Happy happy Thanksgiving.  I hope you enjoy your turkey, pie and time with your people.  I made it to sunny California and I am just about to head out for a run (the way we should start off every holiday).  

I am extremely thankful for you guys!  I look forward to hearing from you in the comments and emails every day.  Love my internet bfs. 

The Julie tagged me for a little survey fun.  

Four names that people call me other than my real name:

1. Nae

2. Nae-nae

3. Baby cakes (my dad calls me this)

4. Favorite child (both my mom and dad call me this)

Four jobs I’ve had:

1.  High School Teacher

2.  Fazoli’s Drive-Thru Person (my first job ever)

3.  Personal Assistant

4.  Waitress 

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:

1.  Pitch Perfect

2.  The Notebook

3.  Remember the Titans

4.  How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days

Four books I’d recommend:

1.  Pride and Prejudice (my all-time favorite)

2.  The Violets of March

3.  Mile Markers

4.  Sarah’s Key

Four places I’ve lived:

IMG 8870

1. Laie, Hawaii (I went to BYU Hawaii for a semester… the above picture was from our skydiving adventure there)

2. St. George, Utah

3. San Jose, California

4. Syracuse, Utah

Four places I’ve visited:

IMG 9828

1. Thailand.  Incredible.

2. Caribbean.  Also incredible.

3. Kentucky.  Loved visiting my brother there:)

4. Canada.  Gorgeous!

Four places I’d rather be right now:

IMG 8831

1.  I’m actually pretty content where I am right now.  Now if only Brooke was here too:)




Four things I prefer not to eat:

1. OLIVES!!!! The worst.  

2. Catfish

3. Beets

4. The three above items made into a smoothie.

Four of my favorite foods:

1.  My mom’s lasagna

2.  Ice cream/froyo and anything associated with them.

3.  Sweet potatoes

4.  Donuts and also chocolate and caramel covered marshmallow from Disneyland

IMG 9386

Four TV shows I watch

1.  Friends

2.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 

3.  The Bachelor/Bachelorette

4.  King of Queens

Four things I’m looking forward to this year:

1.  Christmas with Brookers

2.  My sister having her baby!

3.  The Boston Marathon in April

4.  A girls trip over New Years Eve  

Four things I’m always saying:

1.  Where is the chocolate?

2.  It is SOOOO cold!

3.  Animal impersonations (Brooke thinks I am hilarious when I do these).  

4.  LOVE YOU!!!! (Brooke, every member of my family and close friends probably hear this from me a little too much)

IMG 7038


What four foods would you prefer not to eat?

4 movies you’ve watched more than once?

Favorite place you have lived?

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I would have to agree with your four foods not to eat! At one point tried to get myself to like beets because I heard they were really good for runners, but I just can’t eat them! Ew and definitely not all of those foods in a smoothie!
I am so jealous that you lived in Hawaii- that is one of my favorite places!
I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


Totally didn’t know you used to be a high school teacher! Crazy.
4 foods I won’t eat: tuna, marzipan, cottage cheese, beans!


Pitch Perfect, Serendipity, Knocked Up and Sex In The City

White Rock, BC


Have a very Happy Thanksgiving! I recently answered this survey on my blog and really should have included How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days because I can watch it over and over again! Love the sweets at Disney. The chocolate covered apples and giant chocolate chip cookies are my all time favorites.


I’m thankful for Hungry Runner Girl.

You’re a shining star, lady!


Did you watch the Bachelor Canada this season? April (who won!) was my mom’s co-worker :)

Where did you visit in Canada??


Mayo, tuna, cheese, ranch dressing

Serendipity, Pitch Perfect, Love Actually, Prefontaine

I have only lived in Hays, KS and I spent 3 months living in Washington DC. Loved DC but wouldn’t want to live there permanently. Too many people! I love love to live in Oregon or Washington. So beautiful!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Closer with Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts, and Clive Owen is amazzzzing

Enjoy your holiday!


Hahaha I love the smoothie food comment made my morning :)

Olives/bacon/caviar/hotdogs top my food list of things I can’t stand :P

Enjoy your Thursday!!


yay happy thanksgiving!!! i find i also have a deep love for donuts!

i cannot even remotely handle beans of any variety. ever. not even to be nice and eat them anyways.


I like you. Nay. LOVE YOU! Hey there is nothing wrong with hearing you say it, even if I don’t always say it back because I am socially awkward (like my pictures prove).

Your smoothie sounds awful. I hate beets too. How are we friends with Megan? I have more issues with textures than tastes when it comes to food though. Like jello (pudding or gelatin) applesauce, melted cheese, etc.

Friends truly is the best show ever. Have I thanked you for introducing me to that IG account? It makes me so happy. For movies, I have repeatedly watched Mean Girls and clueless.

Have fun in Cali, girl. I just said a prayer for you so that the food will be good. Nothing worse than a disappointing dinner #priorities #firstworldproblems


I second everything she said.


Happy thanksgiving! Four movies I’ve watched more than once:
1. Love Actually
2. Sixteen Candles
3. Pitch Perfect
4. The Silver Linings Playbook


Happy Thanksgiving!

1. Bananas (I’m allergic), olives, mushrooms, and melon of any kind.

2. Princess bride, Goonies, Dirty Dancing, and Overboard.

3. Kansas city. So many firsts there. First house, first real job, first kids. Lots of good memories.


I agree with all your movies! Those are the exact ones I would have picked!


Anything that lived in water while it was living (*shudder*)

Gladiator, A Few Good Men, The Notebook, Shawshank Redemption

My hometown – Ottawa, Canada

Have a great weekend!!!

Favorite place you have lived?


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your run went well. I agree with your list of foods you don’t like.

I used to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse when my Mr. 7 was little, and now I have the theme song in my head. ;)


I can’t stand olives either – and hey, my nickname is favorite child too! ;)


What four foods would you prefer not to eat?
1. Gross ones…

4 movies you’ve watched more than once?
1. Ever After
2. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
3. Home for the Holidays
4. Sixteen Candles

Favorite place you have lived?
St Helens, OR – I had the cutest little apartment and the town was right on the river, old, and super cute.


Four yucky food: eggplant, mashed potatoes, liver, and lamb

4 movies I’ve watched more than once: Beaches, Frozen, The Little Mermaid, and The Polar Express.

I have only lived in one city my entire life!


Happy Thanksgiving! I can’t even guestimate how many times I’ve watched How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I watch it every time I come across it on TV.


While you were Sleeping (LOVE), Caddyshack, Napoleon Dynamite, and Austenland.

Foods: mayonaise…….it makes we cringe just seeing it, coconut (love the flavor but hate the texture), pepperoni (greasy), and gravy (i only like one kind of breakfast egg gravy……all others gross me out)

Favorite place I have lived: Where I live now, Tennessee!


*me, not we


The Violets of March is such a great book!


I’m thankful for you, too! You are an inspiration, and I love reading about your adventures!

For my four foods: also catfish (I’ve only had it once when my husband took me to a southern bistro restaurant, and I felt very bad only taking a bite.), crab(in salads), shrimp (in dips), and anything cooked rare!

My movies: Mamma Mia, Pippi Longstocking, Anne of Green Gables, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 days.

I love where I live now, but I enjoyed my college years in little Monmouth, OR. It is a pretty small college town, but I loved being able to walk everywhere. :)


Aha that donut picture is from a show here in England, called Miranda and she is always eating donuts on the show :) I didn’t know you had lived in Hawaii, that’s SO cool!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family :)


Foods: mushrooms, fudge, hot dogs, sushi
Movies: Never Been Kissed, 10 things I Hate About You, Sound of Music, Home Alone
Lived: I loved growing up in the Bay Area. San Fransisco will always have my heart!

King of Queens is my faaaaave!!!! But it’s not on netflix or any of the local channels I get. I don’t have cable…is that where you watch it???


I can’t believe you worked at Fazoli’s! It’s where my husband and I had our first date and he absolutely loves that restaurant! Anytime we travel, we always look to see if there is a Fazoli’s. In fact, we ate at one in St. George in 2009 (looks like it may have went out of business) and we were to the locations in Draper and West Jordan two years ago. He’s going to love that one of the blogs I read is written by a former Fazoli’s worker!


Just say no to: mayo, meat, pickles, and raw tomatoes
Movies: Breakfast at Tiffanys, You’ve Got Mail, Casablanca, Home Alone
I’ve always loved in Nashville and I love it.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


I actually love beets as of a few years ago, so odd! Four foods I cannot handle–olives absolutely not no thank you, shrimp, milk (I think it’s so gross) and chocolate ice cream.

My four movies are Pitch Perfect, any of the Mary Kate and Ashley movies from like 15 years ago, Mrs. Doubtfire and Spirit of the Marathon :)

I have always lived in Kansas but I think my favorite location in Kansas is where I am living right now, however I am trying to convince my husband that we need to move to Colorado ASAP. We visited last fall and I fell in LOVE!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!


I am so disappointed that you left The Mindy Project off your tv list! I thought we were in agreement that it’s the best :)

Olives!!! YUCK!!!!!! I’m so with you on that one!

Have a great Thanksgiving!!!


Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book too! Happy thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Four foods I would rather not eat: fish (I only eat shellfish), onions, mushrooms, and anything with sage.

Four fave movies: Gone With The Wind, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, Love Actually.

Fave place to live: Falls Church, Va. I met my husband and we are raising our daughter here. Although, I loved living in Puerto Rico as a teenager!


It’s Thanksgiving and you want to ask us about foods NOT to eat?! Lol. I really like a lot of foods, and I’m not a picky eater AT ALL. But something about fried food (especially breaded and fried) grosses me out. I think it’s the mouth feel – oil in your mouth.
My favorite place I’ve lived is West Virginia. People don’t believe me, but it’s incredibly beautiful and the panhandle is full of history.


The Violets of March is such a good book!!


I had to laugh when you mentioned beets~ I’m trying to ‘train’ myself to like beet juice right now. Something about it helping with runner’s stamina lol

And, I also read Sarah’s Key. Fantastic book.

I lived mostly in NE Ohio~ but for a couple years I lived in a small town in South Carolina~ Latta. Just north of Florence and Northwest of Myrtle Beach. Loved it.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


Olives,peas blue cheese and choc ice cream.
Love the name baby cakes we call our daughter fae,fayze cakes.such a cool tune!!
Hope you have a fab thanksgiving. X


Berkeley is definitely my favorite place I’ve lived, I’m sad to be leaving in 3 weeks and hope to make it back someday! Happy Thanksgiving, Janae :)


Happy Thanksgiving!!! Thankful for your fresh perspective everyday. Your comment about your parents calling you ‘favorite child’ literally made me laugh out loud. My parents call the family dog their favorite child ;) Tough to compete with a golden retriever!


4 foods I’d rather not eat: seafood, mayonnaise, pork, and squash
4 movies I’ve watched more than once: 27 Dresses, the Notebook, Mean Girls, & Home Alone :)
Favorite place I’ve lived: either Atlanta, GA or Raleigh, NC


We must be sisters because we have a lot in common ;) Hope you have an incredible time in California and enjoy the Sunshine, im in Queensland, Australia and we have been hit with storms :((( so not a great time for a run. Take lots of care and Happy Thanksgiving. MWAH XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Carolinerose


Would it be obnoxious to tag myself and complete this survey? Haha :) four foods I wouldn’t eat:

1. Flour
2. Papaya
3. Olives(still hate them!)
4. Bittermelon


4 food:
Blue cheese
Blood sausage/ haggis


I also hate olives, beets and catfish. I had to laugh out loud when I saw your smoothie comment. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your day turns out Okayama! I mean, it can’t suck running in California right? It was 18 when I set out this morning!


Happy Thanksgiving Janae. I love your open and positive perspective of the world and hope the best in everything you do! Also, I hate olives too. Random but true :)


Happy Thanksgiving! Have a great time in California! I love your blog by the way!

4 foods that I dislike: olives (any kind), pumpkin, capers, and squash

4 movies that I have watched more than once: Bride Wars, The Lion King, Up, and He’s Just Not That Into You.

Favorite place I have lived: I have lived in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, and Maryland. My favorite place to live is Pennsylvania! I love the trees and hills!


You lived in Hawaii?! So cool!! I have only lived in Michigan! I’ve never seen the Notebook.. Im not much of a movie person. I’ve read Sarah’s Key before. I forgot about that book! It was so good! I just checked out Mile Markers from the library :) and Pride and Prejudice has been on my list to read!

Hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving!!!


Pretty in pink, Ferris Bueller’s day off, dirty dancing and ps I love you.
I have only lived in New York City
I don’t like chocolate pudding, ketchup on eggs, water chest nuts or fettuccine Alfredo.


I hope you’re having a wonderful time…I’m sure you’re missing your mom’s awesome cooking though.

Food:mushrooms, olives, sushi, jelly
Movies: (Unfair question…we love movies SO MUCH we watch a ton and over and over) Shawshank Redemption, Pride and Prejudice, Love Actually and Spy Game
Places: (Also unfair, we were military…)Billings, MT; Ft Walton Beach, FL; Bruchmuhlbach Germany; Denver CO


Happy Thanksgiving!
Four movies: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Frozen, and Lord of the Rings’


Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

You inspire me everyday..thank you for making me want to be a better runner!!!!:)


I can’t stand bologna, most types of fish, cool ranch doritos and green olives.

Happy Thanksgiving!


My first job was at fazoli’s too ha


Four foods I will not eat: LIVER. And flamin’ hot Cheetos, balut (if you don’t know what this is do yourself a favor and do NOT look it up), black licorice whips/buttons/gumdrops/jellybeans.

Four movies I watch over and over: Shawshank Redemption, Love Actually, Gladiator, Lego Movie.

Favorite place I’ve lived: I can’t decide because I’ve loved a lot of the places I’ve lived for all different kinds of reasons.

I hope you’re enjoying this amazing weather!


Happy happy Thanksgiving, Janae!! Wishing you all the best! :)


Enjoy the Cali weather! God bless you and Happy Thanksgiving!


Movies I’ve watched more than once:
Pride and prejudice (the Colin firth one)
Emma (also the bbc production)
You’ve got mail
While you were sleeping

Favorite place I’ve ever lived: Germany. There are some benefits to growing up a military brat!

Four foods I would prefer not to eat:
Pickled anything
Cooked peas
That’s about it!


Four foods I’d prefer not to eat: Peas, Pork, Raw fish, Liver/brain (sneaky 5?)
Four movies I’ve watched more than once: 10 Things I Hate About You, Love Actually, The Sound of Music, Pitch Perfect

Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you had a good day.


What? You hate olives? But have you had the real greek olives? :)


How To Loose A Guy In 10 Days is one of my all time favorite movies! I just watched it over Thanksgiving weekend!

I’m currently reading and loving “Mile Markers” so I’ve added “The Violets of March” to my ever growing must read list! Thanks for the recommendation!


I love this survey!


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