It powered me over that finish line. So yeah – Unstoppable is a great motto and I love the necklace.


I love Senita! I use to be a diehard Lulu fan but I have switched. I love that two sisters started the Senita company to make affordable workout clothes for women (yay!). I think everything or almost everything has a pocket and they even have a few shirts with two side pockets for phone/gels/etc. I also love that they use women of all sizes in their pictures and they really listen to their customers if they ask them to make something. I just like supporting these two awesome hard working sisters!!! I am so glad you tried them.


Re pool safety, you should read this:

The woman featured in this article (who lost her son) has written about how most child drowning deaths do not occur during swimming time. Parents often stay vigilant during swimming (as they should), but safety measures the rest of the time when you are near water are incredibly important.


I saw Skye’s romper an Amazon but wondered how it would wash up with the little pom poms on the legs. Can you report back to me?!


I wish you did not share the Madewell sale, haha. I am Madewell obsessed also and try to ignore their e-mails, so I don’t buy anything more. After reading, I went to their website and bought a ton of stuff. You can’t resist when things are $6.99! :) Wilmington, DE

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