13 Bullet Points:

*Good morning!  I hope your weekend has been great so far.  I’ll have a full race recap up tomorrow.  I finished 3rd overall for the women with a time of 1:22:13!  I am very happy with how it went.  Training with this team is really going well!

*The weather needs to be talked about really quick because it was perfect for a race.  It was cold at the start and then there was awesome cloud cover the entire 13.1 miles.

IMG 0008

*The kids woke up early to come be at the race so when Skye came over to me and blew me a kiss I knew that meant she was ready for her nap at 10 a.m.  Skye always blows us kisses before we take her to bed during the day or at night so this was her way of telling us she was ready.  I was too;)

IMG 9092

*Andrew went on a run and then it was time for pizza.  Usually I vote for a burger after a race but pizza just sounded so so good.

IMG 9135

*One of the many reasons we eat out way less often now haha:

IMG 9139

*We went to Knox’s baseball game and he had some awesome hits!

IMG 9106

*Going up and down the bleachers hurt big time.

IMG 9109

*I won a box of these… ever tried them?  I did a very long time ago and I remember liking them so I’m excited to have some again.

IMG 9144

*Later on in the evening we put Skye to sleep at my mom’s house and took Brooke on our date (Skye slept in the crib but I liked this sleeping bag picture).

IMG 9150

*We went to the rodeo!

IMG 9162

*Brooke’s favorite part was the barrel riding.

IMG 9155

*My favorite part was the strawberries and cream.

IMG 9159

*Gorgeous night and we stayed out until 11 pm… after a 3:30 am wake-up call I was very ready for my bed:)

IMG 9168


What is your Sunday filled with?

Do you ever eat protein bars?  If yes, which ones?

Who else had a race this weekend?  How did it go?

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Yayyy!!! THATS AMAZING!!!! You are just killing it this year with your running! I sometimes eat pure protein bars – I find they’re not super heavy and I like the flavour … and I love the premier protein chocolate shakes that are premade in cartons – so easy to grab for a quick snack – but both are full of artificial ingredients so… Good for once in awhile!!


Oh thanks so much Andrea, I am sure having fun. I will have to try those ones:) . I hope your Sunday is really great and keep in touch!


Looks like a wonderful day was had by all! :) congrats! My Sunday is filled with church with my mom and then an easy run! Yes to protein bars for me. So easy to grab on the go or enjoy at work. My favorite are the One bars. Birthday cake flavor is very yummy!


Sounds like the perfect day to me Kara! I have never tried those ones… they sound great. Enjoy the rest of your day!


Today I am weeding public space with some neighbors, checking on a friend’s new chickens (that she is getting bc a mother friend’s chicken house was totaled in a thunderstorm yesterday), and going to the YMCA for some family time.

I eat Picky Bars, which have the perfect balance of protein, fat, and carbs for endurance athletes. They also taste great, and are made with real food (ingredients you recognize)!

No races here, but I LOVE your new Cotopaxi backpack!!!!!!!!! Such a cool prize! Congratulations on your race :)


Enjoy that family time and neighbor time! I LOVE Picky Bars and now I need one. I’ve always wanted one of those backpacks so I was very excited. Thanks so much Tonya and have a fabulous Sunday!


Ahhhh!!!! I’m so excited for you!!! You’re crushing it with this team!!!


Thanks so much Mollie! They sure make this all even more fun. Have a wonderful day and happy running!


Awesome job on your race! I ran Grandma’s half marathon this weekend. It wasn’t my best time, but I had the best time;-) I had friends running the half and full so we ran, visited and stayed in our cheering spot all morning. It was a blast!
I am a protein bar junkie. I eat any all–Rx, Quest, the Costco brand ones, no cow, Vega, Garden of Life, anything that is on discount (and semi-clean ingredients) when I walk through GNC–I have a “rule” that I can only have 1/day (at most) otherwise I would snack on them all day.


BECKY… so glad that you had such a great time at Grandma’s this weekend. Sounds perfect! Oh I love the Costco ones, they are my favorite. Hahaha that’s a good rule to make sure you are saving $$ because they can get pricey ha. Have a fabulous Sunday Becky!


Those bars are amazing, I just had a bunch of them shipped to me in Canada (not affiliated, I pay full price for them).
Loved that race photo on your Insta… you built that racing body, way to go!


Thanks so much! I think the ultra training really helped too. Can’t wait to dig into them and I hope you have a fabulous day!


Brooke’s pink cowgirl hat is awesome! I’m heading out for a 9 mile run this morning in preparation for a half on July 14th. Trying to break that 1:45 barrier. We’ll see! No protein bars for me, more of a fan of the protein shake.


Thank you so much! I hope your 9 miler was a great one and I KNOW that sub 1:45 is YOURS and I cannot wait to hear all about it. Please keep me updated and have a wonderful Sunday!


Congratulations on your race, you are so fast! So are your friends! I feel like most of your times would win first in the races I do, you should come to Ohio haha.


Maybe we will;) . I hope you have a beautiful day Sara and thanks so much!


Yes girl!! I ran Grandmas half with a big PR!! And my husband and I are hooked on G2G bars.


AHHHH HUGE CONGRATS LEIANNA! I hope you are celebrating big time and that you recover well. Have a beautiful day.


I love Brooke’s cowboy hat! So cute!

Sunday over here looks like: running, hosting brunch for some gal pals, and this afternoon going out for Mexican food with my partner (it’s his birthday!)

I am not a huge fan of protein bars, as I don’t find them that tasty. Maybe I’ve been trying the wrong ones!

Congrats on you’re great run yesterday! I find lately I’ve been getting shin splints pretty bad. Do you have an exercise you do to help with that? I wear heels to work everyday and wonder if that’s part of the problem…


Congrats on a fantastic race!
Yesterday we drove up to Squamish so I could do a group trail run. Almost 37km and and today I can definitelty feel my leg today. In a heap on the couch right now but we need groceries so going to have to get up eventually?.

Have a great day Janae!


Looking forward to reading that race recap after the teaser on IG! Way to go!
Love Brooke’s rodeo look –that hat and denim jacket are perfect :)
I made it to yoga today & now trying to clean up my desk, overloaded with all the papers from the school year that we don’t need anymore. Steak on the grill later!!
I really like Pure Protein bars and Think! bars (used to be Think Thin).
Happy Sunday!


Wowzers amazing time for the half! Huge congrats! But what’s most impressive is all the activities after!?! How in the world?! You’re amazing love reading your blog!

I recently fell during a run and skinned up my knees I am SO grateful I didn’t break anything attempting a run tomorrow. Hoping to half train soon!


You KILLED it! Congrats!! Loved seeing you for a sec. can’t believe you stayed out till 11, I was SO tired. You’re super human!


Holy wow, you rocked it!! Amazing!! Congratulations!! Can’t wait for the full recap. You looked so strong in the race pic!! I LOVE the G2G protein bars!! Those and the Built Bars (both companies are based in Utah, I believe?) are my faves!! I live in far northern Utah, but I will definitely count that as supporting local. :)


I was at the rodeo the same night! One of these days I’m going to actually run into you somewhere. And I’m going to fan girl. Congratulations on 3rd place!


Ah! Brooke could not be ANY cuter in her Rodeo outfit! Awesome :)


congrats! you really crushed your goal too ! so impressive

what are the sunglasses you’re wearing here? I’m in the market for sunglasses ;)

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