Tuesday Tangents and a Movie from the Race!

I have a bunch of thoughts to share with you today and like usual, they are very unorganized and all over the place:

*I had a B12 vitamin injection last week two days before the race.  I think it helped me BIG time to get some energy back after the virus that tried to steal every ounce of energy in my body.  Thank you Mrs. B for telling me about this!  My body needed that.

*Andrew, Skye and I ended up going for a 2 mile walk/run the day before the race.  I hadn’t run in 6 days and it felt good to loosen things up and enjoy some fresh air.  It also helped my digestive system out… my body NEEDS running.

This run made me super excited for all of the jogging stroller miles up ahead this year.

IMG 9363

*Afterwards Andrew’s aunt and cousin stopped by and Skye was pulling out her best cheesy smiles for them.  This is her thing lately and I love it so much.

IMG 9366

*The day before the race I had pancakes for breakfast and this sandwich from Gandolfo’s for lunch.

IMG 9371

*Andrew’s dad made a spaghetti feast for everyone that night.  He also made angel food cake and it reminded me that I think angel food cake is truly my favorite type of cake.

IMG 9377

*I think my body is actually very against me slowing down and doing things like a taper… it thrives off of lots of movement;).  The reason I think this= Every time I taper I get sick or feel awful or my hip feels broken etc etc.

*Skye’s first pigtails at the race on Saturday:)

IMG 3539

*Brooke’s cousin braided her hair the night before the race so that she could just get up, change and jump in the car.  This will be a new tradition for the night before a race.

IMG 9382

*Some of you told me to try out Pedialyte before the race to help me hydrate and I will be using this before every race now.  It did just what I needed it to.  Too bad it tastes like syrup:)

IMG 9380

*Before the really hard miles hit;)

IMG 9634

*My nervous snacking face a few minutes before the race started.

IMG 3923

*One of the top 5 reasons I love the trails—> You cannot beat these views.  I am a strong believer that the gorgeous world/views/scenery that we have here is one of the ways that God shows He loves us each day.  I thought about that often last Saturday and felt very loved by Him.

IMG 9417

*Remember those really hard miles that I told you about as I was trying to get to my people (miles 26-33?)… Something I did during those miles was try to guess how many songs on my playlist it would take for me to get to them and I’m happy to report I was only two songs off.  I’m definitely adding that to the accomplishment of the day.

*My body was done at the end and I melted into that chair.

IMG 1160

*Somebody told me to bring my OOFOS for after the race and it was brilliant.  Having those to change into afterwards was so needed.  What would I do without all of your amazing tips.  Oh and also having fresh/warm/clean/soft/loose (<— you get the point) clothing to change into aver a race is the best.

*Just expect every mug of hot chocolate that I ever drink in the future to be out of this mug now.

IMG 9767

*This is the shirt we got for the race and the donut we picked up for mile 19.

IMG 9375

*After the race Andrew told me he would take me ANYWHERE to eat and I chose McDonald’s French fries.  There is just something about their saltiness that makes me so happy after a race.

IMG 9431

*Probably won’t see this many steps on my watch for a long time again.

IMG 9429

*Post race swelling of the inside of my ankle.  I kept twisting it throughout the race!  It doubled in size on Sunday and then went back to looking like this on Monday.

IMG 9761

*Taking so many Epsom Salt baths over here…

IMG 9792

*Brushing my teeth after this ultra was the best feeling in the world.  After a day of eating so much sugar and crazy foods it felt so good to get them nice and clean again ha.

*Here are a few clips from the race put together (some of them from my IG stories)!!


Have any random thoughts/tangents today?  I would love to hear them please!

What are some of your favorite tools for recovery!?

Favorite salty food (so that I can drive to the store and go buy it right now because it is still all I can think about;)?

What is your workout today?

-Reading about your workouts;)

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Little gourmet potato’s with lots of salt.

You did an amazing job, well done.
Would love to try a ultra run one day!


Is it weird to be drooling when thinking about those little gourmet potato’s at 7 in the morning?!! Thank you so much Lynley and I am here to cheer you on and encourage you for your ultra! Keep me updated with everything you are up to:)


I am in complete awe! You consistently set goals and completely rock them! Your tenacity and drive absolutely inspire me! I have been following you since you were pregnant with Brook and have not missed a post. It’s funny because I have caught myself calling you my friend to others when talking about running goals. Keep on inspiring us! Congratulations to you!


Oh thank you Allison! You really are so kind and WE ARE FRIENDS… do not stop calling me your friend. We’ve been friends for 7 YEARS! If you are ever in Utah (or I am where you live) please let me know and let’s go grab lunch! Have a perfect Tuesday!


I always eat mcondalds after my ultras – preferably their cheeseburgers and Oreo McFlurries. I also admit to stealing my daughters left over happy meal from a few hours earlier while I was running. If it counts – I bought her a fresh one after I was done. lol. Nice job!


I’m not alone!!! Hahaha I should have tried some McDonalds during the run too. They must just load everything they sell with salt because I can’t believe how good it sounded after (and now a few days later too…). Have a great day Jessie!


I totally teared up when I heard Brooke cheering for you in the video. So awesome.


I hope you ride this post race high for months! So happy for you!

For future Pedialyte use, to make it more tolerable, pour it room temperature over ice. I find it much easier to drink slightly watered down. For some reason, just adding water doesn’t taste the same.


Thank you so so much Michelle and that is such a good idea… I will definitely be doing that because it seriously tasted like syrup (but worth it because it did what I needed it to do). Have a great day!


Hi! Another pro pedialyte tip: If you get the packets, they taste MUCH less syrupy and you can travel with them :)


If you want salty, I’m always going to suggest Wheat Thins. :) And I’m with you on Pedialyte tasting like syrup, but it’s definitely much better cold than it is at room temperature.

I did some tempo/faster paces on my run today, but I’m still praying for the day when I can run at 100 percent again. :/ On the bright side though, I got a job offer yesterday, and I GET TO GO HOME IN TWO DAYS!!!!! I’m so excited!


Hahaha true… Wheat Thins could do the job! WAY TO GO ON YOUR TEMPO MILES!! You are getting there girl and enjoy the process. So excited about the job and that you are on your way home. Good luck with everything this week Natalie!


Aren’t Epsom salt baths the best? I still don’t understand the exact science behind how they work, but I always feel so much better after! And now Walmart has lavender and eculyptus infused epsom salt too! $2 a bag. Can’t beat that. :)

My go-to salty snacks usually involve tortilla chips. (I’ll take almost any brand, but Walmart does have a giant size bag of mini-round tortilla chips that are pretty great because each chip is the perfect mouth size without scratching the top of your mouth…but maybe that’s just me being weird.) Anyway, chips & guac, chips & hummus, chips & salsas… etc. BUT, Smith’s has lots of yummy cheese dips in their speacialty cheese section (next to the deli usually). Our faves are the Jarlsberg swiss dip & the Smoked gouda dip. Both are very flavorful and very salty—especially with tortilla chips or wheat thins (as noted above ?). Yum! And I know you don’t like olives but…spanish olives? ?‍♀️ Super salty! Like, make you pucker salty. But, I’m an olive fan. Sorry. Are we fighting now?

So proud you girl! You rocked those 50 miles! I think you should drink EVERY drink, ever so casually, out of that mug for the next months! If anyone asks… “Oh? This old thing? Pssshhh…it’s just from when I ran 50 miles one Saturday after being horribly sick for a week and then PLACED THIRD WOMAN OVERALL. Whatevs. No biggie.” ?


Epsom salts: I believe it’s the magnesium in it that lends a healing therapeutic and relaxing feel – it’s said to increase serotonin levels


Very cool! Didn’t know that. Good for sore muscles AND sad days. Thanks for sharing that with me! :)


I love popcorn when I’m craving salty foods!! Or Lays potato chips :-) I always crave McDonalds french fries after a race or after I’ve been sick and am dehydrated – their fries are so good!!

I hope you’re still riding that high from Saturday!! You are so amazing!!


Seriously… what is it about their fries?! And now I’m going to request my mom to make her famous popcorn for me (it has so much salt:) . Thank you so much Torrie and I hope your day is a great one!


Everytime I watch your videos I get teared up. There’s something about working hard and having so much love and support around you… friends, family, the KIDS, that gets me. It’s an amazing accomplishment and you should be very proud!


Oh Colby, thank you so so much… ME TOO!! It really was such an incredible day especially to have all of my people there. Thanks and have a great day!


You are a true inspiration! I am so proud of you and your accomplishment! GET IT, GIRL!! I love your mantra and use it all the time now, #Icandohardthings!!


Oh I am so so glad… it seriously does just lift me up every time I say it too. Have a great day Tracy!


My friend and her husband bought me Pedialyte POPSICLES for Chicago marathon! They live right on the course and handed me a couple at mile 10. They were AMAZING! They’re just like otterpops so they were super easy to carry and get down. I have trouble with the cups at races so I’m definitely doing that again!
Love the video!!!!
We ate Chinese food after our ultra. #SALT4EVAAAAAA
Keep riding this post-race high!


Pedialyte Popscicles… BEST IDEA EVER. I will absolutely be doing that next time. I love that idea because I have problems with the cups too. Maybe I’ll make my family go out for Chinese food today:) . Thanks so much Mollie and I hope you have a beautiful day!


I’m not crying, you’re crying! Ok, maybe its both of us….so proud of you. love watching all the clips and seeing the kiddos so excited to see you. I’m glad the pedialyte worked out for you and the B12 shot is a genius idea too.

Cool how God works everything out and made you rest for a week and had you ready for the race! I hope you enjoy a few weeks of rest and you get to feeling better!! Those views are everything….I totally agree it is a way God shows He loves us. Me and my fiancé are considering getting out to those mountains for our honeymoon because we don’t have those down here in Florida!!

My workout today is 40 min on the bike. Still recovering from tendintis/plantar and haven’t taken the plunge back into running yet:( I miss it a lot. Last run was 15 days ago… but I’m enjoying the cross training and the pain is very rare right now but it creeps in every few mornings. I was wondering if that was your experience with plantar..being pain free for a few days and thinking WAHOOOO and then it coming back for a couple mornings but not as painful? If so, when did you know you should return to running? I’m doing another full week of cross training this week. Thanks for the advice:)

I have a lady who runs with me in her 50s and I call her my “run mom” and she always tells us to bring Oofos and dry shirts for after run:) so smart! Your feet definitely appreciate it!

Anyways congrats again to you. & Congrats again to Andrew for his race and finishing his schooling. I hope you and your family take a week of celebration and rest for all the blessings in your life! You deserve it!


WE ARE BOTH CRYING HAHA! Thank you so so much Eleanor. Come out to these mountains and let’s go on a double:) . I agree, God’s plan is pretty incredible. I am SO sorry that your tendinitis/plantar are not behaving yet. YES, mornings were the worst when I would first wake up at night. Before you get out of bed in the mornings make sure to really massage and stretch and move around your feet before you start walking. I still do that pretty much every morning. For me personally, I usually wait about 2 full days of NO pain before I run again. I like your run mom a lot. Thanks again, things have been busy over here. Have a wonderful day Eleanor and we need your body to 100% recover so you can get those miles in again!


My workout today was full body strength training and I feel like trying to get a workout in while getting ready for our trip at the same time is a workout in and of itself haha. So excited! We told our kids we are going to the beach last night and they were so excited so I can’t wait to see how they are when we tell them about Disneyland.


Way to go getting in your full body strength workout. AHHHH I am so excited for your trip and please tell me how the surprise goes.


My trigger point roller is my favorite recovery tool. It hurts so bad but it makes my quads feel so fresh. I also have the Hyperice by Hypervolt and that thing feels really great at night before bed. My toddler pulls it out daily and asks for a turn. Dot’s pretzels from Lin’s! They are these super yummy seasoned pretzel rods. I had a 3 mile tempo run with some friends this morning. It was fun!


Oh I need to get out my trigger point roller… I agree, it hurts so so bad. I had to look up what a Hyperice is and that thing looks AMAZING! We need a Lin’s here… those sound so good. Way to go on those tempo miles and doing it with frineds= the best. Have a beautiful day Ehrin!


You rocked your race!! It’s so amazing watching all your hard work pay off. I am training for my first half in May. I was doing my long run on Saturday and kept thinking I could definitely run 8 if you were going 50! Hearing Brooke cheering for you made me tear up. I don’t have kids yet but when I do I hope I can be a healthy role model to them like you are.


Oh thank you so much Morgan! I am thrilled about your first half coming on and I am cheering for you big time. Please keep me updated on how your training is going… and I better get a post race recap in May:) . Have a great Tuesday!


I’m a little late on this, but huge congratulations on your race — what a great time and way to podium! Sending good thoughts for your recovery :)


Oh thank you so so much Betsy! That means a lot. I hope you are having a great day!


Favorite salty food: chex mix!!!!

Today’s workout: Easy 5 miles to recover from the 14 mile hill run I did on Sunday. All your hills recently inspired me! But now I’m super sore lol.


Well, now I need some chex mix right this second. 14 mile hill run… WAY TO GO ISLA!! You are so strong and I’m glad you got in some recovery miles today. Awesome job and I hope you have a great Tuesday!


i just love you!! i have adored your blog for years. so proud of you!


Carrie, WOW!! Well I just love you. Thank you for reading over the years and I hope you have an awesome week. Keep in touch with how you are doing!


That video at the end of your post totally made me tear up. You have an incredible support system, and I just love seeing your kids out there with you cheering you on. ♥️

You are such an inspiration to me, and I am so beyond happy that you achieved yet another running goal with your persistence and perseverance. Hope you are getting some much needed rest and recovery this week, and congratulations again, from NH!!! :)


Love the video clip, it make me emotional to hear are your people cheering for you, so awesome!!!

Have any random thoughts/tangents today? I would love to hear them please!

I can’t wait to here some everyone’s suggestions on favorite recovery tools, because this is something I need to work on. I currently just foam roll.

My favorite salty food is pretzels!

Today’s workout was shoulders and abs and it was a long one!


Oh thank you so so much Lisa…. I had the best cheerleaders ever. The foam roller is an awesome recovery tool! Have you seen the r8 recovery rollers? They work SO so good. Way to go on shoulder and abs today. Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Oh my word, your step count really put it in perspective! Awesome video.


That video made me happy cry. :) Congratulations!


Ohhhh:) . Thanks Marilyn and I hope you have a fabulous day!


They sell packets of pedialyte that you mix yourself (near the baby section in target) and they taste much better than the premixed stuff! You just mix them in a water bottle with your ideal amount of water! (they even have a new one called pedialyte ‘sparkling’ for adults and a advanced care one with double electrolytes..in stores and amazon I think). Just fyi for the next race or when you need a boost :)


Really!? I did not know that and I will absolutely be using those packets and the pedialyte sparkling. Thank you so much Emily, this is so helpful. Have a great day!


I am so inspired by you to go further and push harder. Today’s workout was lifting. And walking the dog, if that counts. Salty things that I love: dill pickles from the gas station (in the refrigerator in little bags. the come in different flavors and are SUPER salty), parmesano reggiano cheese (it seems saltier than regular parmesan), all of the chips, and Cheez Its.


Thank you so so much Ali and that absolutely counts. Off to the gas station to get those pickles and I’ve never tried that cheese! Oh Cheez Its have never tasted so good as they do now. Have a great day!


Congratulations on one amazing race!! You are such an inspiration to so many runners and especially to me. I had a short ten mile race on Saturday and I kept thinking of you running 50 and it kept me going. I love your grit!! I’m already trying to mentally prep for the last 10k of the Ogden marathon and I will be thinking of how you picked it up after 44 miles. Wow!


I am glad your ankle is back to normal!
Salt baths are the best for recovery. I did an ice bath too. That helps. Lots of sleep and lots of water/drink of choice. And time!

The views are the best things about ultras. If you want any reccomendations let me know! There are some really gorgeous 50km races around too that blew my mind.

I may have a race picked out for the fall after months of indecision haha.
Have a wonderful day Janae!


I’d love to hear your top picks for most beautiful ultras!


Oh, here are some of my favourites. Oregon Coast 50km (in October) in Yachats Oregon – put on by rainshadow running was stunning.

And another one (sold out now for this year) but it is called Sun Mountain, in the Methow Valley. There is a 50km and 50 mile distance. That was also gorgeous. Typically held over May long weekend.

Orcas island 50km – (in February of each year). They also have a 100 mile distance (which is 4 loops – haven’t done it but know people who did the 100 miler).




My friends and I hiked around 3500 ft in 3.5 miles to the summit of a mountain and ran down leaving 2 of us feeling like a semi ran over our legs … I think I need to get on your recovery plan because mine just is not working! Ha! My failing recovery plan has been: Monday 30 mins elliptical + upper body weights + core + stretching + rolling + PB m&m’s + cookie bars. Today was an easy 45 mins of 5 min run/2 min walk + LOTS of stretching and rolling and I just cannot shake the ache! I’m thinking i need epsom in my life stat! Ha!
I don’t have any favorite salty food since I usually never crave it. Strange right?! I like to say it’s because I’m more sweet than salty. (so not true! ha!). I do love fries though. They solve all of life’s miseries. Now I’m craving waffle fries!
Random thoughts: playing t-ball in the rain last night made me excited to run in the rain this morning. I was actually bummed it had stopped!
Do you ever test your pepper spray? Do you carry pepper spray? I haven’t tested my 3 year old spray because I’ve convinced myself I’m going to spray myself!
Have a great day!


You are seriously a rockstar! So impressed with all of your accomplishments. Now you deserve to rest, rest, rest!

The video made me teary! I don’t even know you and I am so proud of you :)


I’m not sure if anyone mentioned one way to keep your feet somewhat dry. At the dollar store they sell the plastic shower caps that are disposable. Put those over your socks and it helps keep them somewhat dry.


Random thought – the sun is out but it’s only 40 degrees…a big improvement from the snow and high winds over the weekend, but where is spring?!?!

I would die without my Oofos for recovery. I have the flip flops AND shoes (kind of like clogs) so I can be prepared in all weather and temperatures haha.

One half marathon I ran had veggie broth at the end and it was the absolute most amazing thing I have ever had at the end of a race. Now I have it ready for the end of any long run. So salty, so warm…yummmmmmm!!!

Today was 6 miles easy. I am hopeful that I am past my injury phase and am starting to build up my endurance again – half marathon in 2 weeks! I hope I am not jinxing myself by saying that this is the first training cycle in YEARS that I have been able to run every single run distance on the schedule. Next training cycle I hope to hit all the runs AND be able to throw in speed work and hills.

Have a great Tuesday!


When I saw your step count on your watch I remembered that I did 84 km (50
Miles) at Disney over 6 days in October – and felt very hard core! You’re a champ to do it in under 9 hours! That really put it into perspective for me. Congrats!


So many congratulations!!! Seems like an amazing day but also makes me nervous for my race in September. I am worried about how difficult running 50 miles in the Colorado mountains really will be but I am just trying to take it one training run at a time. I am so glad you met your secret goals =)


Those race tips are great!

I love having oofos and a clean sports bra! Also, I made an appt in St. George the evening of the marathon and it was wonderful!

I love good ‘ol tortilla chips, preferably Juanitas from Winco, and guac.

Today’s workout was 45 in of cycling and arms with 15 min of power walking at a huge incline on the treadmill. I’m starting to incorporate a bit of running, but my ankle still swells after I run so I’m trying every other day.


Oh my gosh, I hope you’re taking tons of rest days now! Your poor ankle. :-(

My mom made me drink pedialyte when I got a swine flu/pneumonia combo and got really dehydrated. I insisted on watering it down because it is JUST like syrup.

Planning a run for later and hoping I stick it out!


Mmm I like salty fries as well. When I was pregnant I was super into salty food and for me it was potato chips. Good thick kettle chips. Today I am going to go on a walk in the sunshine and spend some time one my peloton bike. I think I’ll do an arms and interval ride today.

Good luck on your continued recovery!


Pickles! And Chinese food & Panera soup. All very salty!


Oh my goodness – I totally feel you on the digestion :) I am sorry that resting caused issues! This morning I ran for 2 MILES (the longest I have since January building up since my hip is FINALLY better!). My digestion was on fire today. Feels so much better. Hee! I know TMI but not for a fellow runner who “gets” it.

Hope your ankle feels better soon!


Has anyone ever mentioned how much Skye looks like your Mom? I totally think she is your Mom’s mini me! Both of them are so precious!
Congratulations on your success! I hope you know what a huge inspiration you are!


Oh my goodness, this has been so fun to follow. I texted friends, I told people at work, I was all on board of the HRG fan club. I ran my first race since 2017 on Saturday – it was an 8k and I thought about you a TON while I ran. finished 5 minutes faster than I planned. You are so awesome. I just love following this amazing feats you do are just fantastic. I love it. THANK YOU for running 50 miles. I am in awe of you and the power the human body holds.


Words cannot describe how in awe I am with you and completing that 50miler. I hung on every word while reading your recap and every picture I see I want to cry tears of joy for you! You are one powerful, amazing, strong, and determined women and I can only wish to be as amazing as you! This video gave me goosebumps and little Brooke cheering you on made my eyes tear up from happiness. You are amazing. Never forget it!!! Thank you for song us all along this journey with you!


Random thoughts/tangents: lentils in the IP pressure cooker can be a great way to get dinner done quickly…! I’m a believer, I need to use the IP more than my slow cooker

Recovery tools: Thera cane to get those tight spots in the back of my shoulders and sides of my neck. Yoga!!! Foam roller. And the oh so portable trigger point therapy ball the size of a lacrosse ball. So light I take it with me everywhere to roll out my tight feet.

Salty food I am eating – plantain chips flavored with lime! I am hooked. Ones I’m eating are called “banana the super banana snack, organic ridged plantain chips”

Workout Tuesday was w/u then 600m, 40 sec jog, 600m, 3 min jog, 1200m, 3 min jog, 1200m, c/d. It was hard! I forget workouts are hard…


You have such a great support team.

I am convinced I need to plan a trip to Utah. Those views are stunning.


I’m not a very religious person (probably more spiritual), but I love hearing about how close your relationship is to Him. And I’ve always felt that when you’re out running in nature seeing landscapes, sunrises, and sunsets it is the MOST spiritual experience in the whole world. I love it. It’s transcending. Can’t wait to hear more and more about your ultra thoughts and of course what’s next for you!

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