Silentish Saturday!!!

That post 4th of July sleep in life.

Seen on my run:

IMG 9938

Went out for seven miles on my own.

IMG 9940

Spent a lot of time outside in our yard with the cousins.

IMG 9942

Skye loves to steal Knox’s blanket when he is gone.

IMG 9951

My niece made these breadsticks to go along with the lasagna (my mom’s recipe) that my sis-in-law made.

IMG 9945

IMG 9946

Popsicles for dessert.

IMG 9952

STRANGER THINGS SEASON 3 in my sister’s basement.

IMG 9889

Started this and absolutely loving it.

IMG 9682

From the beginning…

IMG 9898


Tell me three things that you are up to today?!

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I saw hot air balloons on my run yesterday evening. I love seeing them, and I hope one day I can go on a balloon ride myself! I treated myself to a Garmin watch (245 music) with a turqoise wristband like yours. I went shopping for bras and jeans with my daughter this morning, when we were finished we had an ice cream cone. Now I’m heading upstairs for the laundry and some sewing. I’m looking forward to watching the womens soccer final tomorrow, go Netherlands! Have a great day, and your meals always look delicious.


I was thinking that yesterday too, I want to go on a balloon ride someday. YESSSS to the new Garmin!! That is so exciting, let me know what you think of the music part of it:) . Sounds like a great day already! Thanks so much Eva!


Got a strength workout in before heading up north to visit family for the day. Looking forward to playing some horseshoes!


Way to go on the strength workout Lisa! Enjoy the day with your family playing horseshoes.


I’m home from vacation and it was wonderful to spend time with our families but I’m so happy to be back in my own home! Today is figuring out our menu for the week, buying groceries, and starting on Mount Vacation Laundry.


Kristen! I am SO happy that you had such a great time and I totally know what you mean about it being nice to be home and in your routine again! HAHAH Mount Vacation Laundry <-- that is hilarious! Have a great day Kristen!


I had a dream last night where we were meeting up for a run, don’t have any idea where since I am in Oklahoma. I told you “I’m slow” and you said “Oh that’s fine!” And I said, “No, I mean really slow”. You said again “Really, I promise it’s fine!” I finally told you “I mean 10:30 per mile. Slow.” After a minute you said “Oh, okay then let’s go!” and we too kind off for our run! So thank you for being so positive, supportive and encouraging, even in my dream!


*took off, not too kind. Silly autocorrect ?


Okay, NOW we need to make your dream a reality and get to go on a run together! This makes me so happy Crystal and thanks for what you said… PLEASE keep in touch and leet me know if you are ever in Utah and we will make this happen! Have a wonderful day:)


Today we are moving! Just to a different part of St. George. But it’s happy/sad. Happy to not live with in-laws anymore. Sad because we love the friends we have made, our ward, our primary class, and the great running trails near by ;) We got some delicious donuts at Lin’s for all of the people helping us move. My 2 year old lives for donuts so he has had a pretty good morning! I will probably take a nap because I worked last night and then we will probably need to go shopping for some little stuff for our new place!


MOVING DAY!!! I totally see why you are feeling happy and sad all at once! What part of St. George are you moving to (feel free to email me back with that:). I hope that you fall in love with where you live now and YES TO LIN’S. Enjoy that nap!


Ran 8 miles in ridiculous humidity with a friend. My clothing was saturated. It was crazy but fun too.


8 miles in humidity = 16 miles IMO. WAY TO GO Christine and I am so glad you guys had fun too:) . Enjoy the rest of your day and hopefully it includes cold watermelon, ice cream and popsicles after that run.


Went for a run in the morning, followed by passing my oral board exam to finish my residency as an anaesthesiologist. Sooo exhausted from all the studying but oh so happy.


Steph. WOW. This is unreal! Congratulations. I hope you celebrate for the rest of the year this amazing accomplishment!


The breadsticks link is to amazon for the book to buy -I’m sure it’s a great book but I really care about breadsticks!!! Those look like a fun different option! I have friends coming to stay tomorrow night & i’m Making homemade chicken noodle soup and those would go great with it! (Also a peach crumble (a lot like a crisp but better I think because it has more butter and sugar!))



HAHAH OOPS!!! Here is the breadstick link!
Sorry this took me forever. I’ll be over for the soup and peach crumble (I am drooling now:) . Have the best time!


I would love the breadstick link, too!


Hey!!! Here it is! Hope you are having a great Sunday!

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