Silentish Saturday!

Time to go race!

Planned on 2 but did 3 instead yesterday morning.

IMG 8934

Andrew had crepes ready for us for breakfast.

IMG 8953

When Skye brings me a book= stop, drop and read.

IMG 8959

Skye said my nieces name for the first time and it made her so happy.

IMG 8971

Over to the expo—> free snow cones!

IMG 8976

IMG 8982

IMG 8986

I’ll see this finish line again soon!

IMG 9042

Spaghetti of course.  If it ain’t broke…

IMG 9053

IMG 9062

PS the race gives you a hat, cute shirt and a little fanny pack for your phone/gear when you run.

IMG 9047

All ready to go!

IMG 8965


Tell me three things that you have going on today!

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Good luck today! I’m going hiking today, glad I read your post, I would’ve forgotten my hat!


Good luck today !!!!! I hope your race is amazing !
Brooke’s face looking at the crepes, haha ! I finally got a chance to watch Kim Swims that you mentioned awhile back. Such a good documentary.
Today, we are headed to my daughters horse back riding lesson, going to an open house and my hair salon and hopefully getting some chores done and maybe a bike ride if the rain holds off.


Today I’m wishing my mom a happy 80th birthday!!! (I’m the youngest) I don’t get to see her today but next week we’re having a big combined party for her and my Dad who had his same birthday this year and to celebrate their 60th anniversary.

On the opposite end of the age spectrum we’re going to a friend’s kiddo’s first birthday party. How perfect!


Good luck today! I can’t wait to hear how amazing you did!
I finally got Run Fast Eat Slow!!! So today I will be grocery shopping to stock up on all the good stuff, and cleaning out the fridge ?. I whole heartily agree that eating well makes us feel so much better!
1st thing I will be making… The Superhero muffins.
Enjoy your run today, and enjoy the rest that follows a good race, oh, and all the post run food ?


Have a great race!
I ran 6.2 miles, I am going out for breakfast with my husband and then we are off to the library.


Good luck on your race! I am sure you rocked it!
I ran 7 miles this am, read through the Run Fast Cook Fast Eat Slow cookbook and am in love!! And trying to plan a place to stay for our vacation in a few weeks!! Happy Saturday!


Swim meet, mom daughter trip with my oldest to celebrate 5th graduation (an overnight and amusement park), and hoping this nasty cold let’s me have fun!!


Buying a new computer, worrying over how much money I had to spend on a new computer, crying about the money spent on said computer. It’s an emotional day. Also injured and can’t run but I so don’t want to go to the gym/hate it…I know I’ll feel better though to get my heart rate up versus just going for a walk. How do readers deal with this?


Jenni. I am SO so sorry. You are not having a great weekend. And when you are injured it is so hard to process tough things. DEFINITELY get outside for a walk (I hate the gym too). I like to focus on the other things in life that truly bring me joy when I am injured and do those when I am injured. It helps me so so much. Thinking about you Jenni and I am ALWAYS here if you need to email!

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