Saving Money on Our Favorite Things & Our Goal!

Happy Monday!  Andrew has his race recap going up tomorrow.  I’m sharing an amazing way to save money on clothing from my favorite brands for the kids and me today.  I have a discount code for you at the end of this post too.  This post is sponsored by thredUP, thanks for reading!


Andrew and I set a goal this year to find different ways that we can save money.   We’ve been eating out way less (easy to do I guess when we used to eat out 10 times a week;) and meal planning which has been saving us a lot of money.  I stopped going to the nail salon and started doing my nails at home.  We switched cell phone providers and downgraded our internet speed to save some cash each month.  We stopped a few subscriptions that we weren’t really using.  We continue to discuss different ways we can save more!  What we are saving for—> a fun family vacation this summer or fall + Andrew has a masters program next followed by a Nurse Practitioner program that we are saving towards.   

I have another awesome way that I wanted to share with you that we can all save money using= thredUP!

ThredUP is the largest online consignment store and each day they add thousands of new items.  They carry 35,000 different brands, many of my favorite brands like Lululemon, Banana Republic, Free People, J. Crew, Madewell, Anthropologie, Kate Spade, Gap and Old Navy.  


Here’s what was in our box and I love it all.  Everything honestly smells super great (which I was worried about before I received my first order) and looks new!  Some items even still have their tags on.  Each item is super high quality and something that gets a lot of use once it is at our house.

Below are items from: Madewell, Lululemon, Nike, Old Navy, Gap, The Children’s Place, Champions and Crewcuts by J. Crew!  AKA all of my favorite stores.

DSC09341 2

Below is how much we saved on this order.  Does anyone else get butterflies when they see that they have saved money?  I sure do.

 With thredUP you can save up to 90% off estimated retail!

Screen Shot 2019 02 26 at 8 38 57 PM

Another huge bonus for shopping with thredUP is that they make it very convenient.   I don’t have to take Skye to the store to dig through racks of clothing:).   With thredUP you can save your sizes, your favorite brands and use the filters or search box to find exactly what you are looking for.  I love to use the filter to look for Skye and Brooke’s clothing at the same time by putting in their sizes together and the brands I want to buy. 

IMG 8380

A question that I get often from readers is for suggestions for awesome workout clothes at cheaper prices and thredUP is the perfect answer.  I got a Lulu tank for $25 with the estimated retail price for it is $58, this Nike tank below for $11.99 (77% off!) and these Nike pants for $22 when they are normally sold for around $54.  


You know how I feel about my Madewell v-neck t-shirts.  With thredUP I can get them for $8 which is way cheaper than in the store.  


Kids grow so crazy fast!  It is so nice to use thredUP to find them really cute outfits but not spend a ton of money on them to only fit into for a few months. 


There are a lot of people to get dressed over here each day and thredUP is a great way to help us to save money on the stuff we love so we can stick to our budget!



****thredUP is offering the first 100 Hungry Runner Girl readers an extra 30% off your first order!  Click here to start shopping and use code HRG30 at checkout.  That’s an EXTRA 30% off their already discounted prices, so don’t miss out!  (Applies to new U.S. and Canadian customers only.  Redeemable online only.  Items under $150.  See site for full terms).****

Have fun shopping for your spring and summer wardrobe (FINALLY… We made it through winter;).


If you have been doing this—> What are some ways that you’ve been working on saving money?

Have anything you are saving up for?

What percentage of your day would you guess is spent in activewear clothing?

-Some days 10% and some days 100% (dont worry, I shower and put on a fresh pair of leggings and a jacket;)

What is your Monday workout?

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I’ve definitely been trying to find ways to cut back my spending lately, especially with the move coming up (only two and a half more weeks!!), and I want to start traveling more. My weekends are usually spent 100 percent in activewear, so I will have to start using thredUP again. Thanks for sharing!! Have a great start to the week, Janae!


I. Am. SO. Excited. About. You’re. Move. You get to be by family!! And I am right there with you on wanting to travel more. I hope you have a beautiful day and thanks Natalie!


I find tracking my spending one of the best ways to save money, just realising how much of my income I spend on X or Y that I don’t really need is usually enough to stop myself from buying it…


YESSSS… that totally helps us too. It’s crazy how fast things can add up and seeing it on paper helps us too. I hope you have a beautiful day Nina!


On weekends, about 90% of my time is spent in workout clothes haha! But during the week, only 10% since I am at the office most of the day. Monday workout is a running group at my local Lululemon store! I love that they arrange workouts and have instructors come in, such a fun way to try new workouts and meet people.


I like that 90% stat on the weekends.. activewear is just so comfortable. I wish we had that group close to us to meet up with. So fun! Enjoy Mariah and have a great Monday!


We’ve been saving for our trip and for a house mostly. I try saving as much as I can with groceries by using Ibotta to get a little cash back.

I’ve never used thread up though and we are due for some new clothes here soon so I’ll be checking that out.


Ibotta… I need to look into this asap. I am SO SO excited for your trip. You have to keep me updated with your plans. Yes, check them out and have a beautiful day Jenny!


I LOVE ThredUp especially since we moved to a place where the seasons don’t match what’s in the stores. It’s so much easier to order summer things from them year round than try to figure out what to buy in the fall and winter. Plus it’s cheaper and better for the environment.
I knew that the Monday after daylight savings was going to be rough so I got smart (yay!) and planned a rest day.


That is so crazy that the seasons don’t match up with what the stores are selling where you live! I’m so glad you love thredUP too. Oh good for you to plan in a rest day today= Brilliant. It was ROUGH getting up this morning to run ha.
Have a beautiful day Kristen!


I love your line “there are a lot of people to get dressed around here.” Paying full price for everyone would be ridiculous! I love consignment and probably 90% of my wardrobe is either consignment or 70% of clearance price at regular stores. I get compliments all of the time! Other ways we save money are trying to make homemade when we can (homemade caramel sauce for ice cream, homemade naan, homemade bread, homemade cookies, cut our own veggies, freeze leftovers, etc). I also have been cutting my own hair for the past several years, since our financial situation changed a few years ago due to a job change. It’s long and usually in a pony or bun so I can get away with it. We are heading out on a small trip for spring break next week and we plan to pack the majority, if not all of our meals in a cooler (sandwiches, hard boiled eggs, cheese, rotisserie chicken, etc). This should save us a ton not eating out.
Probably 30% of my day is in active wear and I’m okay with that! I’m more inclined to move if I’m dressed for it, right?


That is awesome Ali… you are rocking it. That’s the thing, maybe 20 years ago consignment didn’t have the cutest things but now I feel like most of it is awesome (probably because as a society now we are always wanting new NOW so the items in consignment are barely even used before they are then given away)! THANK YOU for sharing your tips… I love them all. Enjoy your trip and such a good idea to pack your meals. I love it. I totally agree, I move more when I am in comfier clothing. Have a beautiful Monday.


I love ThredUp! One year my birthday gift to myself was a brand new kate spade shoulder bag/tote bag with the tags still on it–I got it for $35. Now, when I go do poetry readings, it’s the bag I use to carry my copy of my book that I read from and the copies I bring with me to sell. It’s perfect…and it was a really good price.

I have also used the ‘clean out kits’ from ThredUp in the past–sending in my unwanted stuff and getting some store credit to get DIFFERENT items (and in brands that I choose which means brands I like and in sizing that I know will fit me…) has been really nice in the past. I think it might be time for a new kit, to be honest! :)

I am saving up for a LOT right now–starting to save for the summer months when I don’t have a teaching paycheck, starting to save for the SLIGHT CHANCE that I will get the job I want in Louisville and Tom and I will have to move, starting to save for Tom’s birthday next October so I can take us on yet another weekend away, starting to save so that I have some spare pennies to take me and Tom out on a date night to one of our favorite restaurants that seems a little bit out of our usual budget for going out (and that is one of those restaurants we would HAVE TO GO TO at least three more times before we ever move away from Atlanta). But–really–I want to save to move us to Louisville. I want that job, and I want to be able to make moving there for it NOT an overwhelming burden in the summer months when I don’t have a teaching paycheck (never mind that I work approximately 6,794.40 other jobs from which I get some financial compensation…).

I am in workout clothes or pajamas pretty much exclusively unless 1) I am off to teach or to my office job or 2) Tom and I are going out to dinner or to see friends. On any given day that’s anywhere from 15-85% of the day. :) The yoga pants life chose me. *shrug*


$35 for that bag… that is awesome Stephanie! I really hope you get the job ahhhh! How exciting would that be:) I love Louisville! And your last line just made my day so thank you for that! Have a great Monday!


That’s a fantastic service!! I love saving money on clothes and never want to buy anything expensive. I wish it were available in Canada. Maybe one day! I save to pay off my medical school loans (ouch). Have a great day!


Oh I wish it was too… hopefully that will be next for them:) . MED SCHOOL–> You are amazing Andrea. Have a wonderful day!


We eat out about twice a week: usually Mexican on a Sunday and we have pizza (that we carry out) on Fridays. Mondays are meatless, and we usually grill on Saturday, and have Wacky Wednesdays (leftover night), so that leaves Tuesday and Thursday up for grabs with either another grilled item, baking a chicken, brinner, or another meatless night.

Also to save money I try not to get a “to go” beverage more than once a week. I try to wait 6 months between haircuts (long hair makes that easier), two months between leg waxing (which my sister sees as an indulgence bc she shaves daily, but she also sees her monthly hair appt as a necessity), and I only get my nails done professionally about once a year as a treat.

I am just saving to be frugal since I am still looking for a full time job.

95% of my day is spent in activewear. Even when I get dressed up for meetings 2-3 times per week, I use activewear as the base (undergarments, shirts, tights) and layer on a blazer or skirt.

Today is a 6×400 interval workout! Vacuum or run first, that is the question….


Thanks for sharing! I’ve been looking for a place to buy inexpensive, but good quality workout clothes. Definitely going to check ThredUp.

My Monday workout is all about rest. I finished my last long run before my race yesterday.


I love buying from ThredUp (I do double check for sales first , like Old Navy b/c sometimes they are cheaper!) However selling to them is a bit of a sham. I sent them a bag of really nice clothes (some I had bought from them, Lululemon, INC) and they did not accept about 1/4 of them and the stuff that sold, I got a 10% cut. Of the $150+ of clothes I sent, I made $2.38.


Yep this is my experience selling as well. Sent a huge bag of new with tags items and got average 25 cents per item. Ridiculous.


I said on Instagram but I always appreciate thredUP and Poshmark. My new year resolution in 2018 was not to buy any new clothing and I didn’t. I’ve only bought one thing in 2019. I realized I don’t need a lot of trivial crap anymore.


I placed my first order last week and was thrilled with the quality of what I received and what I paid! My only complaint about quality was a pair of pants that had a pulled thread on the rear end seam. It will definitely need to be fixed before wearing it out. Just one little nit picky thing .. everything else was fabulous!


Hi! This is not related to this post, though I love all your posts and ready them everyday :) thank you for the smiles and laughs! Very cute clothes, too!

I wanted to ask if you would be willing to write more posts on your journey to “intuitive” eating. I cannot recall if you labelled it anything so apologies for the assumption. I am currently in the middle of this journey and am struggling with allowing myself to eat what I want. You had mentioned reading the book intuitive eating and in it, it discusses giving ourselves unconditional permission to eat without regard for health (at the beginning – of course health matters but this can’t be the focus during the healing process – according to the book). I am eating a ridiculous amount of mini eggs (haha) as I try and do this and not feeling my best but i am doing this so these foods no longer have any special meaning to me and just become food (not good or bad). It previously was a forbidden food. It takes a lot of mini eggs for me to feel either satisfied or full. Anyway, I’m seeing an intuitive eating dietician to work on this but it would also be great to hear your journey with this, if you followed the principles from the book or another way. It is hard as someone who enjoys feeling healthy to be eating so much junk lately as I try to change my mindset towards food. Your experience on this would be so appreciated!

Thank you as always for your transparency and honesty!


Thank you so much Tara for your comment and this is a great question. I am THRILLED that you are working with an intuitive eating dietician.. I will definitely work on a post that has more to do with this question. I’m having a hard time remembering clearly how it all went but I’ll have to go through the book and see if I did it how the book listed BUT I remember it taking quite a lot of time and a lot of work (but the best rewards come from things that take time/work). I remember it taking a lot of brain training to immediately stop thinking about what I ate after I finished eating it (I used to feel so much guilt after meals and so I needed to train myself to just eat and move on with the day or go take a bath or write in my journal etc). I remember failing a lot along the way but over the weeks/months I got better at truly eating what my body told me to and moving forward with my day afterwards. I remember I surrounded myself with people that did that (and stopped hanging out around with people as much that obsessively talked about calories/food etc) because modeled behavior is something I really grasp on to. Celebrate each accomplishment (big or small) along the way and PS for me personally I never stopped eating the foods that made me feel really good (ie fresh stuff) but I just added in more and more of the NO foods that I had held for so long. I hope this helps and I’ll work on something more! Have a wonderful day!


Thank you so much for your response! It is good to know that this process is not always linear, to not focus always on what I just ate and to also still honour my nutritional needs because it makes me feel good. This is definitely a challenging process as it feels like I’m trying to retrain my brain.

I’m so happy that this has worked for you and grateful to have you as someone to give me hope that it also will for me :)


Jumping in that I also 2nd surrounding yourself with people who are eating intuitively, not restricting, and overall just enjoying eating. I personally had to avoid many work related lunches in the staff lounge because of all the diet talk.


Oh, such a good topic. My other half is a great saver – he has been that way his whole life and his mentality is rubbing off on me because he is way better than me at this. It is coming in handy that he is such a great saver because after years of working for other people, he has started his own woodworking business. The fact he has been such a good saver is really come in handy.

We rarely eat out – we eat out 1x or maybe 2x a month. We make food to take with us. Most of our vacations are camping because we love it. Don’t get me wrong we eat well – but we found we can make most things just as well at home, and we love to cook. He reminds me to make coffee at home, instead of buying coffee out. Little things like that.

We don’t have regular subscriptions to streaming services – we usually get by with free trials, etc. We are looking to switch phone providers once our contract ends. I also sold my car last year because we decided we didn’t need two vehicles and because I rarely drove.

We get clothes at discount sites, or there is a liquidator store. Also, I have a rule 3 items have to go out before one comes in and most of the time, I end up selling my old clothes (either online or consignment for cash). If I am not willing to get rid of 3 things for one new item, then I don’t want or need it badly enough.

Also, I let him cut my hair haha. He did a really good job and that saved me around $70 bucks at the hair dresser so that made me happy.

Saving to pay off some debt, a bigger emergency fund and life. A fancy vacation would be nice too :).

Have a great day Janae!

Also, when I am not in work, I live in running clothes or sweats…


Every day all day in athletic wear! The best pro of stay at home mom. So when I do put on jeans I feel all fancy.
Did you really eat out 10 times a week?!


1/3 of my day is in scrubs, 1/3 in running/fitness clothes, and 1/3 in pj’s. I definitely cross over from fitness type clothes to pj’s! I’ve also convinced myself that I have “dress fleece/performance wear” which is crazy to everyone but me. But let’s face it, these days fitness clothes are so cute!


Saving money is my jam :) My goal is to retire early and at my current saving/investment rate, I think I’ll be able to do it at 50! I don’t think I’ll actually stop working entirely, I just like the idea of having the freedom to change careers or take a lot of time off to travel without the financial worry. This article from Mr. Money Mustache was an eye opener and I’ve really changed my perspective on expenses since reading it: My biggest ways to save are driving an old (though still safe) car plus walking/biking/using transit as much as possible, and living in a house that’s way below what I can afford. Those two things alone help me save/invest about half of my income every month! I’ve read that housing and transportation are typically a household’s two biggest costs, and saving there is huge for me. I still spend way too much money on eating and drinking out, but I enjoy it and don’t want to feel deprived so splurging some there and saving lots on housing and transit works for me. I don’t shop for clothes and shoes and ton, but I like the idea of buying second hand more to reduce on waste, so I’ll definitely give thredUP a look!


We try to make a list before we go to the grocery store to try and reign in throwing random things we like in the cart. We hope to go on a cruise to Bermuda at the end of the summer! I would say 90% since most days I tend to rock the athleisure wear look. I workout, shower, and then get back in workout clothes. Ha total fashionista over here. My workout today was a gym sesh, ran 2 miles and then did some strength training. Have a good rest of your day!


I’d say 50% of my time is spent in active wear, until summer gets here. Then 100%. We save in many of the ways you mentioned, different phone plans, doing my nails at home, eating at home/meal planning, etc. We save for 3 things….a vacation each year, I save weekly for Christmas so nothing comes out of our pocket at the time and we have a long term saving plan. When my daughter graduated in 7 years, we are moving south on a much desired dream spot…a house on a lake. I have a picture from a lake vacation on our door to remind us anytime we want to spend frivolously. haha

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