Friday Favorites & A Different Day!

Just in case you were wondering, Skye is still strutting her stuff in her new running shoes.

Just leading her little gang into Target.

No running selfie from yesterday.  I got up when Andrew left to go to work to get in 4 miles on the treadmill and climbed right back into bed for a little bit before hitting up the computer to work.

I’m sure the rest of my family wishes I went on a run yesterday (my patience is a lot lower when I don’t run in the middle of the week;) but it was the best choice for race day.

IMG 8837 2

Brooke and Knox went to craft club and made these amazing fairy houses.  I am very thankful that they go to this because I might be the least crafty mom out there and this helps them get in their craft fix.

IMG 8875

Later on we hit up the pool!

IMG 8900

$1 ice cream cones make me very happy.

IMG 8902

My nieces came too.

IMG 8916

I’ve been craving a caprese salad so I made this Caprese Farro Salad for dinner and it was heavenly.  It will definitely be something I make again.

IMG 8873

Time for the expo and getting ready to race 13.1 tomorrow!


I have a few favorite things to share this week!

*I’ve wanted florescent shorts for a long time and I found a pair that I love here along with this tank! <— affiliate links.

IMG 8882

*I’ve used candles for years but a little while ago my friend brought me an AirMoji (I was having a rough day and she dropped it off on my porch… people are the best) and I’m never going back.  The scents are so awesome, they are completely safe and it has a rechargeable battery.  You can also use it to defuse essential oils and control the off/on from your phone.

We need these big time with three littles, all of my running and a dog;)

IMG 8835

*This episode from Ali with Jen (local elite)… so many amazing pieces of advice and things to think about.  I’ve followed her for years and years and look up to her in so many ways.

IMG 8874

*My neighbor had these at the pool.  We tried them and all loved them so I went to Costco the next day to get our own bag.  They are like an adult fruit snack and they are amazing.

IMG 8550

*Just in case you were wondering what Skye’s mischievous face looks like, here it is:

IMG 8685

*I recently started following Dana Suchow.  She is a ‘speaker & educator devoted to protecting children from diet culture.’  She posts a lot of things that are quite eye-opening (like below) along with offering ways to help combat the messages sent to our children (and us) through the media.

IMG 8868

*One of my favorite things to remember going into a race.  Not going to let my head talk me out of what I really want to happen tomorrow (sub 1:25 is my goal for the day).

IMG 9465 JPGIMG 5520


Have any favorite things this week?!  Any new favorite IG/blogs that you are loving?  Share!

Vanilla, chocolate or twist ice cream cone?

Have anything fun planned for this weekend?  Long runs or races?

Favorite type of dried fruit?

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love those strawberries! i use them as fuel for long runs sometimes, when i want a more natural boost.


That is such a good idea! I’m totally going to try that out. Thanks Jess and have a wonderful day!


Have a great race! $1 ice cream cones sound good to me, too.


You can come swim laps at this pool and ice cream is on me;) Have a great day Victoria!


My weekend highlight felt like it happened last night as 6 of us did roof top dining, and it was just the perfect.summer.night. Stayed 4 hours so I am sure the waiter was not happy with us.
Happy half marathon weekend!


That meal and setting sounds like absolute heaven. So glad you all had such a wonderful evening! Thanks so much Erica and I hope you have a wonderful day!


Twist cones are the best! But if you go back east, no body knows what twist cones are so don’t ask haha. We confused a poor worker at McDonald’s and she kept telling us that the cones are usually twisted when it comes out of the machine.

I’ll see you tomorrow! If not today at the expo. Sounds like the weather is going to be perfect (for you liking :)


Really!? I didn’t know that they didn’t have twist cones back east! GOOD LUCK TOMORROW! The weather is going to be perfect! Have a wonderful day Jenny and rest up your legs.


How do you always run in shorts? I have tried over and over again, yet I always end up with terrible chafing or my shorts ride up my thighs even with a chafing stick! What’s the trick, I would love to be able to run in shorts?


I do like twist cones and when Arctic circle has them for 49 cents, I buy many. I am going to follow that Instagram account. I would hate for my daughter to grow up disliking herself. She’s so beautiful and so capable and should always know that. I have been searching for a great pair of shorts to run in. I have tried 6 pairs this spring and returned 4 of them. Oiselle’s Long roga run shorts are the best for me. Brooks also has a long 7-inch inseam pair and they are also good at staying in place. They totally stay in place!!!!!!!!!!! No riding up my thighs, they also cover more of my legs, which I like. I want to be comfortable in my clothes while I run. Thanks for your blog. I look forward to reading it every single day.


Megan! Thank you so much for your comment and I’m definitely going to have to hit up Artic Circle for the 49 cent cones! Oh I LOVE the roga and Brooks is just the best. Keep me updated with how you are doing and have a wonderful day with your daughter!


I follow that same account and it has seriously opened my eyes so much to how much diet culture bs there is all around us!!! I gotta say I prefer drumsticks but the wal mart store brand ones. The cones are crunchier. And it’s all about that little chocolate nugget at the bottom yum! Also I was inspired by your thredUP post a while back and got some new (to me) Nike running clothes and have loved them! I like having styles different from what’s in the store right now. Some of the older prints are cuter too. And my fave is probably dried mango or banana chips!


I am just like you and I always knew that diet culture was around but her account is making me realize HOW huge it is and the impact it has made on our society! I need to try the walmart store brand one… we just got a big box of the costco ones:) . YAY for your new to you nike running clothes. So many of my running tops especially are from thredUP… I love the older prints too. Have a beautiful day and I hope you get some dried mango or banana chips soon! Have a wonderful weekend Ehrin!


I have Grandma’s Marathon tomorrow! It’s only my 4th marathon-the first 3 were CIM-so I’m looking forward to some new scenery.
I like chocolate/vanilla swirl best because I have trouble making up my mind:) Can’t wait to try those fruit snacks from Costco-I hope they have them in CA!


LIZ!!! I am so so excited for you… GOOD LUCK! Please let me know what you think! CIM and Grandma’s are both on my list, you’ll have to let me know which one you like better. If you guys don’t have the strawberries, I’ll send them to you:) . Rest up today!


I love following The Rambling Redhead on Instagram. She has a blog too. She is HILARIOUS!!
Vanilla + rainbow sprinkles :)
I am working the weekend ?
And I love dried mango!

Have a great weekend!!


Thanks for the recommendation, just started following her and I can’t wait. You and Brooke are a lot alike:) I hope work goes well. Thanks Melissa!


I loved that podcast with Jen Bigham! I was literally LOL when she was sharing her stories of meeting/getting stuck in an elevator w/ celebrities/race winners!
Ok … I need those strawberry snacks ASAP! I wasn’t planning on going to Costco … but I am definitely going soon! I’m typically not a fan of dried fruit but I sure do love fruit snacks!
Swirl cones are the best! I’m on the fence what I like more – fudge dipped swirl cones or plain.
A couple of my favorites are that I ran 8 miles today which is a distance PB since last November when my ankle was at it’s worse. My husband is cleaning our house without me asking! I’m not off the hook though since I’m cleaning my mom’s house for her but at least me and my boys get to see her and have dinner with her; it’s become our weekly thing!
Good luck at you race this weekend!
Have a great day!


Oh my goodness… yes, those stories made me love her even more. Let me know if you like them (I really hope you do). Fudge dipped > plain:) .

HUGE CONGRATS ON YOUR DISTANCE PB since November! I am so happy for you! Thanks so much Jenny:)


Vanilla all the way! and those strawberries do look good! I love dried mango, esp from trader joe’s!


I hope your weekend is a great one and that you get some dried mango asap!


Good luck to you tomorrow, Janae! I hope you feel joyful and accomplished (no matter the time) after the race.

Definitely a twist cone :)


I loved your message in that Instagram post-Janae and I think it’s something so many people could use to learn about. I buy race photos, we do have some races that give them for free, but if I use them in my blog, I buy them. I knew a few race photographers that don’t get paid a lot and stealing race photos is taking from that. Especially, if you are an influencer or a coach who wants to make money. Anyway, I’ll get off my soapbox now.

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