Awkward + Training Last Week!


Let’s just go ahead and start off by talking about the most exciting part of our run yesterday= We saw Jared Ward TWICE (he just did Boston this year in 2:09).  Seeing my running idols makes me feel so starstruck and I blurted out, ‘you are my hero’ when he ran by without even thinking about what I was saying… I felt awkward.   Now I just need to go find Shalane because they are still here for altitude training.

Flashback to seeing Jared Ward at the end of the St. George Marathon:

IMG 5219

Emilee was rocking some Brooks too for our run which made me very happy.  I wore my hyperions because they are what I will wear for the marathon in a few months so I want to get my body used to doing long runs in them.

IMG 9961

We both (we also got to run with our friend Jenn for a portion too) felt pretty tired from all of the 4th of July partying/families in town but I’m happy that this pace felt pretty comfortable while talking the entire time.

IMG 9962

Next item on our agenda—> a birthday party at a trampoline park. Skye loved it as much as Brooke did.

IMG 9980

Brooke then went out with her cousins and we took Skyester on some errands.

IMG 9998

And then she came home and relaxed while we got dinner going.

IMG 0015

We had a bbq with everyone over.  My brother bought the J Dawgs special sauce for our burgers/hot dogs.  If you have a J Dawgs near you, please do this.

IMG 0023 2

We finished off the night with a s’more party outside and a movie!

IMG 0022

IMG 0038

IMG 0033

Here is the projector and screen that we bought!

IMG 0045


This week was an off week from speed but I did get in some good miles and hills.  The speed workouts will start back again this week!

Monday: 10 miles on the trails @ 11:00 average with over 2,000 feet of climbing.

Tuesday:  10 miles @ 8:26 average

Wednesday:  8 miles @ 7:55 average

Thursday:  10.8 miles @ 7:28 average

Friday: 7 miles @ 7:52 average

Saturday:  14.18 miles @ 7:38 average

Sunday: Off

59.98 ha… didn’t realize how close I was to 60 until I was writing this post:)


What was your best run last week?

What are you up to today?

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My best run last week was actually my speed work day. Today I have 7 miles on the agenda, which I think I’ll take to the gym and do on the treadmill because the humidity is still just killer here.


I hope your 7 miles were great at the gym today and that you got to escape the humidity! Way to go on your speed this week… keep me updated on your half marathon training (I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS)!


I ended up doing the run outside because the humidity finally went down to 53%!!! It was still in the 80’s but so much better than it has been. I changed up m y fuel and I think that helped a lot, but my feet and knees were hurting a little when I was done, although both feel fine now. Thanks for you’re encouragement!!! I’m going to to this :)


How fun to watch a movie outside!
Plans for today are church, finish doing laundry from vacation and I have triathlon practice this evening. I think that is it, I am having a hard time remembering what day it is!


Sounds like an awesome day and I hope practice goes well for you and you are motivating me to attempt laundry soon haha. Thanks Becky!


With the inaccuracy of GPS you definitely did 60 :-) great week of running. happy Sunday! I already ran with my friend at 6 AM and now off for a dog hiking and some baking later. Wanted to say hello since I haven’t commented in a little while :-) I am sure that you noticed. Ha. I like to say hi to you though!?


AMANDA… I literally DID notice and I was thinking about you yesterday and hoping that you are getting in amazing hikes this summer and a lot of time lake-side!
SO true… I’m going to call it 60 then;) . Sounds like a wonderful day Amanda and thanks for saying hi!


I just love the Fourth of July week! I have to buy that jdawg sauce. My best run was on the fourth- I was supposed to run 5 miles and had it mapped out to go out and back- when I got to my turnaround point I had gone 3.5 miles instead of 2.5! I was so amazed that I went a mile over and had no idea- I guess I was in the zone ?. I was listening to Ed Sheeran and doing some speed workouts so it was a fun run! I decided to go 6 and walk the last mile which was super nice!


You really do need to buy the sauce! You were totally in the zone and just enjoying running on the 4th… way to go on that speed Alicia. I hope your day has been a great one so far:)


Love the screen & projector. During non buggy times of the year, movies outside are the best !!! We should really get one of those. How fun !!
No running for me for several weeks, we’ve been swimming like crazy around here. Sometimes swimming laps and treading water for 2 hours straight. And I get terrible heat headaches from running (and sometimes walking) during the summer months. I know the swimming season is short around here, so taking advantage of it.
Enjoy your weekend !


You really should… we decided after last night we are going to do it weekly now. I hope the kid’s friends will want to come over too! Way to go on getting in so much swimming. TWO HOURS in the pool?! You are so strong and keep enjoying it Michele. Do you ever get heat headaches during the summer outside of running/walking? That is terrible!

Thanks Michele, you too!


I do sometimes get them doing big jobs outside, but not just in general being outside in the summer. BUT I also do not carry water with me and have no water fountains en route. I often wonder if it’s not proper hydration during a run. Even though I drink before and after.


That’s awesome that you get to see elite runners around your town! I would say something equally as awkward; most people would.
I ran 4 easy miles this morning and now we’re heading to the beach.
My best run was the 4 mile race I did on the 4th. I placed 2nd in my age group and ran it in 34:07. I’m hoping to pick up some speed in the next few months if I can get over the psychological hurdle of my knee injury. My knee feels good but I’m scared it will swell up again and put me out of commission. Slow runs are better than no runs in my book.
Have a good Sunday! Looks like you have had a super fun and super tiring week.


Good to know I’m not the only awkward one in these types of situations. A run and the beach = perfect. 2nd in your age group, WAY to go Lee on your four miler. I hope that your knee continues to be happy and I agree… I would rather run forever than push it! Thanks so much and keep me updated with your knee. I think you are being smart and increasing mileage/speed smart is going to get you to where you want to be.


My best run this week was at my home town’s annual 4th of July 5k & 10k. I ran the 10k & reached my goal of going sub 43 & ended up winning the race for women (it’s not very competitive but still… breaking the tape was a fun experience!) I saw also Jared Ward there cause he grew up in the same town (Kaysville). He won the 10k for the men… but they somehow messed up his time and added 20 minutes to his finishing time of 31 lol.


Huge huge huge congrats! 1st place woman… AWESOME! I bet it was so cool to break the tape and hitting your goal! I didn’t know he grew up there! I bet that was awesome to see him! Hahah minor error.. almost doubling his time! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


My best run was my 5 miler on the 4th. It was midday and ridiculously hot, but I was in all the patriotic gear and it felt comfortable. Other runs this week have been tougher. It’s going to be a lower mileage week for sure, but starting tomorrow I get 3 mornings of running in Nashville and I plan to run as many miles in those 3 days as I did all week this week, ha! Some weeks just feel off and I know I’ll bounce right back.

I have definitely embarrassed myself in front of celebs, I understand! I hope you do bump into Shalane!!


Isn’t running in patriotic gear just the best? So glad you had a great run on the 4th and to feel comfortable in the heat on a run= you are tough (but I already knew that:)! Glad to know I’m not alone! I hope your Sunday is a great one!


I love how you all set up the s’mores! I am traveling with the fam and we just left my bestie’s house today. We found a Mexican restaurant playing the soccer game so we stopped and it was so fun! I am just so thrilled that I’ve been able to run 5 miles twice this week!


5 miles twice this week ahhh! Such great news:) glad you were able to watch the game and visit your best friend! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and so happy you are running so well now!


I bought my very first pair of Brooks yesterday. Just wanted to tell someone who I knew would be excited.

My real life friends don’t get it. My internet friends do! ?


I have a really dumb question….(sorry in advance), but how did you get the projector screen up on your house? Is there a stand or am I missing something? :) I’m thinking about ordering it but not sure because my house is stucco….thanks! Also, as always, in awe of your mileage! Congrats!


Oh!!! I am in the market for a projector and screen – would you rate them! Any good inside? Thanks – too many choices!


We seriously can’t believe how cheap they are for the amazing quality! 100% recommend!!!!!


Sadly you won’t be bumping into Shalane any time soon unless you come to Oregon :) She’s recovering from having surgery in May and BTC is currently holding a running camp in Bend. Come to Portland and you’ll see lots of Elites!

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