He ROCKED It + Weekly Ultra Training Summary (LAST Long Run).

Andrew did it and he had a blast at the race!  The weather actually turned out to be perfect for him and in the 30s the whole time.

I think Skye is looking at him like ‘what in the world did you bring us out here for’!?!  He will have a full race recap for you soon and I’ll share some from the day today too:

Everyone slept really well at my in-laws.  The race started at 9 which meant the kids just woke up on their own to leave.

IMG 8466

We drove out to Antelope Island which is really close to my in-laws house.   On our drive there we actually drove right by the first house I ever lived in until I was 5 years old.

It was exciting to get to see a bit more of the area I have been training for over the last few months.  We saw plenty of antelope and buffalo while we were there yesterday.

IMG 8468

Brooke and Knox got in some practice on the course too and both of them asked for us to sign them up for races this summer.

IMG 8537

Turns out… the views here are gorgeous.  Being out there yesterday made me even more excited for 13 days from now!

IMG 8485

I liked that the race director had a buffalo on his hat.  Trail races are so laid back and I kind of love it.

IMG 8534

The only places for us to see him on the course were at the start and the finish so we spent some time hanging out in the car.

IMG 8519

And then I took the kids to a play place to help them to get their wiggles out.

IMG 8550

He finished in 3:11 (full recap coming soon).  Then we drove back and hung out at Andrew’s parents’ house for a little while before driving home and getting everyone showered and clean.


Andrew and I went on a date!  He wanted R&R BBQ for his post-race celebration meal and I was very happy with that decision.

IMG 8600

IMG 8602

I also tried my first fried pickle ever which was exciting.

IMG 8603

It’s been a huge week for Andrew between finishing up his schooling and a challenging race… and ice cream was the best way to finish it off.

Toasted coconut + s’mores for me.

IMG 8604

Stairs are going to hurt for a little while… there was a lot of climbing in his race (and I just found out that his 25k course is the first 25k of my race so I’ll be doing this same thing on the stairs in two weeks).

IMG 8607


I’m officially now in the taper and getting very excited for this race!  Here is how last week looked:

IMG 8350

Monday:  9 miles @ 8:10 average on the treadmill.

Tuesday:  10 miles @ 8:28 average on the treadmill.

Wednesday:  7 miles @ 8:50 average on the treadmill.

Thursday:  22 miles @ 8:47 average.  Some on trails and some on the roads.

Friday:  5 miles @ 8:37 average outside.

Saturday:  OFF

Sunday:  OFF

53 miles for the week!


What is your Sunday filled with?

What was the last restaurant you ate at?

What was your best run last week?  Hardest run?

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Yayyyyy GO ANDREW!!! Congrats on the race and school, what a week!!! Celebrate and relax. How long was his race?! I missed that. My Sunday is filled with going off to work! The hospital never sleeps … right Andrew? Lol.


Hey Andrea! It was a 25k but ended up being around 16.5 miles. Hahaha you are so right, the hospital never ever sleeps. I hope work is great today!


Congratulations Andrew! I know of this feeling- stair trouble after a tough trail run.

Today will be 18 miles, blogging and resting.

My hardest run this week was Monday. 9 miles on the treadmill on a Monday night after work wasn’t my favorite. But hey… the weather is getting better finally so I’ll be outside a lot more.

Your dinner looked amazing. Last restaurant was the Burger Dive for lunch yesterday. We love their garlic Parmesan fries.


I hope that your 18 miles were amazing! Treadmill + running after work = that is so hard… way to get it done Angie! And now I need those garlic Parmesan fries. Have a beautiful day Angie!


Congratulations Andrew! That is awesome. And you will be totally recovered in two weeks while Janae is totally toast :)

Janae – I think it is amazing how you can juggle three kids on your own! I feel exhausted with one most of the time :0 You are inspiring!

Today we are going to see who wins the best warrior contest (the top NCOs in all of the Tennessee Army National Guard)! We are hoping it is one of the guys from my hubby’s unit, and to show our little man how tough you can be.

The last restaurant I ate at was Casa Vieja and I had carnita taco autenticos mmmmm

Best and hardest run was the Shamrock 10K yesterday. I beat the pace I wanted and it is so crazy how a 10K can be enormously challenging when it is the longest race you’ve done for 11 months, but then during marathon training a 10K seems like a break…


TONYA… congrats on your 10k and rocking your time. I think the 10k is a very hard race because it is done at a fast pace but it is so much longer than the 5k… it kills me (hence why I’ve only done one;). CONGRATS!

Hahah that is true… we are taking turns being toast:) Oh I am exhausted too.. don’t you worry. Oh that is so cool about the best warrior contest, let me know how it goes. I need those tacos. Have a beautiful day!


Sometimes with stairs it’s just easier to slide down them on your behind like a kid or if it has a railing sometimes that’s even better hahaha. Plus it’s kind of like celebrating every time you slide down the railing.


Hahaha that is so true… I’ll have him start doing this. Happy Sunday Jenny!


I feel the same way about fried pickles that you do about candy. I love fried okra, fried green tomatoes, and fried mushrooms the most. They are all served really commonly down in the south. Glad you got to try some! Last meal I ate was ramen and it was delightful.

Good job Andrew :) Looks like a tough course but you did great! I’m still not sure how you trained with kids and school because training with school was hard enough for me!

After some achilles drama I took two weeks off, and ran a 6 miler yesterday. My achilles is probably 95% and twinged but didn’t really hurt during the run, and it feels fine now. It was also super hard just because that’s the nature of the taper, I kept your post in mind from earlier about how it’s normal to feel like gravity is turned on extra high during the taper.

Off to the grocery store, then I’ll bake some loaves of bread. Enjoy your sunday :)


Well now I need to try all of that fried goodness! I am thrilled to hear that your Achilles is feeling so much better…. I’m right there with you, the taper makes me feel terrible. Enjoy your bread and you’ve got this Savannah!


Great work…on completing school and the race! Two awesome accomplishments on their own…even more impressive simultaneously!


I agree! Have a wonderful Sunday Donna!


Yay Andrew! Congrats! That looks like a great celebratory meal!

The hubs has a 5k today, I’m meal-prepping, and we have family dinner = the best kind of days!

No running yet, it’s been 3 weeks in the boot but I have an appt on Wed, so fingers crossed!

Last restaurant was Sharky’s Mexican Grill in Burbank and it was pretty good!


Please let me know how Wednesday goes! ???! Good luck to your husband Marissa and enjoy family dinner!


Congrats on the race, Andrew! What beautiful scenery to run through. Excited for you to tackle it next, Janae.

I’m excited because I just got back from my first post-knee-surgery “run.” Very conservative: 30 min total on the treadmill, walk 4 minutes, run 1. But my knee felt fine, and I loved loved loved getting to run again!

Happy Sunday, all.


Your knee felt fine?!? I’m thrilled about this! I am so happy you were able to run again post surgery and enjoy the endorphins today Emily!


Yayyyy Andrew!!!!
Fried pickles used to be one of my very favorite things but I think I maybe over did them because it’s been a while since I’ve been excited for them.
Sunday will have a lot of laundry.


Congrats to Andrew! That does sound like perfect weather. I’m so excited for you to race soon. I bet you’ll get a podium finish ?. But most importantly- I bet you’ll enjoy the hours on the trail.
The last restaurant I went to was a Mexican place in Florida while visiting my mom. Fresh guacamole is the best. Those pickles look amazing… can’t wait for my next post-race meal.
Today I’ll be doing my first long-ish run since my 100k a few weeks ago. And then making some meals for the week!


Fried pickles are AMAZINGLY delicious! Once I start, I can’t stop though! LOL!

Way to go Andrew!! Congrats on an amazing race!!

Have a great rest of your weekend, Janae!!


Sounds like a great weekend for you. Congrats to Andrew on his race. It’s been mostly work here but I also got to sneak in a race too. By sneak, I mean run one…lol not actually sneak in.


Yay Andrew!

We just had an amazing brunch at a place called The Vreeland Store. It is a restored post office/general store from the 1800s. Such great food! Now we are going to check out a new gym that I might join. Have a great rest of your day!


I am always happy to see what people choose for their post race meals. Looks Delicious, Andrew.


After the 50 you should do a mountain bike race with Andrew!


What a great race day for Andrew. That’s so convenient that it’s close to your in-laws! Sunday was full of church & I got to go to RS for the first time in awhile because I just got released from Miamaids. I ate at CPK yesterday. Have a great week, your race is so close.


CONGRATS, ANDREW! Aaaaaaahhhhmazing! I trained for several marathons during grad school and it is NOT easy! And this was sans kids!
And I CANNOT believe your race is two weeks away! Wowowowow!

Have a great day!


Congrats to Andrew, both for his race and wrapping up his classes! Is he hooked to trail running now?

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